"oh! Purple ring I suddenly remembered today that I have some things to do, so I won’t be here with you. Go first! "

Liu Yuhua’s eyes rolled around and ran away without giving Purple Ring a chance to stay.
Betty Wong followed suit.
"I also have something to go back with yuhua district today. You must be careful! If you encounter any difficulties, just come to us! " Betty Wong moves faster, and the purple ring has just turned around and people are already a hundred paces away.
Purple is so angry that she can hide her feet and face Jiang Feng alone.
Chapter 463 Chapter four hundred and sixty-three Daisha blade master
Purple ring at Jiang Feng not only has no meaning to repent, but a face of hatred.
This time she lost her wife and soldiers.
Bao Run is in charge of committing suicide in public. How can he explain to his mother when he goes back?
"You’d better not ask for trouble or you’ll be exactly like him!" Jiang Feng light look at the purple ring.
Purple ring jumped back and stared carefully at the weapon in his hand.
She can remember the previous scene vividly. I can’t imagine the consequences if he uses magic to kill himself.
Although I was frightened, I refused to lose.
"You … how dare you treat me? You wait for me! I will never spare you! " Purple ring a stamp also turned around and left.
I’m afraid I’ll be killed if I slow down.
"You seem to have some softhearted unexpectedly so longitudinal one! ?” Li Zhushuang aside blunt Jiang Feng said
She knows about Jiang Feng. If someone provokes again and again, there is absolutely no good result to eat.
It was unexpected that he let the girl go easily two or three times.
"Ah …"
Anyway, this girl is a descendant of blade master.
It is impossible to expect her to educate the younger generation!
It’s good to teach her a lesson at least if she has the right to turn over a new leaf.
"all right! This is my private affair! You don’t care! "
Jiang Feng waved and turned around and walked directly to the barracks.
At this time, the sword king city palace temple
Blade master, dressed in a golden robe, sat in the main hall in the middle period
Disciple Hu Tianyi respectfully reported this identity investigation with fuels.
"Everything is clear! ? What is the origin of that small! ?” Blade master looked at Hu Tianyi with a hint of confusion in his eyes.
"Master! I have already checked things out! "
"The little called Jiang Feng! It was the chief brother of Yan Xuzong who offended many cases because of his arrogance and arrogance. Some time ago, he killed the brother of Tianbang League, and was sent to the Jian Dynasty to plead guilty and make meritorious deeds to resist the demon barbarians! "
Hu Tianyi’s investigation was very careful and careless, and he mainly said it again.
"Yan xu zong! ?”
Hearing this name, blade master’s eyes couldn’t help but get confused. wait for a while stayed there and fell into his memories
One day thousands of years ago
As a teenager, blade master followed the genius Ye Xiaoyue to an aura-threatening mountain range.
"yes! Not bad! Second, look at this mountain range. It is full of aura around Long Mai. It is a treasure! " Ye Xiaoyue’s face reveals a natural and unrestrained smile.
"Master! Are you not holding back your fart to see you laugh so * * *! " Burly some silly young silly said
"Put a fucking fart! Teacher is so handsome and charming! Sometimes it’s so unbearable in your mouth! "
Leaf smile month mouth scold a face of displeasure.
"Two leng you come here! It’s a pity that this treasure is given to others, but it’s not as good as the teacher’s. I’ll stand here and send it! ?”
Leaf smile on a face of pride, the whole people can’t help but fantasize.
"Then what do you want to name! ?”
"name! ? Just call it Yan Xuzong! " Ye Xiaoyue scratched this head for a long time and finally made a decision.
He turned his head and looked at Er Leng and laughed.
"That what! Two leng! You may have been practicing sword for a long time recently, so let me see your achievements today! "
"You look at this mountain doesn’t even have a house how monarch door! You’re born with great strength, so I’ll leave it to you to establish the clan gate! "
Ye Xiaoyue waved and patted him on the shoulder, revealing a long way to go.
"Master! I don’t want to see my cultivation achievements, so I have to work! ?”
"You … you … you" Ye Xiaoyue’s eyes rolled around "Pa!" Slap two leng head "t decide your nonsense! Naturally, you should be idle when you are accomplished in kendo, so roll over and cut down trees! "
"So that’s it, so you can see my practice success! ?”
"I said I can! Go and chop down the teacher over there. I’m a little hungry. Go to the mountain and have some food. You work hard for me! "
Ye Xiaoyue finished and immediately slipped away with a guilty conscience.
Leave two leng one silly looked up at the green leaves in the forest.
"Master! Master! ?” Hu Tianyi found that his master was distracted and called for a long time before blade master came to his senses.
"What did you just say! ? Say it again! "
This matter has long been different in blade master.
Sun, Moon and Sword Practice have made him Qi Qiqiao no longer that silly boy.
"I said that Jiang Feng was sent to resist the demon barbarians. What should we do! ?” Hu Tianyi is very interested in Jiang Feng.
Blade master frowned and said slowly, "It’s obvious that he is not simple to kill the Tianbangmeng people and be punished by this kind of punishment!"
"But! Since it is a concealed Sect, there should be no big problem! "
Blade master thought for a moment, then waved and ordered, "Tell a few people to watch him. If you encounter any difficulties, help him and come back at any time!"
Hu Tianyi looked suspiciously at blade master.
Jiang Feng will send someone to protect their swordsmanship instead of pursuing it deeply.
But even if there are a hundred doubts in his heart, he dare not ask more.
"Follow your teacher’s orders!" Hu Tianyi fierce fuels from the hall.
After Hu Tianyi left, blade master sighed long and looked up at the sky. "It’s been one thousand years! Whether you are dead or alive, I hope I can find you from this little body! "
Blade master missed Jiang Feng and didn’t know it.
At this point he has returned to the barracks.
It’s been five days or so in a hurry.
These five days Jiang Feng urged those down archers to practice and give them Wushu at all times.

Xiao Zen was so angry that he threw his fist at him and said, "Thank you, Cousin Xiao Yu, for never complaining after the war in the future!"

He told Xiao Yu there is completely folded!
Even Xianyuan Dan can take it out at will and throw it to himself like garbage. It seems that there is nothing wrong with Xiao Yu behind him.
"Well, you go."
Xiao Yu looked calm and waved.
Shaw war fire fuels respectfully out of the hall.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and whispered, "The ancient classics that belong to me must be the ones that kill people. What can I do if I live a long life?"
His room closed silently and consolidated his own realm.
He has just reached the third stage of instability, and he didn’t want to leave immediately. Instead, he wanted to stay for a while and wait until the state was completely stable before leaving.
"The top ten Wang Ti are all sealed by the bodhi old zu of Xiao clan. Not only have they not been sealed, but they have also cultivated to a higher level. It seems that the role played by the bodhi old zu of Xiao clan in the massacre in those days is really amazing. I don’t know what price he paid at the beginning to let the group of people who kill the sky cut him some slack."
Xiao Yu suddenly heart to himself.
Three days later, a huge breath came and rushed to Xiao Yu’s mansion, shaking his whole mansion like a boat in the sea.
Then Xiao Zhanhuo hurriedly broke into the mouth and said, "Cousin Xiao Yu’s holy blood hall people will come to take your question and say that you are possessed by evil spirits and make a scene in the holy blood hall, which is a capital crime."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Yin elders
A group of people from the Holy Blood Hall came, and their breath swelled, and the blood gas became a terror, and the coercion broke out like a vast sea of rivers and waves shaking here.
"Which one is Xiao Tian? Get out!"
First, an elder shouted at the king’s mouth.
Long hair flying in an indigo robe, cold eyes full of majesty, followed by five third-step strong men and more than a dozen second-step strong men.
His body is limited to the king of god, and he has reached the level of the king of god!
It can be said that the remaining half step is likely to cross over at any time.
"Elder Wang, Xiao Tianmu’s law and discipline must have been possessed by evil spirits and dared to make a scene. I killed and injured more than ten elders in the Holy Blood Hall. Even I was seriously injured by him. I must put him to death!"
Behind him, Xiao Changsheng’s face was full of resentment and murderous look, and he said
"Yes, I, Xiao clan, have committed several rapes for so many years, but I can only kill them!"
"Then Xiao Tian’s bloody pool must be a rape!"
"It’s unbearable that these traitors should betray my Xiao clan because their blood runs through my Xiao clan. His whole blood will be swept away!"
"Xiao Tian gets out and dies!"
His elders echoed the words and resented the poison.
They had been seriously injured by Xiao Yu and almost died. They had already held a grudge against him, but before the injury was completely healed, they reported to the Elder King to arrest Xiao Yu.
Youna, who often grows up, is trying to kill Xiao Yu. He previously asserted that Xiao Yu stopped at the third ladder for decades and his disciples could surpass Xiao Yu.
But what happened a few days ago directly chilled him completely. First, his majesty was greatly damaged. Second, he was injured by Xiao Yu and even had no resistance.
This made him afraid and gave birth to a strong sense of shame.
Everything you say will kill Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu got up and walked out of the door, carrying his hands and scanning many elders and smiling, "You have advice when you come!"
At the sight of Xiao Yu walking out of his usual growing old age, his eyes suddenly flashed, "The Elder King is him. He is the Xiao Tian who disturbed my holy blood hall and was possessed by a demon!"
"Bold Uber pretends to be my brother Xiao’s death sentence. Give him to me!"
The elder king majesty very heavy word directly a wave of his hand to let the people take Xiao Yu.
"Who dare I see?"
At this time, a big drink rang out and Xiao Zhanhuo rushed over and shouted, "Xiao Tian is my cousin, not a Uber. Who dares to take him with me today?"
"Xiao Zhanhuo, do you want to cover up criminals?"
The elder Wang Shuangmei stood upright and shouted.
Xiao Zhanhuo snorted, "Don’t say that Cousin Xiao Tian is not a criminal. Even if the criminal is always shielding him today, he can always get away with it!"
"How dare you!"
"Xiao Zhanhuo, if you are a family genius, we can’t stand you. If you are smart, get out of here or you will be dead when you get it together!"
These elders drink a lot.
And at this time!
A yin test smile also suddenly rolled out from the virtual, accompanied by a burst of obscure murderous look, like a huge cloud brewing and laughing. "What a big sigh of relief! You want to compete with the elders at a young age. Can Xiao people really endure you?" Or is it that your father Xiao Tianshan secretly conspired to teach you to do this! "
He put on a big hat when his tone was gloomy.
"Yin Elder"
Shaw war fire face slightly changed.
This is an elder behind the Holy Blood Hall who practiced terror and has already achieved the position of the King of God. He has lived in seclusion for years and rarely sent out.
I didn’t expect this time to be directly shocked. What did Xiao Yusheng’s blood hall do?
Xiao Zen’s anger changes rapidly, and suddenly he grunted coldly, "Elder Yin, how did my father do it? Can you guess and do you want to bully the small when you come here today? I’m a family genius and have been baptized by the bodhi old zu. My blood is not what it used to be. Don’t you dare touch my bodhi old zu? You can’t pass it."

"I know that some of your relatives may have the Ministry of Culture. You must be very worried about them, right?" Yang You asked again.

Sui soldiers sat on the ground, and many people held out their right fists tightly on their chests, feeling a little nervous. At this time, I heard Yang You ask them and looked at each other. Someone could not help but say, "I have a cousin over there."
This man has a loud voice. Yang You thought that his costume should be a captain. Yang You was very satisfied. He replied and applauded. "Anything else?"
Yang You looked at them with encouragement, which told them that Yang You would not doubt them because they had relatives there. When the soldiers looked at them, Yang You added, "Everyone who has relatives and cultural effects will get up!"
Just now, that talking captain got up, and the crowd seemed so abrupt. There was a sense of standing out from the crowd. Looking at this captain, he got brave and thought about treating himself well. A dozen people were scattered in the crowd, followed by twenty people, thirty people and forty people … more and more.
Most of these captains are Chinese. Yang You reorganized Jingxiang after taking Jingxiang, and they became the backbone of Jingxiang troops, which played a great role.
Yang You watched them as a captain. Finally, no one got up. Yang You smiled with satisfaction. At least half of them got up. Yang You motioned for everyone to get up. His voice seemed very calm.
"I decided to let bygones be bygones, except for the family members who rebelled with Yu culture! Brave soldiers, you tell your loved ones to abandon the dark and no longer serve Yu culture. Since then, you will be loyal to Da Sui and loyal to me, and you will even give them fertile land in addition to their capital crimes! "
Yang You stereo Yu Wenmin can’t help but shake Yang You. This move is really malicious. If he really does this, can the Prime Minister stop this sharp weapon without a blade?
"If someone can take Yu Wenhua’s dog head and seal his hometown, Hou Citian will spare no effort to protect his wealth for the rest of his life!" Yang You added
The soldiers looked at each other and suddenly cheered. This is a promise, not only for those who are willing to abandon the dark side and join the Jiangdu army, but also to tell them to take the head of Yuwenhua, so that the reward is still valid.
Since the restructuring of the Sui Dynasty, even a rural resident is precious. For example, if you can achieve Yu culture, you will struggle for less than ten years! The soldiers’ morale was high, and someone immediately called, "I’ll go back and write to tell my brother to abandon the secret and take refuge in you!" "
"I have two brothers, and I will definitely persuade him to come back!"
The soldiers were talking noisily. Yang You raised his hand and pressed it. The soldiers suddenly stopped talking. The whole square was suddenly stunned. Yang You looked at them and suddenly waved his hand and said, "I will give you an order in three days to tell your department that anyone who has the effect of family culture for five days will write to express condolences to their relatives at home!"
The soldiers crashing obeyed, and then Yang You told them to leave the martial arts field. Yang You walked slowly to Yu Wenmin and stared at Yang You.
"You can take Yu Wencheng’s head back and tell Yu Culture for me that he will not escape this time!" Yang You said.
Yu Wenmin nodded silently when Yang You laughed again. "Since you’re here, how can you not bring a little red? Somebody cut off his left ear as a souvenir! "
Hou Jun has long been interested in Yu Wenmin, but it’s a pity that his reluctance to kill him made him unable to hear Yang You make Hou Jun smile, draw out his waist and cross his knife, and seize Yu Wenmin’s left ear with a knife.
Blood sprayed out, and half of Yu Wenmin’s face was warm and bloody. He screamed and cursed. Hou Jun kicked his ass and shouted, "Get out! I’ll cut off the other ear for you!"
A Sui soldier put Yuwen Chengji’s head in the box and threw it to Yuwen Min, clutching his ears, picked up the box and fled in a panic.
Du Ruhui smiled and laughed. "It must be very angry to kill Yu Wencheng Jiyu culture."
Hou Jun rub the rub hands "angry? He’d better lead his troops and kill him! "
Qiu Hanggong also smiled and said, "Good for revenge!" This revenge Qiu Hanggong never forgets.
Yang You shook his head. With a soldier’s letter, tens of thousands of troops of Jiangdu Army can be disintegrated. At this time, fighting is not in Yang You’s interest. He still needs to wait. Not far away, Linghu Xingda roared, "If you want to kill, you don’t have to say anything. If Linghu Xingda frowned, it wouldn’t be a man!"
Yang You smiled. He walked over and saw Linghu Xingda staring at a pair of red eyes. Linghu Xingda was tied by several Sui soldiers. He opened his mouth and said, "I will bite you to death!"
"It really is a good dog!" Yang You laughed coldly.
Linghu Xingda struggled to rush, but he was held down by Sui soldiers and could hardly move.
"Linghu Xingda, if you want to die, I will satisfy you, but now is not the time!" Yang You looked at Hou Jun with a strange smile on his face. "Hou Aiqing takes him there. You must remember that you can play whatever you want if he doesn’t die!"
Hou jun’s face smiled. He had long been very interested in tiger benches.
Hou Jun took Linghu Xingda with him. Yang You stretched and paced in the camp. Yang Dong asked strangely, "Biyu Culture is a forbearing person. I’m afraid he won’t attack easily even if he knows that his son was killed?"
Yang You just laughed, but he was still very satisfied with Yang Dong Dos Yang You.
Du Ruhui smiled and Yang Dong explained, "As the King of Yue said, Yu culture is quite forbearing. Even if the son dies, he will not be provoked, but if he doesn’t attack, I’m afraid it will be even worse for him."
"What?" Yang Dong asked still puzzled.
Yang You smiled at this moment, and he gently spat out a sigh of relief. "I will let those who have family members write letters with cultural effects. Once these Xinjiang armies flow to Jiangdu Army, they will be in panic."
"If we promise that some ambitious people may secretly plan to attack Yuwenhua, I’m afraid Yuwenhua won’t be able to sleep!" Du Ruhui took the woman and said with a smile.
Yang Dong understood what Yang You had just said, but he was a little worried. "Isn’t it dangerous for grandma and the prince?"
"Don’t worry, I already have an arrangement. If there is something over there, I will send troops to support at the first time." Yang You said with a smile.
Yang Dong felt a little strange. He wanted to ask Yang You again, but he waved his hand and said, "Today, I won a big victory over the king of Yue to accompany me to drink a few drinks. I will tell you more about it in detail."
Chapter 447 Soft knife
Yu Wenhua returned to Jiangxia. He felt very tired. Just after eating the cooked rice porridge for two bites, he sighed and put the chopsticks away. His heart was extremely worried. How did things go with Yu Wenmin?
However, Yu Wenhua believes that Yang You Cong will definitely choose to switch back to a certain hostage. Yu Wenhua thinks that if the negotiations are successful, he will let Yang Gongren go. If Yang You insists on switching back to Xiao Hou or Yang Xian, it is not unacceptable.
Yu culture has two children, each of whom he cherishes very much. In the future, they will inherit their own position, and it is even more important for Yu culture to prosper the empire and stabilize the family.
Although Yu Wenhua was still hungry, he didn’t have the heart to eat. He went to the window and looked at the beautiful scenery outside the window, but his mood was very low. He lost a lot in this battle, but the loss was acceptable because of his sufficient troops.
The key is that the son was caught, which made him a little confused. Yuwen Chengji is twenty years old this year. Yuwen Chengji is ten years old. Yuwen’s family wants him to have an accident. He has sent Yuwen Min to lobby Yang You. Can he succeed?
He has told Yu Wenmin that the real threat to Yang You is that he has mastered one that makes Yu culture feel terrible, but he has mastered three very appropriate ones. When the third brother Yu Wenshi’s wife, Princess Nanyang, can also pull out the top number.
Yu Wenzhi watched the eldest brother worry and didn’t know how to comfort Yu culture. Although he was very calm in front of outsiders, his face was worried when there were no outsiders.
It’s already dark, and the moon has risen, and the bright moonlight is like a veiled leaf shaking light spots. What should I do if Li Yu culture squints at half a battle and loses? What is the one-step plan?
"alas!" Yuwen sighed lightly. Yuwen’s great cause weighed heavily on his shoulders like Mount Tai to let him breathe, but it happened that no one shared his worries for him. Everything needed him to consider and plan. Many times he didn’t sleep well at all.
Just as he was thinking about the noisy footsteps outside the door, he just turned around and saw that the door was hit and a familiar face appeared in front of him. However, this face was covered with blood and bandaged with a box in his hand.
Yuwenhuaqi is very strange. Yuwenmin, what’s going on?
Yu Wenmin stumbled in. He quickly ran to the front of Yu Culture and burst into tears.
"Yu Wenmin, who are you?" Yu Wenhua asked.
Yu Wenmin looked up with tears on his face and a runny nose. He whined and spoke very unclear, which made Yu Culture puzzled. Yu Culture suddenly understood what he had done. In the box, there was a young and fearful head, and his eyes were wide open today. That was to die unsatisfied!
"son!" Yu Wenhua knelt down and wept bitterly.
It’s another day. Yang You is sitting in a big tent and reading books. This is the habit he keeps. After reading a wick of incense, Yang You gets up and walks out of the camp. Sui Jun Camp is busy. Many soldiers are writing letters. They hope that these letters will make the lost lambs at home go home and no longer have cultural effects.
When the Sui army was preparing nervously, Yu Culture would also gather the defeated troops and hoard Jiangxia and made other arrangements. However, Yang You did not send troops to attack the turbulent situation of Jiangdu Army to make Yu Culture feel a little safer.
But more serious things are in front of us. Yu Wenmin has told him what Yang You will do, but he hasn’t figured out an effective way. It’s a soft knife that kills people without seeing blood, but it’s more powerful than a knife and gun.
Obviously, most of his 300,000 troops are Chinese, and he can’t monitor them one by one and even get rid of them. If all his soldiers get rid of the whole Jiangdu army, there will probably be thousands of them, and once he has such a mind, I’m afraid these soldiers would have torn him to pieces or trampled him into a paste.
Yu Wenhua looked worried. What should he do if he paced uneasily in the room? It is impossible to block all the ferries and avoid coming to the south bank because of the long roots of the riverbank line in this area.
Once the Sui army crossed the Yangtze River, there were several criss-crossing rivers and hills. How to find traces of Sui Jun was also a big problem! Letting go is not killing, nor is it Yuwen Huajue. This problem is extremely difficult for him to choose from.
As far as Yu Culture is concerned, Yang You is quite leisurely in the camp when he chooses. Yes, this is a soft knife. Yang You doesn’t mind letting Yu Culture know that he knows. What can he do? Can he kill all Jiangdu troops? Or let this happen? Maybe there will be flaws in the chaotic Yu culture.
Yang You half leaned on the soft couch, fishing by the lake with a fishing rod in his hand, and the breeze slowly moved in Yang Liuzhi, which made everything particularly easy.
Yang Dong, with a fishing rod in his hand, watched the fish float nervously. There was a fish basket beside him, and there was no fish in it. At this moment, Yang You laughed and raised the fishing rod in his hand, and a carp hook struggled desperately to splash water.

There is a slight feeling in my mind. The younger martial sister from the East looked up and Brother Bai was looking at herself with a smile.

I can’t help but say with a red face, "I haven’t eaten such delicious hot sauce for a long time, and my mother’s taste is very similar, so I won’t be greedy."
Seeing the oriental school sister blushing slightly and talking softly to herself, Baiyun Tower suddenly felt that this was what she liked.
If the fairy is a little more, the fireworks will become close and warm.
Baiyun Lou waved to the bartender with a big heart and shouted, "Xiao Er, another catty of chopped green onion cakes and a plate of hot sauce."
Eating simple street food and watching people come and go out of the window is still the same lane just now, but it seems to be completely different from a moment ago.
Joking, greeting and selling seem to be full of human feelings.
The memory deep in the bottom of my heart suddenly poured out. The morning when sapphire first knew the sea was also the moment when the teenager seemed to realize something but didn’t really feel it.
At this time, Baiyun Tower finally knew that it was not only the taste of the world of mortals, but also the more or less strong or weak feelings.
Those people in the lane of the hometown county, those fogs, those memories are homesickness, and what is the feeling of the younger sister? Baiyun Tower is a little ignorant and some expectations.
Suddenly, the Baiyun Tower was inspired to paint, that is, to melt feelings into paintings. Lonely feelings, fireworks, love and love can all be painted to get images of all beings.
I took a deep look at the Baiyun Corridor of the Eastern Martial Sister. "Suddenly, my senior martial sister went back to the yard."
Stay Oriental school sister nodded Baiyun Lou got up and left the store, and several steps were out of the alley and went to the courtyard gate.
Looking at the elder brother’s back, Zhao-yang Xia was a little puffy and said, "Why did you suddenly leave when you agreed to invite people to eat breakfast? The silver hasn’t been paid yet."
The younger martial sister in the East said with a smile, "Brother Bai’s painting skills suddenly realized. It should be a moment of inspiration, so he was in a hurry to return to the hospital. Maybe we can see Brother Bai’s paintings when we get back."
"Oh" Zhao-yang Xia is still not interested in chopsticks chopsticks, chopsticks and chopped green onion cakes in the dish, and it seems that he has lost his appetite. After drinking two drops of egg drop soup, he cried out to have a look around the city.
Xiao pang wrapped the leftover chopped green onion cake paper with a string and picked it up. Who knows when this senior sister remembered and cried out for food?
Two people accompanied Xia Chaoyang to stroll around the city and pass by an antique shop. Xia Chaoyang went in and picked up a corner and took a fancy to a sapphire flute.
Chapter seventy-nine Dizzy ink into a picture
Yu Di is very primitive, but the price has been too high and dusty for some time.
Xia Chaoyang picked up Yu Di’s tentacles from the wooden box and loved them so much that he let the store wrap them up.
Xiao pang took the initiative to pay the silver, but now Sister Xia is also a big owner of Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, and her wealth is also extraordinary. These silver are naturally not worth paying attention to.
Out of the antique shop, Xiao Pang asked, "Why did Sister Xia suddenly buy a Yu Di and want to learn melody?"
In a good mood, a lot of Xia Chaoyang said with a smile, "This Yu Di is for my brother to buy a trip to the desert sea. My brother has helped me a lot. I’ve always wanted to buy something for my brother, and I finally slept together today."
"I helped my sister block the sword at the bottom of the lake. Why don’t I give her a handy thing?" Oriental Ziyan rarely has the interest to tease the pool.
Xia Chaoyang was a little stunned and shouted, "Why don’t you go back and pick another one for your sister?"
Before Oriental Ziyan could reply, Xia Chaoyang was surprised and said, "Sister, how can you make fun of people today? Haha, it seems that I have returned to my childhood feeling." She said that she was going to hug Sister.
Oriental Ziyan dodged her fingers and nodded her head for a summer.
Zhao-yang Xia remembered that he was still dressed as a man, but his mood was good and he was laughing again.
Baiyunlou, the road back to the hospital, is leisurely and leisurely, and the stroll is fleeting and far away.
All the way, most of the gods in Baiyun Tower sank into the sea of knowledge and memory, and the sea of dreams and fog churned.
Pieces of turbid clouds, like ink and wash, change with the depth of god’s knowledge and thoughts, and finally conjure up an early morning mist, an old street scene, and all the people in memory seem to come alive.
Going back to Baiyunlou in the small courtyard, you can walk into the quiet house, sit in front of the case, spread out drawing paper, grind ink and brush, and hesitate again if there is a god.
When the spirit and mind are United, the water mist nib is scattered when it is gathered.
A few strokes outline the lines that shake people’s minds, and the nuanced paintings are equally touching. The shallow mist curled up like a wisp of homesickness.
Stay at the last stroke of Baiyun Tower, and look at the painting with a slight absence.
For the first time, the deep memory of the memory sea is presented in the painting, as if the painting time has been intercepted, and a kind of homesickness is vivid in the painting.
Raise my hand and draw the picture into the Baiyun Tower, which is the boundary of knowing the sea. This reminds me that I left my younger sister and younger brother alone and went back to the yard. I can’t help but smile slightly.
Looking back, it’s rare for a younger martial sister from the East to show a little shyness after eating a plate of hot sauce, which makes her feel good. What kind of feeling is this? Baiyun Building suddenly wants to draw her blushing face instantly.
Re-write Baiyun Tower, take a piece of drawing paper and draw it. My younger sister is beautiful and smiling, and her shy eyes gradually appear in the pen.
After a long time, the painting was finished, and the school sister was full of charm, such as falling into the mortal fairy, seven points of fairy spirit and three points of girl breath, beautiful appearance, and Baiyun Tower looked in a daze.
There was a noise in the yard, and then I came to my senses and put away the painting and pushed the door out.
Xia Chaoyang, who saw the Baiyun Tower walk out of the door, put the wooden box on the stone table and asked, "Have you finished your painting, brother? Take it out for the younger sister to enjoy."
Baiyun Tower smiled and said, "Nature is finished."
After that, I took out a picture from the sea-knowing barrier, but I didn’t feel busy before I took it out. I took back the sea-knowing barrier and took a picture again.
Secretly breathed a sigh of relief, Baiyun Tower, which was to spread out the street scene in the exhibition in hand.
The three of them looked at this picture full of people’s anger, as if it had entered the lane, as if people were buzzing at the tip of their noses, as if there was a fragrance lingering around them, and a faint sense of homesickness floated in their hearts.
After a long time, Xia Shimei said during her recovery, "I feel homesick and I don’t know how my mother has been these months."
Looking at the painting, chubby looks forward to the tunnel "Bai Dage, is this your hometown lane? It’s so human. You must show your younger brother around."
"If I have, I will take you back with me. If Niang knows that our hospital has made so many friends, she is estimated to be happy from ear to ear." Baiyun Building said with a smile.
Xiao Pang is a little proud. "In a few days, there will be a Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui County, and it will be much more convenient to contact Bai Da at home."
"That’s good. It’s thoughtful to float in the sky." Baiyun Tower answered.
Oriental Ziyan looked at the painting for a while and seemed to realize that a simple water stroke was superb by Brother Bai.
Looking at the faint mist, like a veil, cooking smoke, Oriental Ziyan seems to see the brother’s arbitrary painting technique.
For example, the door of a fan painting art has been opened, and the accumulation of these days has finally ushered in the harvest period.
After telling the three brothers something, Oriental Ziyan excused herself and went back to the room to paint.
Looking at the back of the Eastern pool back to the room, I can’t help but sigh that this pool has been watching mountains, rivers, plants, birds, insects and fish for more than half a month, and it’s finally time to break the cocoon and become a butterfly.
I felt someone pulling my sleeve at the White Cloud Tower, and then I turned around and saw that it was Sister Xia with a wooden box in her hand and handed it over.
Baiyun Tower conveniently took a look at a green Yu Di lying inside.
Picked up just a look and couldn’t get interested. This Yu Di turned out to be a magic weapon. Surprised, I asked, "Xia Shimei, where did this Yu Di come from? It turned out to be a magic weapon."
"Ah, it’s a magic weapon." Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help but wonder, "That’s great. This is just bought by a roadside antique shop."
"This Yu Di is specially sent to senior brother. I didn’t expect it to be a multiplier. Senior brother Bai is still satisfied with it."
Baiyun Tower rubbed Qing Yu Di with a smile. "It’s rare to receive a gift from my sister. I’m naturally satisfied that my sister is so generous. If you need any help from my brother, my brother is duty-bound."
See white brother you’re welcome to accept Yu Di Xia Chaoyang heart XiaoMi eyes.
I failed and thought, "Brother has practiced a lot of handwriting recently. I’ll show you some."
Then I went back to my room and took a copy of calligraphy and handed it to Brother Bai.
Baiyunlou stretched out his hand and took it and carefully looked at the font. It seems that Xia Shimei’s recent practice is very heart-warming.
I couldn’t help nodding. "My sister has made great progress recently. Before I heard that my sister practiced calligraphy, I don’t know if I can still think about it."
Hearing Brother Bai’s praise for his good handwriting practice, he immediately burst into laughter and replied, "Naturally, it is a symbol pattern of seal cutting."
School sister replied that Baiyun Tower was very pleased. She took out a stack of rune extensions from the self-knowledge sea boundary and handed them to Xia Sister.
Chapter 10 An alchemist furnace
Baiyun Corridor "If you have something to copy, you can not only be familiar with the Falun Gong, but also practice the Falun Gong before, and you will be better at it."
Zhao-yang xia quickly took the brittle should be.
Today, Baiyun Tower patiently picked up Xia Shimei’s calligraphy and copied it page by page to read it carefully.
From time to time, I give directions to Zhao-yang Xia, who is very serious, listening and occasionally peeking at my senior brother.

"Have you thought about it?" Female mouth asked

"I’ll stay," I replied softly and firmly.
"Decided? No regrets? "
"No regrets"
The woman’s face smiled again, and it was as warm as the warm sunshine. "I hope you can always stick to your own idea. You should remember not to try to rewrite history or you will be punished accordingly."
I suddenly thought of one thing and asked, "Is my current identity the Nuulu family of Ganlong, the mother of the historical filial piety?"
"Is it because you think about it? Now everything is still undecided. You need to remember to keep the original track of history. I’m done here. You should be good to yourself." The female figure once again disappeared into a haze, and the last word "good to yourself" echoed in this white world.
A golden feather slowly falls into my palm.
I won’t regret it. No.
"Jin son? Dear son? "
The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes in a daze was Yin Zhen’s expression.
"I won’t regret it," I murmured.
"What? What did you say, Jiner? " He doubts to help me up.
I woke up and rubbed my eyes and found myself lying in a cave and asked, "How did you find me?"
Yin Zhen looked even more puzzled when I asked him this question. He replied, "Have you been in this cave and I have to find you?"
"I have been in the cave? !” I was surprised, "I went to find you and got lost. I walked for a long time and didn’t go out."
"I’m too tired to sleep in a dream. I caught a pheasant and roasted it. You will eat it." He handed me a chicken leg.
I took it callously.
Did I really dream just now?
I haven’t seen the girl in gold? No Lin lost his way? And not trapped in the fog? Everything is a dream?
But what … So real? I feel my legs are still weak.
Maybe I’m really tired. I’m thinking about it and I feel funny. It’s not a myth that there are no birds, fairies, old people and famous people in this world.
But it’s not impossible. I’ve crossed it … Isn’t it amazing? ……
When I was thinking, I felt a soft touch in my palm-it wouldn’t be a bug, would it?
I am busy spreading my hand-a feather looms in my palm, not a dream!
I stared to one side, Yin Zhen, and he habitually frowned.
In this life, I, a man, have been linked together since then, and his home is my home.
He, I gave up the original world and everything.
I have absolutely no regrets.
Chapter 42 Origin [4]
"What’s the matter?" I hope he can see that God made him unconsciously reach out and touch his face. "But what’s so filthy about my face?"
I smiled. "No, I wanted to see you."
He smiled faintly and said nothing.
I asked curiously, "What are you laughing at?"
"I remember what you said on the night of my wedding," he said, looking at me.

At this moment, all the soldiers were angry, and everyone felt that it was difficult to vent their passion, and the only way was to kill Gao Chen and kill this demon. At that time, everyone rushed at Gao Chen crazily.

"Humming" Gao Chen’s cold hum disappeared in an instant, and at the same time, Gao Chen’s cold voice was left in the forest, "Quit the Thousand Apes Forest or all the general officials will die at the regimental level and then at the regimental level."
Gao Chen’s cold voice seems to reverberate all around the forest, and Gao Chen suddenly disappears, so that everyone can’t vent their anger. At the same time, all the generals of the Tianen Empire are scared, and the Jiangling fifth-order fighters can be instantly destroyed. What about themselves? There is also a scene where Gao Chen appears and disappears. It is too strange to leave all officials with fear. How can I not wave it? Isn’t it that he wants to die whoever he wants? What’s this against him? …
"General, please enter the forest of thousands of apes to kill Gao Jianfeng. This is the commandment of the commander in chief." A regimental official pleaded with the highest official, Jun Blade Armor, on his knees.
"Now your official position is the biggest, please obey the commandment of Commander Jiang to kill Gao Jianfeng." Your eyes turned and your righteousness came out.
"This, this, I think we need to take a long-term view. Wait for us to discuss it first." Jun Blade wiped his forehead and sweated carefully. Now he feels that he is in a high position, which is not a good thing.
"Please obey the commandment of Commander Jiang."
"Please obey the commandment of Commander Jiang."
"Please obey the orders of Commander Jiang to kill Gao Jianfeng." The regimental official knelt down and said, at the same time, the soldiers behind him were half kneeling, and Lang pleaded for help. This is the effect of Jiangling. If this group of people can really do what Jiangling thinks, Gao Jianfeng can’t escape from the forest of apes.
"This, this," your blade armor didn’t know how to speak at the moment, and his forehead kept sweating. He didn’t want to make it, but he didn’t know if he could survive after he made it.
"General, do you need to make it? Are you afraid? Do you want commander Jiang to be put on his neck with a knife?" Jun Renyi was busy fanning the flames.
"That’s good, that’s good. I ordered the army to start killing Gao Jianfeng." Finally, I couldn’t stand the sight. Everyone looked forward to watching their soldiers. Finally, Jun Blade Armor summoned up the courage to password.
"Hum, it’s good. Now you can follow Jiangling." Just after Jun Blade Armor made Gao Chen’s hoarse voice suddenly sounded, and then suddenly appeared in front of Jun Blade Armor. The weapon in his hand stabbed Jun Blade Armor’s neck with anger, and Gao Chen felt more and more like it.
"Protect the general and kill him" is a moment when the head of your blade armor also falls to react. Many soldiers are busy raising their weapons and cutting at Gao Chen.
"You have to kill the colonel, too. It’s okay to stay." Hiding aside, Gao Chen saw their every move clearly and appeared to kill your blade armor. At the same time, the well-documented colonel in his heart also made a death list.
After killing Jun Blade Armor, Gao Chen’s weapon swung at the regimental official. Now Gao Chen’s defense can’t be regarded as the third-order fighters’ attack, but the damage caused by these third-order fighters is limited, depending on their attack on the weapons in their hands and killing them directly at the target.
The colonel is a third-order seven-star fighter. Although he is a strong soldier, this Gao Chen’s ultra-high attack is a far cry from it. It is a moment when Gao Chen suddenly appears to the head of your blade armor and falls to the ground. At this moment, the colonel hasn’t made any kind of defense yet, and he is shocked and stunned. Gao Chen’s weapon has been cut down. He is holding this weight and has a 30-point war blade (general). Gao Chen wields a knife at a speed of seven to seven times per second. With the dragon songs attacking and killing swordsmanship, the speed is even higher than the knife.
Half-moon machete started to push back several people in front of Gao Chen and instantly disappeared. In situ, Gao Chen appeared and killed two people and then disappeared. It took less than three seconds. It was said that a person was brave and took the head of the enemy in thousands of troops, but if it was compared with Gao Chen, it would be dwarfed.
Gao Chen disappeared and made the chaotic scene quiet. At this time, no one came out to plead for your righteousness, fear and look around, and then said in a low voice, "This kind of person is not our ability. With his help, we want to kill Gao Jianfeng. This suspicion is insane. If someone pleads for war, then I am willing to give my head and hat to each other."
"…" At that time, the population spoke in the face of Gao Chen’s haunting. They didn’t have the slightest momentum. Gao Chen sneered in the dark and appeared in front of Gao Jianfeng.
"When the problem is solved, you can go back to the beacon smoke city after dark," Gao Chen said calmly.
"What’s the problem solved? What do you mean?" Gao Jianfeng suddenly heard Gao Chen’s words and didn’t seem to respond at the moment.
"Jiangling’s death shows that the momentum of the soldiers of the whole Tianen Empire is the first time for a group of dragons. Can it be difficult to get you?" Gaochen light mouth
"Jiangling is dead, your hand is dead, even if you kill Jiangling, you won’t let them become United." This sentence is not true, but it is better than the truth. Gao Jianfeng, the old rival of Tianen Empire, is one of the people who know Tianen Imperial Army best.
"It’s really impossible to die in Jiangling, but what if everyone dares to make people die?"
"Everyone will die." Gao Jianfeng looked at Gao Chen with a kind of surprised eyes. Of course, what did Bai Gaochen mean? How is this possible? If killing Jiangling can be regarded as a sneak attack, it can be used once or occasionally, but it seems that it is not as simple as a sneak attack.
"Just get ready to go back to the beacon smoke city late." Gao Chen ignored Gao Jianfeng’s surprised and shocked expression, and his voice was still hoarse.
"It’s good to listen to you" Gao Jianfeng finally chose to believe that Gao Chen, after all, if it weren’t for Gao Chen, they would have seen it destroyed.
"Now it’s time to find the spy." Suddenly Gao Chen’s hoarse voice was full of pitfalls!
Chapter 50 Death of spies
"It’s time for the spy to find this man. These three thousand brothers have been with me for many years. Everyone has a life to trust. How can I find this?" Gao Jianfeng frowned. The most powerful place for elite troops is to leave their backs to their brothers. This is not something that ordinary troops can do, but to this point, the combat effectiveness of this army will be greatly improved. It is not necessarily elite but elite can do this.
"If you believe me, I can find this person for you, but I don’t know what General Gao means." Gao Chen said with certainty that it may be difficult for others, but Gao Chen has a map system, and the color of this person has turned red. It is easy for Gao Chen to find such a person. Gao Chen now finds that the function of the map is very great, and the situation has already surpassed the value of the map.
"Can you find this person? Well, I believe you "as a general, it is incredible to trust a person so easily. It is really too great for Gao Chen to help him these two days. First of all, it is difficult to estimate the value of that package of healing drugs. Today, if it weren’t for Gao Chen, it can be said that even if it weren’t for the annihilation, there would be a few left. Finally, Gao Chen’s assured expression gave him confidence. He also wanted to see how Gao Chen would find this person.
"Believe me, I’m afraid you don’t believe me. I’ll give you your military orders. I’ll bring this man to you." Gao Chen didn’t expect Gao Jianfeng to believe in himself easily. After all, it’s a little unbelievable. He’s going to kill this man directly. Of course, that’s the last resort. Now that there is a better way, why not?
"your legend gave it to you?" Gao Jianfeng hesitated for a moment, then your legend took it out and handed it to Gao Chenshi. For Gao Jianfeng, his your legend was far less than his general your legend’s. That’s because he often had no roots in your legend, and others were the greatest generals. His orders were your legend!
Gao Chen took the military orders and walked to the red dot with the only color in the map. Of course, it is impossible for everyone in the 3,000 Qinbing to know each other. Although some people once doubted it, they forgot their hesitation when they saw the token in Gao Chen’s hand.
Soon Gao Chen came to the front of the red dot. The man looked younger than 30. From the reconnaissance, Gao Chen knew that this man had a level of 35 and was younger than 30. He could practice to the third-order five-star. This is definitely a genius.
General "elevation well please welcome" from reconnaissance Gao Chen know the name and walked up to him directly mouth way
"The general wants to see me?" Elevation well hesitate to ask a way
"Good is to go now" Gao Chen hoarse voice way
"Brother, who are you? I don’t seem to have seen you before." I don’t know what to face this masked man. Well, there is a feeling of disgust from the bottom of my heart, and the tone is naturally not so good
"Yeah, who are you? I haven’t seen you either." Well, a person next to you also asked the truth. At this time, their biggest question was what Gao Chen wanted to cover his face. There was Gao Chen in the whole army with a mask!
"Don’t talk so much nonsense." Lift Gao Jianfeng’s military orders to Gao Chen without any emotion.
"General your legend, please" is very reluctant in my heart, but when I don’t see your legend, I can say anything at once. Seeing him like Gao Chen, he no longer turned around and walked in the same direction …
"Brother, do you know what the general is looking for?" Road elevation please mouth asked.

"Congratulations to this beauty, you have a hot prince!" Su Yiming cold snorted and brushed his sleeves back to the bedside and pulled up Muhuan’s hand with a wounded color in his eyebrows. "Qiu Er …"

"Princess, please let the fish leave the child! The fish promises to be raised by you after birth, so that he can listen to you and honor you and your report! " A fish in the North Ghost suddenly jumped on the couch and climbed to Muhuanshen on his knees again. Chapter five hundred and nine How long have you been together?
There are fish in the North Ghost. This unexpected move shocked everyone. What does Muhuan mean? Have others been busy putting hats on themselves before they say anything?
Angry Shi Muhuan suddenly understood one thing: Bei Ming had fish, even though she knew she was pregnant. Today, desperate to break into her room in front of her brother and Daming to make amends for herself, it was the last step to pave the way. She just wanted to publicly announce the news of pregnancy so as to prevent herself from being pregnant with her.
When did you become a harmful heir? Does she have a fish in her heart, so she is not so insidious and despicable? Muhuan suddenly felt bitter on the bottom of my heart, and he felt so bored that he raised his hand over his chest and couldn’t say a word.
"unbridled! What are you talking about in your mouth? !” Su Yiming saw MuHuan clutching her chest and hurriedly stroked her back gently for her. At the same time, her eyes tilted at her knees and came to Beiming to have fish to drink. "A maid is just a handmaiden. How noble is the child in your belly? Is it worthwhile for the princess to dig her mind to deal with it? Don’t say that the princess is not like this, even if she really doesn’t want you, your child won’t have you to plead! "
Su Yiming is full of rage at the moment. If it weren’t for Muhuan, I’m afraid he would have made a move on Beiming.
Mu Nian was obviously angry, too. He slammed straight and stared at the ground. "It’s disappointing that you should think of her like this!"
"Princess, please forgive the fish for being careless. The fish didn’t expect that they would have a prince, who was surprised, happy, happy and afraid of being confused for a moment." A fish in Beiming was pale with fear and hurriedly kowtowed to Muhuan. "Please forgive the fish regardless of the villain!"
"Get up!" MuHuan but then smile and then quietly looked at the ghost fish "princess should congratulate you, isn’t it? Of all the ladies, you are the first to get pregnant. This is a great event. Why should you be afraid? "
A word "madam" makes the heart of a stranger who has been silent look up at Muhuan. Although she can’t see anything from her face, she can think of what she is feeling in her heart at the moment. She feels that her heart has instantly sunk to the bottom.
"Even if you don’t think for yourself, you should think for your unborn child." Muhuanyin is very light but extremely firm. "From today on, you can have a baby with peace of mind. This Meiyuan won’t have to come. Before your child is born safely, the princess won’t enter your garden. You don’t have to worry about who will harm you."
Say MuHuan called a "sogeum" to the door. After sogeum came in, she smiled and said, "Take out all those anti-abortion drugs and ginseng from the palace and send them to Lanyuan to raise a fetus for Mrs. Beiming."
"It’s a princess!" Sogeum face big change but dare not say more to act quickly back out.
"Princess …" North Ghost has fish and wants to say something. Muhuan has been lying down to turn his back on the crowd and simply said, "Let’s go, princess. She’s tired."
Hundreds of miles of strange eyes are mixed with fish in the north before dark. "The king will send you back!"
Su Yiming ruthlessly stared at the two men, and his eyes seemed to want to poke holes in thyme.
Mu Nian frowned and watched the doctor and Bai Li Mo Xu go out behind them, sighed lightly and went to the bed and called "Huan Er!"
"Brother, I’m fine. Let me be quiet!" Muhuan didn’t look back is quietly lying there with tears.
Mu Nian sat down and pulled Guan You’s heart into a mess. He really didn’t expect it to be like this. It was all a misunderstanding, but a fish in Beiming was pregnant. It was so sudden. Would it really betray Huan Er?
Su Yiming is more angry than depressed and disappointed by Mu Nian. He feels unworthy for Mu Huan. He has the idea of severely repairing a hundred miles of strange heat. Even if he can’t beat him himself, he must beat him. If he gets such a good woman, he doesn’t know how to cherish it. It’s simply death!
Two people just keep MuHuan bed at that time can’t find anything to comfort MuHuan Su Yiming thinking about yourself if you want to take her away, while Mu Nian wondered if you really should let Su Yiming take her away. Looking at her mother’s side and back, she felt that she personally exuded all the sadness and made him want to cry.
"Do you think it’s okay for Mrs Su to let Wang Hehuan talk alone for a while?" After a while, a hundred miles away and back, he looked up at the bed in the middle of his room.
Su Yiming frowned and just wanted to oppose Mu Nian, but he got up and pulled his clothes. Then he looked at the hundred miles away. "Mrs. Xu Wang also hopes that you and Huan Er can talk it over. If you have anything, you should be honest and make it clear."
What else did Su Yiming say? Mu Nian looked at him. "Su Huang said that he would rather tear down ten temples than a marriage. Are you sure you really want to do this? Do you really think it is wise to bring Huan-erh back to Khmer at this time? Can’t you see that she said she wanted you to take her away, but it was just a sign of sadness and fragility? The love in her heart is a hundred miles away. Even if you take her away now, she still won’t forget it. Can you be happy if you keep her around? Let Huan-erh make a decision for himself! Only when she is determined to follow you will she let everything here be reunited with you! "
Su Yiming hesitated for a while and got up slowly. Yes, Mu Nian is right. What if Mu Huan doesn’t give up on Bai Li Mo Xu even if he takes her away? Didn’t she escape for nearly three years at the beginning? But because she couldn’t let it go, she finally returned to Baili Mo Xu’s side. It’s no good just taking her away by herself. Only by getting her heart can she really get her. Naturally, she will give up on Baili Mo Xu first.
Mu Nian bent down and rubbed his head. "You walked with my uncle to play chess?"
"No, I want to be with my mother!" You shook his head and buried his head in the bed and refused to leave.
"Uncle You asked Xiaoqin to make grape soup for you?" Mu Nian looked at the sensible child gently. "You like grape soup best!"
"But I want my mother to make it for me. My mother makes it the best!" You looked up at Mu Huan’s back and suddenly a string of tears fell out of his eyes. "Mother, you get better soon. You will be very good. You will always be with you. You don’t want your brother and sister anymore. You don’t want anyone to be with you forever!"
"You!" MuHuan in the mind a acid although not turned to speak has brought a thick nasal "mother nothing really! Listen to my uncle and eat grape soup. How about cooking your favorite food for you every day after your mother? !”
"Uncle Yusu will take you out!" Su Yiming picked you up with a sour nose.
"Mother bless you to accompany you." You bite your lip and lie prone on Su Yiming’s shoulder. Black eyes rolled and tears rolled down the floor.
The door of the room gently walked up to sit by the bed and pulled Muhuan over to look at the tears on her face and held her hand. "I’m sorry."
Muhuan wants to withdraw his hand, but he won’t give her this chance. He holds it tightly as if he were holding each other’s lives and will never let go.
"Huan chun I know you don’t want to see me and I don’t want to listen to me, but can you give me a chance to explain? I really … "

The finger of his right hand is printed with an evil demon seal that he tried hard to hide, but he couldn’t hide it. The crimson mark is like the finger of Manzhu Shahua.

This is the Achilles heel of man’s heel. The name means that Manzhushahua is his life. The more enchanting it is, the stronger it becomes. Similarly, if it withers, it will be withered, and besides, it will be conquered again.
It’s this manjusha flower that hides his name and finger like a ring printed by his finger. No one can imagine that this is his weakness.
He’s been looking for a way to hide. If he’s completely hidden, he’ll be indestructible!
At the moment, his name means that the Manzhushahua has slowly bloomed, and it won’t be long before it absorbs enough clean spirit and will bloom beautifully.
If red evil smells the fragrance, pure breath can’t wait to go in that direction.
At the moment, he hasn’t recovered yet, and he can only act when it is dark.
However, after absorbing the rare pure spirit in this world, he can break through the evil second order and no longer fear the sun.
Steps from far and near
The wind is whispering and the night is mysterious to the extreme.
A shadow is getting closer and closer.
I can’t see him clearly in the dark.
The baby boy sleeping in the cradle turned out to be a stunner, which really made him like it.
A hint of scorn appeared in the corners of red evil lips. He reached out and grabbed the baby boy’s body and tried to pull his soul out of him. But as soon as his palm touched the baby boy’s body, he suddenly melted into a pool of water.
If red evil is taken aback, he sometimes can’t tell the difference between pure spirit and liquid medicine, but he only relies on that aroma to swallow it, but his name means that manzhushahua hates water the most.
If the original attribute of red evil is fire, at this moment, Manzhu Shahua instantly seems to have been scalded.
He jerked back his hand, but the pool of water made him choke.
Soon, I was set up in vain, but it was too late to react! If the red evil instantly turns around, only to find that the left and right split two lights at the same time.
One blue and one purple is like the coldest sword in the world, piercing his body unceremoniously.
But he seemed unscathed and immediately attacked the more powerful emperor Junyi.
The two men were locked in a fight.
Emperor Junyi can start the wind if it is evil.
Two balls of light flash together and collide, and the moment explodes like generate in the fire.
There are not many people who can pick up the moves of Huang Junyi hard. They can’t see the opponent’s face clearly in the dark. They think that his figure is very familiar and the other person seems to be able to dialysis his thoughts.
No matter how hard he hits, he can make a hard match. It’s like making a tough opponent for himself
I’ve already thought of a way to make the red spirit possess. This is a method that the ink prison has done, but I didn’t expect this red spirit to seem to be attached to the emperor’s body. It seems that nothing can escape him.
Ziyun proudly saw two people getting into a ball, and their every move was almost the same. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in her mind.
If they can attack him by surprise, I’m afraid he will be surprised and will try to fight back, and this is the time when Huang Junyi had better conquer him.
"The opponent is very difficult" Lian Er has turned into a human form at the moment.
Ziyun proudly nodded. Many people are advanced in fighting. I don’t know how I am. This opponent is not that simple, but I have to try anyway.
But their strength is too wide. Ziyun Ao was beaten back as soon as she made a move, and soon she found that her move would hinder Huang Junyi.
By the way, Qian Yi taught himself many ways to break the array, but didn’t he get a copy of Hua Xu’s Secret Book? I don’t know if it will be effective for him, but Yi is good at breaking the array. It should be easier to deal with this evil thing by putting it into a dream for a moment.
Thought of here, Ziyun proudly weaves dreams at once.
What is Yi good at? Well, it seems that everything is not bad. Then let her see where to play as she likes, which will give Huang Junyi an advantage.
Emperor Junyi and Red Evil also fought and changed the scene in an instant.

"Mo Er, who are you talking to?" Star Leng Yu Yin suddenly came from the building.

Xing Tianmo’s little face stuttered and responded "No!"
"Come to dinner quickly, but you cooked your favorite custard yourself."
"Boon-hoo" Xingtianmo vaguely replied.
"You! Now get back to your room! Whether you cross the balcony or cross the wall like yesterday, the horse disappears! ! On the moon Xuan Yi, the command of pressing the bass in the sky.
"What do you mean, you have to drive someone away now?"
Oh, my God. Is he being coquetry?
But then again, isn’t he an iceberg? Why does he keep laughing?
"Hey, why do you keep smiling at me? Aren’t you cold and scary at ordinary times?" Xingtianmo is slightly depressed.
"How can I bear to be cold to you? I want to smile at you … "He threw a glad eye at Xingtianmo.
Star day foam leng want to smile at her? A warm heart was slightly absent … But the horse reacted again.
"Hurry up and disappear from my room. It’s really" Xingtianmo couldn’t help but rub her face in Yuexuan Yi …
Hey, it feels good!
Hey, it feels good! =v= two more to send!
Don’t be stingy with the recommended red envelopes. Let Zhuxi touch them ~
54 ambiguous
Month Xuan Yi one leng day foam took this opportunity to push month Xuan Yi ran into the bathroom.
After washing and dressing, she didn’t find Yuexuan Yi until she hit the door and went out.
Everyone else had breakfast, and Xingtianmo greeted them warmly. "Good morning!"
They all looked up to see the stars and foam, but … For a moment, they suddenly turned from smiling and touching to being dull, and they all stood there one by one …
"Is there anything on my face?" Star day foam can’t help but touched the face.
I was thinking of seeing Xing Lengyu come out with a bowl of golden custard, and Xing Lengyu looked at Xing Tianmo with spoil.
Finally, there is a normal tunnel.
But she was wrong, because Xing Lengyu was petrified …
What’s going on? ! Xingtianmo was so depressed that everyone played Woodenhead in the early morning? !
Suddenly, a yawning sound came slowly from behind.
Star day foam Yishan looking back …
Yue Xuanyi is lazy in her pajamas, leaning against the door of Xingtianmo!
"He’s gone, isn’t he …" The reason why those people who are afraid of floor are stupid is because they saw Yue Xuan Yi coming out of her room …
When Xingtianmo stepped back, she suddenly felt that she was leaning back. No way, she was going to fall off the handrail!
Yuexuan Yi hurriedly reached out and grabbed Xingtian Mo, and she fell into Yuexuan Yi’s arms, and her lips touched each other very skillfully …
Starry day foam felt a cold lip, opened his eyes and looked at the moon Xuan Yi to enlarge his face and his face was instantly red.
Everyone’s watching. She’s innocent … It’s completely ruined!
Xingtianmo struggled, but Yuexuan Yi was not prepared to let her go. She turned around and entered Xingtianmo’s room door again. In January, Xuanyi slammed Xingtianmo to the door.
A deep kiss is reluctant to let go.
On Xuan Yi, looking at the starry sky, her red face was spoiled and she scraped her nose.
"Wait for me"
After a while, Yuexuan Yi came from the balcony.
"Across the balcony again …" Star day foam sobbed corners of the mouth.
However, Yue Xuanyi has changed a suit, and the extreme black movement shows his noble temperament.
"MoEr! I am so handsome, are you stupid? " Month Xuan Yi said teasingly
Star day foam discontent stared his one eye.
"Let’s go out, don’t let them wait too long, otherwise what will they do …" Yue Xuanyi said with a relaxed face, but it was ambiguous.
Star day foam language to turn over their eyes.
I knocked on the door and saw that it was still a group of stupefied people.

"When did I say I was going to kill her?"

Star day foam sharp eyes swept away mercilessly staring at the palace no.
"Forget it, forget it, I can’t understand you." Gong Luo shrugged his shoulders.
He can’t read it. She never did.
"Let’s give her a thorough examination."
Xingtianmo made a gesture of making signal with the lips to indicate Gongluo.
Gong Luo obediently hit his square suitcase with him.
That square brown suitcase looks like a suitcase with a lot of articles in it.
Xingtianmo went to that piece of ordinary wooden rattan chair where she sat and touched the armrest.
Gong Luo felt that the white light flashed in front of her eyes and then she looked at the glass wall and disappeared!
Gongluo turned his head and looked at Xingtianmo with a little surprise and appreciation.
It seems that he still looked down upon the stars and foam …
"Hurry up!" Xingtianmo urged Gongluo God to call him back.
Gong Luo’s dry cough starts at once.
There is also a miniature brain palace in the square box, which connects several complicated wires with different colors and quickly sets them up.
When everything is ready, look back at Xingtianmo.
Star day foam hand holding the slightly nodded.
Xingtianmo’s heart beat faster because she was afraid that Qing Er would go crazy again. Although Qing didn’t mean anything at that time, those who blamed her were still very bitter in their hearts.
Gong Luo got the instructions from the stars and the sky, and the keyboard was knocked!
A powerful current goes out along the wire and flows into the green body.
Severe pain made Qing suddenly wake up!
Star day foam heart a pull at the moment the scene reminds her of the second star LengYu was hit.
"MoEr …"
Green saw Gong Luo, the stranger, leng leng and looked at Xingtianmo tears, and finally I couldn’t help it anymore.
"It’s okay to be good. Everything will pass." Xingtianmo wanted to comfort Qing Er.
Green suddenly stepped back and screamed.
"Don’t come over!"
Green jerked back and suddenly screamed.
"Don’t come over!"
Starry day foam instantaneous stay in situ want to reach out and frozen half …