In this way, Xiaotian’s strength is limited. With the constant attack of windson, although Xiaotian tries its best to defend, it is inevitable to be hit by windson constantly.

Xiaotian wiped the blood on his mouth, and his face became ferocious. His eyes were full of killing and he said, "Lin Feng, you forced me!"
Windson watching Xiaotian in Athens JingXie directly swallowed into his mouth.
Windson eyes some indecision, he didn’t think that Xiaotian actually swallowed Augustus JingXie directly. You need a quiet environment if you want to integrate JingXie.
But now Xiaotian this sample is to want to fusion JingXie in battle?
Windson’s heart is full of doubts. He is very ignorant of Xiaotian’s practice.
I don’t know that Xiaotian was also forced to do this. Lin Feng didn’t know that Augustus jingxie had no way to put it in the ring. If he knew it, he should be able to understand Xiaotian’s practice
Xiaotian didn’t want to swallow Augustus jingxie in such a hurry, but he didn’t think windson turned out to be a direct effort to shoot the root without mercy.
But Xiaotian didn’t see that when he swallowed Augustus jingxie into his mouth, the surface of jingxie suddenly flashed a red light.
Note Xiaotian Lin Fengze saw JingXie suddenly flashed a red light, but Lin Fengze didn’t mean it. After all, he didn’t know much about JingXie of the one-horned giants.
But windson heart still faintly appeared a feeling that things should not be over yet.
Windson couldn’t help stepping back a little. Why does he feel a little abnormal?
"It’s you! It’s you! Why aren’t you dead! !” Xiaotian suddenly opened his mouth and shouted.
Windson heard Xiaotian’s words and looked around carefully. He found that the quiet little auditions still echoed around him. Besides, there was no sound and there was no one around.
Lin Feng’s face was shocked and his eyes were deeply indecisive. What is this?
Looked at Xiaotian turned windson.
Xiaotian’s face suddenly bled, and his eyes lost their spirits. His hands and feet seemed to be out of control and he kept waving at random.
What’s the situation? Windson eyes revealed a deep doubt.
"Get out of my body!" Xiaotian shouted again!
"Ha ha this is our body! Go to hell! " A strange sound suddenly appeared in Xiaotian’s mouth as if several people were mixed together!
"Mu Feng? Aaron and Ah Fu? Augustus! What is it? " Windson suddenly shouted to xiaotianda
Xiaotian is no response but his hands and feet waving more intense!
Do they still have souls? Are they now fighting Xiaotian in Xiaotian’s body? Windson heart faint some speculation.
Maybe this is the cause of the one-horned giants. After all, how can a powerful one-horned giant have no cause? No wonder Xiaotian looked so relaxed when he defeated Augustus!
Windson mind constantly appear all kinds of speculation but these have been with him now Xiaotian is a bystander!
Who will win? Windson heart secretly guess.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Facing possession
Xiaotian’s hands and feet kept waving and shaking violently, and the collision between his hands and feet kept making a bone fracture sound.
Windson looked at Xiaotian in the distance. He didn’t go to stop the idea.
Windson, it seems that they are not good crops. They may have been eaten without knowing the situation in the past.
Then it is better to watch from a distance. When some of them win, then Xiaotian’s body must be extremely broken. Then fight against Lin Feng again. Lin Feng has one hundred ways to kill them.
Now the best choice for windson is to watch from afar, but I don’t know if things will be like windson imagined!
After a while, Xiaotian’s body suddenly stopped, and he fell to the ground directly without waving his hands and feet.
Is Xiaotian physical combat is over? Windson heart secretly thought of.
Windson didn’t move, didn’t choose to take a look at Xiaotian now, and didn’t choose to leave.
Windson Xiaotian’s eyes suddenly moved in the distance, but he didn’t open them. Who is he waiting for?
Now is the time to be patient.
Xiaotian was a mastermind before the Lord God came out. It can be said that there is no flaw. So did he also plan the present situation? Windson heart full of alert, he didn’t believe that Xiaotian would be so easy to solve.
It seems worthless to them that both of them are waiting.
As time goes by, a year has passed, and windson has returned to the ground, while Xiaotian is still limp in the distance without any movement.
Although a year has passed, Xiaotian still hasn’t, but Lin Feng’s vigilance in his heart is getting heavier and heavier. He found that Xiaotian is very abnormal.
The surrounding environment is still very quiet, there is no sign of life, but Lin Feng’s anxiety is getting stronger and stronger, and his fist has been quietly clenched.
Xiaotian corners of the mouth in the distance is the emergence of a if if wry smile, although he still wants to wait for the arrival of windson and windson competition patience.
But Xiaotian knows that he must act. His soul has become weak. If it is weak again, Xiaotian is not sure that he can directly occupy windson’s body.
Since we are not going to wait any longer, Xiaotian opened his eyes and tried his best to turn his head to look at windson.
Xiaotian found windson with your eyes open for an instant and stared at Xiaotian to see what he was doing.
"Lin Feng, can you come here?" Xiaotian tried to control this badly damaged body.
"In the past, you don’t have to. What can I do for you?" Windson insipid sound reached Xiaotian’s ear.
Xiaotian couldn’t help biting his teeth when he heard Lin Feng’s words, but he still tried to say, "Lin Feng, I am willing to recognize your Lord. I can swear to Gao Shen that you can save me!"
Windson heard Xiaotian’s words and his eyes showed a little surprise. He carefully looked at Xiaotian’s heart full of cries and felt a little shaken.
"No, you don’t say I won’t save you! You are not Xiaotian! " Windson bite a tooth and said
Xiaotian face wry smile more thick, but in the heart have some joy just ready to speak.
Suddenly, a black shadow came towards Xiaotian, and Xiaotian looked intently at it as a black sword!
And this sword is Lin Fengfa Lin Fengzao already knew that the former Xiaotian was dead before Xiaotian was unprepared to cut Excalibur and shoot it at Xiaotian’s head!
"Windson! You are so embarrassed! " Xiaotian’s pain came and then there was no interest.
Cut Excalibur into Xiaotian’s head as if Xiaotian had been killed by cut Excalibur, but windson’s face couldn’t see the slightest smile and he was still alert!
Lin Fengke denies that Xiaotian has been solved. Is it normal to know that chopping Excalibur is a godlike weapon, and it is not as hard as the main artifact, but now it is easy to penetrate Xiaotian’s head?
Not normal! It’s not normal!
Windson spirit tense him to see what the hell is Xiaotian.
"Alas" a sigh appeared windson ear windson can hear this is a small auditions.
But isn’t Xiaotian already dead? Where does the other sound come from?
"Xiaotian, I knew you wouldn’t die so easily when you came out!" Windson looked around a kuang shouted.
A gust of wind blew around, and a figure slowly appeared in front of windson.
"Since you let me out, I came out! How? Are you surprised? " Show body Xiaotian appeared before windson windson face full of shock!
Appear before windson Xiaotian body very unreal as if there is a gust of wind can blow him away.
Windson fist clenched suddenly issued a soul attack.
The soul attack reached Xiaotian, either because Xiaotian didn’t escape or because Xiaotian didn’t react.
However, when the soul attack reached Xiaotian’s soul, Xiaotian’s soul did not waver at all, and there was no wave.
Windson saw that Xiaotian’s soul seemed to be more solidified, and it felt as if it had been eaten.
"Come and have a little soul attack!" Xiaotian looked at windson unreal face with a smile.
Windson looked at some weird Xiaotian eyes couldn’t help but flash across a worry that he had clenched his fist and swung toward Xiaotian!
Xiaotian corners of the mouth peep out one silk disdainful smile didn’t escape but windson fist directly through the Xiaotian soul not to produce.
"Ha ha no, you still give up. By the way, give me your body. I will live well for you." Xiaotian looked at Lin Feng’s face grinning again.
Windson hear Xiaotian face is not the slightest shock but windson face is very calm.
Looking so calm, Lin Feng Xiaotian’s face flashed a trace of anger. He likes to see others panic.
And windson sample let Xiaotian is very hate.
Feel a faint sense of weakness in the depths of my soul. Xiaotian knows that he can’t wait any longer. He has to.
Xiaotian face became ferocious slowly towards windson body near!
Windson at this time is suddenly rushed towards Xiaotian directly take the initiative to let Xiaotian into his body.