Lee Chong-jiu patted Li Zhi-wan on the back of his hand, and Li Zhi-wan nodded his head slightly less irate. Li Yuanji was slightly surprised that she knew the difference between three sisters, who were so proud, and had never seen her do this to a person.

Li Yuanji was slightly absent-minded, but he saw Li Zhi and asked earnestly, "How is father?"
Li Yuanji shook his head and said, "I don’t know, but I don’t think the second brother dared to harm his father. He still needs his father to admit that he has the sense of honor to inherit the position of Li Taizong. He doesn’t need to be against his father."
Li Zhiwan said, "Although my father’s second brother’s nature is bound to put my father under house arrest, my father’s heart is completely dead to my second brother. My father should be very heartbroken."
Li Chongjiu said aside, "Your father has announced that the King of Qin has changed his position in the Tianan Palace. I belong to the family and report that your father is safe. You can rest assured."
Li Zhiwan listened to the worried Li Yuanji and said a few words. After that, Li Chongjiu asked her to rest first and stay in the temple in Li Yuanji.
Li Zhiwan walked behind and was uneasy about Li Chongjiu Li Yuanji.
They were silent for a while, and Li Yuanji took the lead in saying, "My second brother rebelled, usurped the throne, put his father under house arrest and killed his brother. For such a person, I really hate that Datang can’t hand it over to such a person. If you are willing to help me overthrow my second brother and help me ascend to the throne, Li Tangzhu will go to the Emperor’s number to get Hedong Jingxiang Henan as a reward for Da Zhao, and I, Datang, need to keep Sichuan and Sichuan rivers and pay tribute to Da Zhao forever."
Li Yuanji finished looking at Li Chongjiu’s eyes with expectation.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but listen to his heart, as if he had heard some jokes. Li Yuanji’s heart sank immediately.
Li Chongjiu said, "Qi Wangdian, do you think it is possible to answer your request?"
Li Yuanji said, "I …"
Li Chongjiu interrupted Li Yuanji’s words, "If I promise you this condition, you will die in the future. My hands are also dead. The hands of my generals are very assassins. Is it true that the king’s soil leads to the soil? Which emperor allows others to sleep next to his bed?"
Li Yuanji forehead sweat dripping Li Chongjiu patted Li Yuanji on the shoulder and said, "Yuanji, I treat you today not because you are the king of Li Tang, but because you are my imperial concubine’s younger brother. Think about the same body, Wang Yang Chang, his noble queen’s brother. At that time, when I first started to fight, I was just occasionally asked to help him. I still refused to agree. What’s the situation today?"
Li Yuanji hesitated for a long time when his body was shocked. Li Chongjiu said, "If you can’t think about it when I give it to you, you should think about it. You have self-knowledge and give up. You shouldn’t have fantasies. What is now available? If you want me to beat your second brother and avenge his death, I can still do it. Go back and think about it."
Li Yuanji listened to Li Chongjiu’s words, of course, and walked out of the hall to stay outside the temple. But when he saw the cool wind hitting the side, the guards told Li Yuanji, "The temple position has been arranged for you."
Li Yuanji suddenly ran back to the temple and bowed down before Li Chongjiu as if he didn’t hear it. "I can help Zhao defeat Li Tang, please pay attention to me!"
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Yuanji. Before he got up, he lifted Li Yuanji up and said, "That’s right." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Li Shimin efforts
Four-year summer of innovation
It was an unsettled summer for Li Tang and Zhao.
Zhao Beiding, a Turk, wiped out the north and broke Goguryeo’s worries about the east. Now he can force the west to deal with Li Tang.
For Li Tang, Li Jiancheng was killed and Li Yuan was placed under house arrest in Da ‘an Palace, while Li Shimin became Li Tangtai. His hand, Li Tang, was faced with a situation of worrying about foreign invasion.
There is Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji, and there is Li Chongjiu and Zhao Guo’s persecution.
After Li Shimin acceded to the throne, he wantonly killed the figureheads in Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji. This historical Xuanwumen changed. At that time, Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji were dead, and there was no one in Li Tang’s department. He could forgive these figureheads for taking these people to a good name.
At that time, Wei Zhi, Xue Wanche, etc. were all remnants of Li Jiancheng, and later Li Shimin was heavy
However, the escape to Zhao by Li Chongjiu, a rescuer from Li Yuanji, represents that the Taiyu Party still has the possibility of recovery.
Therefore, Li Shimin had to implement the policy of cutting meat, so in the first month of his accession to the throne, Li Tangtai, Li Tang was in a bloody situation.
Feng Li and Xie Shufang, the old generals who rescued Taidong Palace outside Xuanwu Gate, were still captured and killed when they fled to Zhongnanshan.
At the same time, Li Jiancheng Anlu Wang Li Chengdao, Hedong Wang Li Chengde, Wu ‘an Wang Li Chengxun, Runan Wang Li Cheng, Julu Wang Li Chengyi Yuanjiliang County Wang Li Chengye, Yuyang Wang Li Chengluan, Pu ‘an Wang Li Chengyu, Jiangxia Wang Li Chengyu, Yiyang Wang Li Chengdu Li Shimin sent people to kill and lost their genealogy in Li Tang.
In addition, there are more than a thousand people who have been implicated, either killed or exiled to Chang’ an, shrouded in terror
On the other hand, Li Shimin has made a big effort to pull out the heroes, that is, this time to help himself contribute to the Xuanwu Gate.
Li Shimin when Yuwen Shitai Zhan Shi Chang Sun Ji, Du Ruhui Zuo Shu Gao Shilian, Fang Xuanling You Shu Hou Jun Zuo Wei led Cheng Zhijie You Wei led Yu Zhining Zhongshe Chu Liang Sheren Yao Silian to wash horses.
In the past, the old party of the king of Qin was regained, and the gold, silk and utensils obtained from the property of the Prince of Qi were given to Hou Jun who made great contributions.
In order to alleviate the impact of the pre-killing, Li Shimin also announced for Li Yuan that the five civil and military officials had been given the title of the first rank and six had been decorated, which made the fearful officials feel slightly relieved.
In addition, Xiao Yu, an old minister who has always been Li Yuan’s confidant, supported Taifeng Deyi and Li Shimin as a courtesy, and Li Shimin shot Peiji’s food city from 500 plus 1,500. Everyone knows that Peiji was difficult for Li Shimin and supported Li Jiancheng many times, but Li Shimin was fond of his Li Shimin skill, which made the officials in the DPRK feel at ease.
At present, Li Shimin stands in the main hall with a negative hand, and Li Shimin is wearing a crown, but it is already a weather, and all the ministers of the Tang Dynasty bow down to one side.
This month, Li Shimin entered the polar palace to do things in an orderly way, which not only stabilized Li Tang’s division due to Li Jiancheng’s death, but also improved the situation of Li Tang’s fall from the country.
There is nothing more natural than this. This is what people who hate Li Shimin the most, and that’s what they think at heart.
Li Shimin turned around from the hall and said, "Everything in the eunuch country is in ruins, and all officials can prepare for the official affairs."
Li Shimin’s ministers made suggestions one after another. They all wanted to show their strength in front of the Taitai, paying attention to the origin of Li Yuan, and at the same time, being generous to Pei Ji, who followed him in Taiyuan.
Li Shimin, on the other hand, is different from meritocracy in that he pays more attention to his ability than his birth.
When all the ministers spoke in succession, the court expressed their opinions like Li Shimin nodded with a smile when he saw this.
"report! It’s urgent in the middle of the province! "
"Su Dingfang, the general of the State of Zhao, sneaked into the river and attacked the river. The general of our army, Li Shentong, Su Dingfang, Wang Mahan, was attacked on both sides. Li Shentong lost the river and retreated three miles to ask for reinforcements."
The news is like a cold water pouring on the head of Li Tang’s ministers.
The ministers couldn’t help thinking that it was like this again. Whenever the situation in Li Tang improved slightly, Zhao attacked Li Chongjiu. It was a moment of peace and didn’t give it to the present. Li Chongjiu just slightly stabilized the situation, regardless of the soldiers on both sides of Yuan Gai Su Wen and Lin Shihong, and attacked Li Tang. It is reasonable to say that Zhao Guo now has no spare capacity.
But Li Chongjiu attacked Li Tang and prevented Li Shimin from smoothly integrating Li Tang’s department.
"Cui Dunli from Taidian came to report that Li Yuan, the king of Lujiang, was unwilling to listen to a letter to Chang ‘an"
Li Shimin heard that "Li Yuan, the king of Lujiang, is an imperial clan with no military exploits, but the general eye of the father’s letter Committee actually refused to listen to the announcement."
See Li Shimin irate look all the ministers are know from the bottom of my heart. Li Yuan Li Jiancheng has always been friendly. When Li Jiancheng dies, Li Yuan naturally worries that Li Shimin will settle accounts after the fall of Zhao. It is said that Li Yuanji personally persuaded his uncle to let him not listen to Xuan Changan’s sexual cowardice. Li Yuan dared to refuse to be summoned by Li Shimin.
Fang Xuanling said, "Tai Dian Li Yuan Hedong is a heavy general. If he is forced too hard, he may drop his eyes at any time. We have a temporary comfort."
"Let this go in advance."

It is probably a very troublesome thing for him to get rid of the Duke of Ruby for nothing-the Holy Dragon Empire has always brought him trouble and trouble.

However, Lano is not without countermeasures. This was the last time he confirmed whether the Duke of Ruby listened to people or not.
From the deep sea, it’s like the whole ocean. When the Duke of Ruby looks up, he sees something as indifferent as the deep sea.
"You …"
He couldn’t speak, and realized that Lano didn’t leave his hand at all, and he was very strong when he came. What’s more, he was the king of the deep sea, and the element field was frantically surging. Even though it was still affected by the Kuroshio atmosphere, Lano could completely crush the Duke of Ruby in his own field depending on those smells.
If this is a death war, then the Duke of Ruby is dead.
But it’s not-but it’s different from killing Duke Ruby!
"I am not a soft-hearted person."
Lano said, "You may be wrong."
He stared down at the ruby duke and finally didn’t speak again. After he left, the field still didn’t dissipate immediately.
Ruby duke seems to be a bitter smile.
He did have a wrong estimate and was caught.
But Lano was wrong, too.
No matter who Lano is, no matter what attitude he shows, Duke Ruby can’t let go again.
He kept kneeling and didn’t notice that it was a live camera range of the interstellar battlefield from beginning to end.
It was after half a day that the live video was topped by Starnet.
[Is this synthesis? Otherwise, how could the Dragon Duke kneel to the sea demon crown? 】
[Star battlefield live video is said to be not without witnesses that day]
[Don’t forget what happened in this former interstellar battlefield]
The photo of Yu Guanguan was turned out again, as well as the photo of sapphire haixiang kneeling in those years. When these things were put together, the starnet was about to explode.
[Fantasy never has anything to do with loyalty, I promise]
[The siren crown will also directly become a dragon crown? ! 】
[Just kidding! Nothing like this has ever happened to JiXing! 】
The Holy Dragon Empire remained silent.
The official tone of the siren empire is unprecedented, indicating that it is impossible to be absolutely, right, not, and have it.
When this farce and discussion were finally broadcast to Lano, it was a while ago.
Edith naively asked him, "What is the Holy Dragon Empire going to do?"
"Think of them as crazy."
Lano had to reply like this.
The elf king understood that he didn’t want to say much and continued to guide remotely.
"There are not many places that can isolate the crown perception. I think it is probably a plane that is not complete with the stars."
"yes, it’s like the nature of Senhai Youlan-Senhai Youlan used to be a complete water element plane, but now it still retains the characteristics that it is incompatible with the whole star."
Yes, the deep sea of Senhai Orchid has different characteristics from all the deep seas, but Senhai Orchid is also a piece of debris, which is special and dying. One day, it may not be able to give shelter again like the elf mother tree.
"According to the old saying, we once had a plane travel story, but when all the stars come, things can’t be supported here. We guess there may be a plane fragment in the interstellar battlefield." Edith thought for a moment and said, "The high priest said that you can directly treat it as another dimension. Will this be better understood?"
Lano said white … although it feels a little strange.
It’s like being on a strange set.
"It takes great strength or unbalanced elements to break this. If even you can’t do it, then the stars can’t do it, no matter if you are careful." Edith charged again
Although this plane fragment can be explained scientifically, in the final analysis, it still belongs to the mysterious category, and it is bound to be more mysterious elements to support such a plane.
"Independence is the siren of every generation that supports Senhai Youlan"
"Yes," Edith said. "What would it be if a piece of this plane was not weaker than Senhai’s orchid to support it independently?"
More powerful than one racial fantasy combined. What would it be?
Lano was a fiercely white Edith suggested.
"If the dark sects did it, maybe they did it on purpose."
He had to come to the conclusion that "the dark sects are cultivating something-and they want to fantasize about the interstellar battlefield to grow nutrients."
Edith was silent and then said, "The second batch of assistance from the Elf Empire is coming, and we will emphasize the urgency again."
However, they didn’t expect the source of all this in the interstellar battlefield before.
The emerald keel wings are propped up, and the wingspan is red-haired siren and white-haired elf.
"See a ghost! That thing is endless! "
Rosie growled crossly.
Theoretically, she is not a suitable dragon for carrying injuries. Huang Jinlong can also be a sapphire dragon or even a black dragon. It is several times stronger than Rosie here.
However, it depends on who you compare with. If it is her two companions, there is no doubt that they are no different from the two crispy skin.
Sonia’s prototype doesn’t have any offensive attributes except the fish tail. The elf is a brittle waste. Rosie has to carry it all. Of course, these two companions are barely better at attacking than her.
The formation of this small team was stumbling. When Rosie and Sonia met the light blade, the elves were already badly injured. After that, they were attacked one after another.
It’s also a bad luck for the smooth blade. That pervert-like guy spared Rosie and Sonia, but attacked the elf at once.
But it’s not always attacking. According to their observation during this period, that guy should be irrational.
But even so, it is so powerful.
Even random attacks are enough to make several top fantasy species difficult to cope with, and even more let them imagine that this should not be the real shape of the monster in front of them
"What the hell is it?"
Even Rosie can’t help but have some fears at this time.
This is a normal thing, even the distorted body is not indestructible or indestructible, and the Kuroshio erosion continues but slowly, but it seems that it is terrible enough to look at this monster in front of you.
They also tried to get close to this monster when they were trapped here.
Generally speaking, this monster is still a humanoid form. At first, Rosie and Sonia will suspect that it is a special aberrant body, but soon they have to give up this idea. At present, the most powerful emperor aberrant body in the record is not like this, and the aberrant body is not the same as this monster.

"It’s the patriarch!" The housekeeper promised to go out and prepare the car as soon as possible, but the little leader dared not stay any longer and ran out with him.

"Wang Ming, you have just come back and have experienced so many things. Don’t be so anxious to attack the vegetarian family! There will be no problem when you rest for a while. Anyway, the vegetarian clan has been trapped here by us, and I’m afraid they have been held back by some forces outside their helpers. It’s just a matter of time before we attack them. Will the problem be urgent now? " Yueming and Yueying sit in her special carriage, while Wang Ming and Yuehua ride on one side of the carriage. Now they all observe the situation and Yueming asks while watching.
Yueming had hoped that Wang Ming and Yueying could have a rest in a hurry. When she heard the battle report, she knew that the Lingsu people had suffered a lot. Thousands of elite attributes were annihilated by Wang Mingyan Wangcheng. This will not be able to recover from the loss for a while. Now the Lingsu people must be fighting against the virtual roots and can’t play any tricks anymore. At this time, Yueming is not in a hurry. I hope that their advantage will make the Lingsu people accept mental suffering. If they can torture them, it will be the greatest achievement for Yueming.
"No, Queen, we can’t wait any longer. I already figured it out when we summoned you. When our soldiers hit the Lingsu clan, you will almost come soon. In this way, we can launch a general attack on them when they are in a panic. I’m afraid they may not be able to come up with countermeasures, even if they have fighting capacity, they will suffer heavy losses due to improper arrangement.
But now that we have lost the opportunity, we have stayed here for too long, so that the soldiers of the Lingsu nationality have adapted to the atmosphere of the coming war, then we have not paid for the momentum advantage except the strength advantage.
Then there is the Lingsu clan. After all, it is no longer the Lingsu clan. They have occupied here for many years, and their clan city was chosen by themselves. I’m afraid there must be some reason why they can choose such a city near the north and not prosperous. We can’t wait any longer, and we can’t give them the chance to adapt to the battle. In this case, even if they have any trump card, the chances of counterattack will be great if the clan loses confidence. Drop "Wang Ming won’t be naive. After the loss of personnel, the Eldar will give in easily. However, they have developed a race similar to gunpowder and explosives. Although their technology is not the enemy of Parademons, its destructive power is not small. Wang Ming decided to have the first hand.
After listening to Wang Ming’s explanation, Yueming thought for a moment, "Well, Wang Ming said that after so many years, don’t say that the Lingsu clan has found its own clan city. Even if we are forced to make a ghost, we have been able to defend the enemy profitably, not to mention being cunning and ashamed of the Lingsu clan. Maybe they really have something to turn the tide. The more they give them, the more trouble things will become for the Goddess clan and Wuyuguo."
"Slice! I think it’s just that he is timid and thinks everything so seriously. The Shields are so dangerous. Look at them. They have been attacked by us and they are in a hurry! " Month surplus despise way
"Yue Ying, you shut up. Wang Ming has paid a lot. If you don’t respect Wang Ming, I’ll drive you out of Wuyuguo." Yue Ming heard the moonlight shadow and immediately said sullenly.
"It’s mother’s adult. I know I’m wrong." Although Yue Ying is not happy with Wang Ming, he also dare not contradict his mother and immediately apologize.
Chapter four hundred and eleven The situation changes
"Look at the Lingsu clan. It seems that some of them can’t stand it. Later, those people may be poor people with little experience. You see, their fighting is too weak." Yue Ming was going to severely reprimand the moon shadow around him when she was in surplus in January.
Although Yueying has different feelings for Wang Ming, she doesn’t want to see her mother Wang Ming and blames Wang Ming too much. After all, Yueying is her own sister, and the harsher the monthly sound, Yueying may have more opinions about Wang Ming in her heart, and she will immediately divert her attention from the changes in the fighting of the Lingsu wall.
Real Yueming has always been prejudiced against Wang Ming by Yueying because she asked Wang Ming to choose one of them to marry back, but Wang Ming didn’t choose Yueying Yueying. Although she didn’t necessarily want to marry Wang Ming, after all, she was competitive since she was a child and lost to her young aunt, which may make her feel uncomfortable.
Moreover, Yue Ming doesn’t regret the original decision, but she also feels a little sorry for the moon shadow and the moon surplus, which makes them feel the chips. Yue Ming doesn’t want to blame Yue Ying too much, but Wang Ming is so disrespectful about the moon surplus after all, which makes Wang Ming feel embarrassed. Then it will be bad to have a bad feeling with the goddess family in her heart, so she can’t help but interrupt the existing moon shadow and she will muddle along.
Wang Ming is used to hearing the words of Moon Surplus, and there is no big reaction. Although Wang Ming once worried that if Moon Surplus succeeds to the throne according to two people, I am afraid it will have a bad influence on human beings and Wang Ming personally, but on second thought, Moon Shadow Qualification is the only choice for a queen. If Wang Ming exerts a little influence on Moon Shadow, then the problem of him and Moon Shadow will be solved. Besides, it is said that the life span of Goddess can reach more than 150 years, and the queen’s position is only in her thirties, which is still far from that time! Wang Mingxian doesn’t care much about Yueying. Most of the time, he takes Yueying’s words as deaf ears.
Marrying Wang Mingyue has always protected her as a small "xianggong", and she has always been obedient and clever. However, she will be the first to jump out when it comes to Wang Ming’s gossip or the need for force. However, Yue Hua did not interrupt this time because she coerced Wang Ming to marry her for a good reason, but it is more appropriate to show the moon shadow and the moon surplus according to her age, and Wang Ming is so excellent. Now Yue Hua feels a little sorry for the moon shadow and the moon surplus, so she will not say anything more about this matter.
In this way, everyone agreed on the tacit understanding and turned their attention to the vegetarian wall, ignoring the ridicule of Wang Ming just now. Seeing that Wang Ming and Yuehua didn’t pursue the meaning, Yue Ming was also relieved.
"No, what kind of black dynamite are they going to make? Come and send a signal." Wang Ming suddenly saw that the rookie soldiers in Chengtou were all tied with black things, and immediately responded by saying hello to Yiqi Monto behind them.
"What is the kind of thing that those Lingsu people sent when Ghost Ze attacked us?" Yuehua heard Wang Ming shout so immediately is a surprised hurriedly asked.
"Well, you can’t go wrong. That kind of substance can certainly not only form a round sphere and tie it into a belt shape, but also." Wang Ming nodded his head.
At this time, Ike Monto was surprised and rushed to Wang Ming. He hurriedly said, "Send a signal to the front to evacuate the melee fighters from the wall and keep a distance from the Lingsu people in exchange for the distant fighters."
At this time, the battle base is a kind of two-car delivery command. Wang Ming tells the front to fight against a team in the rear. The team has someone who specially observes the semaphore, and these semaphores represent the face command. Immediately after the translation, the observer tells the bugler around him, and the huge horn blows out to command the battle ahead. Because the horn is loud, everyone can hear it and the effect is the fastest, and the soldiers are trained in the horn language before the battle. You will know what is going on as soon as you listen to it.
Wang Ming knows this relatively old information delivery method, but he has never meant that these things were set up by Rab when he was waiting near the North City. Later, Wang Mingpu implemented Wang Ming in all military camps. Sometimes it is because he thinks that Rab is a genius and can always manage everything in good order. This time, Wang Ming has always put Rab in charge of logistics. As far as what is concerned, Rab can always ensure the logistics, which also makes Wang Ming’s March more stable.
"Boo-hoo … Boo-hoo!" Long, short and good horns sounded, and the original city wall was about to dominate. The soldiers of Wuyuguo immediately retreated like the tide, followed by those soldiers who could launch long-range attacks and those with strong attributes to kill them long-range.
Speaking of long-range killing, Uramu had to be a little long when Wang Ming disappeared, and Uramu was replacing the rear army commander at that time. Uramu felt a little guilty about supporting Wang Ming’s adventure. He didn’t expect that Wang Ming’s ability would be as good as Xiang Ji’s. Uramu seems that Wang Ming is not a competitive person. He thinks that even if Wang Ming is disrespectful, he will get away. Even worse, there is a very good princess around him, but Wang Ming just disappears.
Uramu made up for his guilt. During Wang Ming’s disappearance, Uramu led his craftsmen to bring Wang Ming’s hand a long anger. Of course, these craftsmen were the people who made and fired slings.
With the joint efforts of Wu Lamu and Wang Ming’s craftsmen, they actually produced a large number of equipment with long bows and anger and gave them to some ordinary soldiers of Wang Ming.
The length of this crossbow is 1.35 meters long, and its body is equipped with a crossbow box, which can hold 50 pieces of long anger at a time and can be fired continuously. However, the length of this crossbow is almost the same as that of the bow and arrow. It is also called that the strength of the bow and the long anger bowstring stirs up a lot, and some defenses are very strong. It is almost as little as a piece of paper in front of it, and there is not much protection. Even the dwarf gravity armor and the human energy field armor are hard to defend.
Although this kind of anger with a long bow looks primitive but its power is amazing, it may be nothing for a person to hold it, but once hundreds of people hold the crossbow with a long bow and anger, I’m afraid that others will not dare to stand up to it except the extremely strong. This is also why the dwarves are unwilling to make this system relatively easy and powerful, except for the technology of anger with a long bow. Because this kind of anger with a long bow is too easy, I’m afraid it is more dangerous than revealing their high-tech flying armor technology.
However, the dwarves are a trustworthy race after all, and since they believe in their friends, they will choose to pay even worse. Uramu encouraged them to lose their coach. So Uramu also gave the skill of long anger to the craftsmen of Wuyuguo.
The Wuyu people withdrew from the city wall very quickly, which also shows that their usual training quality was "buzzing!" The sound of a bow and a long angry ejection is endless.
"poop-poop! Ah! Ah! " Later, the vegetarian family supported the soldiers, so they had no experience. As soon as the fairy family retreated, they rushed in with excitement and were immediately shot into hedgehogs by the long bow.
It’s a phrase for the strong to watch the soldiers around them emit such a powerful crossbow. Their strength should be much stronger than even the crossbow, but it’s not as fast as they are and the number is not as much as they are. Obviously, the speed of killing the enemy now is effective for these ordinary soldiers, which makes those with high spirits and strong attributes unacceptable, but there is no way to comfort them silently. "This is dwarf technology, this is dwarf technology! ! !”
"Thank you, Mr. Ulamu, for your technical support. Since I came back, my craftsman has been extremely excited and told me the news. At that time, I had not come to see this crossbow’s power is ordinary. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. It seems that this time it is really necessary to thank you." Wang Ming bowed slightly toward the horse-drawn carriage like him to observe the combat situation.
"There I am also a little guilty in my heart. After all, if I hadn’t encouraged you at that time, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been missing for months." Uramu said with a full face of apologies.
"Eh, I can’t blame Mr. Ulamu for this. I went to see Mr. Xiang Jiyun. No, I was going, but it happened at that time. That was a great help. How can I blame you!" Wang Ming immediately with the wave way
"You’re welcome, Mr. Yue Ming, who is supported by the dwarves to Wuyuguo, remembers that the friendship between Wuyuguo and the dwarves will last forever and ever." At this time, Yue Ming also turned to the road from the situation.
"Thank you for the Queen’s pursuit of the Five Jade Countries and the dwarves’ eternal friends." Uramu said that the dwarves have always been in crisis. It is of great benefit to have such a powerful ally to face the possibility of fighting or wait for the dwarves to develop after the situation stabilizes. So Uramu immediately said

"Blare-"Aoki Wolf King growled and jumped to the side of the little Aoki Wolf with one or three legs, grabbed it and turned to drill into the bushes.

Carl and Bi Su rushed to pursue, but they were stopped by Ji Dong with a painful fist. "Don’t chase the bitter enemy, but it’s somebody else’s territory that meets the forest, and this Aoki Wolf King might have some desperate skills to really annoy it, and we can’t get good."
Bi Su was depressed tunnel "it seems that our strength is still far from it! Such a head of third-order Warcraft will make us totally embarassed. If it weren’t for the boss, I’m afraid we’d have to be pound-foolish. "
Carl glared at Bisu. "Who told you that you have nothing to do to tease others? Can the little wolf bully the little land and not come out?"
Bi Su said with a face of koo, "How can this blame me? This Aoki Wolf King is really cunning, but he can still run. If you kill it, maybe you can get a wooden crystal nucleus?"
Ji Dong some surprise way "crystal nucleus? Is it a crystal crown? "
Bi Su said, "Of course, it’s not because we don’t have any fighting ability. The Institute didn’t teach us this knowledge. I also heard my dad say that hunting Warcraft will give you a chance to get their crystal nucleus. The crystal nucleus will have the same properties as Warcraft. I don’t know what the crystal crown is, but this crystal nucleus is a good thing! What attribute crystal nucleus can supplement what attribute magic? To be precise, if I can have a second-order crystal nucleus of Warcraft, then I will have twice the magic power. Although the magic strength remains unchanged, the ability to continue fighting is much stronger, but the attribute is Ding Huo crystal nucleus. You need C fire. "
Ji Dong suddenly said, "That’s equivalent to adding magic things. If you have such one, don’t you need to worry about running out of magic?"
Bi Su shook his head. "It’s not that the magic power of crystal nucleus is limited, like level 3 and level 3 crystal nuclei of Warcraft are all disposable, and it will be abolished. It’s impossible to replenish the crystal nucleus of level 4 to level 6 advanced Warcraft, so that the crystal nucleus can be re-injected with magic through the magic teacher’s own supplement, and they can even recover some magic by themselves over time, depending on the crystal nucleus’s own properties, but don’t even think about those things. Even if the teacher deals with level 4 Warcraft in summer, it may be barely enough. It’s like the gap between the three crowns and four crowns of our magic teacher. Speaking of which, it’s not easy for us to beat the first and third levels of Warcraft this time. "
Carl put his arm around Ji Dong’s shoulder. "Eldest brother, you confessed that your magic skills were learned from me and Bi Su, but I didn’t expect you to give us a big surprise first. That’s a single combination skill! There are also continuous combination skills. If your combination skills hadn’t hit the right front leg of Aoki Wolf King, maybe we would be finished today. "
Bi Su said, "It is this two months that I have been practicing magic skills with Carl for two months. That C-D fireball is a combination skill. It is too difficult to cooperate. We are going to make a blockbuster at Tiangan College, but I didn’t expect the boss to be stronger and you can complete the combination skill yourself. Chapter 32 C-D fireball.
Bi Su said yes, although the combination skill is much more powerful than the ordinary magic skill, it is not so easy to succeed because it requires two less magic teachers. It is necessary for two people to cooperate with each other very tacitly. After all, everyone’s magic release methods are different, and it is difficult to cooperate perfectly without being tempered.
Ji Dong ha ha a smile "I said I taught myself, believe it or not? If you like me, just teach you. "
Carl shook his head. "No, boss, your magic skill is obviously suitable for you. You need two attributes to cooperate with us. Instead, it is better to practice our own magic skill. In summer, the teacher said that it is best to have the magic skill that suits you best, but we just had that combination skill boss. You can try both of them. Maybe you can be an expert directly. It’s good to have one more ranged attack skill! In the summer, the teacher said that if we practice this C-D fireball, it can be regarded as a hit skill level. Although it is a low-level hit skill, it is rare for us bachelor magic teachers. "
Ji Dong can’t help but be heartbroken when he thinks of the fireball that suddenly broke the Aoki shield. If he can have a ranged attack magic skill, his strength will definitely increase. With Carl and Bi Su, he naturally won’t be polite and ask for advice immediately.
Bing Ding fireball this magic skill is not complicated, after all, it is composed of two benchmark skills. As soon as Ji Dong practiced, these two benchmark skills are very simple, which is much easier than fierce yang bite and dark moon claw. It is also to condense the magic and then attack. This Bing Ding fireball directly extracts the magic from its own yin crown or yang crown, and then condenses the magic from the arm to the palm through the semi-circle movement, and then mobilizes a magic force to boost it, thus completing the process. Compared with fierce yang bite and dark moon claw, it needs to instantly gather every magic and release several skills.
Tree Ji Dong hands at the same time draw their sides into a semicircle. Finally, the condensation on his chest is clearly visible. In his palm, it condenses into a ball. His left hand, Ding Huo, and his right hand, C-fire, at the same time, launch two balls of light, which condense into a ball of fire that is smaller than that of the previous Bi Su and Carl.
Crashing into a small tree not far away, it suddenly burst into flames and rain, and the young tree broke off from it.
Carl and Bi Su gaped at the first display of this magic skill, and Ji Dong looked at each other for a while.
Ji Dong twist a head to look at two people "I just right? Is there any mistake? "
Bi Su patted Ji Dong on the shoulder. "Boss, I am stimulated." After that, I also made a deep sigh and a face of unwillingness
Carl said with a wry smile, "Boss, Bi Su and I have practiced this magic trick for a month before we can barely get out and practice for another month to ensure that every time we make it, we will not fail and blow ourselves up. I don’t know how many times you have successfully tested it for the first time, and I am also stimulated."
Ji Dong ha ha smiled. "This may be a little advantage of the dual attributes, but the power is much worse than that of you. I am a person who makes the dual attributes magic cooperate with nature. There is no problem. The way I mobilize my own magic will never be easier in different situations." Although his fireball is not as powerful as Carl and Bi Soviet Union, don’t forget that he also has a person!
With the science of uniting the fierce Yang bite and the dark moon claw, it is easy to cast this C-D fireball based on the difficult benchmark technology. Although this ranged attack magic skill is good, the magic consumption is also quite large. This Ji Dong consumes a third of the magic. If it is changed to the extreme double fire, I am afraid there will be a blow.
Judging from this magic skill, Ji Dong is also more determined to strive to cultivate the skills of the two kings. This fireball can be used as a supplement to his own strength.
The appearance of Aoki Wolf King made three people wary, and they didn’t dare to stay any longer. Even if there won’t be too much danger of Warcraft here, it will not be easy for them to come here today if they want to get away with one more adult Aoki Wolf.
However, their judgment is clearly correct. There are very few Warcraft in this weathered mountain range, especially after they have climbed several low peaks, let alone Warcraft. Even ordinary beasts are rarely seen.
It’s getting dark, and the sunset quietly falls from the distant hillside and takes away the light that lasted for a day.
Ji Dong pointed to the front while looking at the map. "Look at that mountain, it is the highest peak of the weathered mountain range. If we want to turn over there, there will be few roads behind. We should be able to get out of the mountain range before dark."
Ji Dong pointed to the mountain, which is rarely nearly three kilometers high. With the afterglow of the sunset, it is very rare to see the snow-white hills in the south of the mainland, but there are also some hills that are white. Looking at the sunset and Xuefeng breathing the refreshing breath in the mountains, Ji Dong has been depressed these days and can’t help but recover a little bit. I hope I can see you tonight.
Bi Su sat against a big tree. "Boss, I don’t want to move now. I’m exhausted."
Carl’s situation is much better than that of Bishop. He asked Ji Dong, "Boss, are we going to make a fire?"
Ji Dong wanted to think, "We should not only make a fire, but also make a big bonfire. Wild animals are naturally afraid of flames. Even if there is Warcraft in this mountain, there are two kinds of wood properties and soil properties. A huge bonfire will also have a shock to the low-level Warcraft body. After dinner, you should rest first, I will watch in the middle of the night, and then you will take turns to replace the mountain. We should be careful. After all, it is no joke to meet Warcraft. Chapter 33 Ice Peak is in distress.
Ji Dong still didn’t get what he wanted. When he finished his dinner, while Carl and Bishop were still not resting, he quietly went back to the geocentric Lake in the front row, but he still didn’t see the flame. He had to make a cocktail and return to the evening quickly, and he was in a good mood.
Carl and Bishop both got into the tent and slept, but Ji Dong fell asleep for a long time. Looking at the hot bonfire in front of him, he kept flashing flames, and his thoughts kept gnawing at his heart. He didn’t see the flames these days, and he found that the flames were more important in his heart. That is beyond words.
I don’t know if it was a bonfire. It was a quiet night. Bisu and Carl got up to watch the night until dawn. They didn’t meet a wild animal, let alone Warcraft.
Simple to eat something Ji Dong three people practice for half an hour to adjust their state to the best before starting again.
It may be easy for ordinary people to feel tired if they stay in the wild, but all three of them are magic teachers and they are full of energy. Even last night, they complained that Tirbisu got up early in the morning.
Continue to set out and cross a ravine, and the three of them entered the first peak range of the wind and frost mountains. Although there is no road, there are enough plants to help them climb smoothly, and soon they climbed halfway up the mountain.
However, when they got here, their speed of progress slowed down significantly, and the more they went to the mountain, the steeper they became to avoid unnecessary danger. Ji Dong took out a rope from the bracelet and connected him with Carl and Bishop, which really became a grasshopper.
It makes sense for Ji Dong to do so. They are all magic teachers, and their bodies are much stronger than ordinary people. In case anyone slips, the strength of the other two people will definitely be able to hold the slip. With this rope, the safety will naturally increase.
Finally, when the fiery red sun gradually rose to the middle of the day, the three of them also entered the area where the main peak was covered with ice and snow, and the temperature dropped a lot. Occasionally, a gust of mountain wind would suddenly bring a biting feeling.

"I want to get married and like to spoil!" Elizabeth * the smiled and said "dopted mother ~ ~ ~" tower you raised his head and cried a little embarrassed.

"Ha ha ~ ~ Yi Yi, when are you going to marry our little princess!" See tower you like that Elizabeth * the world also don’t bully her, good transfer.
"What, she is the little English princess?" Mian Yun and others were a little surprised when they heard Elizabeth X say that, but the porcelain Xuan was surprised not by any little princess but by the man called Yi Yun.
"I don’t know," Sakura Lin shook her head in some confusion. "The Queen of England seems to love Tayou very much! There should be nothing wrong with it, "Xi said firmly." I think so. "Weiyi nodded." Let’s have a look again! " Caiyu said and then the line of sight and look at the tower you and others.
Maybe it’s because Sakura Forest was so absorbed that no one noticed the abnormality of porcelain Xuan. Seeing porcelain Xuan’s eyes staring at Yi Wei tightly, it seemed that he was afraid of leaving his sight.
"I also want to marry to the tower early! That also depends on her promise! " Yi Yi spoiled and looked at Tayou and said, "Hum!" The tower gave Yi Yi a white look and then looked away, but her face turned red unconsciously, causing everyone to laugh again.
"What are you talking about! Just when everyone was laughing, a voice came from them. "Why did you come so late!" Elizabeth * looked at the bearer and said
"menstruation, I was late to see Shar just now," said Gou, sitting beside Elizabeth X.
By the way, Shar is the title of Ice Pupil! Integrity is-Helena, Victoria, Elizabeth, Ink, Atasha.
"Is Shar okay!" Elizabeth * looked at the dog and asked.
"Shar is fine. She will come later," said the dog.
As soon as the voice fell, the palace gate was hit, and everyone’s sight was immediately attracted. In the past, there were a row of attendants on each side of the palace gate. They were all kneeling on one knee and their heads were deeply lowered, and there was a girl in front of them.
Seeing the girl dressed in a white gauze lace powder with light silver embroidered edges, rhinestones embellishing the crisp neck to reveal the collarbone, and an exquisite angel wing chain embroidered with several rosa multiflora flowers on the girl’s chest makes the girl more mysterious and elegant. She wears a crown to show her nobility, while the girl’s face wears a veil to block her appearance, giving people a mysterious feeling.
"See the Princess Hall" shouted the attendants on both sides.
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Chapter one hundred and fourteen The royal banquet (4)
"See the Princess Hall" shouted the attendants on both sides.
Ice pupil indifferent eyes swept the field, of course, they also saw people not far away, but there was no emotion in her eyes except cold, and she nodded slightly and walked towards the most side with elegant steps.
"See the Princess Palace". The people attending the banquet shouted together, and then bent down to show their respect. Yun and others are no exception. The ice pupil nodded slightly and then walked to the most square position. When she walked to the front of Yun and others, she stopped and turned to look at them. The most square Yun and others couldn’t understand what Bai Bing was doing.
The ice pupil took a faint look at those people and then walked to the side. When people saw the ice pupil coming, the big stones finally fell in their hearts. What are they going to do with the ice pupil? Now they don’t want the ice pupil to get hurt again.
"menstruation" Bing Tong went to Elizabeth II and bent down to call Elizabeth II. She smiled at the girl in front of her and said softly, "Shar, get up quickly!" Ice pupil nodded slightly and then got up and walked beside Elizabeth *.
"Shar heard that you are sick, are you okay!" Elizabeth looked at Bing Tong lovingly and asked, "menstruation, I’m fine. Don’t worry. What about my father?" The ice pupil looked at Elizabeth * and replied that at this time, the ice pupil’s eyes were no longer cold, but full of tenderness.
"Your father said he couldn’t go back to his palace on such an occasion," said Elizabeth II gently. "I see!" The ice pupil nodded thoughtfully, and then looked into the distance, and all the people didn’t talk, and quietly looked at the little princess who had suffered a lot.
————— 8386331 plus group number! ————
"Is she the most favored princess in the British royal family?" You looked at Fang and said, "Well, this should be right." You replied, "I didn’t expect the British royal princess to be a queen’s daughter." Weiyi sighed with emotion.
"She and Gui Dian should be brothers and sisters!" Xi Xi said, "Well," Sakura nodded and said, but she kept staring at Fang and didn’t know anything. She always felt that the Princess Hall was very familiar.
Jin Yu thinks the same way as Sakura Forest. He also thinks that the Princess Hall is familiar, but he just can’t remember who it is at the moment. No way. How can Bing Pupil and Gui Dian be brother and sister? Definitely not, but who could it be?
"Hey, what’s wrong with you?" You turned around and saw that you were in a daze. Yu asked involuntarily, "Ah? Oh! I’m all right. "Yu Yu was frightened by this sudden sound. He calmed down and said" Oh ".Xi nodded and then looked at Fang Yinglin and others. Everyone at the party looked at their favorite little princess.
Everyone was staring intently, but no one noticed that the porcelain Xuan was moving. She kept staring at the most square, and her steps moved involuntarily. By the time everyone reacted, it was too late, and the porcelain Xuan had reached the steps.
The banquet people also saw the porcelain Xuan, and their hearts couldn’t help but pick it up. The porcelain Xuan and others also saw what she was going to do, but it was definitely not a good thing. So the banquet gave Yi Yi and others a look and Yi Yi nodded knowingly, and then together with Tianyi and others, she went to the ice pupil to prevent the porcelain Xuan from doing anything to hurt the ice pupil.
Ice pupil turned her head and looked at the coming person coldly, but she didn’t say anything or do anything. What did she want to do with porcelain Jue?
"Are you Yi Yi?" Unexpectedly, porcelain Xuan was not looking for an ice pupil. She went straight to Yi Yi and raised her head and asked, perhaps she didn’t expect porcelain Xuan to come to find herself. Yi Yi was startled by this sudden question.
No, Yi Yi was scared. Everyone was scared.
"Are you Yi Yi?" Porcelain Xuan was not bored and asked, "I am what can I do for you?" To react easily this nodded and said
"I have something for you" said Porcelain Xuan and took out a delicate box from her arms.

For a long time, the phantom stood silently.

"What happened just now? I hardly have much strength. How did he fly so far? " Phantom son doubt looked at his hands.
"That’s … that’s amazing. Why didn’t I know you were so amazing?" Little dragon looked at the phantom in surprise.
"I … I don’t know"
"Come on, you do our boss? We are not afraid of being bullied by those people if we have you. "
"To be our boss …"
"Be our boss" partners have said.
"All right" Phantom said a name silently, and then he left silently.
"What happened to him?" A man asked Xiaolong 3.
"I don’t know"
Chapter 9 The Truth
In the evening, Huaner sat alone in his room. He thought about the scenes that happened in the past few days. Suddenly, he pointed a finger at the table, the teacup and the teacup flew up. He felt a huge energy in his body and his hand shone brightly.
"Peng ….." A loud noise exploded in the teacup, and the magic son himself was shocked.
"What’s the matter?" Aimei plays the fantasy room.
"Mom …"
"What’s the matter?"
"Mom … tell me who I really am?"
"Say it."
"Why do you ask this suddenly?"
"I find myself different from others."
"What’s the difference?"
"My eyes will glow green … so will my hands …"
"Why don’t you talk?"
"There is one thing … I don’t know should tell you …"
"What is it?" Phantom son stare big eyes.
"Er … you have different genes from ordinary people … maybe your roots are not human …"
"Impossible … impossible …" Phantom son cried.
"Your root is not my child …"
"How?" Phantom’s face is full of surprise, and there are glittering and translucent tears on her face.
"You are no longer young. I should tell you that you are Yonghua, who accidentally discovered during an archaeological trip. I don’t know who abandoned you. Yonghua brought you back and raised you. I always regarded you as my own child," Aimei cried. "Until a few days ago, a man in black told me that you weren’t human. You shouldn’t belong here. I didn’t believe it, but your eyes could emit terrible green light, which forced me to believe that Yonghua hugged you. If you were a human child, you couldn’t live that long .."
Phantom son was in tears. "No … you lied to me … this can’t be true …" Then Phantom son ran out.
"Phantom son … Phantom son …"
Although it is already dark, the lights in the city illuminate the whole day.
"How can this be … who am I … who am I …" Phantom son screamed at the sky, and he naively sounded all over the city. "Mom … she must know who I am." Phantom son said and ran home.
"Poof ….." Phantom son didn’t know what his heart was pounding. He was shocked. Because this is the first time he appeared, it must indicate that Phantom son has also accelerated his pace at this time.
When he got to the door, he found the door open and he also found … blood.
"Mom … mom … you …" He suddenly stopped in the middle of shouting because he saw something he didn’t want to see.
My mother is pale when she lies down, and there are two obvious "holes" in her neck. This symptom is obviously caused by excessive blood loss.
"Mom … don’t scare me. I’m a phantom … wake up … mom." Phantom cried and cried with tears flowing from his immature face.
"Phantom … Phantom son, my good boy …" Aimei slowly stroked Phantom son’s hair.

Men and women writhed and groaned, saying some nonsense in their mouths.

"Ah-"One summer, the straw was not piled well, and the unstable person was about to fall down when he tilted. His hands reflexively tried to catch whatever he could, and the pile of straw "exploded" all at once.
The people inside rolled out and covered themselves with straw. They just forgot where they were, and they knew that someone was watching them outside. Now when the straw pile fell down, the two men were so frightened that they didn’t even come naked and stared at the man who had just made it.
Fortunately, the man and the woman were so scared that they quickly covered their glistening bodies with straw and said, "Who?"
"Who am I supposed to be? It turned out to be a big man!" The man breathed a sigh of relief, but he was just a fool who wanted women to peek at them. Just be silly and know what to coax. Even if it was silly and noisy, who would believe reas?
"You … you two …" Xia Dazhuang was equally frightened and sat down on the ground covered with a layer of straw. His hair also showed a white face. He pointed to the man Baba.
The man is not ashamed to get up and put on his own clothes, and then pulls out the woman’s clothes from the straw pile and throws them directly to the woman with a smile. "It’s just a silly boy who hasn’t grown up yet. What are you afraid of?"
The woman’s face was still frightened and she quickly got dressed. The man smiled and photographed the big strong shoulder. "Why do you miss women?"
"Put … fart! I don’t want to … "Xia Dazhuang blushed but felt uncomfortable all over.
The man is very experienced, glanced at the big strong place and smiled. "Big strong wants to think about it. Look at it. It’s almost dead, right?" No uncle is a n experienced person. I’ll teach you. "
The woman sneered at "Brother Huai, don’t be serious and frighten others’ children"
"Red, come here!" The man beckoned and the woman meekly walked over. The man took the opportunity to pull the woman in front of Xia Dazhuang and fell into the man’s arms like a pool of mud.
The man suddenly grabbed Xia Dazhuang’s hand and pushed his hand toward the woman. The woman blushed and denounced, "Kong Binghuai, you damn fool, what do you think of my mother!"
Xia Dazhuang was scared by this sudden press, and his face changed. His hands seemed to be burned by fire, and he felt a burning pain. He quickly pulled back and stared at Kong Binghuai angrily and shouted, "What are you doing?"
"Uncle just want you to taste a woman? Soft and fragrant! Do you want to try it with your mouth? "
"Fuck you, Kong Shouhuai. You are a pink head when you are old!" When a woman is angry, she reaches out and slaps Sophora japonica with a handle. It seems that she loves Sophora japonica with a handle, and the strength is not great.
Kong Binghuai stared at the woman and said, "Do you dare to talk nonsense after you touch her and look at him?"
"Roll roll ….." Xia Dazhuang disgust toward Kong Binghuai and women vomitted an one mouthful phlegm "I don’t … don’t feel sick … disgusting"
The woman suddenly reached out in great anger and was about to pull Xia Dazhuang’s ears, but she was afraid that the noise was loud and provoked people. Many people whispered, "You are a prisoner, a little bastard, and you can tell me if you are cheap."
"Well, red son, don’t make any more noise. This thistle touched you and I measured that he didn’t dare to talk nonsense." Kong Binghuai tilted his eyes and stretched out his hand on the woman’s face and rubbed two ways. "Good things were stirred up by this silly little red son!" I’ll find another place to go. "
The woman stretched out her hand and twisted a handful of jiao tut in Kong Binghuai’s face. "Wuer is still at home waiting for me to go home."
With that, Ye Lushi will get up and Kong Binghuai will not let go of a handful of hoops. Her hand directly reaches into Ye Lushi’s collar in front of Xia Dazhuang. "I’m leaving before I’m told to enjoy myself. This can’t be done. You want to suffocate your brother. I can’t waste these forty taels."
Xia Dazhuang was so scared that he quickly got up. Ye Lushi’s mouth tilted to his ear and whispered, "Wuer is your seed, too. Shouldn’t you let him spend this forty taels?"
"Good good I willingly my red son ah! I really want to eat you into my stomach and make me sweet and full day and night … "Kong Binghuai threw herself on her body and kissed her face regardless of Xia Dazhuang’s absence.
"Someone ah someone ah …" Ye Lushi beat Kong Binghuai shoulder reas.
"What a fool is afraid of him …" Kong Binghuai continued to twist.
Xia Dazhuang panicked, got up, turned and stumbled, and ran away, but he couldn’t help looking back. At the sight of that Kong Binghuai, he twitched like he had epilepsy. He was so scared that he ran away, and he still had the idea to pile straw and go to running all the way to rush home.
Su nine niang, who had just rushed to his home, saw him with a straw on his head and asked in disbelief, "Da Zhuang, how did you come back this time?"
"Yes! Big strong quick wash your hands and go to the horse for dinner. "Xia Hua picked up the straw for him before he left.
Xia Dazhuang blushed and stole a glance at Xia Hua’s chest and looked down at his right hand in dismay. "Mother Dazhuang is sorry for …"
Su nine niang almost cried when he saw Da Zhuang. He hurried forward and said, "Da Zhuang, what are you saying? I’m sorry."
"Big strong, you sent the rice crust back!" Dashuan and Zhuzhu are doing their homework together in the house. When they heard that Dazhuang came back, they ran out of the house happily.
"Well, I’m back!" Big strong lost nodded his head.
Xia Hua wondered, "What’s wrong with you, Dazhuang?"
"Mom … I …" Xia Dazhuang coy eyes hide.
Summer flowers sink a way: "A man who comes out of this shape is obscene in an unguarded moment. Just say something."
"Mom, I didn’t … I didn’t fall … I had a big fall … and everything I gave Mr. Wen was knocked over … and Mr. Wen ate … and ate dirty things."
"Oh, so that’s it. I’ll tell Mr. Wen myself that it’s not a big deal. Don’t be sad." Su nine niang looked at Da Zhuang gently and reached out for the shoulder. "Did it hurt to get so dirty?"
"Grandma doesn’t … it doesn’t hurt to fall on rice … straw doesn’t … it doesn’t hurt."
"It’s good for people to go and give you a big meal if they are all right." Xia Hua smiled and had doubts in his heart.
"Mom, rest … rest me!" Xia Dazhuang said and turned and went to the kitchen.
The big bolt and the column are seated on the stool. Qin Shiyi and Laidi have already returned home first. Today, Kong Cuilian and Zhou Jiaoshi’s mother-in-law have something to do, so they left the column at Xiahua’s house for dinner.
Xia Dazhuang stayed in the kitchen and stared at the pot steaming. When he thought that his hand had just pressed against the smelly woman, he stared at his right hand and showed disgust. He didn’t want to open the pot and fill the rice. He turned to the stove and picked up a bloody kitchen knife.
Xia Dazhuang braved the sweat and circled a sound in his mind. Just chop up this dirty hand so that he won’t be sorry for his mother.
Slowly, he put his right hand on the chopping board and raised his swinging knife with his left hand.
"Da Zhuang, what are you doing?" Xia Hua yi Li drinks
"Mom, I didn’t … didn’t do anything?" Xia Dazhuang quickly put the knife and was so scared that he was sweating like a rain. Dare to take the sleeve and keep wiping his face and sweat. "Niang believes that big … big and strong … I didn’t do anything. I want to turn you over.
The more Xia Dazhuang panicked, the more Xia Hua suspected that she went to the stove and grabbed the chopping board knife in her hand. "You still want to cheat your mother, you want to chop your hand with a knife, and you don’t want to tell the truth!"
Summer flowers are afraid of starting up Su nine niang’s uneasiness and deliberately lowered her voice.
"Niang is dirty … whoops … my hands are too … too dirty." Great sense of shame and disgust flooded into Xia Dazhuang’s chest. He eagerly looked at Xia Hua’s eyes and wanted to see his shadow from Xia Hua’s eyes. He wanted to see if the shadow was still clean. Sure enough, he felt that even the shadow printed in Niang’s pupil was dirty.
"What’s dirty? You tell your mother clearly! " Summer flowers are anxious and angry.
Xia Dazhuang’s face turned pale at once, and tears were rolling in her eyes. He didn’t even know it. Looking at Xia Hua, he seemed to know his mind, but he was afraid to lie. He told Xia Hua what happened in the rice field again.
After listening to the intuitive language, Xia Hua comforted, "It’s okay. Look, you are a big man who is going to die and lose his life. What should a man do?"
"Mom, don’t you think … I’m dirty?"
Xia Hua smiled with snow. "You are a girl. How can you dislike you?"
Xia Dazhuang breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and gave me a smile on his face. "Niang doesn’t abandon big … big and strong … so happy."
"Flowers do you want niang to help? What took you so long? " Sue nine niang faintly heard the kitchen crying and was about to get up and go and have a look.

"red eyes"

Just now, it was not very obvious that the red awn in the eyes of the steel-horned antelope became thicker and thicker after swallowing, and it was not afraid of death. Repeatedly, the attacker charged, and some of the original venting encounters turned into millstones, and it was a bloody millstones.
There was still some excitement in the original battle, but now it has become unpleasant. Killing everyone’s expression has become dignified. Hao Renchao made a gesture to Xiao Ao to let him participate in the battle. Xiao Ao’s hand can end the battle faster and the bloodiness will be reduced a lot.
An hour later, the whole group of steel-horned antelopes was killed and escaped. Thousands of steel-horned antelopes died and shed blood, turning their feet into bloody swamps. Their feet would be in deep water as if there were hell demons hidden in them, trying to drag the living into the abyss.
It is strange that the smell of blood is so strong, but it is not pungent here, as if it should be here. Without cleaning the battlefield, the wilderness will not be wild. Soon after they left, all kinds of scavengers gathered here from all sides to attend this grand banquet.
The steel-horned antelope is not a powerful Warcraft. What they rely on is the number. In the next few days, they continue to visit all kinds of Warcraft. One case is that the outside is as fierce as the steel-horned antelope and is not afraid of death. It also has a pair of blood-red eyes. With the deepening of the wilderness, the dark magic is getting heavier and heavier, and almost everyone is aware of it.
Two days later, they met the grassland lion who had the strongest resistance in the wilderness! Hundreds of prairie lions! Similarly, there are more black lines in blood-red eyes and an unusually strong body, but the disturbing but increasingly strong smell of dark magic. These grassland lions have absolutely abnormal strength. After the war, Hao Ren dissected the corpses of grassland lions, and the results were shocking. No magic crystals were found, and both muscles and viscera were mutated
"demonize!" Snow is quite sure that Snow has expressed her worries.
"The situation of the steel-horned antelope has been slightly demonized, and now the grassland lion has changed dramatically, which is even more obvious. It is absolutely not just that there is a black dragon running out of the exit leading to the dungeon. I’m afraid …"
"Hao Ren, we should speed up. I have a bad feeling." Snow has never been so serious.
Although she didn’t say it, Hao Ren has always had an attitude to support snow.
"Blackie cooperates with Gasol to determine the route, expand the scope of investigation by twice, avoid the herd, move forward at a high speed, and support the durable aura. He is free to combine and arrive at his destination in three days."
Shua a handle with a three-meter long handle appeared in Hao Ren’s hand.
Chapter DiYiLiu Parasites
Hao Ren didn’t tell Xue Shi that when he entered the wasteland, he seemed to hear something calling. He didn’t need the guidance of the wolf clan to sue Hou. There was something that deeply attracted Hao Ren in the distance. It can’t be said that attraction should be said that Hao Ren wanted to be close.
The four werewolves that Hao Ren brought out from the Wolf clan were sent out. It turned out that the four of them turned out to be brothers, not only the four of them, but even the wolves they were sitting on were all their close relatives, and they turned out to be Bi Meng. It is very rare for wolves to ride a ranger to Bi Meng. There is no ranger. This profession originated from the dungeon Zall Elf. Ten thousand years ago, a strange Bi Meng brought back a lost Bi Meng, and his followers had a Zall Elf Ranger, which also appeared in Bi Meng.
The four brothers were sent by good people to investigate in the four directions ahead. They need to speed up their progress and avoid the herd as much as possible. These enchanted Warcraft are becoming more and more difficult to deal with.
Facts have proved how correct it is to block the selection of the four of them and decide that the four of them can’t see each other’s situation. Just by echoing the roar from the brothers in the wilderness, they can understand each other’s meaning and add little black to guide them through the cracks in the magical wilderness herd.
On the fifth day after finally entering the wasteland, the scenery of the surrounding wasteland changed. In front of them, there appeared a wide river with a river surface of tens of meters. This is the mother river Dom River of the wasteland.
Here, that is to say, they are not far from the crack, the river is not deep, and they will continue to travel across the department, even if people suffer from those mounts, they need to rest. Hao Ren immediately ordered them to camp by the river today.
And he became interested in the river, and he ran to the river alone to shine. The control of the gold coin department was well equipped, and all supplies, including fresh water, were brought with him instead of from the wasteland.
Take out a utensil, Hao Ren scoops up a bottle of river water, and watch the sunshine carefully.
"I feel the dark power in the water" noticed that Hao Ren walked beside Hao Ren with snow.
"I feel it, too." Hao Ren held the transparent bottle in front of the snow, and the depression at the bottom of the bottle formed a natural magnifying glass. Hao Ren guided the snow to discover the secret in the water, a tiny black bug that could see the snow more clearly and blessed himself with eagle eye surgery.
This worm looks like a shrinking earthworm. Of course, it’s just a few more teeth and tentacles. Hao Ren took out two bottles and threw them at a distance of 10 meters and 20 meters respectively. As a result, the worm content was almost the same. Hao Ren also collected some aquatic plants by the river and found this worm after being dried by magic flame.
Hao Ren had a guess in his heart, but he still needed evidence. Blackie jumped out of Hao Renying and stopped at Hao Ren’s shoulder.
"Tell the four brothers not to let them sit in wolves and prey on them, and neither do they eat here. If they eat, let them return to the team immediately, and by the way, catch a demon animal for me to live."
Black disappears again. Hao Ren’s shoulder reappears. It’s already dozens of meters high. Put the water sample into the ring. Hao Ren walked back to the camp holding the snow for days, making everyone face a little tired. Hao Ren’s name didn’t disturb people.
The ground pulled out a handful of weeds, and the flame slowly dried up. Sure enough, the bug was found again, but it was much less black than the weeds. Soon, it grabbed a buffalo, which is very common in the wilderness, and its red eyes said that it had also been demonized.
Looking at the end of the little black lost camp, the spine was interrupted and the bison was demonized. Everyone was very curious. After the steel-horned antelope, everyone reached a consensus that they would never eat the bison in grassland dwellers. It made everyone understand that Hao Ren took out the long-lost dragon elegy and walked beside the bison. Swish, swish, a few swords shaved the mane of the bison’s head and spine.
"Betty, come and help dad." Hao Ren called Betty lightly.
Betty has always been very happy to help Hao Ren’s machine. Hao Ren spoiled Betty’s hair and then pointed to the shaved mane of the bison and said, "Freeze here and here, and control the freezing point."
"Freezing point?" Betty looked at Hao Ren with a puzzled little head cocked.
"Freezing point is the temperature at which water freezes" and put her hand horizontally in Betty’s hand.
Betty holds a bottle of water in her hands. The naked eye can see that the cold rises from her fingers and instantly freezes the water in the bottle into a lump. At the same time, she also freezes the bottle and looks at the broken bottle. Betty is lovely and vomitted to small tongue.
Hao Ren deserves to give Betty a bottle. Betty is much more careful this time. The cold slowly seeps into the crystal ice in the bottle and slowly rises from the water. After a few breaths, the water in the bottle turns into ice. This time, the bottle is not frozen and intact.
"Good, that’s the temperature, but hurry up. When you have a rest."
"hmm!" Betty ordered a little bit of the cute little brain face, carefully put her hands on the bison’s head and back where there was no mane, closed her eyes and Betty took a deep breath to stabilize her mood.
Whew … As she breathed out, the cold suddenly broke out and disappeared after another breath. There was no sign of freezing on the bison’s body surface. Betty did it very successfully.
Hao Renma cast an admiring look, and at the same time, his hand was not idle. The dragon elegy flashed repeatedly, revealing the white and tender brain and spinal cord inside. Carefully scrape the brain and spinal cord in the same way. After heating and drying, he directly cut the bison’s head with a sword. It should be the magic crystal position, and there is no magic crystal. These are consistent with Hao Ren’s guess.
Hao Ren immediately summoned everyone except four Wolf Rangers to Qi Hao Ren to announce that he found that looking at the bottle in Hao Ren’s hand, everyone was at a loss. People in this world didn’t know anything about parasites, so they felt that it was almost impossible for the naked eye to find out how terrible little things were.
Hao Ren saw that everyone wondered, "This kind of bug is probably the culprit of demonizing the body of Warcraft in the wilderness."
Everyone is well-informed, but Hao Ren’s statement made it difficult for them to understand at the moment, so that everyone could understand Hao Ren more intuitively and decided to do an experiment.
Chapter DiYiQi Living experiment
It’s been some days since I went deep into the wilderness, and it’s really not easy to find a wild ox that hasn’t been enchanted. It took me a day to fly at a low speed to bring back a wild buffalo that hasn’t been enchanted from the edge of the wilderness.
During this time, four wolf cavalry also returned to the camp one after another. After inspection, four wolves sitting on their heads showed no signs of demonization, but Hao Ren knew that it was a good time. Diet and fresh water from a team made the ring store food from the edge of the wasteland without pollution.
Although there is no demonization case among orcs today, no one can guarantee that these little things will have no influence on human beings. After carefully checking and confirming that this cow shows no signs of demonization, Hao Renzhao invites everyone to prepare for the experiment.
Such a scene is no stranger to Hao Ren’s followers, and it has happened more than once in the small courtyard of the Imperial City, and they were alive at that time.
Before entering the wasteland, they added a lot of fresh water. At this time, they did not hesitate to wash the wild bison from the inside out and struggled? Rodriguez’s law magic is a method for such a low-level Warcraft to resist the metal workbench, the magic stone drives the shadow lamp, the hemostatic forceps dilator, and all kinds of strange tools are taken out of Hao Ren’s ring as the same.
For people who have seen these tools for the first time, it is impossible to be curious. Lord Zhongsha is the most curious one. Little Betty has quietly pulled over and played with her. As a result, she turned pale and flashed aside just after asking two kinds.

"Don’t you think you can refine the divine elixir?" Xiao Xuan’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said this question that everyone really wanted to know.

"Ha ha, of course, it’s not a divine elixir. How can I forge a divine elixir? But it’s almost the same. Well, I won’t tease you. Now the sacred land levels are all out. This time, my refining elixir can make the sacred land stronger than the sacred land. You must work hard!" Any suspection.i war day each other jinyu they didn’t reach the sacred land slightly sorry and said
"Without the boss, we will work harder and rest assured that we will not become a burden!" Fang Jinyu firmly said, to tell the truth, he has always followed Huangfu Zhantian. Although his talent is very strong, he really has no advantage in front of these perverts. Now his strength is the worst. He wants to improve his strength as soon as possible, but he has not reached the sacred land with Fang Jinyu. There are also nine sisters, Xiao Xuanyinsi and Yin Hui, who have left the sacred land. After hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, they personally made up their minds to absorb their own holy-class Dan medicine. It is estimated that they can also become one of them after absorption.
"You can think so. It’s best to wait until you reach the sacred land. I’ll get your share ready and I’ll help you absorb it! Let you not be too backward! " Any suspection.i zhantian comfort to them
"Boss, I don’t blame you. We didn’t live up to expectations. Rest assured, boss, we will reach the sacred land in the shortest time and never embarrass you!" Xiao Xuan and his personal blood spurted along the road.
"Well, this is my good brother. Well, you should go into the small world and practice first. If there is nothing important, I won’t disturb your practice!" After seeing them, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a sense of relief. He was most afraid that they would lose their fighting spirit, and now he was relieved.
After Fang Jinyu entered the small world, the suspection.i war genius looked up and found that they all looked at themselves with burning eyes.
"Well, stop looking at me like that or I’ll blush!" Huangfu Zhantian jokes
I was very nervous when I heard Huangfu Zhantian’s words, and then everyone smiled [
"Brother Xiaotian, don’t beat around the bush. Speak quickly. We are all anxious!" Sakura Jill is an acute person. After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, she couldn’t help it any more. Section 1897: Prepare.
"Well, now there are seventeen of us who have reached the sacred land, but when we face people, you should know that they are evil robbers. These people are not provincial oil lamps. What they have done can better fight against evil robbers. I have refined some Dan medicines to temporarily become semi-divine Dan medicines, because this medicine is stronger than the holy Dan medicines but worse than the divine Dan medicines, but it is enough to promote your strength to the realm of false gods!" Any suspection.i zhantian said with a smile
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone fell into a dull mood, not because Huangfu Zhantian spoke, but because they were too much. They didn’t believe it after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian.
Seeing everyone’s sample suspection.i Zhantian suddenly laughed. He knew that everyone should be the reaction and there was no accident, so he waited for them to wake up and turn around.
After a good half-day, they finally woke up and turned around, and then Huangfu Zhantian covered his ears, and at the same time, he and his place quickly put on a sound barrier.
"Ah …!" [
This time, it wasn’t Xiao Yan, their girls screamed, and even Meng Hong and the dance style couldn’t contain themselves and shouted there.
And suspection.i war day is a face of wry smile clutching his ears, but it’s okay to respond quickly to this enchantment. Otherwise, I’m afraid the whole day feather city people are still here. What happened? I’m afraid it’s really hard to explain then.
After a good half-day, they finally got rid of their excitement. They looked at Huangfu Zhantian, but their eyes were full of heat. Look at Huangfu Zhantian and plop plop carefully.
"Well, don’t look at me like that, but this Dan medicine can’t let you make any mistakes when the time comes. Then I will become a sinner. When there is no individual Dan medicine, I will watch it until I am sure that he will absorb the efficacy of those Dan medicines. I am afraid that I can come one by one! Then let’s start with Uncle Meng. Everyone has no opinion! " Any suspection.i war day with a wry smile looked like a chicken blood like all the way.
After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, everyone’s mood finally turned a little, but everyone had no objection to the decision of suspection.i Zhantian, but they supported it very much. After all, Meng Hong’s strength and his seniority were shameful.
"I’ve been without Xiaotian for so many years, so it’s better to wait a few days before these younger generations get up as soon as possible!" Meng Hong didn’t insist on his first pill at this time. Although he was very interested in his own realm, he could never be so selfish as the oldest of them.
When I heard Meng Hong’s words, everyone was very moved, because if it were anyone else, I would also like to raise my strength to the realm of false gods as soon as possible.
"Well, Uncle Meng, don’t refuse me again. I also want you to do an experiment, because although I am sure that this Dan medicine can raise your strength to the realm of false gods, after all, no one knows if it will succeed without trying it. The first truth is that there are still experimental ingredients. Uncle Meng doesn’t know if you are willing to set an example for everyone first!" Any suspection.i zhantian laughed
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Meng Hong paused for a moment and then said directly, "In that case, I hope Xiaotian’s prediction is right!"
"Well, before that, let’s do it now! All of you will help me keep an eye on this place during this period. Don’t let people disturb Uncle Meng and me! " Any suspection.i war days after finish will directly take out a Dan medicine from the small world and then handed it to Meng Hong.
After others heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, they didn’t stay here anymore, but directly distributed the refined pharmacists’ union and defended it very closely here.
While Meng Hongze took the suspection.i Zhantian handed me Dan medicine and swallowed it in one gulp.
"Uncle Meng, keep your mind and don’t fall. I’ll help you melt this Dan medicine as soon as possible and then absorb it!" After seeing Meng Hong swallow Dan medicine, Huangfu Zhantian came directly to Meng Hong and held out his hand to slowly enter his body with Raytheon’s true qi to help him make it effective.
Soon Meng Hong’s face showed a trace of pain, and then the pain gradually increased. Meng Hong’s face and skin were wrinkled together, which made people look very painful.
Sorbus looked at her father’s pain and immediately worried, but she was very confident in Huangfu Zhantian. She knew that Huangfu Zhantian could not harm her father, but she was still very distressed by her father.
"Don’t worry, little sister and uncle will be fine!" Henaan walked beside the sorbet and stopped her in her arms and comforted her softly.
"yeah!" When I heard Henaan’s words, my sorbet look eased a little.
"ah!" At this time, Meng Hong was more than I could bear. The whole face was twisted, and his forehead and neck veins stood out were exposed, showing that he was in great pain now.
"Just hold on to the horse!" Huangfu Zhantian was also very nervous at this time, because he had also bought a truly divine Dan medicine. If he hadn’t robbed him that day, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been able to avoid the consequences of the explosion. Although these ten Dan medicines were all broken down by him, the medicine contained in them is still very strong. If Huangfu Zhantian didn’t help them absorb it, I’m afraid they would really explode and die [
Meng Hong’s eyes suddenly cleared up when he heard Huangfu Zhantian’s words. When his teeth were so tight, he almost shed blood.
"Hoo …!" Then Meng Hong felt relaxed, because the double pain from soul and body disappeared, which made him feel a sense of the rest of his life. Then he lay down and breathed heavily.
"Uncle Meng, get up quickly. It’s not over yet. The horse is coming. Cheer up!" Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately binge drank after seeing Meng Hong’s sample.
After hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, Meng Hong felt physically strong, but he sat up for the first time and then constantly turned his body into a fighting spirit. At the same time, Huangfu Zhantian also put a Dan medicine in his mouth to help him recover. Section 1898: Promotion was successful.
Just when the two of them just rallied, clouds suddenly gathered in the sky. These clouds gave off a breath that made everyone’s face change, but everyone didn’t panic, but looked at Meng Hong with concern. They all knew that Meng Hong had come to the end at this time. If he wanted to survive this day, then he could reach the real pseudo-god realm.
"Meng Dashu now feel? Are you sure you can survive the catastrophe? " Any suspection.i zhantian some eagerly asked.