"Hum, I’ll spare you for a while." Kuang Zheng shook off the purple moon god and waved, "Big pine tree, let’s go back to the pie together and there will be a sacrifice."

The owner of the pencil necked stall was the first to let go. He was depressed and muttered, "My mother! Brother Ling, you don’t know that the tree is not a bitch who has been suffering from old sin for so long! "
"Old Gou, don’t complain about being mentally prepared. Maybe there will be disgusting scenes waiting for us later." I said in the forest that it won’t be long before I can see the body of Zhejiang Sanlv. I thought that the so-called luna cult was ten times * * and it was Yue Bai God who sent out the killer’s body to shock everyone. It was quite curious what kind of death could make the king of poison and the king of thieves have similar status.
The owner of the pencil necked stall asked many core members to line up. Before we entered the main altar with Leng Yue’s Tang Master and Luna Guardian, I saw a bunch of aunts and Luna Guardian in front of the discussion cabinet in the middle of the school. Some people bent down to vomit, cried and fainted …
Seeing this situation, the death of the three donkeys in Zhejiang is not something that ordinary people can bear.
"Today, the core members of the practice have returned." Kuang Zheng yelled at him calmly. "Let’s make room for them to attend the ceremony!"
In an instant, there was a spacious gap between the Moon God and the guards. Fourteen male core members approached the middle of the land. At the same time, a strong smell of blood and vomiting came into my eyes. I took a closer look at my stomach, and I didn’t eat breakfast. It was only vomiting that made me sick and nauseous. Do you think how bad the death of the three donkeys in Zhejiang could be?
It’s not a corpse in front of us. Oh, it’s not accurate. It’s made up of minced meat, broken bones and organs.
The overall outline is like a heroic cock!
I covered my mouth and felt so familiar with the pattern. This is a complete map of China with the flesh and blood of Zhejiang Three Donkeys after the murderer dismembered the body! The skin is torn into small pieces of red meat that serve as the national boundaries of the map and stamped into mud. The internal organs, pink tongue, spiral ears and pointed nose are like geographical situations such as mountains, plains and hills. Pure yellow oil and fat form a yellow river that runs through all provinces; Pale yellow mixed with blood fat solidified into a blocky desert in northwest China; The northeast corner and south-central part of the map of human flesh piled up in colorful fields are like grasslands and Woods.
Sen’s white bones were ground into dregs and dyed with a layer of blue pigment, and a few of them became maps. Most of the dyed bones of the Yangtze River and some big rivers were scattered outside the map to form the surrounding ocean!
Shoot and smash your eyes into a map of Hong Kong and Macao!
Two peeled egg balls of Zhesan Donkey are nailed to the southern boundary of the human flesh map, which symbolizes that Baodao and Hainan Island are worth it. First, the toothpick is so delicate that it is located on the east side of the human flesh map at a distance of one meter, and the suspected exquisite island country is spread obliquely, but the proportion is pitiful … And some broken teeth on the edge of the toothpick are similar to countless islands.
The visual impact caused by the human flesh map has completely subverted my three views. It is definitely an art to say that its raw material is not the bones of Zhejiang Three Donkeys!
Smoke-addicted, seven seconds kill, Zhejiang three donkeys turned into this map of China! Fight against yaba
The owner of the pencil necked stall can’t stand it anymore. He vomited wildly on his face! Shoemakers, Duan Zhengxing and other core members with poor psychological endurance collapsed when their eyelids turned over. Next to them, the female core members, such as Moon God Wei Huaizhong, sweet potato aunt, finished their regular practice earlier than we did. They just had breakfast in the cafeteria and didn’t wait for digested food to hit them all in the mouth and nose. Wave after wave of flying and spewing!
"Map of the land ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
The middle-aged man at the entrance of the Council cleared his throat and attracted the attention of the core members. He laughed and announced, "Maybe someone still doesn’t know who I am, right? I sent the deputy leader and the leader of the Clear Moon Hall to solemnly announce that the guards and core members of the Moon God show that this special map in front of you represents the range sheltered by the Moon God! Seikkala Uye Sa Jia destroyed Lecagune! "
Then the deputy pie leader looked up at the distant horizon and said devoutly, "Great Moon God, you are sacred and inviolable! I hope you don’t blame me for being too heavy on the devil. Zhejiang Sanlv, the core member, pretends to be your disciple. He is actually the incarnation of the devil. I hereby present you with a thumbnail of the territory where you want to blaspheme … May you live a long life! "
"Kill the devil!"
"The border! Sacred and inviolable! "
"Shou Tianqi!"
"Great Moon God, I will follow you to the death!"
The luna guards waved their luna staves, and they fought hard and roared that the heroic atmosphere drove the core members to vomit to collapse. This thing spread faster than cancer cells. In a few seconds, everyone in the place tore their voices and praised the fictional luna!
At this time, Lian Jiamin, the master of the full moon hall, pressed his hands to signal everyone to be quiet. She laughed. "Dear core members, there seems to be some bottlenecks in your practice. The universal moon god never discriminates against a believer. Last night, he revealed to me a secret demon flesh and blood is the best nourishment for practicing the moon god! Today we are meat! Divide the demons! As soon as possible, it will become an extraordinary and sacred place! "
"Divide the demons?" I have a dull pain in my abdomen when I hear it.
"Three donkeys, he was a good living person before last night!" The owner of the pencil necked stall put his head in my ear and he said, "Whoops … I have more than 100,000 yuan. Who will pay it back?"
Our dialogue immediately drowned out the core members’ endless cheers!
Ears are on the verge of collapse!
The master and deputy master of the full moon hall are satisfied with the momentum of the field!
For about twenty minutes, I was tired of shouting, and the core members were dumb and quiet again. Many aunts and old men looked at this special map with green eyes, as if they were no longer bloody scenes but the most delicious dishes in the world!
"What’s the situation in Ling Yu?"
Lin Muxia suddenly sounded her curious way, "What happened to the body of Zhesan donkey? Territory? Map? I can’t imagine … Do you want to eat human flesh again? "
"Bigfoot … please stop! I will report to you when I am calm. "
I bowed my head and stared at the ground, and my heart was finally able to adapt to the adult meat map transformed by Zhejiang Three Donkeys. It showed that in nearly forty minutes, "Zhejiang Three Donkeys" slowly attracted some active green bean flies in the toilet. Seeing this situation, I’m going to hold on and my determination to eat human flesh again is all gone. Yue Bai Shenpai is simply insane!
"Core members, this luna ceremony is over!" Even Jiamin raised her wrist and looked at her eyes, but she didn’t smile. "Let’s go back to the dormitory for the time being, and don’t forget to practice the full moon style of Luna Record! The master of the hall immediately asked the chefs in the pie to cook a demon feast carefully, wishing everyone to practice hard! ! !”
Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Demon feast
"Thank you for your kindness!"
The core members were so excited that I went back to the dormitory in the mixed ranks. After the door was closed, the pencil necked stall owner made a gesture of five hearts facing the sky. He murmured, "Brother Ling, I eat all kinds of meat but I don’t want to eat human flesh, so you DIE people can quickly eliminate the evil sect in Yue Bai, okay?"
"Be patient and give me some time to weigh the pros and cons." I made a big noise. "Lin Dajiao, do you listen?"
Lin Muxia yawned and she was tired. "…"
"Yue Bai God sent an anti-killing team to kill Zhesan Donkey, and concocted his body into a map of the surrounding areas of Huaxia, and pieced together all parts of his body." I was concerned and commented, "It was horrible."
"Are there any photos at the scene?" She is curious way

In this way, Xiaotian’s strength is limited. With the constant attack of windson, although Xiaotian tries its best to defend, it is inevitable to be hit by windson constantly.

Xiaotian wiped the blood on his mouth, and his face became ferocious. His eyes were full of killing and he said, "Lin Feng, you forced me!"
Windson watching Xiaotian in Athens JingXie directly swallowed into his mouth.
Windson eyes some indecision, he didn’t think that Xiaotian actually swallowed Augustus JingXie directly. You need a quiet environment if you want to integrate JingXie.
But now Xiaotian this sample is to want to fusion JingXie in battle?
Windson’s heart is full of doubts. He is very ignorant of Xiaotian’s practice.
I don’t know that Xiaotian was also forced to do this. Lin Feng didn’t know that Augustus jingxie had no way to put it in the ring. If he knew it, he should be able to understand Xiaotian’s practice
Xiaotian didn’t want to swallow Augustus jingxie in such a hurry, but he didn’t think windson turned out to be a direct effort to shoot the root without mercy.
But Xiaotian didn’t see that when he swallowed Augustus jingxie into his mouth, the surface of jingxie suddenly flashed a red light.
Note Xiaotian Lin Fengze saw JingXie suddenly flashed a red light, but Lin Fengze didn’t mean it. After all, he didn’t know much about JingXie of the one-horned giants.
But windson heart still faintly appeared a feeling that things should not be over yet.
Windson couldn’t help stepping back a little. Why does he feel a little abnormal?
"It’s you! It’s you! Why aren’t you dead! !” Xiaotian suddenly opened his mouth and shouted.
Windson heard Xiaotian’s words and looked around carefully. He found that the quiet little auditions still echoed around him. Besides, there was no sound and there was no one around.
Lin Feng’s face was shocked and his eyes were deeply indecisive. What is this?
Looked at Xiaotian turned windson.
Xiaotian’s face suddenly bled, and his eyes lost their spirits. His hands and feet seemed to be out of control and he kept waving at random.
What’s the situation? Windson eyes revealed a deep doubt.
"Get out of my body!" Xiaotian shouted again!
"Ha ha this is our body! Go to hell! " A strange sound suddenly appeared in Xiaotian’s mouth as if several people were mixed together!
"Mu Feng? Aaron and Ah Fu? Augustus! What is it? " Windson suddenly shouted to xiaotianda
Xiaotian is no response but his hands and feet waving more intense!
Do they still have souls? Are they now fighting Xiaotian in Xiaotian’s body? Windson heart faint some speculation.
Maybe this is the cause of the one-horned giants. After all, how can a powerful one-horned giant have no cause? No wonder Xiaotian looked so relaxed when he defeated Augustus!
Windson mind constantly appear all kinds of speculation but these have been with him now Xiaotian is a bystander!
Who will win? Windson heart secretly guess.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Facing possession
Xiaotian’s hands and feet kept waving and shaking violently, and the collision between his hands and feet kept making a bone fracture sound.
Windson looked at Xiaotian in the distance. He didn’t go to stop the idea.
Windson, it seems that they are not good crops. They may have been eaten without knowing the situation in the past.
Then it is better to watch from a distance. When some of them win, then Xiaotian’s body must be extremely broken. Then fight against Lin Feng again. Lin Feng has one hundred ways to kill them.
Now the best choice for windson is to watch from afar, but I don’t know if things will be like windson imagined!
After a while, Xiaotian’s body suddenly stopped, and he fell to the ground directly without waving his hands and feet.
Is Xiaotian physical combat is over? Windson heart secretly thought of.
Windson didn’t move, didn’t choose to take a look at Xiaotian now, and didn’t choose to leave.
Windson Xiaotian’s eyes suddenly moved in the distance, but he didn’t open them. Who is he waiting for?
Now is the time to be patient.
Xiaotian was a mastermind before the Lord God came out. It can be said that there is no flaw. So did he also plan the present situation? Windson heart full of alert, he didn’t believe that Xiaotian would be so easy to solve.
It seems worthless to them that both of them are waiting.
As time goes by, a year has passed, and windson has returned to the ground, while Xiaotian is still limp in the distance without any movement.
Although a year has passed, Xiaotian still hasn’t, but Lin Feng’s vigilance in his heart is getting heavier and heavier. He found that Xiaotian is very abnormal.
The surrounding environment is still very quiet, there is no sign of life, but Lin Feng’s anxiety is getting stronger and stronger, and his fist has been quietly clenched.
Xiaotian corners of the mouth in the distance is the emergence of a if if wry smile, although he still wants to wait for the arrival of windson and windson competition patience.
But Xiaotian knows that he must act. His soul has become weak. If it is weak again, Xiaotian is not sure that he can directly occupy windson’s body.
Since we are not going to wait any longer, Xiaotian opened his eyes and tried his best to turn his head to look at windson.
Xiaotian found windson with your eyes open for an instant and stared at Xiaotian to see what he was doing.
"Lin Feng, can you come here?" Xiaotian tried to control this badly damaged body.
"In the past, you don’t have to. What can I do for you?" Windson insipid sound reached Xiaotian’s ear.
Xiaotian couldn’t help biting his teeth when he heard Lin Feng’s words, but he still tried to say, "Lin Feng, I am willing to recognize your Lord. I can swear to Gao Shen that you can save me!"
Windson heard Xiaotian’s words and his eyes showed a little surprise. He carefully looked at Xiaotian’s heart full of cries and felt a little shaken.
"No, you don’t say I won’t save you! You are not Xiaotian! " Windson bite a tooth and said
Xiaotian face wry smile more thick, but in the heart have some joy just ready to speak.
Suddenly, a black shadow came towards Xiaotian, and Xiaotian looked intently at it as a black sword!
And this sword is Lin Fengfa Lin Fengzao already knew that the former Xiaotian was dead before Xiaotian was unprepared to cut Excalibur and shoot it at Xiaotian’s head!
"Windson! You are so embarrassed! " Xiaotian’s pain came and then there was no interest.
Cut Excalibur into Xiaotian’s head as if Xiaotian had been killed by cut Excalibur, but windson’s face couldn’t see the slightest smile and he was still alert!
Lin Fengke denies that Xiaotian has been solved. Is it normal to know that chopping Excalibur is a godlike weapon, and it is not as hard as the main artifact, but now it is easy to penetrate Xiaotian’s head?
Not normal! It’s not normal!
Windson spirit tense him to see what the hell is Xiaotian.
"Alas" a sigh appeared windson ear windson can hear this is a small auditions.
But isn’t Xiaotian already dead? Where does the other sound come from?
"Xiaotian, I knew you wouldn’t die so easily when you came out!" Windson looked around a kuang shouted.
A gust of wind blew around, and a figure slowly appeared in front of windson.
"Since you let me out, I came out! How? Are you surprised? " Show body Xiaotian appeared before windson windson face full of shock!
Appear before windson Xiaotian body very unreal as if there is a gust of wind can blow him away.
Windson fist clenched suddenly issued a soul attack.
The soul attack reached Xiaotian, either because Xiaotian didn’t escape or because Xiaotian didn’t react.
However, when the soul attack reached Xiaotian’s soul, Xiaotian’s soul did not waver at all, and there was no wave.
Windson saw that Xiaotian’s soul seemed to be more solidified, and it felt as if it had been eaten.
"Come and have a little soul attack!" Xiaotian looked at windson unreal face with a smile.
Windson looked at some weird Xiaotian eyes couldn’t help but flash across a worry that he had clenched his fist and swung toward Xiaotian!
Xiaotian corners of the mouth peep out one silk disdainful smile didn’t escape but windson fist directly through the Xiaotian soul not to produce.
"Ha ha no, you still give up. By the way, give me your body. I will live well for you." Xiaotian looked at Lin Feng’s face grinning again.
Windson hear Xiaotian face is not the slightest shock but windson face is very calm.
Looking so calm, Lin Feng Xiaotian’s face flashed a trace of anger. He likes to see others panic.
And windson sample let Xiaotian is very hate.
Feel a faint sense of weakness in the depths of my soul. Xiaotian knows that he can’t wait any longer. He has to.
Xiaotian face became ferocious slowly towards windson body near!
Windson at this time is suddenly rushed towards Xiaotian directly take the initiative to let Xiaotian into his body.

With wrist hao to spell Demonbane hand a three-stage chop when the emperor has just been reborn from the resurrection of a state to see exhibition wings Demonbane suddenly turned back and then severely hit the heavy sword in his hand.

Demonbane Q-flash accurately hit the monkey and Emperor jiejie, who was killed on the spot just after his resurrection. Monkey Jin was also killed by Demonbane’s E skill and an incidental passive general attack.
Heshy’s sudden attack is very confusing, from attacking wrist Hao to decisive Q flashing without a trace of warning. One second, Demonbane is still fighting wrist Hao, but one second, Demonbane has completed the double play.
The Tsar, the younger brother of the primary school, has been waiting for the opportunity to enter the stadium. The Tsar did not play too much output in the front row of 1g, and this wave of exercise in heshy Demonbane was definitely a temporary idea.
This wave of Demonbane’s sudden attack completely reversed the situation again. In a flash, three people in edg were killed and the number of IG people became the dominant party.
At present, 1g has become three dozen two edg, leaving eik and his primary school brother, who still insist on fighting but can’t beat the team battle to this point, and both of them have already given up.
Although the wrist-master is very hurt and not low, after all, it is an auxiliary documentary wrist-master. It can’t be more effective than the czar’s skills. In the face of aggressive IGeik and elementary school brothers, the first thought is to retreat
This may be the disadvantage of steady play. If the players have no blood in their hearts, the team battle will always be short of breath.
Edg will never die. This is not a positive word.
After Demonbane completed the double kill, he successfully refreshed the big move, so he moved quickly and added heshy to target the tsar not far away
In the face of Demonbane’s assault, there is really not much way to protect the tsar. The elementary school brother can withdraw while fighting, but the speed is too far from that of Demonbane
Seeing that Demonbane is about to be close to the czar, there is no way to choose Q skills to slightly limit a Demonbane and then decisively run away.
Although Demonbane was consumed by the tsar with half a tube of blood left, Demonbane’s blood volume is a lie. Killing the tsar with two knives can increase Demonbane’s blood volume.
If there is a big flash and displacement in the hand, then the elementary school brother certainly has the confidence to pull a big Demonbane against the czar, and he can play Demonbane in his palm, but at this time, the czar’s skills are all in D and he can’t stop Demonbane’s attack.
After the elementary school brother Tsar walked away and twisted Demonbane’s skills of Q and W, he felt that he could fuck again. Although Demonbane had already rushed to the Tsar’s face, Demonbane’s passive move was coming to an end.
The tsar summoned a sand soldier to try to poke Demonbane. The damage was not low. Demonbane didn’t have much magic resistance, but Demonbane E gave him a shock wave before he died.
With E skills and big moves at the end, a general attack was added. Demonbane lost three points and one blood. The elementary school brother couldn’t help but shake his head and then slipped decisively.
excuse me
There shouldn’t be any thoughts in my heart. After Tsarist Tsarist’s disillusionment, he has already slipped away decisively. The younger brother left quietly without taking away a cloud.
Eik is not so lucky to stay where he is, but he can’t run away from the wrist and leg sprint, and the effect of sprinting has not disappeared. The signer has already folded his hands and slashed his wrist and body, which is also very painful.
Ma and Shuguang, who escaped the injury caused by the W skill of the wrist, jointly killed the wrist. If eik wrist is the main Q wrist, this may be another story.
"No, IG, this can be turned over!"
The doll rubbed his face a little stiff, and his surprised expression didn’t dissipate. He really didn’t expect that the situation of double quilt seconds in the back row of IG could be successfully turned over
"This wave of team battles between heshy and Xiao Leyan was so good that Demonbane successfully harvested the battlefield and Xiao Leyan cut the female gun is also very important."
As soon as Miller pointed out the key point of 1g’s turnaround, Demonbane and Sagittarius, the two heroes, were too strong to play together. Out of the elementary school brother, the czar could also slightly limit them. It is a good way for others to face these two heroes
Without the forbidden wall, Demonbane and Sagittarius can be bullying in edg formation. The female guns in this game are really poor
"Handsome! Heshy Demonbane is really delicious! ’
"Wocao is a little dragon pit. Isn’t that what happened when the gods went to every place? ’
"Tears are still this place or this hero or this person. After two years, nothing has changed." "I wonder if Xiaolongkeng directly hangs a sign: you can’t take the delegation with heshy Demonbane here."
"I think you can believe in evil. Demonbane is blessed by faith."
It was very exciting for the audience to watch this ups and downs team battle live broadcast. In the past, because Rkie and Ashui were scared by the second, the audience was instantly remembered by heshy Demonbane.
That Demonbane is like a dream. He is still very moved after waking up for a long time.
However, the 20-minute battle of one wave, two for four regiments is unacceptable to edg. This wave of little dragons is edg’s preparation for a long time.
The wretched development ahead is that this wave of team battles can win, and edg players once saw the dawn of victory. When the Tsar recorded the Tathagata palm and shot Rkie and Ashui,
But in a flash, darkness came to the world destroyer Artox, and people destroyed edg. They wanted to win the game and finish this wave, and edg players had no light in their eyes.
If there is no hope at first, it may be a good thing, but it is wrong. edg has seen the hope of winning the game several times, but it quickly slipped out of their hands.
Personal endurance is limited, and it is easy for people to have emotional breakdown. Although they have played a game for more than 20 minutes, edg players are already full of fatigue.
Even this wave of team battles is not the most painful thing. It is the most unacceptable thing for edg to easily get the dragon soul after winning the team war.
With this dragon soul, it means that the team battle behind 1g will be guaranteed, and there is not much difference between the two sides, but 1g is more active and edg has strong backhand ability.
But with the dragon soul and the economic lead of 1g, the follow-up team battle will be too good. It is easy for the half-flesh monkey and emperor to be hurt and blessed by seconds. It is different from snow and frost for them. "The dragon soul will be even bigger once it takes 1g to lead. Now it depends on whether edg can withstand the pressure."
Miller looked at edg, and his eyes were full of worries. He knew that the situation at this time was really difficult for edg, and it was desperate.
"At most, edg’s chance of winning is 30%. If they can make it to Yuangulong, then they really have a chance.
"Thirty percent?" The doll barked and then shook her head. Ma refuted Miller because she was not very sure about the odds.
"I don’t think it’s even 20%, and this 20% is for the elementary school brother. If he can play a team battle perfectly and then drop the double edg in the back row of IG, he will have a chance to win."
"But it is too difficult for the czar to launch a good big move, and it is impossible to achieve it."
Doll is very pessimistic about edg’s chances of winning the game. If he doesn’t speak correctly, he thinks edg must have lost.
From the third dragon group, edg didn’t win when it collided with 1g. Of course, edg played a good rhythm in the early stage and successfully suppressed the IG road.
However, the team battle in the middle and late period is very fatal to edg, and even if they drag it, it will only be more waves.
But neither Miller nor Doll thought that this wave of team battle defeat would hurt edg so much, and they all had problems in defense.
After getting the dragon soul, IG once again showed a wave of holding a group to promote it, or it was still a four-one zone. However, Demonbane pushed 1g this time and didn’t have much hope for this promotion. They were going to press the line of soldiers to see if there was any chance to steal a big dragon.
It’s hard to advance without the big dragon buff1g, but I didn’t expect that there were some problems in the defense of the dragon soul blessing edg.
She may still be in a trance. When she was defending in the middle of the road, she ate two Q skills of Ashui Virus with fire dragon soul explosion damage and directly disabled the female gun.
Without the female gun, edg, the main defensive force, can give up the second tower in the middle of the road and choose to keep the high ground until the female gun is replenished and continue to organize the defense in the high ground.
But when the female gun came back from the spring in a hurry, she saw that it had been pushed to the high ground, and the soldier did not say anything but went straight to the original place.
A wave of bullets swept away the soldiers in edg highland, but Miller was very confused about hpe.
"The female gun chooses to guard the tower. Is the edg pressure so great?"
Miller, the newcomer, is still merciful. Actually, the meaning in his words is very clear. It is unnecessary to put the big move of female gun out.
Because even if we don’t enlarge the female gun and the czar’s defense IG, we can’t push the line of soldiers away. If not, just for the sake of safety, the czar himself can quickly clear the line of soldiers in the second tower
However, IG will definitely not watch the czar’s Qing soldiers lose their female guns. If IG wants to cross the tower, edg will choose to retreat to the highlands.
However, if the female gun can’t be pushed in after the big move, IG will see the opportunity. If the female gun doesn’t have a big move, the danger to 1g will be less than half.

And GongSunJingLan is reserved. Of course, this is a lot of people. Since Liu Xuan drove away the poison once, the distance between the two people has been unconsciously narrowed. Whenever they are alone, GongSunJingLan is also very sticky. Liu Xuan sees a monster with a psychological age of hundreds of years. He is like a white mind.

The Imperial Capital is forbidden to fly, even the Xuandian Hall. The Imperial Capital, the most powerful empire in the eastern continent, has several important facilities. These places are not allowed to fly, and they are also very powerful. If anyone really dares to fly in the Imperial Capital, they may not even know how they died.
Out of the street, there was a carriage parked there. It looked like an ordinary carriage. A carriage was discovered by Liu Xuan. It was also a mysterious carriage. It even had a screen sound and a defense law. It is estimated that this is also a special carriage for Tong Xuan Dian.
When the carriage ran, Liu Xuan discovered that the carriage was even equipped with a defensive array, which was faster than the ordinary carriage. I don’t know how many times it was a special department. This equipment is just different.
The carriage runs so fast that I have never been to the imperial city. Liu Xuangen just can’t see things in a blur. It takes about half an hour for the carriage to go all the way to the east, and people gradually become sparsely populated. The surrounding buildings are getting taller and deeper. At first glance, ordinary people can’t get involved in the area.
The carriage came to a yard and stopped slowly. This yard doesn’t look very gorgeous, but it has a solemn smell. What surprised Liu Xuan the most was that a pair of stone lions were placed at the door. Although they were a pair of ordinary jade lions, they had a chilling smell. The Qin people were very particular about the placement in front of the door. Generally speaking, only the official residence of the government allowed stone lions in front of the door, and ordinary people were not allowed to place stone lions. Moreover, the carving technology of stone lions was also very particular. It was the most healthy stone lion’s head with curly hair.
The number of curls in Shishi’s hair represents the official status or family status. It is said that the maximum number of curls is thirteen, which is the number of curls of one official in the current dynasty, while other officials decrease in turn.
However, this pair of stone lions have scrolls, which is definitely not to say that the status here is low to the status of wrinkles, because the last scroll also has three scrolls, which means that the Dafa scroll here represents all the scrolls here.
Two people walk the steps LiuXuan feel the body before a slight earthquake scarlet door unexpectedly a slight quiver a yellow light LiuXuanShen swept Li Mingfeng hurriedly to LiuXuan put a relaxed gesture.
When the yellow light sweeps Li Mingfeng, the inscription will be bright, and a corner gate will be slowly hit.
"That’s just a means to prevent infiltration. If you practice evil deeds or magic deeds, you will call the police. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all people who practice evil deeds are not good people, but relatively speaking, people who practice these two methods are more impulsive and more difficult to control their emotions …" Li Mingfeng then made a gesture that you know without saying anything.
After crossing the gate, Liu Xuan found that the scenery inside actually looked completely different from the outside. From the outside, it seemed that there was a simple courtyard inside, but when he came in, he found that there was a hole in it.
It’s as simple as a small palace courtyard building, a race and a luxurious return to the courtyards.
Li Mingfeng led the two men to a spacious backyard with a rattan table and a rattan chair three feet away from the rattan table. Seeing these flowers and plants, Liu Xuan’s eyes couldn’t help narrowing. These flowers and plants are actually Lingcao. Although most of them are second-order ordinary Lingcao, it is spectacular to fill half the courtyard.
It is estimated that there should be a cane chair sitting like a medicine garden. Two old people have placed a pot of tea. Before Liu Xuan arrived at the table, he already smelled the scent of wake-up tea. Liu Xuan can also determine the specific order, but it is much better than the prince asking himself to drink.
It was a game between the two old people that saw them coming in from the outside and sitting on the right side in a black sweater. The old man first made a move and then waved his hand at Li Mingfeng without letting Li Mingfeng talk.
So Liu Xuan and Li Mingfeng stood aside.
The chess-playing old man sat up straight for a while, stretched himself, then picked up the table and took a sip of his refreshing tea, "but it’s just a refreshing tea that must be hidden like a baby."
This old man has always been wearing Liu Xuan’s eyebrows. He saw a layer of dead air from the old man’s body, which is a kind of gray smell. Ordinary people can’t see that Liu Xuan also awakened his memory to feel a little bit, but what makes Liu Xuan even more strange is that this old man’s body actually has a layer of purple gas to resist the dead air, and it can’t be lost.
Judging from his dead body, the old man estimates that he won’t even have a month’s life, and he can’t keep this spirit, which is obviously the reason for that purple gas.
Obviously, this old man is not spiritual, but he also exudes a touch of intimidation, which is the result of the accumulation of perennial people, and this old man actually sat in the first place of Luo Dian.
When these points are superimposed, the identity of the old man will be vividly portrayed.
The old man in the black shirt looked at it for a while and threw the chess in his hand. "I lost again. Tell me what I am a hundred years older than you. This chess is just you?"
An old man smiled, but Liu Xuan seemed to see the deep attachment in his eyes. "How can you win me if you don’t succeed?" This thing is a pastime for you, but I have been like chess almost all my life. "
The old man in black also saw that he was lonely and didn’t pick up any more. He turned to look at Liu Xuan. "Can you show me your footwork?" Then he pointed to Li Mingfeng, "That’s when you beat him."
As soon as the old man’s words came out, Li Mingfeng’s face turned red. I could see that he was very reluctant to admit that he had lost his job. However, although Luo Dianzhu did not come in person that day, he almost knew clearly how he knew the powerful means of pulse-changing or not.
Liuxuan didn’t know that the old man in the black shirt meant to pull the posture to show several key points of the quick step again.
The old man in black nodded. "How do you get along with this footwork?"
Liu Xuan wanted to say that it was Sun’s teaching practice, but I wondered if it would get Sun’s teaching practice into trouble. Anyway, this gait is strange to the old man, and he doesn’t seem to like it very much.
So Liu Xuan blurred the old man’s guess "from Yanbei convent"
"So this time, Li Thirteen asked you to come to Beijing?"
Liu Xuan doesn’t know who Li Shisan is, but he can guess who he is referring to.
"What does he want you to do in Beijing?"
"face saint"
"Continue" two people ask and answer questions, black shirts always ask simple questions, and Liuxuan answers simply, just like everyone is familiar with this process, but when you get here, Liuxuan is a hand in the face.
Although he has guessed the identity of the old man, he still can’t reveal the strange old man’s confession before he is sure, but he is entrusted by others to be loyal to the people, which is also the "heart-to-heart" of Liu Xuan’s monastery
It is impossible for a person to practice Taoism blindly. Everyone practices Taoism, and the truth is direct, just like the Lord of Luogu Temple. If he speaks with the law, it is justice. If he loses the word justice, his skill will be greatly reduced.
Most spiritual practices are forgetful, not sentimental, but forgetful, forgetting the troubles of the world and enjoying eternal life alone.
An old man half squinted at Liuxuan’s words, and his eyes suddenly opened, and a strong pressure was overwhelming towards Liuxuan. Behind the old man in Liuxuan’s eyes, a faint purple dragon actually loomed.
There is a saying that the purple gas comes from the east, and this lavender dragon naturally shows the identity of the old man. The most important thing is that there is no spiritual fluctuation in it.
Gong Xuan hurriedly bowed to an old man, "Little Liu Xuan has seen the Saint."
My eyes are narrowed. "Seeing me at an early age, but I can’t bow down, so it’s really rare for a heroic teenager now."
Lord Luo Dian’s eyes stood up. "If you are bold, you know that it’s day to face. Why don’t you kneel?"
A spiritual pressure swoops down on Liu Xuan. This time, it’s hard for him to do it on purpose. He forces Liu Xuan to wrap it in a threatening way. Liu Xuan is almost unbearable. Everyone can hear Liu Xuan’s bones being oppressed and giggling.
Liu Xuan looked up and his eyes were full of stubbornness, staring at the day. "It’s a little overstepping to be single-minded about these rituals." To be continued.
16. Conditional conditions
Just now, it disappeared like a scourge.
Lord Luo Dian smiled. "It’s no wonder that this little temper is similar to Li Shisan’s."
The sky has softened a little, but it’s still gloomy. He said to Liu Xuan with a cold face, "What on earth does Uncle Thirteen want you to do?"
Liuxuan slowly took two steps backward to pull the day away from the wrist, and the rune ware has appeared in his hand. He hung the rune ware with the heaven knife.
Looking around, there was nothing to experiment with, so he said to Li Mingfeng, "Deacon Li is helping to cooperate. I want to show God a technique."
When Li Mingfeng saw Luo Gu, he nodded his head as soon as he didn’t say it. He slowly pulled himself up and looked nervous.
Liuxuan put the ware gun in front of him and bowed slowly. The whole person seemed as if the gun body was fused together and then heard the creak. Liuxuan had already jumped in front of Li Mingfeng.
Li Mingfeng was surprised. He knew that Liu Xuan’s footwork was strange, but he didn’t expect that Liu Xuan’s speed would be a little faster after adding rune ware. Fortunately, this is the abnormal power of assassination without the advent of time. Li Mingfeng’s sword in his hand is just horizontal to hold Liu Xuan’s bayonet.
He just wanted to force the Liuxuan bayonet to collapse outward. As soon as he closed his left hand, a barbed knife and gun tail had swept through the past. Once again, a letter was written on the side of Lingjian.
In this way, the two men actually fought for more than a dozen rounds. Liu Xuanli missed Li Mingfeng once and missed the opportunity to hit Li Mingfeng’s spirit sword with one shot, and then they pulled their distance.
The violent vibration almost shook Li Mingfeng’s spirit sword, and he also knew that this was Liu Xuan’s intentional belief that if this shot hit himself, although he was not physically killed, it was inevitable that he would be injured.
Such as two people set LiuXuan another inconsistent record to ware gun in a bomb before and after but two breath suddenly turned around and shot.
Finally, this shot was inexplicable and Li Mingfeng didn’t look at what was going on. There was also Luo Gu’s eyebrows frowning slightly.
Then listen to a rustling yard unexpectedly appeared a series of corrugated a light blue light curtain has covered the yard.
Some days lost, I looked at Luo Gu Luo Gu and gave a wry smile. "It’s so small that I can see at a glance that if it weren’t for this defense law, my fourth-order painstaking rattan would be smashed by him."
The sky looked at Liu Xuan with profound meaning. "You just demonstrated this set of techniques but you said assassination?"

So the traveler emperor actually wants to get a lively night market out of the plane, right? Change the way to add entertainment to the evening?

Dong Fengling nodded and felt that he had realized that the nightlife is very rich now.
I’m thinking of adding a touch of light to a lively night of beating gongs and drums in the street.
"Come on, come on, come on, come on. Yunpiaofang Yingying girl is competing for the number one street performance. Dear guest officials, you have the heart to bid! "
Beating gongs and drums, the page is not slow, running all the way and shouting that voice really carries some weight.
When the page ran away and the sound was low, Dong Yuling recovered from the stupefied expression "Ying Ying? Top card? Still bidding? "
This is a brothel girl. It’s priced for sale? I cann’t believe it’s so full of publicity The ancient night was indeed full of flavor.
See Dong Yuling’s amazing expression. Lotus Yan Jiing’s mouth reminds me that "Yun Piao Fang is one of the three famous brothels in Shengjing. It is not easy to compete for the top spot."
Brothel, it’s perfect to see it after crossing.
"The world knows so well!" Dong Yuling lamented that a word made Lian Yan Jing choke. Is this a good word? Or derogatory? Even if he doesn’t go to this place, if men have heard of this topic, they naturally know a lot.
Lian Yan Jing secretly struggled with this to explain? Or explain?
But Dong Yuling didn’t trust her in an instant, but a sigh didn’t mean anything to him.
Soon there was a street commotion, and a group of people came slowly with a woman in their arms. The top of the woman made people see the score at a glance.
Well, the women’s place is actually a celebration float. There are four girls squatting at the four corners of the float, and they are constantly throwing petals. A woman in red is full of makeup, and the whole city is full of beauty and charm.
It’s really a beautiful picture. It’s more impressive than intoxicating.
When the float came closer to Dong Yuling to enjoy the girl’s dance, suddenly her eyes flashed. It was really interesting tonight!
"Ha ha!" Dong Fengling generally stirred up a freshly baked cake in front of him when he went to the theatre, tasting his eyes and scanning the Yingying girl.
Lian Yan Jing also knows Dong Yuling. When she looks at her expression, she finds a secret that others don’t know. "What do you see?"
"Beauty!" Dong Yuling still has a mind to tease.
Lotus Yan jiing black eyes glanced at the float or else.
See lotus Yan jiing grim-faced. Dong Ling smiled and consciously just spoke. It seems a bit inappropriate. "Yingying is the girl? Still ying ying? "
Dong Yuling said while gesticulating at the table so that Lian Yan Jing could know what she meant. After all, these two words sound exactly the same. It’s hard to tell the difference just by telling the truth.
Lian Yan raised her eyebrows. "It should be the latter one. What do you think?" Brothel girls often don’t just have those words.
"See an interesting also don’t know what to say this girl is too bold? Still too intentional to even change the name, the pronunciation is the same. Is she safer like this? " Dong Yuling’s stand hand shows that he is not too white in this way of thinking.
What are all these places? However, the capital of Shenglian Dynasty, Shengjingtian, where talents gather, is it stupid to treat others?
Lian Yan Jing carefully looked at the beautiful dance and shook her head after a long time. "Do you know her?" I really don’t see anything wrong!
Dong Yuling’s eyes narrowed. "But if we meet once, we should be more familiar with it."
"Don’t seem to have seen" Lian Yan jiing eyes that woman face paused and said honestly.
"Ordinary people will pay attention to faces when they look at people, especially men when they look at women." Dong Yuling raised his eyebrows and said that he had never found out that the world was black. Chapter 155 Someone came back.
Lotus Yan jiing feel wronged him where pay attention to face? Isn’t this about identifying people?
Although it doesn’t mean anything to be able to hear Dong Yuling’s words, it’s not something to hear.
Dong Fengling continued, "But the doctor pays more attention to the spirit and eyes, as well as the temperament and habits of the whole person. Even if this person’s face is completely changed, he can’t escape the doctor’s eyes."

By the way, the duke, if Miss Xin had come to visit her for such a long time, he didn’t come, not once.

"The duke … his heart and my daughter? My mother is no longer the first lady in this house, and even after her death, she didn’t even enter the ancestral grave. What position do you think my second brother and I have in this house? We are afraid that even those humble women in the backyard are not as good as this. What future do we have? " Liu Yu took the words and didn’t speak again, but got up and looked around the room, ready to simply pack up and leave the house early in the morning.
"Miss …" Silver opened her mouth but didn’t say anything.
What can she say? What else can I say? The duke didn’t come here to say that he meant a lot-let the young lady leave the house and go to the nunnery as an aunt.
And even if the young lady suddenly changes her mind and wishes to stay in the house, will there be a good life in the future?
The Grand Duke and Miss Er Gong have a deep hatred. Now he has not married, and the Duke has arranged for Aunt Mei to take care of it temporarily. Once he marries, the Duke means that his wife will be in charge, and then Miss Day will be sad.
Besides, Aunt Mei seems to be a good lady, and her eyes are also good. She doesn’t have a hard time eating and drinking, but who can guarantee that she won’t secretly trip her up in front of her ex-wife?
It’s just a matter of being an aunt. Maybe the young lady in the nunnery can live by herself!
Wipe away the tears on your face, Yinqiao said, "Miss, you sit and rest your handmaiden to clean up."
Liu Yu is walking towards the room, slowly stopping and looking back at her. "I will do it myself."
"The handmaiden will leave with the young lady." She smiled and walked to Liu Yu’s side.
"Are you bitter?" Liu Yu shook his head. "I may not be a good master before, but now I don’t want to drag people down. You’d better stay in the house!" " Life in the nunnery is poor, and she doesn’t want others to suffer with her.
Yinqiao was about to speak when she heard the door "creak" and then she saw the expression on her face coming into the room.
"The handmaiden has seen the Duke" and bowed to the Duke of Xinyang. She poured a cup of tea and respectfully put it on the couch.
Xinyang Hou couch takes a seat and her eyes fall on Liu Yu’s arm. She quietly looks at the daughter and doesn’t speak.
It took Liu Yu a while to clench his lips before he turned to Xinyang Hou and saluted, "Jade Wan has seen Dad."
"Have you thought about it?" Xinyang houwen
His eyes are deep and his voice is shallow, and his simple words don’t recognize any feelings.
"Well" Liu Yu wan nod.
Xinyang Hou "Are you my daughter?"
"I …" Liu Yu looked up in shock at the smell speech, and she couldn’t understand Xinyang Hou’s question.
"Answer me" Xinyang Hou’s face was slightly heavy
Liu Yu Wan "Jade Wan is naturally a father and daughter"
"Is my daughter so overwhelmed and trying to escape?" Xinyang Hou stared at her word for word. "Think about your big brother and think about yourself again. Do you think you are hit as hard as what he suffered in those years?"
"I, I have no face to stay in the house!" Liu Yuwan bit his lip and shoulder and gently stirred up. Finally, he couldn’t hold back his tears and unwillingly flowed. "Mom made such a big mistake, and I became like this again. What face do you think I have left in the house? What face do you have to face the eldest brother?" Her voice is very sad, tears are lingering in her eyes, and she is full of pain. "Dad, I’m afraid of those eyes that despise and mock, and I’m more afraid of being pointed at, spurned and abused …"
Xinyang Hou looked a little relaxed. "Afraid can solve the problem? Your mother has been punished for her mistake, and you are not only her daughter, but also her father and daughter. Miss Xinyang Houfu made a mistake. It’s not terrible. It’s not terrible. If you are willing to repent, you need to care about others’ eyes. What do others say? You are still young and have changed your chances, and it’s still a long way to walk in the future. Is it worthwhile to take that road? "
"Your eldest brother suffered such a blow when he was a child, but he was extremely unbearable for many years. Did he ever give up on himself in the past? He didn’t give up on himself. Now, if you look at him, who else in Beijing can point at him behind a gossip? And what was he like before your second brother? I don’t tell you, but did he change a few months ago? He almost died in the battle of Yongcheng, but he was loyal to me for a long time without losing a cent! The emperor also specially praised him. "
"He won the reputation by his words and deeds, won the approval of the soldiers in the army, won the respect of others, so don’t you think you should follow suit?"
Liu Yu stopped whispering with tears in her eyes. "Can I?" She looked at Xinyang Hou and wondered, "Dad, can I?"
"If you are willing to change, of course, you can win the respect of others." Xinyang Hou said, and his face became gentle. "Recently, you have lost a lot of weight and carefully adjusted your body. From last month, Mei took care of the house together."
"Dad, I …" Do people in Mei’s house listen to her?
Xinyang Hou got up and smiled gently and kindly. "Dad has confidence in you." He called Yinqiao to take care of the Lord and then walked to the door.
Suddenly, he stopped and looked back at Liu Yu’s arm. "Dad, the waiter in your courtyard, has ordered Mei to transfer them back to you to continue to be a COP."
"Thank you, Dad!" Liu Yu took a step towards him and walked to the door. Xinyang Hou raised his hand to stop "resting!" And he has stepped away.
Night has fallen like moonlight spilled all over the floor, he looked light and walked back to the front yard.
"Liancheng and Juner are back."
Suddenly there was a light sound in his ear, and he looked up and looked at him not far ahead.
Now their father is several meters away from a path in the garden.
"What did you just say?" His expression was slightly excited, and he could not help but confirm it.
Lu walked with the clouds to the gazebo not far away, and the corners of Xinyang Hou’s mouth moved and followed.
"Liancheng and Jun ‘er are back." Two people entered the pavilion and decided that Lu Suiyun would just speak. Repeat a short silence and follow up with "Prince Yi returned to Beijing together."
Xinyang Hou Yin shivered. "Are they all right?"
Lu Suiyun first nodded and then shook his head. "Saving Jun ‘er’s life hangs by a thread several times …" He will simply explain it to Xinyang Hou from Huangfuyi.
After hearing what he said, Hou Xinyang was shocked for a while and said, "Liancheng is the wife of Ling Yue?"
Lu Suiyun moment
He added, "Does Gu Shi know?"
"Qi knew a few days ago," Lu Suiyun replied faintly.

He decided to pretend he didn’t know because he only had brotherly feelings for her, because he would never marry a woman in his life!

After making a decision, he no longer has psychological burden, and then his mouth froze and his smile recovered freely.
"Brother, do you understand my mind? I like you, I like you, I like you! " The song is leisurely, the sea is leisurely, the eyes are moist, and my heart is dark. "I can do whatever you want, even if I endure physical discomfort and live with you on land, I also regret my brother Luo. I look forward to your nodding and asking you to accept my feelings. I will immediately return to the island and ask my father to dissolve my engagement with Feng; I want you to say a word, "I like you". Even though I will be rejected by my father, the Jiao Ren clan is full of joy. I want to stay by your side and watch you, laugh at you and listen to what you say to me every day. "
Melodious and euphemistic songs, full moon lake curling up and flying, all the people around the lake are listening attentively and quietly, listening to the girls singing songs from their hearts
The girl sings with tears in her eyes, like starlight, and like the cool Yue Hui frost Huafeng. The discomfort in her heart is very strong, but he cherishes the sea and cherishes the tearful singer in Na Yue’s eyes … If Luo Gong doesn’t accept her affection, she will be heartbroken.
Does she know that every sentence she sings is doubly heartfelt? Does she know that every sentence she sings is like a sigh of praise? She probably didn’t know it, but her songs expounded all the feelings and thoughts in her heart. She praised the Luo Gong, who lit her life like a scorching sun and made her burn endlessly. She sighs and sighs that her Jiao Ren identity has an irreversible fate, but she wants to take a chance to burn her life and love herself.
If she can harvest love and keep her by his side, she will be willing to live even ten or twenty years less.
As sweet as a fairy sound, listening to the song has not stopped for a long time. The slender figure of a girl like Yue Hua falls on the shore. It is so thin and lonely in everyone’s eyes. I really want to hold the sea in my arms before I go. I really want to tell her, "Don’t be afraid of you and me. I will always be around you. I will love and warm you. You will be your lifelong support, so that you will no longer be lonely and cry!"
Luo Yixuan calmed down and made up his mind again, but Hai You couldn’t stop singing from the heart. He wanted to leave here and stop seeing the girl with tears on her face and frost in her eyes. Is she so persistent? Want to like him? Does she know that her songs are almost bloody in his ears?
Does this make him so good?
"Brother, can you be touched? Touching my song, touching my affection for you, touching my heart? " Haiyou’s eyes never turned away from Luo Yixuan for a moment. She sang and sang with a strong heart, but her heart was bitter as hell because she clearly saw the change of Luo Yixuan’s eyes and the change of his face expression. His eyes were full of guilt.
She is not stupid and naturally knows what this apology means.
He doesn’t accept her affection, and he doesn’t want her to accompany him all his life. No, he doesn’t, but there is someone in his heart. He has already taken root in his heart, and it’s hard to pull it out. No matter how deep she is, no matter how hard she works, she can’t replace that person. But that person has a home to return to, isn’t it? So he didn’t give himself a chance. Give her a chance? "Brother Luo, you really don’t like me at all. Don’t you like leisurely?" Tears of blood in her heart way
"Stop singing, Youyou!" Luo Yixuan’s guilt intensified in his eyes. He looked at Haiyou and whispered, "Brother Luo likes you very much. He likes you, a lovely sister!"
Haiyou didn’t hear what he said, but he still sang like a cloud flowing and graceful for nine days. "Brother Luo, I haven’t finished singing yet, so I can’t listen to you and I can’t stop. Brother Luo, do you know? How I don’t want to be your sister! I want to be with you and watch you! " Her heart murmured tears of blood.
Maple eyes gradually became moist, and his heart ached. "Silly girl, are you a silly girl?" You are a princess of Jiao Ren, or the king and queen dote on their daughters, so let yourself be tortured by feelings? " He thought to himself immediately, "Will you stop torturing yourself?"
"What’s wrong with me? Didn’t I tell myself not to cry? Didn’t I tell myself to finish singing this song in front of my brother Luo? But I still cried after all, and I still burst into tears with no hope. "The last graceful syllable fell into the sea, and my eyes were stunned."
She slowly stabilized her mind, raised her hand, wiped her face and tears, and smiled softly. "Brother Luo, do I sing well?"
Los escape hin hesitated for a moment and nodded but didn’t speak.
Haiyou couldn’t help crying again. She cried and wept. "Brother Luo, I sang this song for you. I like you. Brother Luo, I like you. Did you hear that?" Thin and trembling in the night wind, she looked at the man in front of her and looked at her for a long time. Brother Luo finally spoke his mind and confessed himself before him.Los escape porch lip angle pursed transfixed at her is still looking at her without words.
A long time, Haiyou tried to hold back the pain in her heart and wiped her tears again. She looked up and said with a smile, "Does Brother Luo like me? It’s not that brother and sister like it. It’s that men and women like brother Luo. Do you like me? " Los escape porch corners of the mouth moved eyes dyed smile way "you sing very well, if you like people will be happy to listen to your singing" he irrelevant answer deliberately avoid the girl for questioning.
"Brother Luo didn’t catch what I asked just now?"
Haiyou looked at him stubbornly in his eyes.
"You will always be my sister in my heart and I will never marry in my life," said Luo Yixuan sincerely.
"I don’t want to be your sister!" Haiyou held back tears and shouted at him in a high voice. "Did you hear that? I don’t want to be your sister, I like you! " Los escape hin not language she continued, "because of Liancheng sister? It’s because of Liancheng’s sister that you won’t marry in this life, right? " Luo Yixuan’s face changed a few times, and his eyes were slightly cooled, but there were still no words.
Haiyou "bursts bursts" smiled "you don’t talk is the default, right? I knew you liked Liancheng’s sister. I knew for a long time that you and B-brother liked Liancheng’s sister, but Liancheng’s sister did … "Before she finished speaking, Luo Yixuan suddenly cut her off." Enough! " His voice is not loud, but it makes people tremble
Brother Lengluo’s voice has never been so cold, especially in front of her.
His eyes have never been so cold. Never.
Sea leisurely body trembling but still stubbornly raised the bar "you don’t want me to say yes I don’t say, but I will kill Liancheng sister, do you believe it? If you want to kill her, you won’t think about her and miss her. Do you think I should do this? " At this moment, she is like a little witch. It is strange to see Luo Yixuan’s eyes.
Her words are priceless, and everyone can hear them clearly, but everyone’s face is not surprised.
Because they know that girls have a bad temper, and that it will hurt a lot in their hearts more than they have a little pity in their hearts.
I think Luo Yixuan shouldn’t refuse the girl’s affection.
Huangfuyi looked at his wife and kissed her thoughtfully. Liancheng looked back at him and muttered, "Why do you look at me like that?"
"What do you say?" Huangfuyi corners of the mouth cock half squinting to ask
Liancheng gave him a white look and said, "You really talk about who Yixuan is. It’s not that you don’t know that Youyou is a little girl. It’s hard to say something inappropriate when her love is frustrated at the moment. Don’t worry." Luo Yixuan knows what kind of person she is. Although he has feelings for her, he has never done anything that makes her difficult, and he has never said anything that makes her difficult. Now it’s even more ugly to be said by Haiyou than her. What a girl!
"Brother Luo, your eyes are terrible." Haiyou looked at Luo Yixuan’s eyes and looked at them coldly and carefully. "You hate me, don’t you?"
Los escape porch lip lick did not answer.
"Brother Luo, don’t be angry, okay? Don’t look at me like that. I’m wrong. I shouldn’t talk nonsense …" Bite and bite her lips. Luo Yixuan’s look eased, but the coldness in her eyes didn’t dissipate. Haiyou slowly bowed her head and said, "I didn’t expect that I would say those words. I really couldn’t help myself. Brother Luo, I want you to know that I want you to say" I like you "softly." Speaking of this, she finally couldn’t help but the water in her eyes
"I really know it’s wrong?" Los escape hin stared at her and asked

Others, he really is others to Zheng Feng.

He seemed to be ill and began to think that if it was Chen Meifang …
What if it’s Chen Meifang?
She he will never meet again.
He smiled and was covered in rain with a sad face.
Zheng Fengwang grew up in luxury, and she didn’t know anything. She tried her best to get everything, but he didn’t look happy at all. She wanted to ask questions, but she listened to Su Juanxue.
"Come and hug me. I’m so cold."
Zheng Fengzhang opened his mouth and finally said nothing. He walked over and hugged him.
She consoled herself. She didn’t think about it. Although she is down and out now, she still has a son-
So why is he unhappy …
Zheng Feng was still startled when severe pain came from his chest.
She opened her mouth and wanted to ask "You …"
-What are you unhappy about?
However, the sharp pain made her unable to say anything. In front of her, the teenager’s face changed from clear to blurred, and the world gradually blurred. The only clarity of the five senses was to embrace this body and penetrate the cold temperature of blood.
She heard people screaming around her, someone yelling for someone to kill, and then "stabbed in the chest …"
"It’s hopeless …"
"Uh …" Su Sasakawa snow closed his eyes and the cold rain beat on him as if it could wash away his blood.
He is on land, but he is like diving in the deep sea.
Both painful
Happy again
The next day it was sunny when Su Jiao studied with Liu Han.
LiuHan suddenly said
"Your stepmother is dead."
Su Jiao "Huh?"
LiuHan casually handed him the phone.
Su Jiao saw the title.
"What is a teenager who kills his mother and slips in the rain?"
Su Jiao at the school gate saw Su Chimian waiting there.
It seems that Su Xuxue’s killing his mother didn’t affect him. He leaned against the car door and looked cold and abstinent.
Su Jiao just ignored it.
Su Chimian stopped him.
Liu Han raised his eyelids and stood in front of Su Jiao. "What do you do?"
Su Chimian paused and looked at Su Jiao.
Su Chimian "Su Sasakawa has something for me to bring you"
Liu Han frowned slightly. "Why didn’t he come by himself?"
Before Su Chimian could speak, Liu Han said, "Oh, I know I can’t come, right?"
Su Chimian’s eye pupil was dark. He didn’t argue with each other, but looked at Su Jiao.
Teenagers still wear masks and amber eyes are light.
Surrounded by students’ curiosity, many people have recognized him
Su Jiao didn’t want to be watched and asked, "What is it?"
Su Chimian took out a roll of information and gave it to Su Jiao.
Su Jiao took it and said
"He also said that he owed you an apology. I hope you can visit him sometimes. There are some things he wants to tell you in person."
Su Jiao smiled. "Then give him a message for me, too."
He said, "I won’t forgive him if I don’t apologize."
"Besides, go to jail and stop dreaming."
Su Jiao didn’t open the document until late.
He finished his homework before he opened it slowly.
Everything in the Su family is in the past for him, and now they can’t disturb his rhythm and life in any way.
He will only bet one in his spare time.
However, all the information still made Su Jiao "rub"
This is evidence that Zheng Feng bribed people to set fire.
In fact, Su Jiao has also heard those rumors that Zheng Feng actually did the fire in kindergarten.
However, Su Jiao doesn’t believe this kind of talk.

Yun Mingyuan noticed that Han Xiumo looked slightly wrinkled. "What’s the matter?"

Han Xiumo told him the test.
Han Xiumo guessed that everyone in front would probably come to this test, not only refining medicine, but also people’s hearts.
His eyes rested on Yunmingyuan and he couldn’t help laughing.
If others come in together, he may have to worry about it, but it is not necessary to follow Yunmingyuan’s worry.
"I think we can refine Peiyuan Dan, Guyuan Dan, vitality Dan, Qingling Jiedu Dan … if not, there are three kinds of medicinal materials that can’t." Yun Mingyuan tried to help Han Xiumo with his knowledge.
Han Xiumo didn’t interrupt him.
Yun Mingyuan overthrew the train of thought several times and found that he was really not good at it.
No matter how you look at it, there are several herbs in it that are redundant.
He couldn’t help looking at the professionals.
Han Xiumo smiled. "There are several kinds of medicinal materials that are used to assist the remnants, but the success rate of alchemy is not high."
Actually, it’s not recorded in All Saints’ Pharmacopoeia. It’s because the pharmacopoeia is the best method, so this opportunistic little means is not needed.
There is no third in the second pharmacopoeia, but these confusing medicinal materials have just come from the second pharmacopoeia, which the alchemist may not notice.
However, Han Xiumo is very familiar with these herbs, and these kinds of Dan medicines can be refined with his eyes closed. These are all from previous lives. Although he is a cheap master and a cheap brother, he seems to regard him as a darling, but Han Xiumo’s practice is all about finding ways to learn cheap master and brother.
They also came to raise a person who knows a little alchemy. body double only needs to know alchemy, but they can’t understand it.
There are a lot of alchemy skills that Han Xiumo contributed through Zongmen in exchange for occasionally meeting an alchemist in Zongmen and giving him some tips, which have become the accumulation of Han Xiumo.
Now he actually doesn’t know these skills of neutralizing Lingcao, but he probably won’t be able to do it here without these Lingcao.
He sighed and took out all the Lingcao in the cupboard and put it aside. Yunmingyuan was watching Han Xiumo’s alchemy with great interest.
Han Xiumo didn’t refine Dan medicine in front of him. At that time, Han Xiumo was very sad. It seemed that he was ready to face death at any time. He was not keen on everything. Sometimes he would make his character cold. Yunmingyuan gave birth to a feeling that Han Xiumo was very cold.
Even he will think so. Yunxuan will spit more behind his back. Sometimes Yunxuan will amuse Han Xiumo by running around the yard with his plow body.
But now Han Xiumo …
It’s different from before
He looked calm and focused, moving around manually, and every movement looked pleasing to the eye, completely immersed in the process of alchemy.
Yunmingyuan can feel Han Xiumo’s pleasure.
He is enjoying the process.
Chapter 55 Cheap Master
Han Xiumo’s practice of mental method was obtained in a secret place. Before that, he practiced by giving him the same mental method as his senior brother and master. They wanted to revive the young man. He relied on that mental method to practice until the foundation period.
Then came the extension of time limit and the stagnation of repair.
Then Han Xiumo chose to go out and experience, and once again he got a purple mansion that could be refined by his soul. He was more in line with the method.
Although the second part of the heavenly heart medicine, the sacred heart method, is the second part, he chose to abolish the original repair and did not feel any obstacles after being closed in the purple house for only 30 years and successfully returned to the original realm.
Maybe only the last achievement method is a problem, but Han Xiumo couldn’t detect it at that time
It took him a long time to realize that maybe the guy who occupied his body was getting thinner not only because he had no desire to survive, but also because his skills didn’t fit.
He shook his head and threw his messy thoughts out of his mind. Hu Xiaoren’s attitude was more respectful. "Thank you, master."
The villain waved his hand. "Oh, you’re welcome!"
Yunmingyuan "…"
Han Xiumo "…"
A little old man sitting in a teacup rolled his eyes and suddenly said, "Can you take this cup with you when you leave?"
Han Xiumo zheng "of course"
The little old man smoothed his beard and was very satisfied with this brother. "Good, good, old man really knows the pearl."
I don’t know what I was praised for. Han Xiumo "…" I wish I could smile at this time.
However, Yun Mingyuan frowned and suddenly asked, "I don’t know the name of my predecessor?"
"It’s interesting that you’re a junior." The little old man stared at Yun Mingyuan for a moment and smiled. "Why are you afraid that I have too many enemies to get you into trouble?"
Yunmingyuan "…"
Han Xiumo poked his silence at this time can represent the default!
Yunmingyuan remained unmoved.
Han Xiu ink breath should not YunMingYuan really think so?
"Yeah, disciple, it’s a good couple for you." The little old man poked fun at the sentence and then got serious. "I’m a green man who respects you. Ask around after you go out."
Han Xiumo’s face changed slightly.
Qingwuzun … is really familiar with the name.
He sighed in his mind and nodded to show that he was white.
The fix-the-true world has inherited great power, which has already soared or is ancient, but he is not dead yet, and obviously left a cause for himself.
Han Xiumo doesn’t doubt that he found an apprentice because he saw the resurrection method in All Saints Pharmacopoeia, and the master’s soul is still in a hurry to collect the apprentice. The external array is so bad. Nine times out of ten, he relied on the cheap apprentice to find the resurrection method.
"Since Master has spoken, we will definitely take this cup with us when we leave."
The little old man’s head was surprised that he could receive such a clever apprentice. "The old man has a good eye, so I said I have a good eye for disciples. Those old guys still don’t believe it."
"Since you are so well-advised," Qingwu Zun casually threw a piece of Yu Pei to Han Xiumo. "This is just a gift for you."
"Thank you, Master." Han Xiumo picked up Yu Pei and saw that Yu Pei sample. After that, his pupil suddenly shrank, but he quickly concealed his strange change of subject. "Master, I don’t know how we are going to get out of here?"

Chi Xuan agrees that "Yi Taifei’s method is not bad. That’s good to prove that I have figured out a way, that is, let Chi Yuan watch Bo Jingjing being cracked and die, and never stop or think about saving people. Only in this way will I believe that he and Bo Jingjing are not."

It will definitely be a very hard thing to stand by and watch one’s beloved be executed. Chi Xuan thinks that Chi Yuan can’t do it and watch Bo Jingjing be executed without stepping in.
Wen Yan Chi Yuan’s eyes flashed a bit of shock and pain. Chi Xuan wanted him to watch Bo Jingjing die!
But Bo Jingjing couldn’t help flashing her eyes, but she didn’t say anything, as if she was not going to die.
Appropriate toffee and earnest look at ChiYuan that ChiYuan clearly is to let him not to make a move.
But how can Chiyuan do it?
He doesn’t believe he can control it.
Chi Xuan and Yi Taifei have already negotiated the verification method. Some officers and men leaned over Bojing’s legs to pull out the nails, otherwise Bojing could leave this wooden frame.
Nailing into human bones is not so easy to pull out. In this process, no matter how strong you are, it is difficult to breathe out.
When the nail was pulled out, the bloody blood poured out again.
Even a man can’t bear this. What’s worse, a woman?
How much endurance does this require?
What a tough heart?
Biting her lip, Bo Jingjing almost bit her lip and was happy to faint.
But she is stubborn and unwilling to let herself shed tears, her eyes are red and she is covered with scars. Even if she is not afraid of car cracks, she will not live long.
When two nails are pulled out, they will trap her legs. Jingjing immediately fell face to face and had no strength to straighten up.
Chiyuan wants to help him up.
Chapter five dismembered
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But appropriate toffee a eye warning swept past ChiYuan footsteps couldn’t help living.
But he really can’t bear to see Bo Jingjing go like this.
The sight of that bloody man really made him feel too sad.
And they have no children.
Chi Xuan also saw Chi Yuan’s sample in his eyes. He felt that Chi Yuan could not look on coldly even though he knew that if he stepped in, there would be no good result.
But he can never ignore it.
Bo Jingjing was lying weak on the ground. Even though she was born from the killer pile, she was not injured so badly in every selection and killing, but this time she felt that she was going to be unable to carry it.
Before the officers and men, Bo Jingjing was dragged up and walked towards Taiwan.
When he saw the people watching, he immediately gave up a truth.
In the face, five horses were brought over.
Bo Jingjing was dragged to the ground, and the place where she passed was covered with blood.
Appropriate toffee worries at ChiYuan not in my mind with a sigh.
This wave jingjing is also a love robbery of Chiyuan, right?
In the future, it may be difficult for Chiyuan to love again or will live in hatred, grief and decadence?
These are all things that can be determined by law, but Chi Yuan can only get away completely when Bo Jingjing dies.
After being dragged on the ground and wiped on the back, Jingjing couldn’t feel how painful it was.
Because her body aches so much that she feels numb with pain.
Bo Jingjing was dragged in the center position, and the officers and men chained her hands and feet. After five people rode horses, five people were required, and one of them rode a horse, and traveling Jingjing would be more painful.
Chi Xuan looked at all this and his heart was numb. No one was distressed or worried. He had expectations and cold-blooded pleasure.
Isn’t Chiyuan the closest to Chimie?
Then brush ChiYuan and ChiYuan may be burned to death. Is there evidence for him to dispose of ChiYuan? Even if ChiYuan appears again, can he resist him?
He is the emperor who deals with traitors and beheads them on the spot. Of course, he is sensible, and nothing is impossible.
Chixuan carefree indifference corners of the mouth hook with malicious smile.
Face people is stare big eyes.
They have seen decapitation, but they have not seen dismemberment.
Many people are a little excited, but some people are very afraid to see the bloody scene later.
Being in a mood is very contradictory, that is, excited and slightly afraid.
While Yi Taifei is staring at Chi Xuan. She is afraid that Chi Yuan will make moves, otherwise she will be out of the palace in vain, and there is no way to rescue Chi Yuan again.
Chi Yuan certainly knows that if he saves Bo Jingjing, it will bring trouble to Yi Taifei.
But if you don’t save Bo Jingjing, how can you live up to your heart?