By the way, the duke, if Miss Xin had come to visit her for such a long time, he didn’t come, not once.

"The duke … his heart and my daughter? My mother is no longer the first lady in this house, and even after her death, she didn’t even enter the ancestral grave. What position do you think my second brother and I have in this house? We are afraid that even those humble women in the backyard are not as good as this. What future do we have? " Liu Yu took the words and didn’t speak again, but got up and looked around the room, ready to simply pack up and leave the house early in the morning.
"Miss …" Silver opened her mouth but didn’t say anything.
What can she say? What else can I say? The duke didn’t come here to say that he meant a lot-let the young lady leave the house and go to the nunnery as an aunt.
And even if the young lady suddenly changes her mind and wishes to stay in the house, will there be a good life in the future?
The Grand Duke and Miss Er Gong have a deep hatred. Now he has not married, and the Duke has arranged for Aunt Mei to take care of it temporarily. Once he marries, the Duke means that his wife will be in charge, and then Miss Day will be sad.
Besides, Aunt Mei seems to be a good lady, and her eyes are also good. She doesn’t have a hard time eating and drinking, but who can guarantee that she won’t secretly trip her up in front of her ex-wife?
It’s just a matter of being an aunt. Maybe the young lady in the nunnery can live by herself!
Wipe away the tears on your face, Yinqiao said, "Miss, you sit and rest your handmaiden to clean up."
Liu Yu is walking towards the room, slowly stopping and looking back at her. "I will do it myself."
"The handmaiden will leave with the young lady." She smiled and walked to Liu Yu’s side.
"Are you bitter?" Liu Yu shook his head. "I may not be a good master before, but now I don’t want to drag people down. You’d better stay in the house!" " Life in the nunnery is poor, and she doesn’t want others to suffer with her.
Yinqiao was about to speak when she heard the door "creak" and then she saw the expression on her face coming into the room.
"The handmaiden has seen the Duke" and bowed to the Duke of Xinyang. She poured a cup of tea and respectfully put it on the couch.
Xinyang Hou couch takes a seat and her eyes fall on Liu Yu’s arm. She quietly looks at the daughter and doesn’t speak.
It took Liu Yu a while to clench his lips before he turned to Xinyang Hou and saluted, "Jade Wan has seen Dad."
"Have you thought about it?" Xinyang houwen
His eyes are deep and his voice is shallow, and his simple words don’t recognize any feelings.
"Well" Liu Yu wan nod.
Xinyang Hou "Are you my daughter?"
"I …" Liu Yu looked up in shock at the smell speech, and she couldn’t understand Xinyang Hou’s question.
"Answer me" Xinyang Hou’s face was slightly heavy
Liu Yu Wan "Jade Wan is naturally a father and daughter"
"Is my daughter so overwhelmed and trying to escape?" Xinyang Hou stared at her word for word. "Think about your big brother and think about yourself again. Do you think you are hit as hard as what he suffered in those years?"
"I, I have no face to stay in the house!" Liu Yuwan bit his lip and shoulder and gently stirred up. Finally, he couldn’t hold back his tears and unwillingly flowed. "Mom made such a big mistake, and I became like this again. What face do you think I have left in the house? What face do you have to face the eldest brother?" Her voice is very sad, tears are lingering in her eyes, and she is full of pain. "Dad, I’m afraid of those eyes that despise and mock, and I’m more afraid of being pointed at, spurned and abused …"
Xinyang Hou looked a little relaxed. "Afraid can solve the problem? Your mother has been punished for her mistake, and you are not only her daughter, but also her father and daughter. Miss Xinyang Houfu made a mistake. It’s not terrible. It’s not terrible. If you are willing to repent, you need to care about others’ eyes. What do others say? You are still young and have changed your chances, and it’s still a long way to walk in the future. Is it worthwhile to take that road? "
"Your eldest brother suffered such a blow when he was a child, but he was extremely unbearable for many years. Did he ever give up on himself in the past? He didn’t give up on himself. Now, if you look at him, who else in Beijing can point at him behind a gossip? And what was he like before your second brother? I don’t tell you, but did he change a few months ago? He almost died in the battle of Yongcheng, but he was loyal to me for a long time without losing a cent! The emperor also specially praised him. "
"He won the reputation by his words and deeds, won the approval of the soldiers in the army, won the respect of others, so don’t you think you should follow suit?"
Liu Yu stopped whispering with tears in her eyes. "Can I?" She looked at Xinyang Hou and wondered, "Dad, can I?"
"If you are willing to change, of course, you can win the respect of others." Xinyang Hou said, and his face became gentle. "Recently, you have lost a lot of weight and carefully adjusted your body. From last month, Mei took care of the house together."
"Dad, I …" Do people in Mei’s house listen to her?
Xinyang Hou got up and smiled gently and kindly. "Dad has confidence in you." He called Yinqiao to take care of the Lord and then walked to the door.
Suddenly, he stopped and looked back at Liu Yu’s arm. "Dad, the waiter in your courtyard, has ordered Mei to transfer them back to you to continue to be a COP."
"Thank you, Dad!" Liu Yu took a step towards him and walked to the door. Xinyang Hou raised his hand to stop "resting!" And he has stepped away.
Night has fallen like moonlight spilled all over the floor, he looked light and walked back to the front yard.
"Liancheng and Juner are back."
Suddenly there was a light sound in his ear, and he looked up and looked at him not far ahead.
Now their father is several meters away from a path in the garden.
"What did you just say?" His expression was slightly excited, and he could not help but confirm it.
Lu walked with the clouds to the gazebo not far away, and the corners of Xinyang Hou’s mouth moved and followed.
"Liancheng and Jun ‘er are back." Two people entered the pavilion and decided that Lu Suiyun would just speak. Repeat a short silence and follow up with "Prince Yi returned to Beijing together."
Xinyang Hou Yin shivered. "Are they all right?"
Lu Suiyun first nodded and then shook his head. "Saving Jun ‘er’s life hangs by a thread several times …" He will simply explain it to Xinyang Hou from Huangfuyi.
After hearing what he said, Hou Xinyang was shocked for a while and said, "Liancheng is the wife of Ling Yue?"
Lu Suiyun moment
He added, "Does Gu Shi know?"
"Qi knew a few days ago," Lu Suiyun replied faintly.