Chi Xuan agrees that "Yi Taifei’s method is not bad. That’s good to prove that I have figured out a way, that is, let Chi Yuan watch Bo Jingjing being cracked and die, and never stop or think about saving people. Only in this way will I believe that he and Bo Jingjing are not."

It will definitely be a very hard thing to stand by and watch one’s beloved be executed. Chi Xuan thinks that Chi Yuan can’t do it and watch Bo Jingjing be executed without stepping in.
Wen Yan Chi Yuan’s eyes flashed a bit of shock and pain. Chi Xuan wanted him to watch Bo Jingjing die!
But Bo Jingjing couldn’t help flashing her eyes, but she didn’t say anything, as if she was not going to die.
Appropriate toffee and earnest look at ChiYuan that ChiYuan clearly is to let him not to make a move.
But how can Chiyuan do it?
He doesn’t believe he can control it.
Chi Xuan and Yi Taifei have already negotiated the verification method. Some officers and men leaned over Bojing’s legs to pull out the nails, otherwise Bojing could leave this wooden frame.
Nailing into human bones is not so easy to pull out. In this process, no matter how strong you are, it is difficult to breathe out.
When the nail was pulled out, the bloody blood poured out again.
Even a man can’t bear this. What’s worse, a woman?
How much endurance does this require?
What a tough heart?
Biting her lip, Bo Jingjing almost bit her lip and was happy to faint.
But she is stubborn and unwilling to let herself shed tears, her eyes are red and she is covered with scars. Even if she is not afraid of car cracks, she will not live long.
When two nails are pulled out, they will trap her legs. Jingjing immediately fell face to face and had no strength to straighten up.
Chiyuan wants to help him up.
Chapter five dismembered
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But appropriate toffee a eye warning swept past ChiYuan footsteps couldn’t help living.
But he really can’t bear to see Bo Jingjing go like this.
The sight of that bloody man really made him feel too sad.
And they have no children.
Chi Xuan also saw Chi Yuan’s sample in his eyes. He felt that Chi Yuan could not look on coldly even though he knew that if he stepped in, there would be no good result.
But he can never ignore it.
Bo Jingjing was lying weak on the ground. Even though she was born from the killer pile, she was not injured so badly in every selection and killing, but this time she felt that she was going to be unable to carry it.
Before the officers and men, Bo Jingjing was dragged up and walked towards Taiwan.
When he saw the people watching, he immediately gave up a truth.
In the face, five horses were brought over.
Bo Jingjing was dragged to the ground, and the place where she passed was covered with blood.
Appropriate toffee worries at ChiYuan not in my mind with a sigh.
This wave jingjing is also a love robbery of Chiyuan, right?
In the future, it may be difficult for Chiyuan to love again or will live in hatred, grief and decadence?
These are all things that can be determined by law, but Chi Yuan can only get away completely when Bo Jingjing dies.
After being dragged on the ground and wiped on the back, Jingjing couldn’t feel how painful it was.
Because her body aches so much that she feels numb with pain.
Bo Jingjing was dragged in the center position, and the officers and men chained her hands and feet. After five people rode horses, five people were required, and one of them rode a horse, and traveling Jingjing would be more painful.
Chi Xuan looked at all this and his heart was numb. No one was distressed or worried. He had expectations and cold-blooded pleasure.
Isn’t Chiyuan the closest to Chimie?
Then brush ChiYuan and ChiYuan may be burned to death. Is there evidence for him to dispose of ChiYuan? Even if ChiYuan appears again, can he resist him?
He is the emperor who deals with traitors and beheads them on the spot. Of course, he is sensible, and nothing is impossible.
Chixuan carefree indifference corners of the mouth hook with malicious smile.
Face people is stare big eyes.
They have seen decapitation, but they have not seen dismemberment.
Many people are a little excited, but some people are very afraid to see the bloody scene later.
Being in a mood is very contradictory, that is, excited and slightly afraid.
While Yi Taifei is staring at Chi Xuan. She is afraid that Chi Yuan will make moves, otherwise she will be out of the palace in vain, and there is no way to rescue Chi Yuan again.
Chi Yuan certainly knows that if he saves Bo Jingjing, it will bring trouble to Yi Taifei.
But if you don’t save Bo Jingjing, how can you live up to your heart?