Looking down, I saw a large piece of blood seeping into the soil in the furrow next door. Most of it was blocked by broken corn leaves, which was not obvious.

The three of us switched the furrows, walked along the mopping marks and scraped the corn stalks nearly one meter high. After about five or six meters, a body suddenly appeared in front of us!
Seeing that the remaining half of the head is short hair, it is suspected that the reporter Ding Mou, who was killed at the beginning, has a skull on his left side! Not a bit of flesh and blood is clean as if it had been licked by the tongue. Not only that, but his left arm, neck, shoulder, trunk and thigh all seem to have been professionally peeled. Only Sen Bai’s bones are left and right. The joint of flesh and blood is not flat as expected, but there are teeth marks all over the right side, and there is a faint tendency of skin tearing.
The dog-faced man was so hungry that he ate half of the living …
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Mr Donkey!
I am crying. "According to Shi Yuqing’s photos and news reports, these two bodies are dog-faced people. How big is his stomach?" First, I chewed the farmer to 10% of the meat, and then I chewed Ding by half, even if I didn’t eat for ten days! "
"Maybe the report was wrong. Shi Yuqing didn’t see the dog-faced man clearly, and some inhuman partners were not discovered by him." Lin Muxia fell to the left and right sides and took several ridges and ditches respectively. She waved and said, "There are a bunch of messy footprints, at least five pairs."
Pei Xizhen and I quickly took photos with our mobile phones and followed the footprints.
Not long after, the three of us came to the depths of the cornfield and saw a simple wooden shed. From time to time, men groaned.
Pei Xizhen raised her hand and handed it to her mouth to instruct us. He pointed to both sides of the shed and made a double-decker gesture. I nodded and crept close to the door of the shed. I held a pistol and fencing. She held a tranquilizer gun and Pei Xizhen directly rushed forward and kicked over the weak wooden door. He raised his gun and said, "Don’t move or you will die."
"Who are you? Ouch pain "the man got a fright and asked the pain.
"Hands up"
Pei Xizhen hooked his left hand at Lin Muxia and still handcuffed him. Before he left, he would handcuff him at a stroke. At this moment, we looked at the man in the shed. It’s quite normal. His hair is rough and his limbs are healthy, but it’s a bit weird that his thighs are covered by a dirty cloth, revealing a long cylindrical outline.
What the hell is this? Weapons?
The three of us curiously looked at this dirty cloth. Pei Xi Zhen Ning repeated, "Who are you? What, here? What is the bottom of the dirty cloth? "
"Uh, I’m Viagra." The man said with his hands moving. "Oh, it hurts … if you want to know what it is, look through the cloth yourself."
"Viagra? Isn’t this his mother Viagra? " Pei Xizhen took out a blue feather and swept him. "Now I don’t know how to lift it easily if it’s tricky!"
Lin Muxia’s clear eyes are full of doubts. "It seems that you have nothing to do except look bad. Where does it hurt?"
Viagra twisted her mouth and said, "I’m waiting for the vice president here."
"Vice President?" As soon as my eyelids tightened, I grabbed him and said, "You said it was dog-faced Liu Xingzhu?"
Viagra commented, "He is really a dog. Oh, no more than a dog."
"Are you a member of the hospital?" Pei Xizhen looked at this brother Viagra, and while he was good at groping, he commented, "Is he a normal person with no traces of grafting and transplantation?" His eyes turned to Viagra’s leg cloth, and now we looked at each other.
So you dare to lift the cloth.
I breathe a sigh of relief, hold the corner of the cloth and yank it … ooh! ! !
The guy nearly one meter long is wrinkled, shiny and purple, and the root of the mushroom head is connected with Viagra! A huge bag is like a small football that leaks a hole.
Mr. Donkey is really worthy of the name. I’m afraid he can hang to the ground when he gets up. The dark doctors in charge of the operation in the hospital are so talented that they gave the donkey whip together with the bag to Mr. Wanaike donkey. The big guy seems to have been injured with a thick bandage and some blood is blurred.
"sir Donkey said that he and his companions should not stay here for a long time." Lin Muxia looked at the dense corn field outside the shed and suggested, "Let’s move him to the trunk of the car and return to die."
"Actually, I think he has been abandoned. He has no fighting capacity, but he is a burden. When he continues to stay like a wave," Pei Xizhen analyzed that he picked up his mobile phone and called the Chengbei branch to let Wang Yuanhe group and the corpse-carrying team come to the corner in front of Hulu Village to dispose of two male corpses in the cornfield.
Viagra protested, "Don’t move, I’m afraid it’s broken."
Lin Mu Xia Bing sneered and took my pistol. She aimed the gun at Viagra guy’s skin from beginning to end. "Mr. Donkey, if you won’t ha ha, I’ll make you a clarinet! Stuff your mouth and blow a lot of rice into your mouth. Xiduo "
"Elder sister, I’m wrong to keep a whip. I’ll go with you." Viagra took the dirty cloth to the front with handcuffs and covered it with his hands. The guy got up with a bandage carefully.
Pei Xizhen held a gun to the back of his head with his ass.
Because Wan Aike was worried about touching the wound, we walked very slowly and it took half an hour to walk back to the roadside. Lin Muxia took out an anesthetic needle and stuck it in Wan Aike’s thigh. He soon lost consciousness. Pei Xizhen and I worked together to put him in the trunk and quickly turned around and returned to die.
We moved the donkey to the interrogation room, and I leaned him against the corner because the chair was high and worried that his wound would crack again.
The anesthetic effect gradually faded. Viagra woke up and he was stunned. "Where is this?"
"die" I adjust the angle of the camera equipment and fade away.
Viagra showed resistance and said, "I know you! Took away my favorite dean! "
"You mean … Buyi Yangde Yanhuo?" I was confused and said, "favorite?"
"How is the current dean?" The guy Viagra twisted his body. He missed, "I loved her the most and wanted a private pet to transplant me with a donkey. At first, I hated her, but I enjoyed my condition after the operation, and the Dean treated me like my own."
Pei Xizhen shuddered and said, "I like it."
"Cough, how many non-human people do you have now?" Lin Muxia inquired.
"Nine! Ah, bah! Nine! " Wan Aike looked a little sad. "Haven’t you told me about the dean?"
"She died without regret. She met her family and let go of her obsession." Pei Xizhen touched Bata and sighed. "Didn’t you get away with six inhuman people? Dog-faced man, eagle-eyed man, two-faced man, cheetah, skunk man. "
"quite understand?" Wan Aike smiled mysteriously. He explained, "When the head strategist reunited with us, he tried to attract some non-human people who had undergone reconstruction surgery in the hospital, but he succeeded in attracting four people whose skills were fine. I hate a woman who vomited corrosive acid when she was idle. She likes and dislikes to say that there are three left. One of them has been installed with a big bear’s paw and a belly transplanted with a third hand. The last one is considered to be a relatively normal and beautiful woman grafted with strong limbs."
Look at each other. These inhuman people are far more numerous and capable than we expected.
I pointed to the guy Viagra and asked, "How did you hurt yourself?"
"Alas … don’t," said Wan Aike, heartbroken. "Two terrible people came to our place that day. They were thin and cut into my guy. It was about a centimeter deep, so they stopped. He was a semi-old man who walked with him and asked the skunk directly for two bottles of mixed gas. If he didn’t give it, he would cut me off so that the skunk could spill two bottles of each other’s blood. Unfortunately, it took at least two years to get it back!"
"Little hunter and dismembered devil?" I stared wide-eyed and dared skunk cans to get very hostile from both sides through threats.
Pei Xizhen asked curiously, "Then you were abandoned by nonhuman people?"
"They didn’t show their dislike for me. They talked about taking me to a village to seek medical advice from an old Chinese doctor. Last evening, the Kobayashi and his five men carried me to the shed and hunted two people. We enjoyed the Kobayashi together and said to lead them into the village." Wan Aike bowed his head and stared at the injured part. He was depressed. "So I waited until noon today, but it was you …"
Chapter seven hundred and twelve Dean pro-batch
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
"Give me five minutes to think about it." Viagra hesitated for a few seconds and gradually recovered calm. It didn’t take long for him to breathe a sigh of relief. "Well, anyway, I’m a basket case, and it’s rare for me to choose!"
It’s worthy of being a multi-functional police flower. A little kindness and kindness have brought sincerity. I am curious. "Have people been moving in the past two years?"
"The head monster led nine of us to join the D organization, being a thousand-faced guard and running errands as instructors for his hands." Wan Aike sighed and said, "A man with special fighting power like me wanted to be a quiet and beautiful man, but as a result, a guy named a shemale girl grabbed my guy every day and made me exhausted and listless all day. Later, the shemale girl disappeared, but I was always bullied."
Pei Xizhen folded the blue feather in half. He bit his teeth and said, "Thousands of Guards?"
"yes" viagra nods
Lin Muxia Ning asked, "How many people are there in the scale?"
Viagra acerbity smiled. "I don’t count these nine nonhuman guards, but I rarely get along with thousands of faces because he doesn’t want to eat Tianbei D organization all the year round to grow. He has merged with Tiannan D, the provincial capital, and his ambition has gradually been exposed. No one knows that he has been preparing for Tianbei before. I learned it through a shemale girl."
"Do they also have fights in D organization?" I incredible way
Viagra nodded heavily.
I asked patiently, "what do you want to do this time without showing up?" Is there a conspiracy or a targeted plan? "
"cruel!" Wan Aike kept his mouth shut and said, "There are inhuman goals to catch ten men and ten women and take ten hearts back to the helm!"
A man, a woman and a heart? Pei Xizhen frowned and said, "What do they want to do?"
"The motive is particularly terrible, especially cruel!" Viagra’s pupil suddenly contracted, and he shivered, "It’s a thousand-faced death that makes a living person who wants to be proud of his brother conduct an anatomical experiment."
Lin Muxia couldn’t help getting up and saying, "How long is the deadline?"
"The two days have ended at noon today. In fact, they successfully hunted 19 people in Hulu Village last night." Wan Aike thought a little about his breakthrough. "The farmer who was eaten was found missing by the other party and followed the trace to find him, so the head monster killed him and shared it with them."
Pei Xizhen narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "Do you have any?"
"No ォ no … no" Viagra clenched his fist.
"Is there?" Lin Muxia gave a hard blow to the table. She said, "Tell the truth, otherwise we will throw you into the wilderness and make a fuss about you. If D knows that you are rebellious, you know the consequences."
Viagra wronged. "There are … people are hungry. You can’t chew raw corn, can you? I didn’t eat much and chewed half an arm. "
"Alas nonhuman really doesn’t even have a little human nature? We are of the same kind, "I asked with mixed feelings in my heart." Didn’t a thousand disciples have Ji Yudie and a daughter who became his wife? "
"Later, I accepted a man," said Viagra with a shrug. "He was called Yang Bin like a psycho."
Yang Bin?

"oh! Purple ring I suddenly remembered today that I have some things to do, so I won’t be here with you. Go first! "

Liu Yuhua’s eyes rolled around and ran away without giving Purple Ring a chance to stay.
Betty Wong followed suit.
"I also have something to go back with yuhua district today. You must be careful! If you encounter any difficulties, just come to us! " Betty Wong moves faster, and the purple ring has just turned around and people are already a hundred paces away.
Purple is so angry that she can hide her feet and face Jiang Feng alone.
Chapter 463 Chapter four hundred and sixty-three Daisha blade master
Purple ring at Jiang Feng not only has no meaning to repent, but a face of hatred.
This time she lost her wife and soldiers.
Bao Run is in charge of committing suicide in public. How can he explain to his mother when he goes back?
"You’d better not ask for trouble or you’ll be exactly like him!" Jiang Feng light look at the purple ring.
Purple ring jumped back and stared carefully at the weapon in his hand.
She can remember the previous scene vividly. I can’t imagine the consequences if he uses magic to kill himself.
Although I was frightened, I refused to lose.
"You … how dare you treat me? You wait for me! I will never spare you! " Purple ring a stamp also turned around and left.
I’m afraid I’ll be killed if I slow down.
"You seem to have some softhearted unexpectedly so longitudinal one! ?” Li Zhushuang aside blunt Jiang Feng said
She knows about Jiang Feng. If someone provokes again and again, there is absolutely no good result to eat.
It was unexpected that he let the girl go easily two or three times.
"Ah …"
Anyway, this girl is a descendant of blade master.
It is impossible to expect her to educate the younger generation!
It’s good to teach her a lesson at least if she has the right to turn over a new leaf.
"all right! This is my private affair! You don’t care! "
Jiang Feng waved and turned around and walked directly to the barracks.
At this time, the sword king city palace temple
Blade master, dressed in a golden robe, sat in the main hall in the middle period
Disciple Hu Tianyi respectfully reported this identity investigation with fuels.
"Everything is clear! ? What is the origin of that small! ?” Blade master looked at Hu Tianyi with a hint of confusion in his eyes.
"Master! I have already checked things out! "
"The little called Jiang Feng! It was the chief brother of Yan Xuzong who offended many cases because of his arrogance and arrogance. Some time ago, he killed the brother of Tianbang League, and was sent to the Jian Dynasty to plead guilty and make meritorious deeds to resist the demon barbarians! "
Hu Tianyi’s investigation was very careful and careless, and he mainly said it again.
"Yan xu zong! ?”
Hearing this name, blade master’s eyes couldn’t help but get confused. wait for a while stayed there and fell into his memories
One day thousands of years ago
As a teenager, blade master followed the genius Ye Xiaoyue to an aura-threatening mountain range.
"yes! Not bad! Second, look at this mountain range. It is full of aura around Long Mai. It is a treasure! " Ye Xiaoyue’s face reveals a natural and unrestrained smile.
"Master! Are you not holding back your fart to see you laugh so * * *! " Burly some silly young silly said
"Put a fucking fart! Teacher is so handsome and charming! Sometimes it’s so unbearable in your mouth! "
Leaf smile month mouth scold a face of displeasure.
"Two leng you come here! It’s a pity that this treasure is given to others, but it’s not as good as the teacher’s. I’ll stand here and send it! ?”
Leaf smile on a face of pride, the whole people can’t help but fantasize.
"Then what do you want to name! ?”
"name! ? Just call it Yan Xuzong! " Ye Xiaoyue scratched this head for a long time and finally made a decision.
He turned his head and looked at Er Leng and laughed.
"That what! Two leng! You may have been practicing sword for a long time recently, so let me see your achievements today! "
"You look at this mountain doesn’t even have a house how monarch door! You’re born with great strength, so I’ll leave it to you to establish the clan gate! "
Ye Xiaoyue waved and patted him on the shoulder, revealing a long way to go.
"Master! I don’t want to see my cultivation achievements, so I have to work! ?”
"You … you … you" Ye Xiaoyue’s eyes rolled around "Pa!" Slap two leng head "t decide your nonsense! Naturally, you should be idle when you are accomplished in kendo, so roll over and cut down trees! "
"So that’s it, so you can see my practice success! ?”
"I said I can! Go and chop down the teacher over there. I’m a little hungry. Go to the mountain and have some food. You work hard for me! "
Ye Xiaoyue finished and immediately slipped away with a guilty conscience.
Leave two leng one silly looked up at the green leaves in the forest.
"Master! Master! ?” Hu Tianyi found that his master was distracted and called for a long time before blade master came to his senses.
"What did you just say! ? Say it again! "
This matter has long been different in blade master.
Sun, Moon and Sword Practice have made him Qi Qiqiao no longer that silly boy.
"I said that Jiang Feng was sent to resist the demon barbarians. What should we do! ?” Hu Tianyi is very interested in Jiang Feng.
Blade master frowned and said slowly, "It’s obvious that he is not simple to kill the Tianbangmeng people and be punished by this kind of punishment!"
"But! Since it is a concealed Sect, there should be no big problem! "
Blade master thought for a moment, then waved and ordered, "Tell a few people to watch him. If you encounter any difficulties, help him and come back at any time!"
Hu Tianyi looked suspiciously at blade master.
Jiang Feng will send someone to protect their swordsmanship instead of pursuing it deeply.
But even if there are a hundred doubts in his heart, he dare not ask more.
"Follow your teacher’s orders!" Hu Tianyi fierce fuels from the hall.
After Hu Tianyi left, blade master sighed long and looked up at the sky. "It’s been one thousand years! Whether you are dead or alive, I hope I can find you from this little body! "
Blade master missed Jiang Feng and didn’t know it.
At this point he has returned to the barracks.
It’s been five days or so in a hurry.
These five days Jiang Feng urged those down archers to practice and give them Wushu at all times.

"Hum, I’ll spare you for a while." Kuang Zheng shook off the purple moon god and waved, "Big pine tree, let’s go back to the pie together and there will be a sacrifice."

The owner of the pencil necked stall was the first to let go. He was depressed and muttered, "My mother! Brother Ling, you don’t know that the tree is not a bitch who has been suffering from old sin for so long! "
"Old Gou, don’t complain about being mentally prepared. Maybe there will be disgusting scenes waiting for us later." I said in the forest that it won’t be long before I can see the body of Zhejiang Sanlv. I thought that the so-called luna cult was ten times * * and it was Yue Bai God who sent out the killer’s body to shock everyone. It was quite curious what kind of death could make the king of poison and the king of thieves have similar status.
The owner of the pencil necked stall asked many core members to line up. Before we entered the main altar with Leng Yue’s Tang Master and Luna Guardian, I saw a bunch of aunts and Luna Guardian in front of the discussion cabinet in the middle of the school. Some people bent down to vomit, cried and fainted …
Seeing this situation, the death of the three donkeys in Zhejiang is not something that ordinary people can bear.
"Today, the core members of the practice have returned." Kuang Zheng yelled at him calmly. "Let’s make room for them to attend the ceremony!"
In an instant, there was a spacious gap between the Moon God and the guards. Fourteen male core members approached the middle of the land. At the same time, a strong smell of blood and vomiting came into my eyes. I took a closer look at my stomach, and I didn’t eat breakfast. It was only vomiting that made me sick and nauseous. Do you think how bad the death of the three donkeys in Zhejiang could be?
It’s not a corpse in front of us. Oh, it’s not accurate. It’s made up of minced meat, broken bones and organs.
The overall outline is like a heroic cock!
I covered my mouth and felt so familiar with the pattern. This is a complete map of China with the flesh and blood of Zhejiang Three Donkeys after the murderer dismembered the body! The skin is torn into small pieces of red meat that serve as the national boundaries of the map and stamped into mud. The internal organs, pink tongue, spiral ears and pointed nose are like geographical situations such as mountains, plains and hills. Pure yellow oil and fat form a yellow river that runs through all provinces; Pale yellow mixed with blood fat solidified into a blocky desert in northwest China; The northeast corner and south-central part of the map of human flesh piled up in colorful fields are like grasslands and Woods.
Sen’s white bones were ground into dregs and dyed with a layer of blue pigment, and a few of them became maps. Most of the dyed bones of the Yangtze River and some big rivers were scattered outside the map to form the surrounding ocean!
Shoot and smash your eyes into a map of Hong Kong and Macao!
Two peeled egg balls of Zhesan Donkey are nailed to the southern boundary of the human flesh map, which symbolizes that Baodao and Hainan Island are worth it. First, the toothpick is so delicate that it is located on the east side of the human flesh map at a distance of one meter, and the suspected exquisite island country is spread obliquely, but the proportion is pitiful … And some broken teeth on the edge of the toothpick are similar to countless islands.
The visual impact caused by the human flesh map has completely subverted my three views. It is definitely an art to say that its raw material is not the bones of Zhejiang Three Donkeys!
Smoke-addicted, seven seconds kill, Zhejiang three donkeys turned into this map of China! Fight against yaba
The owner of the pencil necked stall can’t stand it anymore. He vomited wildly on his face! Shoemakers, Duan Zhengxing and other core members with poor psychological endurance collapsed when their eyelids turned over. Next to them, the female core members, such as Moon God Wei Huaizhong, sweet potato aunt, finished their regular practice earlier than we did. They just had breakfast in the cafeteria and didn’t wait for digested food to hit them all in the mouth and nose. Wave after wave of flying and spewing!
"Map of the land ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
The middle-aged man at the entrance of the Council cleared his throat and attracted the attention of the core members. He laughed and announced, "Maybe someone still doesn’t know who I am, right? I sent the deputy leader and the leader of the Clear Moon Hall to solemnly announce that the guards and core members of the Moon God show that this special map in front of you represents the range sheltered by the Moon God! Seikkala Uye Sa Jia destroyed Lecagune! "
Then the deputy pie leader looked up at the distant horizon and said devoutly, "Great Moon God, you are sacred and inviolable! I hope you don’t blame me for being too heavy on the devil. Zhejiang Sanlv, the core member, pretends to be your disciple. He is actually the incarnation of the devil. I hereby present you with a thumbnail of the territory where you want to blaspheme … May you live a long life! "
"Kill the devil!"
"The border! Sacred and inviolable! "
"Shou Tianqi!"
"Great Moon God, I will follow you to the death!"
The luna guards waved their luna staves, and they fought hard and roared that the heroic atmosphere drove the core members to vomit to collapse. This thing spread faster than cancer cells. In a few seconds, everyone in the place tore their voices and praised the fictional luna!
At this time, Lian Jiamin, the master of the full moon hall, pressed his hands to signal everyone to be quiet. She laughed. "Dear core members, there seems to be some bottlenecks in your practice. The universal moon god never discriminates against a believer. Last night, he revealed to me a secret demon flesh and blood is the best nourishment for practicing the moon god! Today we are meat! Divide the demons! As soon as possible, it will become an extraordinary and sacred place! "
"Divide the demons?" I have a dull pain in my abdomen when I hear it.
"Three donkeys, he was a good living person before last night!" The owner of the pencil necked stall put his head in my ear and he said, "Whoops … I have more than 100,000 yuan. Who will pay it back?"
Our dialogue immediately drowned out the core members’ endless cheers!
Ears are on the verge of collapse!
The master and deputy master of the full moon hall are satisfied with the momentum of the field!
For about twenty minutes, I was tired of shouting, and the core members were dumb and quiet again. Many aunts and old men looked at this special map with green eyes, as if they were no longer bloody scenes but the most delicious dishes in the world!
"What’s the situation in Ling Yu?"
Lin Muxia suddenly sounded her curious way, "What happened to the body of Zhesan donkey? Territory? Map? I can’t imagine … Do you want to eat human flesh again? "
"Bigfoot … please stop! I will report to you when I am calm. "
I bowed my head and stared at the ground, and my heart was finally able to adapt to the adult meat map transformed by Zhejiang Three Donkeys. It showed that in nearly forty minutes, "Zhejiang Three Donkeys" slowly attracted some active green bean flies in the toilet. Seeing this situation, I’m going to hold on and my determination to eat human flesh again is all gone. Yue Bai Shenpai is simply insane!
"Core members, this luna ceremony is over!" Even Jiamin raised her wrist and looked at her eyes, but she didn’t smile. "Let’s go back to the dormitory for the time being, and don’t forget to practice the full moon style of Luna Record! The master of the hall immediately asked the chefs in the pie to cook a demon feast carefully, wishing everyone to practice hard! ! !”
Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Demon feast
"Thank you for your kindness!"
The core members were so excited that I went back to the dormitory in the mixed ranks. After the door was closed, the pencil necked stall owner made a gesture of five hearts facing the sky. He murmured, "Brother Ling, I eat all kinds of meat but I don’t want to eat human flesh, so you DIE people can quickly eliminate the evil sect in Yue Bai, okay?"
"Be patient and give me some time to weigh the pros and cons." I made a big noise. "Lin Dajiao, do you listen?"
Lin Muxia yawned and she was tired. "…"
"Yue Bai God sent an anti-killing team to kill Zhesan Donkey, and concocted his body into a map of the surrounding areas of Huaxia, and pieced together all parts of his body." I was concerned and commented, "It was horrible."
"Are there any photos at the scene?" She is curious way

Lee Chong-jiu patted Li Zhi-wan on the back of his hand, and Li Zhi-wan nodded his head slightly less irate. Li Yuanji was slightly surprised that she knew the difference between three sisters, who were so proud, and had never seen her do this to a person.

Li Yuanji was slightly absent-minded, but he saw Li Zhi and asked earnestly, "How is father?"
Li Yuanji shook his head and said, "I don’t know, but I don’t think the second brother dared to harm his father. He still needs his father to admit that he has the sense of honor to inherit the position of Li Taizong. He doesn’t need to be against his father."
Li Zhiwan said, "Although my father’s second brother’s nature is bound to put my father under house arrest, my father’s heart is completely dead to my second brother. My father should be very heartbroken."
Li Chongjiu said aside, "Your father has announced that the King of Qin has changed his position in the Tianan Palace. I belong to the family and report that your father is safe. You can rest assured."
Li Zhiwan listened to the worried Li Yuanji and said a few words. After that, Li Chongjiu asked her to rest first and stay in the temple in Li Yuanji.
Li Zhiwan walked behind and was uneasy about Li Chongjiu Li Yuanji.
They were silent for a while, and Li Yuanji took the lead in saying, "My second brother rebelled, usurped the throne, put his father under house arrest and killed his brother. For such a person, I really hate that Datang can’t hand it over to such a person. If you are willing to help me overthrow my second brother and help me ascend to the throne, Li Tangzhu will go to the Emperor’s number to get Hedong Jingxiang Henan as a reward for Da Zhao, and I, Datang, need to keep Sichuan and Sichuan rivers and pay tribute to Da Zhao forever."
Li Yuanji finished looking at Li Chongjiu’s eyes with expectation.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but listen to his heart, as if he had heard some jokes. Li Yuanji’s heart sank immediately.
Li Chongjiu said, "Qi Wangdian, do you think it is possible to answer your request?"
Li Yuanji said, "I …"
Li Chongjiu interrupted Li Yuanji’s words, "If I promise you this condition, you will die in the future. My hands are also dead. The hands of my generals are very assassins. Is it true that the king’s soil leads to the soil? Which emperor allows others to sleep next to his bed?"
Li Yuanji forehead sweat dripping Li Chongjiu patted Li Yuanji on the shoulder and said, "Yuanji, I treat you today not because you are the king of Li Tang, but because you are my imperial concubine’s younger brother. Think about the same body, Wang Yang Chang, his noble queen’s brother. At that time, when I first started to fight, I was just occasionally asked to help him. I still refused to agree. What’s the situation today?"
Li Yuanji hesitated for a long time when his body was shocked. Li Chongjiu said, "If you can’t think about it when I give it to you, you should think about it. You have self-knowledge and give up. You shouldn’t have fantasies. What is now available? If you want me to beat your second brother and avenge his death, I can still do it. Go back and think about it."
Li Yuanji listened to Li Chongjiu’s words, of course, and walked out of the hall to stay outside the temple. But when he saw the cool wind hitting the side, the guards told Li Yuanji, "The temple position has been arranged for you."
Li Yuanji suddenly ran back to the temple and bowed down before Li Chongjiu as if he didn’t hear it. "I can help Zhao defeat Li Tang, please pay attention to me!"
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Yuanji. Before he got up, he lifted Li Yuanji up and said, "That’s right." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Li Shimin efforts
Four-year summer of innovation
It was an unsettled summer for Li Tang and Zhao.
Zhao Beiding, a Turk, wiped out the north and broke Goguryeo’s worries about the east. Now he can force the west to deal with Li Tang.
For Li Tang, Li Jiancheng was killed and Li Yuan was placed under house arrest in Da ‘an Palace, while Li Shimin became Li Tangtai. His hand, Li Tang, was faced with a situation of worrying about foreign invasion.
There is Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji, and there is Li Chongjiu and Zhao Guo’s persecution.
After Li Shimin acceded to the throne, he wantonly killed the figureheads in Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji. This historical Xuanwumen changed. At that time, Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji were dead, and there was no one in Li Tang’s department. He could forgive these figureheads for taking these people to a good name.
At that time, Wei Zhi, Xue Wanche, etc. were all remnants of Li Jiancheng, and later Li Shimin was heavy
However, the escape to Zhao by Li Chongjiu, a rescuer from Li Yuanji, represents that the Taiyu Party still has the possibility of recovery.
Therefore, Li Shimin had to implement the policy of cutting meat, so in the first month of his accession to the throne, Li Tangtai, Li Tang was in a bloody situation.
Feng Li and Xie Shufang, the old generals who rescued Taidong Palace outside Xuanwu Gate, were still captured and killed when they fled to Zhongnanshan.
At the same time, Li Jiancheng Anlu Wang Li Chengdao, Hedong Wang Li Chengde, Wu ‘an Wang Li Chengxun, Runan Wang Li Cheng, Julu Wang Li Chengyi Yuanjiliang County Wang Li Chengye, Yuyang Wang Li Chengluan, Pu ‘an Wang Li Chengyu, Jiangxia Wang Li Chengyu, Yiyang Wang Li Chengdu Li Shimin sent people to kill and lost their genealogy in Li Tang.
In addition, there are more than a thousand people who have been implicated, either killed or exiled to Chang’ an, shrouded in terror
On the other hand, Li Shimin has made a big effort to pull out the heroes, that is, this time to help himself contribute to the Xuanwu Gate.
Li Shimin when Yuwen Shitai Zhan Shi Chang Sun Ji, Du Ruhui Zuo Shu Gao Shilian, Fang Xuanling You Shu Hou Jun Zuo Wei led Cheng Zhijie You Wei led Yu Zhining Zhongshe Chu Liang Sheren Yao Silian to wash horses.
In the past, the old party of the king of Qin was regained, and the gold, silk and utensils obtained from the property of the Prince of Qi were given to Hou Jun who made great contributions.
In order to alleviate the impact of the pre-killing, Li Shimin also announced for Li Yuan that the five civil and military officials had been given the title of the first rank and six had been decorated, which made the fearful officials feel slightly relieved.
In addition, Xiao Yu, an old minister who has always been Li Yuan’s confidant, supported Taifeng Deyi and Li Shimin as a courtesy, and Li Shimin shot Peiji’s food city from 500 plus 1,500. Everyone knows that Peiji was difficult for Li Shimin and supported Li Jiancheng many times, but Li Shimin was fond of his Li Shimin skill, which made the officials in the DPRK feel at ease.
At present, Li Shimin stands in the main hall with a negative hand, and Li Shimin is wearing a crown, but it is already a weather, and all the ministers of the Tang Dynasty bow down to one side.
This month, Li Shimin entered the polar palace to do things in an orderly way, which not only stabilized Li Tang’s division due to Li Jiancheng’s death, but also improved the situation of Li Tang’s fall from the country.
There is nothing more natural than this. This is what people who hate Li Shimin the most, and that’s what they think at heart.
Li Shimin turned around from the hall and said, "Everything in the eunuch country is in ruins, and all officials can prepare for the official affairs."
Li Shimin’s ministers made suggestions one after another. They all wanted to show their strength in front of the Taitai, paying attention to the origin of Li Yuan, and at the same time, being generous to Pei Ji, who followed him in Taiyuan.
Li Shimin, on the other hand, is different from meritocracy in that he pays more attention to his ability than his birth.
When all the ministers spoke in succession, the court expressed their opinions like Li Shimin nodded with a smile when he saw this.
"report! It’s urgent in the middle of the province! "
"Su Dingfang, the general of the State of Zhao, sneaked into the river and attacked the river. The general of our army, Li Shentong, Su Dingfang, Wang Mahan, was attacked on both sides. Li Shentong lost the river and retreated three miles to ask for reinforcements."
The news is like a cold water pouring on the head of Li Tang’s ministers.
The ministers couldn’t help thinking that it was like this again. Whenever the situation in Li Tang improved slightly, Zhao attacked Li Chongjiu. It was a moment of peace and didn’t give it to the present. Li Chongjiu just slightly stabilized the situation, regardless of the soldiers on both sides of Yuan Gai Su Wen and Lin Shihong, and attacked Li Tang. It is reasonable to say that Zhao Guo now has no spare capacity.
But Li Chongjiu attacked Li Tang and prevented Li Shimin from smoothly integrating Li Tang’s department.
"Cui Dunli from Taidian came to report that Li Yuan, the king of Lujiang, was unwilling to listen to a letter to Chang ‘an"
Li Shimin heard that "Li Yuan, the king of Lujiang, is an imperial clan with no military exploits, but the general eye of the father’s letter Committee actually refused to listen to the announcement."
See Li Shimin irate look all the ministers are know from the bottom of my heart. Li Yuan Li Jiancheng has always been friendly. When Li Jiancheng dies, Li Yuan naturally worries that Li Shimin will settle accounts after the fall of Zhao. It is said that Li Yuanji personally persuaded his uncle to let him not listen to Xuan Changan’s sexual cowardice. Li Yuan dared to refuse to be summoned by Li Shimin.
Fang Xuanling said, "Tai Dian Li Yuan Hedong is a heavy general. If he is forced too hard, he may drop his eyes at any time. We have a temporary comfort."
"Let this go in advance."

In this way, Xiaotian’s strength is limited. With the constant attack of windson, although Xiaotian tries its best to defend, it is inevitable to be hit by windson constantly.

Xiaotian wiped the blood on his mouth, and his face became ferocious. His eyes were full of killing and he said, "Lin Feng, you forced me!"
Windson watching Xiaotian in Athens JingXie directly swallowed into his mouth.
Windson eyes some indecision, he didn’t think that Xiaotian actually swallowed Augustus JingXie directly. You need a quiet environment if you want to integrate JingXie.
But now Xiaotian this sample is to want to fusion JingXie in battle?
Windson’s heart is full of doubts. He is very ignorant of Xiaotian’s practice.
I don’t know that Xiaotian was also forced to do this. Lin Feng didn’t know that Augustus jingxie had no way to put it in the ring. If he knew it, he should be able to understand Xiaotian’s practice
Xiaotian didn’t want to swallow Augustus jingxie in such a hurry, but he didn’t think windson turned out to be a direct effort to shoot the root without mercy.
But Xiaotian didn’t see that when he swallowed Augustus jingxie into his mouth, the surface of jingxie suddenly flashed a red light.
Note Xiaotian Lin Fengze saw JingXie suddenly flashed a red light, but Lin Fengze didn’t mean it. After all, he didn’t know much about JingXie of the one-horned giants.
But windson heart still faintly appeared a feeling that things should not be over yet.
Windson couldn’t help stepping back a little. Why does he feel a little abnormal?
"It’s you! It’s you! Why aren’t you dead! !” Xiaotian suddenly opened his mouth and shouted.
Windson heard Xiaotian’s words and looked around carefully. He found that the quiet little auditions still echoed around him. Besides, there was no sound and there was no one around.
Lin Feng’s face was shocked and his eyes were deeply indecisive. What is this?
Looked at Xiaotian turned windson.
Xiaotian’s face suddenly bled, and his eyes lost their spirits. His hands and feet seemed to be out of control and he kept waving at random.
What’s the situation? Windson eyes revealed a deep doubt.
"Get out of my body!" Xiaotian shouted again!
"Ha ha this is our body! Go to hell! " A strange sound suddenly appeared in Xiaotian’s mouth as if several people were mixed together!
"Mu Feng? Aaron and Ah Fu? Augustus! What is it? " Windson suddenly shouted to xiaotianda
Xiaotian is no response but his hands and feet waving more intense!
Do they still have souls? Are they now fighting Xiaotian in Xiaotian’s body? Windson heart faint some speculation.
Maybe this is the cause of the one-horned giants. After all, how can a powerful one-horned giant have no cause? No wonder Xiaotian looked so relaxed when he defeated Augustus!
Windson mind constantly appear all kinds of speculation but these have been with him now Xiaotian is a bystander!
Who will win? Windson heart secretly guess.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Facing possession
Xiaotian’s hands and feet kept waving and shaking violently, and the collision between his hands and feet kept making a bone fracture sound.
Windson looked at Xiaotian in the distance. He didn’t go to stop the idea.
Windson, it seems that they are not good crops. They may have been eaten without knowing the situation in the past.
Then it is better to watch from a distance. When some of them win, then Xiaotian’s body must be extremely broken. Then fight against Lin Feng again. Lin Feng has one hundred ways to kill them.
Now the best choice for windson is to watch from afar, but I don’t know if things will be like windson imagined!
After a while, Xiaotian’s body suddenly stopped, and he fell to the ground directly without waving his hands and feet.
Is Xiaotian physical combat is over? Windson heart secretly thought of.
Windson didn’t move, didn’t choose to take a look at Xiaotian now, and didn’t choose to leave.
Windson Xiaotian’s eyes suddenly moved in the distance, but he didn’t open them. Who is he waiting for?
Now is the time to be patient.
Xiaotian was a mastermind before the Lord God came out. It can be said that there is no flaw. So did he also plan the present situation? Windson heart full of alert, he didn’t believe that Xiaotian would be so easy to solve.
It seems worthless to them that both of them are waiting.
As time goes by, a year has passed, and windson has returned to the ground, while Xiaotian is still limp in the distance without any movement.
Although a year has passed, Xiaotian still hasn’t, but Lin Feng’s vigilance in his heart is getting heavier and heavier. He found that Xiaotian is very abnormal.
The surrounding environment is still very quiet, there is no sign of life, but Lin Feng’s anxiety is getting stronger and stronger, and his fist has been quietly clenched.
Xiaotian corners of the mouth in the distance is the emergence of a if if wry smile, although he still wants to wait for the arrival of windson and windson competition patience.
But Xiaotian knows that he must act. His soul has become weak. If it is weak again, Xiaotian is not sure that he can directly occupy windson’s body.
Since we are not going to wait any longer, Xiaotian opened his eyes and tried his best to turn his head to look at windson.
Xiaotian found windson with your eyes open for an instant and stared at Xiaotian to see what he was doing.
"Lin Feng, can you come here?" Xiaotian tried to control this badly damaged body.
"In the past, you don’t have to. What can I do for you?" Windson insipid sound reached Xiaotian’s ear.
Xiaotian couldn’t help biting his teeth when he heard Lin Feng’s words, but he still tried to say, "Lin Feng, I am willing to recognize your Lord. I can swear to Gao Shen that you can save me!"
Windson heard Xiaotian’s words and his eyes showed a little surprise. He carefully looked at Xiaotian’s heart full of cries and felt a little shaken.
"No, you don’t say I won’t save you! You are not Xiaotian! " Windson bite a tooth and said
Xiaotian face wry smile more thick, but in the heart have some joy just ready to speak.
Suddenly, a black shadow came towards Xiaotian, and Xiaotian looked intently at it as a black sword!
And this sword is Lin Fengfa Lin Fengzao already knew that the former Xiaotian was dead before Xiaotian was unprepared to cut Excalibur and shoot it at Xiaotian’s head!
"Windson! You are so embarrassed! " Xiaotian’s pain came and then there was no interest.
Cut Excalibur into Xiaotian’s head as if Xiaotian had been killed by cut Excalibur, but windson’s face couldn’t see the slightest smile and he was still alert!
Lin Fengke denies that Xiaotian has been solved. Is it normal to know that chopping Excalibur is a godlike weapon, and it is not as hard as the main artifact, but now it is easy to penetrate Xiaotian’s head?
Not normal! It’s not normal!
Windson spirit tense him to see what the hell is Xiaotian.
"Alas" a sigh appeared windson ear windson can hear this is a small auditions.
But isn’t Xiaotian already dead? Where does the other sound come from?
"Xiaotian, I knew you wouldn’t die so easily when you came out!" Windson looked around a kuang shouted.
A gust of wind blew around, and a figure slowly appeared in front of windson.
"Since you let me out, I came out! How? Are you surprised? " Show body Xiaotian appeared before windson windson face full of shock!
Appear before windson Xiaotian body very unreal as if there is a gust of wind can blow him away.
Windson fist clenched suddenly issued a soul attack.
The soul attack reached Xiaotian, either because Xiaotian didn’t escape or because Xiaotian didn’t react.
However, when the soul attack reached Xiaotian’s soul, Xiaotian’s soul did not waver at all, and there was no wave.
Windson saw that Xiaotian’s soul seemed to be more solidified, and it felt as if it had been eaten.
"Come and have a little soul attack!" Xiaotian looked at windson unreal face with a smile.
Windson looked at some weird Xiaotian eyes couldn’t help but flash across a worry that he had clenched his fist and swung toward Xiaotian!
Xiaotian corners of the mouth peep out one silk disdainful smile didn’t escape but windson fist directly through the Xiaotian soul not to produce.
"Ha ha no, you still give up. By the way, give me your body. I will live well for you." Xiaotian looked at Lin Feng’s face grinning again.
Windson hear Xiaotian face is not the slightest shock but windson face is very calm.
Looking so calm, Lin Feng Xiaotian’s face flashed a trace of anger. He likes to see others panic.
And windson sample let Xiaotian is very hate.
Feel a faint sense of weakness in the depths of my soul. Xiaotian knows that he can’t wait any longer. He has to.
Xiaotian face became ferocious slowly towards windson body near!
Windson at this time is suddenly rushed towards Xiaotian directly take the initiative to let Xiaotian into his body.

It’s true that the higher the status, the more afraid of death.

Zhang Lan, although she was in pain, almost cried out, but she enjoyed it and continued to crush her left little finger.
Fingers linked to heart this time, the pain is no less than the severe pain caused by the tongue. Thanos immediately couldn’t hum it himself, but he didn’t have anything to say.
The state of soul Thanos’s oral speech is just a habit for too many years. The soul body relies on the fluctuation of the soul to communicate accurately and efficiently
It is obvious that Zhang Langen would not have soul communication with Thanos.
Destroying bullying is also a tough guy who knows that he is car-scrapping after he looks forward to life, so he abruptly fights with Zhang Lan to see who can’t help it first.
Thanos can’t do anything more except be bound by time.
Zhang Lan naturally won’t give up and slow down his crushing speed again, so they are deadlocked.
It takes half an hour to crush the left arm-it takes a moment to finish things.
"Crazy, you are crazy!" Thanos finally couldn’t help but growl through his soul, "I give up and kill me, but you don’t want to know how to revive your friends, hahaha!"
Zhang Lan crushed a meal and handed it to Thanos for questioning.
"Of course resurrection can be revived!" Thanos is crazy. "If you want to master the laws of the universe, you are the master of this plane. Unless you are physically and mentally destroyed, there is no way. Otherwise, it is difficult to combine the law of the soul with the law of reality to shape the body and the law of the mind." What if it can’t be reversed directly? "
It’s really a good idea to have a blue eye and a white eye.
It is impossible to look at Thanos Zhang Lanbai, who has been driven crazy by himself.
Zhang Lan is now mastering the four laws, but he has not reached the point of giving orders to the source of the universe. He has not reached the ability to trace back when the first method can be completed, but the important soul law is in the hands of Thanos! "
Obviously, Thanos will not cooperate, because after losing the soul law, he will be a blue chopping board, and the fish will be slaughtered by Zhang Lan. If Zhang Lan refuses to let Thanos go.
After all, there is also a law of strength. Thanos has to master all the laws perfectly in order to find all the soul fragments so carefully.
There is another problem, Zhang Lan. He can’t grasp the origin of the universe, because there is no Marvel plane mark in his soul, but it belongs to the pre-Earth plane mark.
He will be ostracized.
But at present, all the rules are left to Thanos and Thanos to revive Zhang Lan’s friend.
Is it possible?
Obvious impossibility
This is an endless loop, and no one can hit him.
Unless there is another opportunity.
This opportunity really appeared!
Zhang Lan intends to settle all the direct and mutually assured destruction with Thanos!
Chapter 53 Episode (Chapter 77)
The opportunity has appeared!
When Zhang Lan was ready to die with Thanos, Zhang Lan seemed to feel something and looked to the left. After that, Thanos was slow and turned to look.
See two people staring at the position suddenly pieces of fragmentation and inch by inch collapse!
It wasn’t Zhang Lan who broke the time before, but the deeper wall was broken-it was the plane wall!
I don’t know this idea. Zhang Lan shakes it in his mind.
Before doing more thinking, a figure emerged from the fractured area and stretched his hands and feet for a stretch. His face was full of relaxed freehand brushwork-even when Zhang Lan broke himself, he wandered too much easily.
"Plane predator!"
Zhang Lan’s first instinct is to identify this figure, so he has a sense of crisis.
Not he can, but the system, that is, the law can!
It belongs to that part of Marvel Universe.
Just as the man in front of him almost swallowed the laws of Marvel Universe.
At the same time, on the other side, Thanos is also Zhang Lan who has empathy.
"Hey, it seems that I came at the right time. You two are in this state." Intruders Zhang Lan and Thanos scanned the circle to show satisfaction. "Well, it seems that you are close to both sides. I just came to harvest the battlefield. Haha!"
So the intruder thought for a while and then raised his hand and extended his right hand to Zhang Lan. A powerful attraction made Zhang Lan involuntarily fly to the intruder, and when he saw it, he would send his neck to the intruder’s palm. When Zhang Lan finally released, he paused for a moment, and he teleported to his original position with the help of force.
Just now, he felt that his body force was blocked by a force. Until the last time, he still came from Marvel Universe. He was able to resist and let Zhang Lan breathe a little sigh of relief and release the force.
"Hey, you can still resist. It seems that the plane level should be gold this time." The intruder murmured again
It is said that there are three people in the actual field who are weak. It’s all loud and clear
Zhang Lan looked very alert and looked at the intruder with a frown, but he didn’t intend to speak.
Is Thanos his soul mouth-directly make the soul to communicate.
"Are you from the Lord God Alliance?" Thanos asked.
"Yo ho you this plane should know’ the Lord god alliance? Is it before? " The intruder said, bowing his head and drawing something in vain, like inquiring about information.
Confirmed by the intruder, Thanos’s face was instantly livid, and his struggling face emerged very clearly.
"I found that six thousand years ago, five gold-level gods of the alliance joined hands to prepare for the destruction of your plane. Gee, you are a great candidate for the Lord God. You can even spell a mutually assured destruction in 1V5, even a platinum god. There are six main laws. This plane is less platinum-level, and you have earned it!"
Intruders seem to like talking to themselves. It’s a pleasure to talk about themselves.
However, every time he said a word, Thanos’s face became darker and darker. Until the end, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.
"How did you find the plane coordinates? Prynne, he has covered up the plane coordinates. You can’t find our plane! " Thanos sink a way
"Oh, I see. No wonder I have been hiding for so long without being caught. It turned out to be covered up." The intruder murmured again
Thanos’s face grew gloomy when he didn’t get an answer.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m distracted again." This is the intruder’s reaction. "I’m very sorry that I’m easily distracted and talking to myself. Don’t take it personally. You mean what can be perceived, right? It’s because you two rules hold a fight that will cause plane fluctuations. I just came to have a look at the plane next door."
Said the intruder around and looked at Thanos and Zhang Lanxin smiled.
"Self-introduction-My name is Destroying Heaven, and you can also call me Emperor’s Meeting Ceremony. You can leave me the power of your laws. Why, the protagonist is almost dead in this plane, then it can destroy the world’s fragments. It’s really a wave that my luck point has been close to full recently."
It is said that Thanos’s face is already black.
It’s like an island people suddenly came to the battlefield where the two armies of the Central Plains confronted each other, and then said, we will take over your continent and help you kill all the people by the way.

Xiao Zen was so angry that he threw his fist at him and said, "Thank you, Cousin Xiao Yu, for never complaining after the war in the future!"

He told Xiao Yu there is completely folded!
Even Xianyuan Dan can take it out at will and throw it to himself like garbage. It seems that there is nothing wrong with Xiao Yu behind him.
"Well, you go."
Xiao Yu looked calm and waved.
Shaw war fire fuels respectfully out of the hall.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and whispered, "The ancient classics that belong to me must be the ones that kill people. What can I do if I live a long life?"
His room closed silently and consolidated his own realm.
He has just reached the third stage of instability, and he didn’t want to leave immediately. Instead, he wanted to stay for a while and wait until the state was completely stable before leaving.
"The top ten Wang Ti are all sealed by the bodhi old zu of Xiao clan. Not only have they not been sealed, but they have also cultivated to a higher level. It seems that the role played by the bodhi old zu of Xiao clan in the massacre in those days is really amazing. I don’t know what price he paid at the beginning to let the group of people who kill the sky cut him some slack."
Xiao Yu suddenly heart to himself.
Three days later, a huge breath came and rushed to Xiao Yu’s mansion, shaking his whole mansion like a boat in the sea.
Then Xiao Zhanhuo hurriedly broke into the mouth and said, "Cousin Xiao Yu’s holy blood hall people will come to take your question and say that you are possessed by evil spirits and make a scene in the holy blood hall, which is a capital crime."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Yin elders
A group of people from the Holy Blood Hall came, and their breath swelled, and the blood gas became a terror, and the coercion broke out like a vast sea of rivers and waves shaking here.
"Which one is Xiao Tian? Get out!"
First, an elder shouted at the king’s mouth.
Long hair flying in an indigo robe, cold eyes full of majesty, followed by five third-step strong men and more than a dozen second-step strong men.
His body is limited to the king of god, and he has reached the level of the king of god!
It can be said that the remaining half step is likely to cross over at any time.
"Elder Wang, Xiao Tianmu’s law and discipline must have been possessed by evil spirits and dared to make a scene. I killed and injured more than ten elders in the Holy Blood Hall. Even I was seriously injured by him. I must put him to death!"
Behind him, Xiao Changsheng’s face was full of resentment and murderous look, and he said
"Yes, I, Xiao clan, have committed several rapes for so many years, but I can only kill them!"
"Then Xiao Tian’s bloody pool must be a rape!"
"It’s unbearable that these traitors should betray my Xiao clan because their blood runs through my Xiao clan. His whole blood will be swept away!"
"Xiao Tian gets out and dies!"
His elders echoed the words and resented the poison.
They had been seriously injured by Xiao Yu and almost died. They had already held a grudge against him, but before the injury was completely healed, they reported to the Elder King to arrest Xiao Yu.
Youna, who often grows up, is trying to kill Xiao Yu. He previously asserted that Xiao Yu stopped at the third ladder for decades and his disciples could surpass Xiao Yu.
But what happened a few days ago directly chilled him completely. First, his majesty was greatly damaged. Second, he was injured by Xiao Yu and even had no resistance.
This made him afraid and gave birth to a strong sense of shame.
Everything you say will kill Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu got up and walked out of the door, carrying his hands and scanning many elders and smiling, "You have advice when you come!"
At the sight of Xiao Yu walking out of his usual growing old age, his eyes suddenly flashed, "The Elder King is him. He is the Xiao Tian who disturbed my holy blood hall and was possessed by a demon!"
"Bold Uber pretends to be my brother Xiao’s death sentence. Give him to me!"
The elder king majesty very heavy word directly a wave of his hand to let the people take Xiao Yu.
"Who dare I see?"
At this time, a big drink rang out and Xiao Zhanhuo rushed over and shouted, "Xiao Tian is my cousin, not a Uber. Who dares to take him with me today?"
"Xiao Zhanhuo, do you want to cover up criminals?"
The elder Wang Shuangmei stood upright and shouted.
Xiao Zhanhuo snorted, "Don’t say that Cousin Xiao Tian is not a criminal. Even if the criminal is always shielding him today, he can always get away with it!"
"How dare you!"
"Xiao Zhanhuo, if you are a family genius, we can’t stand you. If you are smart, get out of here or you will be dead when you get it together!"
These elders drink a lot.
And at this time!
A yin test smile also suddenly rolled out from the virtual, accompanied by a burst of obscure murderous look, like a huge cloud brewing and laughing. "What a big sigh of relief! You want to compete with the elders at a young age. Can Xiao people really endure you?" Or is it that your father Xiao Tianshan secretly conspired to teach you to do this! "
He put on a big hat when his tone was gloomy.
"Yin Elder"
Shaw war fire face slightly changed.
This is an elder behind the Holy Blood Hall who practiced terror and has already achieved the position of the King of God. He has lived in seclusion for years and rarely sent out.
I didn’t expect this time to be directly shocked. What did Xiao Yusheng’s blood hall do?
Xiao Zen’s anger changes rapidly, and suddenly he grunted coldly, "Elder Yin, how did my father do it? Can you guess and do you want to bully the small when you come here today? I’m a family genius and have been baptized by the bodhi old zu. My blood is not what it used to be. Don’t you dare touch my bodhi old zu? You can’t pass it."

"I’m sorry, I can’t help it." Xiao Leng was silent. He didn’t expect the cold here to be so heavy. Tell yourself that although it is also very strong, it is not to this extent.

Everything is changing. Maybe something has happened here and it has become like this.
Xiao cold bullet good outside and so on to observe.
Xiao Leng came here with certain preparations to make up the wind, but he was given a few pills, all of which were anti-cold elixirs. The fix-up world was an elixir, and it was hard to make up the wind at a high price, so he generously gave Xiao Leng five pills.
When the cold is weak, when it is strong and weak, it can also enter something inside, but when it is strong, everything will be frozen and then it will be shattered when it meets a cold.
"It seems that I have to wait for a while. This cold generate should have a certain rule. I hope so." Xiao Leng thought that careful observation didn’t take long for him to discover the rule
In fact, this law is very certain, even if you don’t find it, it has always been
Every five minutes, there is a chill coming from the inside, and every time two chills come out, one is strong and the other is weak, which is the kind of thing that makes the snake emperor freeze to pieces, and it is even difficult for ordinary beasts with weak cold air to enter.
Aware of this, Xiao Leng swallowed a Dan medicine and was ready to enter.
Chapter 72 Extremely cold
Xiao Lengsou entered the cave after the extremely cold air jet, and watched it carefully along the cave.
There are many holes in the wrong hole, and there are several holes in the path, and the cold is shot from a larger cave, where you can see the faint white light flashing, so there is a glimmer of crystal.
Xiao Leng let go of the extremely cold hole. At this time, a chill shot straight out and missed Xiao Leng.
Xiao Leng, cold sweat, direct current, this chill is a very strong unconscious Xiao Leng has been here for ten minutes.
In addition to this big hole, there are several big holes, not more than twenty, and some holes are even bigger than that one, but those holes are very quiet and there is not even a movement.
Xiao Leng carefully observed several holes, but there was no other hole except the one that gave off a cold current. One minute passed and the cold current gave off several chills. Xiao Leng’s realistic force was very imposed. He had the panacea to keep out the cold, but now he didn’t have any adverse reactions, but after a long time, the panacea worked a little. Xiao Leng felt the chill, and the biting cold was very cold. This cold force is absolutely not a place to stay here for a long time, even if it is a general powerful distracted expert without the protection of the panacea.
Xiao Leng thought of rubbing against the distance at once, but he didn’t dare to stop in front of the hole. Who knows what will happen to those holes? He came all the way, but he can’t accidentally lose his life. There can’t be a hole here that moves, and I will definitely make a mistake.
At this time, Xiao Leng felt a vibration on the ground, which became a little intense. At first, it was not easy to feel it, but it was easy to feel it when the intensity became very large.
A huge hole appeared in the rolling red flow, and a hot breath pounced on Xiao Leng’s body.
Two extremes
Xiao Leng hurriedly hid from the mouth of the cave with a strong airflow. In a short time, the mouth of the cave turned out to be a stream of heat, and the degree of heat was not much higher than that of extremely cold.
At the same time, those holes that didn’t move shook up and spurted out of heat. Xiao Leng had no way to leave this place and go outside, but when he wanted to find himself in the hole, he found that he couldn’t find it, because now all the holes spewed out strong hot air except the extremely cold hole.
Xiao Leng jumped up with horror and stepped on the ice soul sword. When Xiao Leng summoned the ice soul sword, he felt that the ice soul sword had a little joy, and then Xiao Leng felt a soul talking to himself.
"Ha ha, boss, why didn’t you call me out earlier when you came to this place? If you were late, you would be finished. Leave it to me now. I’m quite familiar with this. Hey hey, I haven’t met such a good cold for a long time." The appearance of that sound startled Xiao Leng, and soon he realized that this speech was an ice soul sword. He knew that there was a soul in this ice soul sword.
The ice soul sword whizzed out from Xiao Leng’s feet and then danced around Xiao Leng. A sword of light surrounded Xiao Leng.
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, you stay here for a while, and I’ll let you out when I tidy up here." The soul inside the ice soul sword said that Xiao Leng seemed to feel that he nodded slightly at himself. Is the ice soul sword really a head? Xiao Leng doesn’t know and can’t know that now he sees the ice soul sword flying fast and then flies to the huge hole that emits heat flow. It’s not like no one controls the sample. It’s a little faster than Xiao Leng’s control. Xiao Leng doesn’t feel a trace of cold and hot air in this sword light protection. Xiao Leng needs to keep himself flying now.
Xiao Leng saw the ice soul sword going out from the light gap of the sword.
The ice soul sword flew directly into the huge hot hole, and then it stopped. In front of the hole, a thick red air stream entered the ice soul sword along the tip of the ice soul sword, and the ice soul sword also glowed with a weak red light. Because the ghost wind added that piece of ice property to the ice soul sword, it should be ice property now, and it should not have the ability to absorb this hot force.
Although Xiao Leng was puzzled, he didn’t say anything. If only he could save his life now, I wouldn’t think about it.
By the time the Ice Soul Sword absorbed the heat flow of the huge hole, the whole body turned red, and the red sample was like killing a lot of people and there was a lot of blood left. Gradually, the red color disappeared, and the heat flow of all the holes disappeared, leaving the cold hole still emitting cold to the outside.
Ice soul sword uttered a whisper and then quickly flew to the front of Xiao Leng, and the sword light array disappeared.
Ice soul sword got into Xiao Leng’s body.
Xiao Lengnai smiled at the present situation. He was able to easily capture the exit that had just been filled with heat flow. Now Xiao Leng has grasped it. He can leave at any time if he wants, but he didn’t leave because the ice soul sword entered his body. He told him that there is no danger here and let him go in for treasure hunting. However, there may be something he needs at his fingertips. Xiao Leng is still willing to take it.
Sure enough, Xiao Leng found that there was no heat in it now, as if he had just entered and could not feel the heat. It seems that the situation is different now, but Xiao Leng didn’t make Dan medicine just keep so vigilant, even though it didn’t make much real force.
There are many plants growing on the walls of the Jade Cave. Xiao Leng is hard to imagine that so many plants can grow in such a hot place. Xiao Leng also has this common sense, that is, natural materials and treasures are dangerous places to produce and plants can grow here. Before Xiao Leng, he planned to dig up some plants and bring them back.
"Eldest brother, you just dig something here to be you." The soul in the ice soul sword said to Xiao Leng, which made Xiao Leng feel puzzled.
"Is this where things come from?"
Chapter 73 Taifang people
The soul in the ice soul sword must answer that Xiao Leng and Xiao Leng are also interested in those things. There is a full-bodied red plant surface with a strong smell of flame, but when you look carefully, you will find that the root is not a fire plant, and if you know more about it, you will find that these plants are ice, but the ice property is too low, and there is a layer of fire property covering the plant surface to block the emission of ice property.
Xiao Leng was surprised to walk all the way in this long passage. The plants in it are all plants he has never seen. They are all very powerful and full of spiritual power, even if they are not strong, the aura here is very abundant.
"Is this really my thing?" Xiao cold some joy.
"It’s the boss, it’s you here." The soul inside the ice soul sword spoke again. The sudden sample always scared Xiao Leng, but for such a situation, Xiao Leng couldn’t feel Xiao Leng’s idea. The soul of the ice soul sword hey hey smiled and stopped talking.
Xiao Leng felt something, and then hit the wind-mending ring to shoot the real force, and then he saw those plants falling from the cave wall one by one, and then Xiao Leng took those plants away from his ring and continued to walk inside. Xiao Leng felt more and more strange. The things inside were much stronger than the outside, and there was enough aura to make the plants grow so huge that it was impossible to see the situation outside.
Xiao Leng continues to collect those plants, but his ring is so big that there is always a certain amount. When it reaches a certain degree, it can no longer be loaded. Xiao Leng is a little depressed, and now he seems to have returned to Baoshan.
At the end of the passage, a huge golden gate appeared in Xiao’s cold eyes.
"Wow, what a big Golden Gate!" Xiao Leng marveled at the huge Golden Gate, which made people dazzle.
Xiao Leng walked up to him and saw a huge lock on the front of the Golden Gate, one on the front and a huge lion with its mouth wide open. There was a red light inside, and a slight heat wave came from the inside. Xiao Leng hid gently.
"How can there be such a gate in this place?" Xiao leng wondered, but he went to the front and carefully touched the big lock. When he touched the big lock, he locked his hair and gave out strong light.
"Er, it’s as simple as that." Xiao Leng was depressed. Now the situation is quite strange. He didn’t move his face. This huge golden gate looks strong. I have to say it’s quite strange, but Xiao Leng still goes in and thinks that there are so many polar plants outside, and things inside can never be worse.
The door closed quietly without making a sound.
Although Xiao Leng is strange, he still entered the inside. Now he can’t quit the ice soul sword. The soul tells himself that there is no danger. Xiao Leng is quite happy. Although he is skeptical, Xiao Leng still enters the inside. Even if there is danger, it is understandable. It is so easy to get powerful things. Xiao Leng will never believe it.
Entering the gate, Xiao Leng’s eyes suddenly became clear. In the spacious hall, several tall columns turned out to be made of gold, but this column is made of jade. Looking at the whole huge jade, I can’t find such a big jade, but there is not one but several in it.
Xiao Leng has finished talking about so many jade pillars. The jade in his ring is not worth a visit. These jade pillars are extremely jade, and it is not necessarily whether the whole repair world can have so many together.
There is a high platform in the innermost part of the hall. I don’t know what it is made of, but everything in it is so precious. I think the chair can’t be bad
There is an old man sitting on the chair, a haggard old man.
It’s said that the face is haggard at all, but the whole face can’t even see a trace of meat. It’s like being burned. The old man’s clothes are very good, but there is no trace of shabby appearance
There is a huge table in front of him, and there are many things in front of him. You can’t find what it is until you reach the front root.
Xiao Leng stepped forward and bowed to the old man. Xiao Leng still has some respect for his predecessors. After all, it is not easy for people to practice to such an extent, nor is it a shame for powerful people to bow to their predecessors.
The old man bowed to the face and spoke coldly.
"I’m the one who chose you. You can take whatever you want from my extremely cold palace. Oh, I know you need some weather and ice. I have prepared a little for you. It’s not a good thing for you to take something, so I have prepared a little. Now you can take these things casually. Of course, if you don’t take them, you will put them here." The old man said with a hint of banter that he didn’t move or move his mouth.
The root of a noodle is a skin. This real person is no longer here, or this person is dead, or this person has soared. Staying here is his great magic condensed into a spiritual field.
Xiao Leng was slightly taken aback, but he denied that he could easily get those things.
"I don’t know if my predecessors are Fang people, but are they staying here?" Xiao coldly asked himself to find a place and then sat down.
"Ha-ha, you know that I’m a Taifang. Now I’m a celestial fairy. I’m here. If you want something here, you can get it easily. I guess you won’t believe it. It’s very similar to Taifang." The voice was very appreciative and said that it really made Xiao Leng unable to understand.

It is probably a very troublesome thing for him to get rid of the Duke of Ruby for nothing-the Holy Dragon Empire has always brought him trouble and trouble.

However, Lano is not without countermeasures. This was the last time he confirmed whether the Duke of Ruby listened to people or not.
From the deep sea, it’s like the whole ocean. When the Duke of Ruby looks up, he sees something as indifferent as the deep sea.
"You …"
He couldn’t speak, and realized that Lano didn’t leave his hand at all, and he was very strong when he came. What’s more, he was the king of the deep sea, and the element field was frantically surging. Even though it was still affected by the Kuroshio atmosphere, Lano could completely crush the Duke of Ruby in his own field depending on those smells.
If this is a death war, then the Duke of Ruby is dead.
But it’s not-but it’s different from killing Duke Ruby!
"I am not a soft-hearted person."
Lano said, "You may be wrong."
He stared down at the ruby duke and finally didn’t speak again. After he left, the field still didn’t dissipate immediately.
Ruby duke seems to be a bitter smile.
He did have a wrong estimate and was caught.
But Lano was wrong, too.
No matter who Lano is, no matter what attitude he shows, Duke Ruby can’t let go again.
He kept kneeling and didn’t notice that it was a live camera range of the interstellar battlefield from beginning to end.
It was after half a day that the live video was topped by Starnet.
[Is this synthesis? Otherwise, how could the Dragon Duke kneel to the sea demon crown? 】
[Star battlefield live video is said to be not without witnesses that day]
[Don’t forget what happened in this former interstellar battlefield]
The photo of Yu Guanguan was turned out again, as well as the photo of sapphire haixiang kneeling in those years. When these things were put together, the starnet was about to explode.
[Fantasy never has anything to do with loyalty, I promise]
[The siren crown will also directly become a dragon crown? ! 】
[Just kidding! Nothing like this has ever happened to JiXing! 】
The Holy Dragon Empire remained silent.
The official tone of the siren empire is unprecedented, indicating that it is impossible to be absolutely, right, not, and have it.
When this farce and discussion were finally broadcast to Lano, it was a while ago.
Edith naively asked him, "What is the Holy Dragon Empire going to do?"
"Think of them as crazy."
Lano had to reply like this.
The elf king understood that he didn’t want to say much and continued to guide remotely.
"There are not many places that can isolate the crown perception. I think it is probably a plane that is not complete with the stars."
"yes, it’s like the nature of Senhai Youlan-Senhai Youlan used to be a complete water element plane, but now it still retains the characteristics that it is incompatible with the whole star."
Yes, the deep sea of Senhai Orchid has different characteristics from all the deep seas, but Senhai Orchid is also a piece of debris, which is special and dying. One day, it may not be able to give shelter again like the elf mother tree.
"According to the old saying, we once had a plane travel story, but when all the stars come, things can’t be supported here. We guess there may be a plane fragment in the interstellar battlefield." Edith thought for a moment and said, "The high priest said that you can directly treat it as another dimension. Will this be better understood?"
Lano said white … although it feels a little strange.
It’s like being on a strange set.
"It takes great strength or unbalanced elements to break this. If even you can’t do it, then the stars can’t do it, no matter if you are careful." Edith charged again
Although this plane fragment can be explained scientifically, in the final analysis, it still belongs to the mysterious category, and it is bound to be more mysterious elements to support such a plane.
"Independence is the siren of every generation that supports Senhai Youlan"
"Yes," Edith said. "What would it be if a piece of this plane was not weaker than Senhai’s orchid to support it independently?"
More powerful than one racial fantasy combined. What would it be?
Lano was a fiercely white Edith suggested.
"If the dark sects did it, maybe they did it on purpose."
He had to come to the conclusion that "the dark sects are cultivating something-and they want to fantasize about the interstellar battlefield to grow nutrients."
Edith was silent and then said, "The second batch of assistance from the Elf Empire is coming, and we will emphasize the urgency again."
However, they didn’t expect the source of all this in the interstellar battlefield before.
The emerald keel wings are propped up, and the wingspan is red-haired siren and white-haired elf.
"See a ghost! That thing is endless! "
Rosie growled crossly.
Theoretically, she is not a suitable dragon for carrying injuries. Huang Jinlong can also be a sapphire dragon or even a black dragon. It is several times stronger than Rosie here.
However, it depends on who you compare with. If it is her two companions, there is no doubt that they are no different from the two crispy skin.
Sonia’s prototype doesn’t have any offensive attributes except the fish tail. The elf is a brittle waste. Rosie has to carry it all. Of course, these two companions are barely better at attacking than her.
The formation of this small team was stumbling. When Rosie and Sonia met the light blade, the elves were already badly injured. After that, they were attacked one after another.
It’s also a bad luck for the smooth blade. That pervert-like guy spared Rosie and Sonia, but attacked the elf at once.
But it’s not always attacking. According to their observation during this period, that guy should be irrational.
But even so, it is so powerful.
Even random attacks are enough to make several top fantasy species difficult to cope with, and even more let them imagine that this should not be the real shape of the monster in front of them
"What the hell is it?"
Even Rosie can’t help but have some fears at this time.
This is a normal thing, even the distorted body is not indestructible or indestructible, and the Kuroshio erosion continues but slowly, but it seems that it is terrible enough to look at this monster in front of you.
They also tried to get close to this monster when they were trapped here.
Generally speaking, this monster is still a humanoid form. At first, Rosie and Sonia will suspect that it is a special aberrant body, but soon they have to give up this idea. At present, the most powerful emperor aberrant body in the record is not like this, and the aberrant body is not the same as this monster.

"Xiaoyuan doesn’t know yet. Just past Irkutsk is the largest city in Siberia, the Soviet Union. It is not only the transportation center of Siberia, but also the industrial and commercial center of Siberia. The Soviet Union is very famous for its large enterprises."

"Let’s just say that Irkutsk’s Siberian status base is equivalent to Shengjing’s northeast status and it is normal for Ulaanbaatar to have direct flights."
"Oh brother-in-law when to know so much about the Soviet Union? It won’t be just a car, will it? " Listening to Liang Haiping’s endless introduction to the customs of Irkutsk, Liang Yuan asked casually.
"What can you do when parking at that point? It’s not that you don’t know your brother-in-law’s foreign language level."
"There is a large factory in Irkutsk with code number 125 to build airplanes. From last year, they often had people come to buy goods in bulk from Suifenhe market. These things were known when I chatted with your aunt."
Listen to Liang Haiping 125 Irkutsk Aircraft Factory Liang Yuan’s interest suddenly came. Although Liang Yuan has never had any contact with Irkutsk in his previous life or this life, Liang Yuan, the second largest aviation manufacturer in the Soviet Union with the code name of 125 Factory, is still famous for a long time. A few years later, a considerable number of Soviet-27 fighters imported by the Republic were produced by Irkutsk Aircraft Factory.
"There is a code name that sounds like a military factory. How does the uncle know that the 125 factory is building planes? What do they come to buy?" Liang Yuan hexagrams asked.
"didn’t you just say that you should pay attention to the procurement of large enterprises in the Soviet Union? Your aunt has long taken your words as an imperial edict. No matter what kind or size of large enterprises in the Soviet Union look for doors, we have never extrapolated it. We will probably know what they do when we get familiar with our own goods in the long run."
At the beginning of the establishment of Suifenhe Market, Liang Yuan particularly emphasized the importance of Soviet enterprise procurement. Liang Yuanpei had been deeply impressed by Yoko for a long time, and Liang Yuan’s plan was implemented without any discount. Specially, a group procurement office was set up independently in Suifenhe Market Department, specializing in the Soviet Union’s procurement of large enterprises in the Republic.
At this time, the Soviet Union is carrying out Gorbachev’s new economic policy in depth, such as the top-level design. Let’s not talk about the border military enterprises for the time being. It’s hard to see that the rigid planned economy has produced a gap. Naturally, the fairy crossed the sea and showed its talents. As a result, the enterprises haven’t seen how to enliven the golden age of Russia, which is famous for the future generations.
"Years ago, when the Soviet Union celebrated the New Year, the 125 factory came to buy a large number of down and stainless steel kettles, all of which were aluminum ingots to pay for you. My aunt had planned to transfer the aluminum ingots to other trading companies, but at the end of the year, you said that you would set up Comac, so you stopped contacting his company. The aluminum ingots came from the airplane-grade raw materials. I think there should be no problem in passenger plane production."
Looking at Liang Yuan, he nodded and said no problem. Liang Haiping continued, "The code factory, of course, is doing the details of military industry. I don’t know yet. Now I know that the 125 factory once produced the An 12 and An 24 transport planes. Last year, Xiaoyuan went to Zhanjiang overnight to take that plane, which was the imitation of the An 12 transport plane in China."
Speaking of which, Hai-ping Liang suddenly shut up and watched Liang Yuan for a long time, then gathered around Liang Yuan and asked in a low voice, "Xiaoyuan, tell your brother-in-law the truth. You told your aunt early whether large Soviet enterprises were trying to dig a socialist corner."
"How can you call it digging a socialist corner? That’s how to call someone in the DPRK to be an official. After we are strangers in the Soviet Union and don’t know a group of capable Soviet people, it’s hard for someone to collude with others to move the big market channels. My brother-in-law doesn’t know yet. The head of the Economic and Trade Department of Suifenhe, the head of the black province, once said that individuals are used to filling the Suifenhe big market at a second time and making such a big scale. Who will bear this historical responsibility in case something detrimental to national dignity happens?"
"If it weren’t for those two girls hanging the register of major shareholders in the big market, how can we make money so safely? Besides, the Soviet Union is not a socialist country, but my dad has always called the Soviet Union Su Xiu. Even digging a corner is also called digging a revisionist corner. "Liang Yuanbi said sarcastically.
Ning Jianzhong stayed in the four fields for more than ten years. In the early days of the founding of the Republic, he was also the commander of Shengjing Military Region. The military and political circles in the three northeastern provinces were considered to be old friends. This "noise" was also banned from the "noise", which did not bring any impact on the daily operation of the big market.
Liang Yuan learned that  Provincial Economic and Trade Department’s remarks were still that Ning Lei was afraid of Liang Yuan’s young mistakes when exhorting and Liang Yuanqi, but someone’s conscience had been greatly broken for more than ten years in the past shopping malls and information tide. Ning Lei’s exhortation was directly thrown into the waterway by someone, but he was still worried about the noise.
Listen to Liang Yuan, so Liang Hai calmly nodded and said, "Xiaoyuan fortunately got most of the enterprises to the annual meeting of the military and railway brands. At that time, Shangri-La boss Yunwei also complained that the size of Shangri-La Shengjing in the whole regimental headquarters was the smallest, but it was a headache to deal with the local government at most."
"My dad and uncle Ning almost threw their lives at Treasure Island, and they both didn’t feel good about it. I guess it’s not important for us to do business without the Soviet Union’s arrogance, murder and arson."
After thinking for a moment, Liang Yuan went on to say, "The situation that the Soviet Union has just started to reform the country is similar to that of our previous years. After going back this time, the brother-in-law marketing department will find some clever, bold and clear-cut employees who are responsible for trade with the Soviet Union. However, the newly established department is not to get basic wood, steel and automobiles. Pay more attention to those large and cutting-edge machinery and equipment. We have even emptied f14 fighters. What else are we afraid to sell?"
"Xiaoyuan, are you sure this is okay?" Hai-ping liang asked some doubts.
"Of course, my dad and uncle Ning believe in * * mortals, and they are not like the immortal people. Last year, we had sex in Romania, and we never saw what they said." Liang Yuan freely threw himself and Ning Lei into the water as a cushion.
"As the old saying goes in China, business is booming, and there is nothing in this world that can’t be sold. As early as the 1970s, Libya in the Middle East discussed with us that it wanted to buy some original bombs to taste fresh. Last year, we exported a batch of missiles to Saudi Arabia and sold them for $3.5 billion in cash. It’s not that my brother-in-law hasn’t done the arms trade. Should you know that there is an industry in this world that can make money faster than selling this thing?" Liang Yuanyue said that the more excited he was, the more he couldn’t help hiding himself for a long time, and his tail showed a little.
Listening to Liang Yuan’s loose talk, orpiment, Liang Haiping’s intestines are going to regret himself. This is not a full support. I have a good chat with my nephew about digging a corner. Why is this nephew saying that it’s good to think and unconstrained style? It’s greedy and bold to look at Liang Yuan’s eyes and be excited. Liang Haiping doesn’t believe that Liang Yuan is just an expression.
Liang Yuan’s crying made it less terrible to make great achievements that later Russian men could not make, and he told Liang Haiping a few things before he noticed Liang Haiping’s sad face.
"Brother-in-law, I don’t do this kind of thing every day. It’s also a precaution to worry about you. Isn’t there a famous saying among foreigners that opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared? For example, if we didn’t come to the Soviet Union to change pictures this time, how could we sort it out so smoothly when we got home from work in the Democratic Republic of Germany?" Someone realized that the tail was a little exposed and quickly took back the topic.
In the next few days, Liang Yuanzi didn’t smuggle arms, and combined with the established Comac, he said a lot of strong equipment and technology in industrial processing and materials of Soviet United Airlines to fool the suspicious Liang Haiping.
When the international train stopped at the boundary between Europe and Asia, the young men went to the Federal Republic of Germany to study literature. They greeted their partners who went to Europe to study, shouted "Long live freedom", jumped on the train and kissed the land opposite Asia enthusiastically. They were dumbfounded to appreciate the plain and rustic land farther than the intercontinental boundary in Liang Shi, and they were deeply entangled in the coming storm.
A week later, the international train finally ran nearly 10 thousand kilometers, and in the afternoon, the setting sun reflected into the Moscow train
Walking out of the carriage with a carry-on suitcase, I just set Liang Yuan on platform No.3 of Moscow car and saw the familiar face of the previous life with a gentler smile.
"My dear friend, welcome to the Soviet Union." Later generations used to show Vladimir as a tough guy. Vladimirovich? Comrade Putin gave Liang Haiping a big bear hug.
For the KGB post, Putin, who is in charge of the economic espionage of the GDR, is already the key monitoring object of his own GDR working hours. Anyway, the Berlin United Shopping Center has deeply influenced the daily life of the GDR people from the economic level.
This peaceful-looking China man has carved out a miraculous trade route in the most acute place of contradiction and hostility on this planet, which can’t be explained by luck and courage alone.
Thinking about going back to the Far East Bureau of the KGB headquarters to look through the information, the name Liang Haiping and the American f14 fighter plane flashed into the Central China National Army and just emerged as a trump card, Ning Lei, all of which were looming. Putin knew that he had met a very difficult person.
It’s a pity that no doctrine can resist the bread to face the reality of serious shortage of national day. Putin can throw the file full of questions to the information shelf at headquarters and greet this guy covered with question marks to invest in the Soviet Union with a big smile.
The Volga car flew along the banks of the Moscow River. Liang Yuan was very excited to take the co-pilot position of the Volga car. I didn’t know how shocking the driver around me would be in the future in the late 1910 s.
I’m treated like the president of the United States now. I glanced at my side and focused on the car. Comrade Putin Liang Yuan thought about the photo that Reagan visited Soviet Putin pretending to be a tourist. Do you want to take a photo and make a big news? Someone temporarily forgot his identity at this time and thought about killing someone.
Chapter 221 Person of hometown
Sunlight Hotel in Leningrad, Moscow was built in the 19th century. It was originally the palace of Tsar Nicholas II. After the October Revolution, the Soviet Union nationalized the palace. After Stalin’s death, it was turned into an open hotel.
In 1970s, when Brezhnev was in power, Nikko Hotel was greatly renovated and resumed business, and became one of the top hotels with the best conditions in Soviet Union at that time.
Although Liang Hai Ping has traveled all over the world in recent years, she is still amazed at the luxury of the guest rooms. The whole set of guest rooms has been opened with two floors. The living room is connected with two floors. Two azure and two grass greens are painted with religious stories. The circular-arc ceiling of the living room is supported by columns. The ceiling is covered with gold railings with complicated curved lattice styles. A crystal chandelier like a flowing Milky Way hangs down from the patio. Several white polar bear skins are randomly draped in fabric …
"Comrade China has come a long way and worked hard all the way, so I won’t bother you. If you need anything, just inform the staff at any time," Putin said in fluent German.
Liang Haiping enthusiastically sent Putin out of the guest room. Liang Yuan threw his suitcase in the corner and put himself in the largest polar bear fur.
"Brother-in-law, if only I could take this thing back to China," said Liang Haiping, who was funny to see Putin off, and looked at his Liang Yuan bear skin and turned over lazily.
"If you build a shopping center, let alone bear skins, even if they are bears, I guess you can take back a few," Liang Haiping said with a smile.
Liang Yuan hey hey smiled and sat up from the sand covered with fur and said, "Brother-in-law, let’s go to the embassy first to report a way."
This time, Liang Yuan came to the Soviet Union to change planes in the name of military joint flight. Although the Republic and the Soviet Union have not resumed real ambassadorial diplomacy at this time, Ning Lei informed Liang Haiping’s visit to the Soviet Union in the name of the army, hoping that the embassy would give language support.
"Can you still call the embassy there? I think it is more reasonable to call the agency." Limited to age, Liang Haiping didn’t know that there was no big brother in the Soviet Union, and he accepted the education of Su Xiu.
"Haven’t you heard from my dad? We have a long history with the big brother of the Soviet Union. Sooner or later, it will be upgraded to a real embassy." Liang Yuan assumed a face of long live Sino-Soviet friendship
The two men took the Moscow travel map and got the exact location of the Consulate of the Republic from the staff on duty. They declined the hotel to send a car. After the discussion, the staff all smiles and watched them leave the lobby of Nikko Hotel and turn to Lenin Street, the consulate.
"Brother-in-law will translate for a while. Let’s go shopping first to see how poor Laomao is." Before five minutes, someone turned Big Brother into Laomao.
"I was just wondering how you put on that look in your room …" Hai-ping Liang was very surprised and looked at Liang Yuan’s face, which was just written with the words "Every wall has ears".
"At the end of last year, when I was in East Germany, I followed Angie’s sister, East Germany, and heard many unimaginable facts. The national security agency of the Democratic Republic of Germany has been paying attention to us for a long time, but it is only limited to our in-depth investigation of the identity law. In the New Year, Uncle Ning will wake me up. The status of the spot sale industry in Yuanjia is already an eyesore for the Democratic Republic of Germany. If possible, try not to talk about the company’s core industry in foreign buildings." Liang Yuan’s most concise language pushed the matter from the beginning to Angelina and Ning Leishen.
Strictly speaking, Liang Yuan didn’t fool Liang Hai. Ping Angelina was really worried, and Liang Yuan went beyond the Democratic Germany. The national security agency paid great attention to East Germany.
However, except for Angelina, a rookie on the spy front, Liang Yuan never thought about what he could hide from the famous national intelligence agency Stasi in East Germany from the first day he set foot on the land of Democratic Germany.
The root of Liangyuan GDR’s unbridled monopoly operation and expansion of industrial scale is bullying "Stasi". Although no national security agency is a good man and a faithful woman for a long time, the greater the scale of Yuanjia, the worse the GDR will be in a short time. When the big waves hit, how strong the East German state institutions can be.
However, Liang Yuan can turn a blind eye to Stacy and ignore it, but it will not be like that if it is replaced by KGB. For example, Liang Yuan has always wanted to make the most attractive man in Russia in the future. In addition to this kind of strongman history, the shadow of KGB behind him has always been like a bug, which also makes Liang Yuan entangled in the problem of whether to kill a tiger or harm the poor or face KGB’s crazy revenge is a headache for Liang Yuan.
For someone, it’s certainly more enjoyable to watch others do it than to be the protagonist by yourself, which is a complete tragedy.
"Far Jia Democratic Germany’s influence and what I think the Soviets must be very interested in whether the brother-in-law can invest or what kind of purpose to invest in the Soviet Union. I don’t believe that the Soviet national security agency didn’t play tricks in the room. Ning Shu said that there are several things in the national security agency that ordinary people can’t imagine." Liang Yuan said with a hand.
"So you got a bear skin and even moved out the big brother of the Soviet Union?" Liang Haiping looked at Liang Yuan in distress situation.
"I’m just testing whether the Soviets have a room to play tricks. My brother-in-law, a big boss, finally came to the Soviet Union once. I estimate that the gift to express the everlasting friendship between the two peoples should be something that can’t give them less headaches. It’s not as good as what we say ourselves," said Liang Yuan.
Two people walk and talk about Liang Haiping Nai, listening to his nephew, and finally make this more serious than espionage.
Sunlight Hotel Leningrad is located on the east side of the famous Red Square in Moscow and on the west side of the Red Square of the Republic Consulate in Moscow, opposite Moscow University. Two people walk to the Republic Consulate and just pass by the Red Square.
Moscow’s Red Square is known as the Russian national spiritual home. There are a series of historical witnesses around it, such as the Kremlin, the Lenin’s Mausoleum and the statue of Marshal zhukov of Vasily Cathedral. It is not only the symbol of the Soviet Union, but also the two most important cores of this planet-even after the collapse of the Soviet Union a few years later, it has not changed this fact.
Although the Red Square in Moscow is one-fifth the size of the Republic Square, this planet is far more influential. It was not until the Republic entered the first decade of the new century that the Square was on a par with the Red Square.
Liang Hai Ping and Liang Yuan walked slowly around the edge of Red Square, but two people, one who accepted the education of Su Xiu’s death and my heart never died, and the other who witnessed the embarrassment of the Russian nation plummeting, both of them looked dull compared with those who dressed as travelers with excitement.
"Hi, are you doing business in the Soviet Union?" A very pure northeast dialect Liang Yuan’s ear rings.
Staring at this 30-year-old man with light blue eyes and short blond hair, he speaks fluent Chinese and greets himself. Both Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping are slightly stunned.
"Well, how do you know?" In an instant, Liang Haiping climbed down the pole.
"Look at the two looks, it’s not like visiting Red Square." The middle-aged man said with a smile.
"My name is Andre? Kirilenko eldest brother call me Andre. "
"This … you are so fluent in Chinese." Looking at this energetic young and middle-aged Liang Yuan, he didn’t call uncle out after all.
"Little brothers in the Jianghu can call me big brother." It is obvious that this man named Andre knows the national conditions of the Republic. be adept at quickly guessed the reason for Liang Yuan’s vague name.