"When did I say I was going to kill her?"

Star day foam sharp eyes swept away mercilessly staring at the palace no.
"Forget it, forget it, I can’t understand you." Gong Luo shrugged his shoulders.
He can’t read it. She never did.
"Let’s give her a thorough examination."
Xingtianmo made a gesture of making signal with the lips to indicate Gongluo.
Gong Luo obediently hit his square suitcase with him.
That square brown suitcase looks like a suitcase with a lot of articles in it.
Xingtianmo went to that piece of ordinary wooden rattan chair where she sat and touched the armrest.
Gong Luo felt that the white light flashed in front of her eyes and then she looked at the glass wall and disappeared!
Gongluo turned his head and looked at Xingtianmo with a little surprise and appreciation.
It seems that he still looked down upon the stars and foam …
"Hurry up!" Xingtianmo urged Gongluo God to call him back.
Gong Luo’s dry cough starts at once.
There is also a miniature brain palace in the square box, which connects several complicated wires with different colors and quickly sets them up.
When everything is ready, look back at Xingtianmo.
Star day foam hand holding the slightly nodded.
Xingtianmo’s heart beat faster because she was afraid that Qing Er would go crazy again. Although Qing didn’t mean anything at that time, those who blamed her were still very bitter in their hearts.
Gong Luo got the instructions from the stars and the sky, and the keyboard was knocked!
A powerful current goes out along the wire and flows into the green body.
Severe pain made Qing suddenly wake up!
Star day foam heart a pull at the moment the scene reminds her of the second star LengYu was hit.
"MoEr …"
Green saw Gong Luo, the stranger, leng leng and looked at Xingtianmo tears, and finally I couldn’t help it anymore.
"It’s okay to be good. Everything will pass." Xingtianmo wanted to comfort Qing Er.
Green suddenly stepped back and screamed.
"Don’t come over!"
Green jerked back and suddenly screamed.
"Don’t come over!"
Starry day foam instantaneous stay in situ want to reach out and frozen half …

"This is the truth now master personally tell you that you are satisfied? But I really want to thank you for bringing Chunchun out … "Speaking of which, he deliberately paused for a long finger and gently caressed her beautiful sleeping face." I want to turn her into my woman so that she can belong to me forever! "

"I won’t let you get away with it. I’m going to tell Fei Yue rewelding that I’m going to make you pay. I’m going to make Mu Tang hate you!" Xia Youran became angry from embarrassment and yelled at her self-esteem so that she couldn’t continue to endure it. She was repeatedly played by him, but she was stupid and didn’t know it. Anger made her almost crazy.
"Xia Youran, if I’m right, your worthless father still runs a small company to support your family, right?" Hearing what she threatened, Ink Dye Chen didn’t feel nervous, but looked at her with narrow eyes.
"You … what do you mean?"
"Besides, you have a mother who is often ill in hospital and a younger brother who is in primary school …" His words went on, but she turned pale little by little.
Ah … He knew all about her family before he got close to her. This reckless woman dared to threaten her with purity and Fei Yue rewelding. I don’t know who threatened who!
"You … don’t mess around!" Summer carefree finally out of control, of course, she white his strength, his means to deal with her and her family is really a piece of cake, does he really have to play with himself? Family will always be her weakness.
Her father’s company has been heavily in debt recently, and her mother is in poor health and needs to be hospitalized. Her brother is still in primary school … Noble college. Her family will always be the object of ridicule, but after all, she is her own relatives, and of course she will be very concerned about them.
"This is 5 million, which is the reward for your help this time. If the young master finds you in front of me again, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!" Throw a check, ink dye Chen, and hold her unconscious for sugar, leaving her alone in a daze.
[17] An ambush
He took his beloved woman to the villa and watched her fall asleep, which made him feel great satisfaction. The thought that she would soon become her own woman and be with him forever made him even more satisfied!
Pure, pure, pure, I like you so much, don’t refuse me!
We were predestined for 16 years, and the day before yesterday, you and that Fei Yue just met for a few days, so you are destined to be my woman, and you will not have a result with him.
Car villa door stop ink dye Chen directly holding her and walked in the door, the old housekeeper uncle suddenly startled when he saw this appearance. The young master went home with a woman and then took a closer look at this woman or Miss Mu, who had already cancelled her engagement with the young master. She was still asleep and was held in her arms by the young master. What is the situation now?
"Master, what are you …" The old housekeeper was worried that something would happen to Miss Mu, even if the engagement had been cancelled, the two families were family friends and Miss Mu had an accident, so he really couldn’t talk to others.
"Where are my parents?" Don’t want to answer his question ink dye Chen frowned and asked
"The president and his wife went to the China branch to inspect, and they won’t be back until late. What can I do for you, young master?"
"Nothing is good!" It’s not good for Mo Chen to hook up his lips, so that no one can stop him from holding the woman in his arms with Chunchun. He directly crossed his uncle and headed for the building.
"No one is allowed to disturb me in my room!"
"It’s a young master!" Although strange, the master told him that he had to listen to his uncle immediately and said, but looking at his back, he felt that the master was a little strange today, even a little strange.
He can’t imagine what will happen soon. Over the years, he has watched the young master grow up. Although there are many philanderers, he really sees his feelings for Miss Mu. Some time ago, he was retired because of his engagement. He has always been in a bad mood and depressed. He even hates the young master. How can Miss Mu be so cruel to refuse him?
Now he also vaguely guessed what the young master wanted to do, but for the sake of his happiness, he would never stop Nai from sighing-he retired to do his own thing!
Gently put the lovely person in his room, watched her sleep in the big bed, and his eyes suddenly became deep.
Chunchun, soon you will belong to me alone. Now no one can stop the two of us, including Fei Yue rewelding. He is not worried at all. Maybe Fei Yue rewelding is a demon with more powerful mana, but there is a Zhai Qianyao behind him. Even if Fei Yue rewelding finds something, he is afraid that it will be too late!
Because Zhai Qianyao has been ambushing halfway, it is bound to be ambushed by him if he comes. Zhai Qianyao is worried that he can’t find a hand in school and it is time to deal with him!
Fei Yue rewelding told him anyway that what he wanted was just this little woman, but in his heart he secretly hoped that even if he liked Fei Yue rewelding, her heart would never be pinned again when he died, no matter her heart or her body, he would be alone!
[18] Worried
It was an hour after Fei Yue rewelding came back from the basketball club. After the exercise, he didn’t even care to drink saliva. The first thing to do was to go and see the little woman who made people worry. Somehow, he suddenly felt a bad feeling as if something was about to happen.
Sure enough, when I got to the classroom, I saw that there was no one there.

"Don’t be impulsive. Miss Lian immediately told her to hurry to Huoyun City."

Luo Yulun took a deep breath and had a daughter coming. This dilemma can only be opened. Chapter 1364 welcomes 1.
As a waiter dragging a long tail came running in like a gust of wind, he knelt on one leg
"What is it?"
In the evening, Su Yizheng’s daughter Su Li was discussing with Mrs. Xu about seeing the attendants report, so they both looked at him.
"Back to the Lord, a group of people came out of the city, saying that Xu Yuanmo invited the Lord to meet him out of the city."
"Go ahead"
Su Yi unhurriedly turned to look at Su Li. "They came quite quickly."
"Father and daughter go out of town with you?"
Sue hedge tried to ask
"You don’t have to watch it at the gate."
Su Yi smiled at Su Li but said to the attendants behind him, "Go and ask the lady to come."
Soon everyone was here, and a woman was waiting for Su Yi’s dispatch.
"Husband, I heard that Brother Xu is coming. Should we go out of town to see him?"
Ganmei has been waiting for this day for a long time. She wants to ask Xu Yuanmo personally how to protect Sister Zhi Butterfly and let Sister Zhi Butterfly be so seriously injured. If she and her husband hadn’t been preparing secret medicine for so many years, they wouldn’t even have a glimmer of life.
"Of course I’m going out of town. Don’t you want me to go with you?"
"How did that happen? I also want to see it. "
Su Yi looked up and looked behind her eyes rested on Su Fen "Fen Er, you wait here."
"It’s the father"
Sue hedge nodded and promised to come.
"People lined up out of town"
Su Yi ordered Gan Mei to leave the city at once.
The gate was wide open, and a group of people flashed in front of him. Although the facial features could not be seen clearly from a distance, Su Yi recognized that it was Xu Yuanmo at a glance.
"Brother Xu came so fast. I still want you in two days. I didn’t expect you to arrive so soon."
Xu Yuanmo’s face flashed an imperceptible worry. "Because I want to see Zhi Diesuo, I am still on my way at night. How dare I delay?"
When saying these words, Xu Yuanmo looked at Su Yi. Didn’t she know that Su Yi would believe her words?
"Oh, so that’s it?"
Su Yi nodded his head on the surface, but at the same time his expression was different.
Xu Yuanmo doesn’t care if he believes it or not. Anyway, he originally came here to test.
"where is zhidie?"
"Please follow me into the city"
Su Yi’s eyes looked straight at Xu Yuan’s ink when he said these words.
Xu Yuanmo smiled slightly "good"
"Brother Xu!"
Suddenly, the sound made Xu Yuanmo dazed and turned his attention to Gan Mei’s body. "So Mrs. Su is here."
"Brother Xu hasn’t seen you for years. How are you?"
"I miss Mrs. Xie Su a lot. Thank you for taking care of Zhi Die all these years. I am very grateful."
"Brother Xu said seriously that I am what I should do."
Gan Mei smiled and blazing with anger looked for something in Xu Yuan’s ink face. She lamented that he was shrewd and at the same time lamented that she tasted it again, didn’t she?
Is their husband hide from Xu Yuanmo if it is not to the point where they can do it, they will not let Xu Yuanmo know about it. At this time, they will meet each other and guard against each other, but they will even pretend to smile. There is no way to be their true self. Chapter 1365 welcomes them.
"If Brother Xu can stay longer, we must let our husband and wife do their best."