Ow woo-

Silver Wolf demon let out a howl and tried to move his body to avoid the bear demon attack.
It’s a pity that the bear demon attacked quickly, and the silver wolf demon root didn’t come to escape.
However, the wolf demon didn’t wait and die, although there was no chance to escape. When the bear demon’s back armor was about to fall, the wolf demon’s back green python spit out a few green poison gases.
Bang bang bang—
The green poison gas released by the silver pervert and the green python hit each other almost at the same time.
The wolf demon was stabbed by a nail and several blood holes were made.
Of course, the bear demon is also uncomfortable, and the poisoning is getting worse and worse.
By this time, Xu Ren’s face finally had a little smile. Although both demon families still have fighting capacity, they can’t escape the fate of both sides if they go to a stalemate again.
Small demon leopard Molin be careful. After all, the two demon families are not weak. He is also afraid that these two guys will wake up and then aim at him and Xu Ren.
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were shocked and shocked. At this time, they didn’t know what to say. Xu Ren’s idea was really different. They didn’t like the Xu Ren plan, but now the Xu Ren plan is suspected to be successful.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
When Xu Ren, Xiao Yao Bao Mo Lin, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were thinking about their own worries, the bear demon and the silver pervert demon each gave a roar, which seemed to blame each other
However, in this case, when it is obvious that there is no mutual accusation, it is not who can directly scare the other party back, depending on who can persist in living to the end.
Seeing the law scare off the other party, Xiong Yao once again took the lead in launching an attack.
The demon race human habits are different. In the demon race world, it is always strong. The demon race attacks more actively and the weaker side is mostly passive defense. Although the defensive side may win the final victory, the chances are not great.
On the other hand, the human demon race is just the opposite, because there is a saying that "the first Mover is strong", so the human monks often see that the weak attack is more active.
Of course, there are also accidents. For example, like Xu Ren, he doesn’t like to start first whether he is stronger than himself or weaker than himself.
Silver Wolf demon dare not easily confront the bear demon, but his speed is faster. Xu Ren feels that if this wolf demon tries hard, it is estimated that his speed will not be too far behind.
Bear demon and wolf demon look more like representatives of speed and strength.
The bear demon represents strength while the wolf demon represents speed.
Bang bang—
Not long after, the bear demon and the wolf demon attacked and collided again. This time, the wolf demon body appeared several blood holes, and the bear demon body was hit by several green fogs again.
After this collision, the wolf demon and the bear demon also played a real fire, and the two sides no longer held back when they confronted each other again.
Then the battle between the bear demon and the wolf demon became more and more exciting, and both sides seemed to be involved.
At this time, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were in a hurry. They thought it should be the best opportunity, but Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin didn’t mean to leave.
A Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng can still hold back, but as time goes by, they can’t stand Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, and they can’t wait to die here.
People are selfish. Even though Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, saved Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng before, they decided to take care of themselves when they faced the life and death choice again.
Swish swish-
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng rushed out of the back of the silver wolf demon at almost the same time.
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng seem that even if they leave, the two demon families should not chase them. After all, there are Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin in situ.
See Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng escape Xu Ren sighed slightly. These two men are really impatient. It is death to escape at this time.
Chapter one thousand and ninety-one Town
There is no harm to Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng Xu Ren, but these two guys are going to die and Xu Ren doesn’t want to stop them. After all, people have their own opinions. Since these two guys don’t want to drag him down and the little demon leopard Mo Lin, he is also willing to see such a result.
Therefore, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, saw that after Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng fled, they didn’t move, and they didn’t call the two men back. They seemed to cooperate with the two men and didn’t seem to find their escape.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
See Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng to run the bear demon and the wolf demon, but they are in a hurry and they don’t care about fighting. They jumped directly at Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng.
At the moment, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng’s roots have not been repaired. Although their bodies have been strengthened in this unknown land, they are much stronger than before. Even so, how can they outrun the bear demon and the silver satyr demon?
"ah! ….. Xu Xiong, ink brother save me "
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng let out a scream almost at the same time.
By this time, they are really white. Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, didn’t move. It’s really that the demon race is too close to their prey. You don’t understand, they don’t move you, but if you move, the situation will be different.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, just like the root didn’t hear Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng asking for help. Although they also have the ability to confront the two demon families at the moment, they still have to spend a lot of effort after all. Two dead people can’t make effort.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, were in danger if they didn’t rescue Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng.
"surnamed Xu mo, if you don’t save me today, even if we leave here and return to China, we will not let you go."
After feeling that they were in critical condition, both Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were in a hurry. What can be said is that they were confused and threatened Xu Ren.
Xu Rengen didn’t take a reason for these two people. They died themselves. Xu Renlai didn’t bother to pay attention to them. But if these two people really want to repent and say a few words of apology, then Xu Ren may not necessarily go to from ruin. But these two guys will call for help and then threaten them. Where will Xu Ren care about them
"ah! ……”
Shen Guoyi gave a tragic howl, and one of his arms was directly bitten by the lion’s head on the left arm of Xiong Yao.
"ah! ……”
Another scream, Chen Guosheng’s lower abdomen was directly bitten by the silver wolf demon.
Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao shook their heads, and then the two of them suddenly accelerated and ran out directly behind the wolf demon.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
Although the bear demon and the wolf demon feasted, their attention didn’t really shift from Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin to Xu Ren. When the small demon leopard Molin showed their size and fled, the two demon families almost roared at the same time and chased Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin.
Without Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, finally ran away with speed.
In this way, the two demon families can’t catch up. Even the fast silver wolf demon has been pulled a long way by Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin.
By this moment, the two demon families have understood that it is impossible for them to chase away from the two guys. If it were not for the drag of the two-legged prey, they would have run away and disappeared.
The monster beast also has its own cognition, for example, if it is strong, it will be considered strong, and if it is extremely fast, it will be considered strong.
After the two demon families chased out a distance, they stopped chasing and returned to their territory.
The bear demon has long since slipped away with his prey in his mouth. He appears poisoned and continues to fight with the silver wolf demon, which is likely to kill him.
Although their life here is very hard and sometimes they can’t eat enough, they don’t want to let them die, and even if one of the two strong teams finally lives, it will be riddled with holes. If you are not careful, you will lose the demon snacks.
Although the bear demon with three heads is very violent and grumpy, his brain is not white. His three heads will still weigh the pros and cons.
Just because the bear demon with three heads is more available, the original order is still maintained here.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, got rid of those demon families and immediately felt wide and wide after they came after them.
Xu Ren and Molin, a small demon leopard, are not incapable of killing the two demon families, but Xu Ren vaguely feels that if he kills the indigenous demon family here by himself, it will probably cause unnecessary trouble. Whether it is a person or a demon family, if he is born and raised here, he will not kill it himself.
Even before chasing them, Xu Ren, the demon family with leopard body and snakehead tail, didn’t kill them all. It’s just a trap that trapped them. If there are companions coming behind to save or kill them, it’s none of his business.
In the process of marching along the stream, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, met several demon families again. However, because neither Xu Ren nor Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, was involved, they were not delayed by the appearance of those demon families.
Actually, Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, don’t know where they are going now. When they want to find a local person to understand the situation here, even if there are no humans, they can find a demon family in the shaping period.
Of course, it is also a big problem for the demon race to communicate with human beings in this place where spiritual power can’t be moved. It is not a matter of time to learn a language.
Xu Ren hopes that they can understand the Northern Xuanzhou Mandarin, but not the Japanese Mandarin. He has also learned the Japanese Mandarin and several dialects during this period. In addition, Xu Ren has also learned the Mandarin of Nan Danzhou, Xi Hezhou and China. I hope that the aborigines here can understand a mandarin or dialect, so that communication will be more convenient and smooth.
Perhaps it was the hard-working Xu Ren who found a town and it was inhabited after he went all the way along the stream to the intersection of several streams.
To Xu Ren’s surprise, the people in this town are all normal people, not as weird as those demon families.
In addition, there is another discovery in Xu Ren, that is, people here are very physically strong, even children of a few years old have fighters.
When I arrived in this town, the little demon leopard Molin also felt incredible. To know that martial arts in China is called a dead end, martial arts people are also looked down upon by monks, but I didn’t expect this place to be a place where one practices martial arts.
Of course, it’s impossible to say how high the martial arts people in this town are. Xu Ren saw that most of them were hard rocks, and a small number of people reached the mountaineering territory, so they should be considered top fighters.
"Are you from the outside world?"

Before Su Yu set out to break through the shackles of holiness, he had to solve the problem of 10 thousand clansmen first

The ambassador of all ethnic groups was connected to the reception hall, and the appearance of the ambassador of all ethnic groups occupied about two-thirds of the hall.
The different faces and appearances of all ethnic groups are all taken in by Su Yu.
"All families want to buy recovery Dan medicine and solid culture yuan Dan, pulp washing Dan and other drugs? I don’t have much Chinese medicine such as silver silk and secret lotus. "
Wang Chuan withered side will report Su Yu eyebrows a pick toward the bottom of the family asked.
Presumably these days, this group of aliens must have spent a lot of money to buy Yanhuang’s selling Dan medicine, adding the life juice Dan medicine, which naturally takes several times as much as ordinary Dan medicine.
It is the life juice and Bian Que’s blending technique that make the alien root method copy the efficacy of Dan medicine
So they can make peace.
The appearance of the silver silk lotus must be the reason why many forces are crazy.
However, you can also imagine why the explosion of the stargate has given up the hope of the entire Xinghai quasi-sacred land.
"Su Da, what conditions do you have to come out and let us see?"
Shen Yu eyebrows a bunch of he said gently on behalf of the family first responded.
Unwilling to lag behind, the wolf clan also motioned for Su Yu to make conditions.
And Shen Yu looked at each other at Su Yu’s lip angle slightly. "My Yanhuang Dan medicine has now reached the point where it is valuable. If you want to get Yanhuang again, the purchase conditions are naturally different."
"Restore Dan’s price is now the highest, and it has been sold to 100,000 immortals. I can charge you a bottle of 50,000 immortals."
"Dan Yu medicine Yanhuang will charge you twice the market price."
"Those who have a high price for silver silk and secret lotus have now become saints, and you should know how popular such Dan medicine is."
Su Yu let go of the blank paper and said indifferently
Hearing this, a group of foreigners could not help gnashing their teeth.
Gu Pei Yuan Dan and Xi Sui Dan are at least 100,000 immortal stones at the market price!
Su Yu’s mouth is twice as big!
Especially the Wolf clan, they can buy almost a bottle of Dan medicine just by receiving the post office these days!
Yanhuang has such a difficult condition!
"Su Yu, you are not deliberately making things difficult for us!"
Wolf clan broke out first.
They have a feud with the Chinese people, and now they have been swallowing this Dan medicine for four months.
It’s hard to see Su Yu’s face. He’s so hard on the alien!
"We all agreed."
Wolf clan anger just issued a listen to ginseng yu agreed.
Before that, the hundred families formed an alliance again, and Shen Yu was the person who spoke this time. He naturally represented the hundred families.
Okur glanced at Senyu and hesitated for half a ring, then slowly nodded, "I, the Terran, also agreed."
In addition to the orcs, several ranking numbers have not yet been spoken. Wusheng Pavilion and Ziya Mountain are not out of the two terran forces.
"The family hurriedly, god Terran you are crazy! ? You also agree with this unreasonable price! What do you think of the orcs? "
Other races, such as choosing wolves, don’t care
But what makes the wolf clan angry most is that the orcs have chosen silence!
"I still need to consider a thing or two about such conditions. I wonder if Su Da can wait a few days."
The voice of the orc tribe is very polite, not as arrogant as that of the Wolf tribe.
No matter whether the orcs and the Chinese people hold grudges, they are not as profound as the wolves and the Chinese people, and his performance is much more calm.
Su Yu reminded her lip angle and looked down coldly. "The Wolf clan sent me to help me sell Dan medicine."
"Since you are disrespectful to me, the Yanhuang Dan medicine will not be sold to the Wolf clan or the alien Yanhuang will end here!"
"The orcs asked me not to wait for the alien to decide whether to buy today, so we can make a decision."
Su Yu said categorically that she didn’t give it to make the aliens hesitate at all.
Zhuge Liang slowly walked out from behind Su Yu with a feather fan. He kindly said, "If you decide to buy, you can stay first, choose to go back and close again, and you can quit the temple."
Buy or not? Don’t buy it. Get out!
Such a wind is in line with Su Yu Terran style!
Anyway, I hold the rare Dan medicine formula, which is equivalent to monopolizing the industry. Don’t buy our Yanhuang Dan medicine if something happens! Since you want to buy, you should pay for the resources!
"Hey, it’s not like there is a Yanhuang family to sell!"
"My roots can’t afford to be so expensive."
"Su Dadi’s roots are beyond my power!"
"I decided to try my luck in the black market, and Su Yu always sucks blood."
The alien made one after another scold and left.
There are only a few small planes left, except for the Terran and the Hundred Tribes, and the Ziya Mountain and Wusheng Pavilion remain undecided.
I heard that Su Yu’s look on the black market from those alien mouths was slightly meaningful, so I saw Zhuge Liang’s eyes.

"It’s the patriarch!" The housekeeper promised to go out and prepare the car as soon as possible, but the little leader dared not stay any longer and ran out with him.

"Wang Ming, you have just come back and have experienced so many things. Don’t be so anxious to attack the vegetarian family! There will be no problem when you rest for a while. Anyway, the vegetarian clan has been trapped here by us, and I’m afraid they have been held back by some forces outside their helpers. It’s just a matter of time before we attack them. Will the problem be urgent now? " Yueming and Yueying sit in her special carriage, while Wang Ming and Yuehua ride on one side of the carriage. Now they all observe the situation and Yueming asks while watching.
Yueming had hoped that Wang Ming and Yueying could have a rest in a hurry. When she heard the battle report, she knew that the Lingsu people had suffered a lot. Thousands of elite attributes were annihilated by Wang Mingyan Wangcheng. This will not be able to recover from the loss for a while. Now the Lingsu people must be fighting against the virtual roots and can’t play any tricks anymore. At this time, Yueming is not in a hurry. I hope that their advantage will make the Lingsu people accept mental suffering. If they can torture them, it will be the greatest achievement for Yueming.
"No, Queen, we can’t wait any longer. I already figured it out when we summoned you. When our soldiers hit the Lingsu clan, you will almost come soon. In this way, we can launch a general attack on them when they are in a panic. I’m afraid they may not be able to come up with countermeasures, even if they have fighting capacity, they will suffer heavy losses due to improper arrangement.
But now that we have lost the opportunity, we have stayed here for too long, so that the soldiers of the Lingsu nationality have adapted to the atmosphere of the coming war, then we have not paid for the momentum advantage except the strength advantage.
Then there is the Lingsu clan. After all, it is no longer the Lingsu clan. They have occupied here for many years, and their clan city was chosen by themselves. I’m afraid there must be some reason why they can choose such a city near the north and not prosperous. We can’t wait any longer, and we can’t give them the chance to adapt to the battle. In this case, even if they have any trump card, the chances of counterattack will be great if the clan loses confidence. Drop "Wang Ming won’t be naive. After the loss of personnel, the Eldar will give in easily. However, they have developed a race similar to gunpowder and explosives. Although their technology is not the enemy of Parademons, its destructive power is not small. Wang Ming decided to have the first hand.
After listening to Wang Ming’s explanation, Yueming thought for a moment, "Well, Wang Ming said that after so many years, don’t say that the Lingsu clan has found its own clan city. Even if we are forced to make a ghost, we have been able to defend the enemy profitably, not to mention being cunning and ashamed of the Lingsu clan. Maybe they really have something to turn the tide. The more they give them, the more trouble things will become for the Goddess clan and Wuyuguo."
"Slice! I think it’s just that he is timid and thinks everything so seriously. The Shields are so dangerous. Look at them. They have been attacked by us and they are in a hurry! " Month surplus despise way
"Yue Ying, you shut up. Wang Ming has paid a lot. If you don’t respect Wang Ming, I’ll drive you out of Wuyuguo." Yue Ming heard the moonlight shadow and immediately said sullenly.
"It’s mother’s adult. I know I’m wrong." Although Yue Ying is not happy with Wang Ming, he also dare not contradict his mother and immediately apologize.
Chapter four hundred and eleven The situation changes
"Look at the Lingsu clan. It seems that some of them can’t stand it. Later, those people may be poor people with little experience. You see, their fighting is too weak." Yue Ming was going to severely reprimand the moon shadow around him when she was in surplus in January.
Although Yueying has different feelings for Wang Ming, she doesn’t want to see her mother Wang Ming and blames Wang Ming too much. After all, Yueying is her own sister, and the harsher the monthly sound, Yueying may have more opinions about Wang Ming in her heart, and she will immediately divert her attention from the changes in the fighting of the Lingsu wall.
Real Yueming has always been prejudiced against Wang Ming by Yueying because she asked Wang Ming to choose one of them to marry back, but Wang Ming didn’t choose Yueying Yueying. Although she didn’t necessarily want to marry Wang Ming, after all, she was competitive since she was a child and lost to her young aunt, which may make her feel uncomfortable.
Moreover, Yue Ming doesn’t regret the original decision, but she also feels a little sorry for the moon shadow and the moon surplus, which makes them feel the chips. Yue Ming doesn’t want to blame Yue Ying too much, but Wang Ming is so disrespectful about the moon surplus after all, which makes Wang Ming feel embarrassed. Then it will be bad to have a bad feeling with the goddess family in her heart, so she can’t help but interrupt the existing moon shadow and she will muddle along.
Wang Ming is used to hearing the words of Moon Surplus, and there is no big reaction. Although Wang Ming once worried that if Moon Surplus succeeds to the throne according to two people, I am afraid it will have a bad influence on human beings and Wang Ming personally, but on second thought, Moon Shadow Qualification is the only choice for a queen. If Wang Ming exerts a little influence on Moon Shadow, then the problem of him and Moon Shadow will be solved. Besides, it is said that the life span of Goddess can reach more than 150 years, and the queen’s position is only in her thirties, which is still far from that time! Wang Mingxian doesn’t care much about Yueying. Most of the time, he takes Yueying’s words as deaf ears.
Marrying Wang Mingyue has always protected her as a small "xianggong", and she has always been obedient and clever. However, she will be the first to jump out when it comes to Wang Ming’s gossip or the need for force. However, Yue Hua did not interrupt this time because she coerced Wang Ming to marry her for a good reason, but it is more appropriate to show the moon shadow and the moon surplus according to her age, and Wang Ming is so excellent. Now Yue Hua feels a little sorry for the moon shadow and the moon surplus, so she will not say anything more about this matter.
In this way, everyone agreed on the tacit understanding and turned their attention to the vegetarian wall, ignoring the ridicule of Wang Ming just now. Seeing that Wang Ming and Yuehua didn’t pursue the meaning, Yue Ming was also relieved.
"No, what kind of black dynamite are they going to make? Come and send a signal." Wang Ming suddenly saw that the rookie soldiers in Chengtou were all tied with black things, and immediately responded by saying hello to Yiqi Monto behind them.
"What is the kind of thing that those Lingsu people sent when Ghost Ze attacked us?" Yuehua heard Wang Ming shout so immediately is a surprised hurriedly asked.
"Well, you can’t go wrong. That kind of substance can certainly not only form a round sphere and tie it into a belt shape, but also." Wang Ming nodded his head.
At this time, Ike Monto was surprised and rushed to Wang Ming. He hurriedly said, "Send a signal to the front to evacuate the melee fighters from the wall and keep a distance from the Lingsu people in exchange for the distant fighters."
At this time, the battle base is a kind of two-car delivery command. Wang Ming tells the front to fight against a team in the rear. The team has someone who specially observes the semaphore, and these semaphores represent the face command. Immediately after the translation, the observer tells the bugler around him, and the huge horn blows out to command the battle ahead. Because the horn is loud, everyone can hear it and the effect is the fastest, and the soldiers are trained in the horn language before the battle. You will know what is going on as soon as you listen to it.
Wang Ming knows this relatively old information delivery method, but he has never meant that these things were set up by Rab when he was waiting near the North City. Later, Wang Mingpu implemented Wang Ming in all military camps. Sometimes it is because he thinks that Rab is a genius and can always manage everything in good order. This time, Wang Ming has always put Rab in charge of logistics. As far as what is concerned, Rab can always ensure the logistics, which also makes Wang Ming’s March more stable.
"Boo-hoo … Boo-hoo!" Long, short and good horns sounded, and the original city wall was about to dominate. The soldiers of Wuyuguo immediately retreated like the tide, followed by those soldiers who could launch long-range attacks and those with strong attributes to kill them long-range.
Speaking of long-range killing, Uramu had to be a little long when Wang Ming disappeared, and Uramu was replacing the rear army commander at that time. Uramu felt a little guilty about supporting Wang Ming’s adventure. He didn’t expect that Wang Ming’s ability would be as good as Xiang Ji’s. Uramu seems that Wang Ming is not a competitive person. He thinks that even if Wang Ming is disrespectful, he will get away. Even worse, there is a very good princess around him, but Wang Ming just disappears.
Uramu made up for his guilt. During Wang Ming’s disappearance, Uramu led his craftsmen to bring Wang Ming’s hand a long anger. Of course, these craftsmen were the people who made and fired slings.
With the joint efforts of Wu Lamu and Wang Ming’s craftsmen, they actually produced a large number of equipment with long bows and anger and gave them to some ordinary soldiers of Wang Ming.
The length of this crossbow is 1.35 meters long, and its body is equipped with a crossbow box, which can hold 50 pieces of long anger at a time and can be fired continuously. However, the length of this crossbow is almost the same as that of the bow and arrow. It is also called that the strength of the bow and the long anger bowstring stirs up a lot, and some defenses are very strong. It is almost as little as a piece of paper in front of it, and there is not much protection. Even the dwarf gravity armor and the human energy field armor are hard to defend.
Although this kind of anger with a long bow looks primitive but its power is amazing, it may be nothing for a person to hold it, but once hundreds of people hold the crossbow with a long bow and anger, I’m afraid that others will not dare to stand up to it except the extremely strong. This is also why the dwarves are unwilling to make this system relatively easy and powerful, except for the technology of anger with a long bow. Because this kind of anger with a long bow is too easy, I’m afraid it is more dangerous than revealing their high-tech flying armor technology.
However, the dwarves are a trustworthy race after all, and since they believe in their friends, they will choose to pay even worse. Uramu encouraged them to lose their coach. So Uramu also gave the skill of long anger to the craftsmen of Wuyuguo.
The Wuyu people withdrew from the city wall very quickly, which also shows that their usual training quality was "buzzing!" The sound of a bow and a long angry ejection is endless.
"poop-poop! Ah! Ah! " Later, the vegetarian family supported the soldiers, so they had no experience. As soon as the fairy family retreated, they rushed in with excitement and were immediately shot into hedgehogs by the long bow.
It’s a phrase for the strong to watch the soldiers around them emit such a powerful crossbow. Their strength should be much stronger than even the crossbow, but it’s not as fast as they are and the number is not as much as they are. Obviously, the speed of killing the enemy now is effective for these ordinary soldiers, which makes those with high spirits and strong attributes unacceptable, but there is no way to comfort them silently. "This is dwarf technology, this is dwarf technology! ! !”
"Thank you, Mr. Ulamu, for your technical support. Since I came back, my craftsman has been extremely excited and told me the news. At that time, I had not come to see this crossbow’s power is ordinary. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. It seems that this time it is really necessary to thank you." Wang Ming bowed slightly toward the horse-drawn carriage like him to observe the combat situation.
"There I am also a little guilty in my heart. After all, if I hadn’t encouraged you at that time, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been missing for months." Uramu said with a full face of apologies.
"Eh, I can’t blame Mr. Ulamu for this. I went to see Mr. Xiang Jiyun. No, I was going, but it happened at that time. That was a great help. How can I blame you!" Wang Ming immediately with the wave way
"You’re welcome, Mr. Yue Ming, who is supported by the dwarves to Wuyuguo, remembers that the friendship between Wuyuguo and the dwarves will last forever and ever." At this time, Yue Ming also turned to the road from the situation.
"Thank you for the Queen’s pursuit of the Five Jade Countries and the dwarves’ eternal friends." Uramu said that the dwarves have always been in crisis. It is of great benefit to have such a powerful ally to face the possibility of fighting or wait for the dwarves to develop after the situation stabilizes. So Uramu immediately said

"Blare-"Aoki Wolf King growled and jumped to the side of the little Aoki Wolf with one or three legs, grabbed it and turned to drill into the bushes.

Carl and Bi Su rushed to pursue, but they were stopped by Ji Dong with a painful fist. "Don’t chase the bitter enemy, but it’s somebody else’s territory that meets the forest, and this Aoki Wolf King might have some desperate skills to really annoy it, and we can’t get good."
Bi Su was depressed tunnel "it seems that our strength is still far from it! Such a head of third-order Warcraft will make us totally embarassed. If it weren’t for the boss, I’m afraid we’d have to be pound-foolish. "
Carl glared at Bisu. "Who told you that you have nothing to do to tease others? Can the little wolf bully the little land and not come out?"
Bi Su said with a face of koo, "How can this blame me? This Aoki Wolf King is really cunning, but he can still run. If you kill it, maybe you can get a wooden crystal nucleus?"
Ji Dong some surprise way "crystal nucleus? Is it a crystal crown? "
Bi Su said, "Of course, it’s not because we don’t have any fighting ability. The Institute didn’t teach us this knowledge. I also heard my dad say that hunting Warcraft will give you a chance to get their crystal nucleus. The crystal nucleus will have the same properties as Warcraft. I don’t know what the crystal crown is, but this crystal nucleus is a good thing! What attribute crystal nucleus can supplement what attribute magic? To be precise, if I can have a second-order crystal nucleus of Warcraft, then I will have twice the magic power. Although the magic strength remains unchanged, the ability to continue fighting is much stronger, but the attribute is Ding Huo crystal nucleus. You need C fire. "
Ji Dong suddenly said, "That’s equivalent to adding magic things. If you have such one, don’t you need to worry about running out of magic?"
Bi Su shook his head. "It’s not that the magic power of crystal nucleus is limited, like level 3 and level 3 crystal nuclei of Warcraft are all disposable, and it will be abolished. It’s impossible to replenish the crystal nucleus of level 4 to level 6 advanced Warcraft, so that the crystal nucleus can be re-injected with magic through the magic teacher’s own supplement, and they can even recover some magic by themselves over time, depending on the crystal nucleus’s own properties, but don’t even think about those things. Even if the teacher deals with level 4 Warcraft in summer, it may be barely enough. It’s like the gap between the three crowns and four crowns of our magic teacher. Speaking of which, it’s not easy for us to beat the first and third levels of Warcraft this time. "
Carl put his arm around Ji Dong’s shoulder. "Eldest brother, you confessed that your magic skills were learned from me and Bi Su, but I didn’t expect you to give us a big surprise first. That’s a single combination skill! There are also continuous combination skills. If your combination skills hadn’t hit the right front leg of Aoki Wolf King, maybe we would be finished today. "
Bi Su said, "It is this two months that I have been practicing magic skills with Carl for two months. That C-D fireball is a combination skill. It is too difficult to cooperate. We are going to make a blockbuster at Tiangan College, but I didn’t expect the boss to be stronger and you can complete the combination skill yourself. Chapter 32 C-D fireball.
Bi Su said yes, although the combination skill is much more powerful than the ordinary magic skill, it is not so easy to succeed because it requires two less magic teachers. It is necessary for two people to cooperate with each other very tacitly. After all, everyone’s magic release methods are different, and it is difficult to cooperate perfectly without being tempered.
Ji Dong ha ha a smile "I said I taught myself, believe it or not? If you like me, just teach you. "
Carl shook his head. "No, boss, your magic skill is obviously suitable for you. You need two attributes to cooperate with us. Instead, it is better to practice our own magic skill. In summer, the teacher said that it is best to have the magic skill that suits you best, but we just had that combination skill boss. You can try both of them. Maybe you can be an expert directly. It’s good to have one more ranged attack skill! In the summer, the teacher said that if we practice this C-D fireball, it can be regarded as a hit skill level. Although it is a low-level hit skill, it is rare for us bachelor magic teachers. "
Ji Dong can’t help but be heartbroken when he thinks of the fireball that suddenly broke the Aoki shield. If he can have a ranged attack magic skill, his strength will definitely increase. With Carl and Bi Su, he naturally won’t be polite and ask for advice immediately.
Bing Ding fireball this magic skill is not complicated, after all, it is composed of two benchmark skills. As soon as Ji Dong practiced, these two benchmark skills are very simple, which is much easier than fierce yang bite and dark moon claw. It is also to condense the magic and then attack. This Bing Ding fireball directly extracts the magic from its own yin crown or yang crown, and then condenses the magic from the arm to the palm through the semi-circle movement, and then mobilizes a magic force to boost it, thus completing the process. Compared with fierce yang bite and dark moon claw, it needs to instantly gather every magic and release several skills.
Tree Ji Dong hands at the same time draw their sides into a semicircle. Finally, the condensation on his chest is clearly visible. In his palm, it condenses into a ball. His left hand, Ding Huo, and his right hand, C-fire, at the same time, launch two balls of light, which condense into a ball of fire that is smaller than that of the previous Bi Su and Carl.
Crashing into a small tree not far away, it suddenly burst into flames and rain, and the young tree broke off from it.
Carl and Bi Su gaped at the first display of this magic skill, and Ji Dong looked at each other for a while.
Ji Dong twist a head to look at two people "I just right? Is there any mistake? "
Bi Su patted Ji Dong on the shoulder. "Boss, I am stimulated." After that, I also made a deep sigh and a face of unwillingness
Carl said with a wry smile, "Boss, Bi Su and I have practiced this magic trick for a month before we can barely get out and practice for another month to ensure that every time we make it, we will not fail and blow ourselves up. I don’t know how many times you have successfully tested it for the first time, and I am also stimulated."
Ji Dong ha ha smiled. "This may be a little advantage of the dual attributes, but the power is much worse than that of you. I am a person who makes the dual attributes magic cooperate with nature. There is no problem. The way I mobilize my own magic will never be easier in different situations." Although his fireball is not as powerful as Carl and Bi Soviet Union, don’t forget that he also has a person!
With the science of uniting the fierce Yang bite and the dark moon claw, it is easy to cast this C-D fireball based on the difficult benchmark technology. Although this ranged attack magic skill is good, the magic consumption is also quite large. This Ji Dong consumes a third of the magic. If it is changed to the extreme double fire, I am afraid there will be a blow.
Judging from this magic skill, Ji Dong is also more determined to strive to cultivate the skills of the two kings. This fireball can be used as a supplement to his own strength.
The appearance of Aoki Wolf King made three people wary, and they didn’t dare to stay any longer. Even if there won’t be too much danger of Warcraft here, it will not be easy for them to come here today if they want to get away with one more adult Aoki Wolf.
However, their judgment is clearly correct. There are very few Warcraft in this weathered mountain range, especially after they have climbed several low peaks, let alone Warcraft. Even ordinary beasts are rarely seen.
It’s getting dark, and the sunset quietly falls from the distant hillside and takes away the light that lasted for a day.
Ji Dong pointed to the front while looking at the map. "Look at that mountain, it is the highest peak of the weathered mountain range. If we want to turn over there, there will be few roads behind. We should be able to get out of the mountain range before dark."
Ji Dong pointed to the mountain, which is rarely nearly three kilometers high. With the afterglow of the sunset, it is very rare to see the snow-white hills in the south of the mainland, but there are also some hills that are white. Looking at the sunset and Xuefeng breathing the refreshing breath in the mountains, Ji Dong has been depressed these days and can’t help but recover a little bit. I hope I can see you tonight.
Bi Su sat against a big tree. "Boss, I don’t want to move now. I’m exhausted."
Carl’s situation is much better than that of Bishop. He asked Ji Dong, "Boss, are we going to make a fire?"
Ji Dong wanted to think, "We should not only make a fire, but also make a big bonfire. Wild animals are naturally afraid of flames. Even if there is Warcraft in this mountain, there are two kinds of wood properties and soil properties. A huge bonfire will also have a shock to the low-level Warcraft body. After dinner, you should rest first, I will watch in the middle of the night, and then you will take turns to replace the mountain. We should be careful. After all, it is no joke to meet Warcraft. Chapter 33 Ice Peak is in distress.
Ji Dong still didn’t get what he wanted. When he finished his dinner, while Carl and Bishop were still not resting, he quietly went back to the geocentric Lake in the front row, but he still didn’t see the flame. He had to make a cocktail and return to the evening quickly, and he was in a good mood.
Carl and Bishop both got into the tent and slept, but Ji Dong fell asleep for a long time. Looking at the hot bonfire in front of him, he kept flashing flames, and his thoughts kept gnawing at his heart. He didn’t see the flames these days, and he found that the flames were more important in his heart. That is beyond words.
I don’t know if it was a bonfire. It was a quiet night. Bisu and Carl got up to watch the night until dawn. They didn’t meet a wild animal, let alone Warcraft.
Simple to eat something Ji Dong three people practice for half an hour to adjust their state to the best before starting again.
It may be easy for ordinary people to feel tired if they stay in the wild, but all three of them are magic teachers and they are full of energy. Even last night, they complained that Tirbisu got up early in the morning.
Continue to set out and cross a ravine, and the three of them entered the first peak range of the wind and frost mountains. Although there is no road, there are enough plants to help them climb smoothly, and soon they climbed halfway up the mountain.
However, when they got here, their speed of progress slowed down significantly, and the more they went to the mountain, the steeper they became to avoid unnecessary danger. Ji Dong took out a rope from the bracelet and connected him with Carl and Bishop, which really became a grasshopper.
It makes sense for Ji Dong to do so. They are all magic teachers, and their bodies are much stronger than ordinary people. In case anyone slips, the strength of the other two people will definitely be able to hold the slip. With this rope, the safety will naturally increase.
Finally, when the fiery red sun gradually rose to the middle of the day, the three of them also entered the area where the main peak was covered with ice and snow, and the temperature dropped a lot. Occasionally, a gust of mountain wind would suddenly bring a biting feeling.

There is a slight feeling in my mind. The younger martial sister from the East looked up and Brother Bai was looking at herself with a smile.

I can’t help but say with a red face, "I haven’t eaten such delicious hot sauce for a long time, and my mother’s taste is very similar, so I won’t be greedy."
Seeing the oriental school sister blushing slightly and talking softly to herself, Baiyun Tower suddenly felt that this was what she liked.
If the fairy is a little more, the fireworks will become close and warm.
Baiyun Lou waved to the bartender with a big heart and shouted, "Xiao Er, another catty of chopped green onion cakes and a plate of hot sauce."
Eating simple street food and watching people come and go out of the window is still the same lane just now, but it seems to be completely different from a moment ago.
Joking, greeting and selling seem to be full of human feelings.
The memory deep in the bottom of my heart suddenly poured out. The morning when sapphire first knew the sea was also the moment when the teenager seemed to realize something but didn’t really feel it.
At this time, Baiyun Tower finally knew that it was not only the taste of the world of mortals, but also the more or less strong or weak feelings.
Those people in the lane of the hometown county, those fogs, those memories are homesickness, and what is the feeling of the younger sister? Baiyun Tower is a little ignorant and some expectations.
Suddenly, the Baiyun Tower was inspired to paint, that is, to melt feelings into paintings. Lonely feelings, fireworks, love and love can all be painted to get images of all beings.
I took a deep look at the Baiyun Corridor of the Eastern Martial Sister. "Suddenly, my senior martial sister went back to the yard."
Stay Oriental school sister nodded Baiyun Lou got up and left the store, and several steps were out of the alley and went to the courtyard gate.
Looking at the elder brother’s back, Zhao-yang Xia was a little puffy and said, "Why did you suddenly leave when you agreed to invite people to eat breakfast? The silver hasn’t been paid yet."
The younger martial sister in the East said with a smile, "Brother Bai’s painting skills suddenly realized. It should be a moment of inspiration, so he was in a hurry to return to the hospital. Maybe we can see Brother Bai’s paintings when we get back."
"Oh" Zhao-yang Xia is still not interested in chopsticks chopsticks, chopsticks and chopped green onion cakes in the dish, and it seems that he has lost his appetite. After drinking two drops of egg drop soup, he cried out to have a look around the city.
Xiao pang wrapped the leftover chopped green onion cake paper with a string and picked it up. Who knows when this senior sister remembered and cried out for food?
Two people accompanied Xia Chaoyang to stroll around the city and pass by an antique shop. Xia Chaoyang went in and picked up a corner and took a fancy to a sapphire flute.
Chapter seventy-nine Dizzy ink into a picture
Yu Di is very primitive, but the price has been too high and dusty for some time.
Xia Chaoyang picked up Yu Di’s tentacles from the wooden box and loved them so much that he let the store wrap them up.
Xiao pang took the initiative to pay the silver, but now Sister Xia is also a big owner of Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, and her wealth is also extraordinary. These silver are naturally not worth paying attention to.
Out of the antique shop, Xiao Pang asked, "Why did Sister Xia suddenly buy a Yu Di and want to learn melody?"
In a good mood, a lot of Xia Chaoyang said with a smile, "This Yu Di is for my brother to buy a trip to the desert sea. My brother has helped me a lot. I’ve always wanted to buy something for my brother, and I finally slept together today."
"I helped my sister block the sword at the bottom of the lake. Why don’t I give her a handy thing?" Oriental Ziyan rarely has the interest to tease the pool.
Xia Chaoyang was a little stunned and shouted, "Why don’t you go back and pick another one for your sister?"
Before Oriental Ziyan could reply, Xia Chaoyang was surprised and said, "Sister, how can you make fun of people today? Haha, it seems that I have returned to my childhood feeling." She said that she was going to hug Sister.
Oriental Ziyan dodged her fingers and nodded her head for a summer.
Zhao-yang Xia remembered that he was still dressed as a man, but his mood was good and he was laughing again.
Baiyunlou, the road back to the hospital, is leisurely and leisurely, and the stroll is fleeting and far away.
All the way, most of the gods in Baiyun Tower sank into the sea of knowledge and memory, and the sea of dreams and fog churned.
Pieces of turbid clouds, like ink and wash, change with the depth of god’s knowledge and thoughts, and finally conjure up an early morning mist, an old street scene, and all the people in memory seem to come alive.
Going back to Baiyunlou in the small courtyard, you can walk into the quiet house, sit in front of the case, spread out drawing paper, grind ink and brush, and hesitate again if there is a god.
When the spirit and mind are United, the water mist nib is scattered when it is gathered.
A few strokes outline the lines that shake people’s minds, and the nuanced paintings are equally touching. The shallow mist curled up like a wisp of homesickness.
Stay at the last stroke of Baiyun Tower, and look at the painting with a slight absence.
For the first time, the deep memory of the memory sea is presented in the painting, as if the painting time has been intercepted, and a kind of homesickness is vivid in the painting.
Raise my hand and draw the picture into the Baiyun Tower, which is the boundary of knowing the sea. This reminds me that I left my younger sister and younger brother alone and went back to the yard. I can’t help but smile slightly.
Looking back, it’s rare for a younger martial sister from the East to show a little shyness after eating a plate of hot sauce, which makes her feel good. What kind of feeling is this? Baiyun Building suddenly wants to draw her blushing face instantly.
Re-write Baiyun Tower, take a piece of drawing paper and draw it. My younger sister is beautiful and smiling, and her shy eyes gradually appear in the pen.
After a long time, the painting was finished, and the school sister was full of charm, such as falling into the mortal fairy, seven points of fairy spirit and three points of girl breath, beautiful appearance, and Baiyun Tower looked in a daze.
There was a noise in the yard, and then I came to my senses and put away the painting and pushed the door out.
Xia Chaoyang, who saw the Baiyun Tower walk out of the door, put the wooden box on the stone table and asked, "Have you finished your painting, brother? Take it out for the younger sister to enjoy."
Baiyun Tower smiled and said, "Nature is finished."
After that, I took out a picture from the sea-knowing barrier, but I didn’t feel busy before I took it out. I took back the sea-knowing barrier and took a picture again.
Secretly breathed a sigh of relief, Baiyun Tower, which was to spread out the street scene in the exhibition in hand.
The three of them looked at this picture full of people’s anger, as if it had entered the lane, as if people were buzzing at the tip of their noses, as if there was a fragrance lingering around them, and a faint sense of homesickness floated in their hearts.
After a long time, Xia Shimei said during her recovery, "I feel homesick and I don’t know how my mother has been these months."
Looking at the painting, chubby looks forward to the tunnel "Bai Dage, is this your hometown lane? It’s so human. You must show your younger brother around."
"If I have, I will take you back with me. If Niang knows that our hospital has made so many friends, she is estimated to be happy from ear to ear." Baiyun Building said with a smile.
Xiao Pang is a little proud. "In a few days, there will be a Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui County, and it will be much more convenient to contact Bai Da at home."
"That’s good. It’s thoughtful to float in the sky." Baiyun Tower answered.
Oriental Ziyan looked at the painting for a while and seemed to realize that a simple water stroke was superb by Brother Bai.
Looking at the faint mist, like a veil, cooking smoke, Oriental Ziyan seems to see the brother’s arbitrary painting technique.
For example, the door of a fan painting art has been opened, and the accumulation of these days has finally ushered in the harvest period.
After telling the three brothers something, Oriental Ziyan excused herself and went back to the room to paint.
Looking at the back of the Eastern pool back to the room, I can’t help but sigh that this pool has been watching mountains, rivers, plants, birds, insects and fish for more than half a month, and it’s finally time to break the cocoon and become a butterfly.
I felt someone pulling my sleeve at the White Cloud Tower, and then I turned around and saw that it was Sister Xia with a wooden box in her hand and handed it over.
Baiyun Tower conveniently took a look at a green Yu Di lying inside.
Picked up just a look and couldn’t get interested. This Yu Di turned out to be a magic weapon. Surprised, I asked, "Xia Shimei, where did this Yu Di come from? It turned out to be a magic weapon."
"Ah, it’s a magic weapon." Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help but wonder, "That’s great. This is just bought by a roadside antique shop."
"This Yu Di is specially sent to senior brother. I didn’t expect it to be a multiplier. Senior brother Bai is still satisfied with it."
Baiyun Tower rubbed Qing Yu Di with a smile. "It’s rare to receive a gift from my sister. I’m naturally satisfied that my sister is so generous. If you need any help from my brother, my brother is duty-bound."
See white brother you’re welcome to accept Yu Di Xia Chaoyang heart XiaoMi eyes.
I failed and thought, "Brother has practiced a lot of handwriting recently. I’ll show you some."
Then I went back to my room and took a copy of calligraphy and handed it to Brother Bai.
Baiyunlou stretched out his hand and took it and carefully looked at the font. It seems that Xia Shimei’s recent practice is very heart-warming.
I couldn’t help nodding. "My sister has made great progress recently. Before I heard that my sister practiced calligraphy, I don’t know if I can still think about it."
Hearing Brother Bai’s praise for his good handwriting practice, he immediately burst into laughter and replied, "Naturally, it is a symbol pattern of seal cutting."
School sister replied that Baiyun Tower was very pleased. She took out a stack of rune extensions from the self-knowledge sea boundary and handed them to Xia Sister.
Chapter 10 An alchemist furnace
Baiyun Corridor "If you have something to copy, you can not only be familiar with the Falun Gong, but also practice the Falun Gong before, and you will be better at it."
Zhao-yang xia quickly took the brittle should be.
Today, Baiyun Tower patiently picked up Xia Shimei’s calligraphy and copied it page by page to read it carefully.
From time to time, I give directions to Zhao-yang Xia, who is very serious, listening and occasionally peeking at my senior brother.

I don’t know why he said, "You are human!" Although the surprise can be heard in the voice, it is still incredibly beautiful. Chapter 9 He can’t move.

Ziyun proudly managed to hold herself steady for a moment, remembering how she practiced swimming in the 21st century but didn’t dare to be thrown away by Emperor Shao, who scared her half to death and let Chilie catch her …
The other party was so stupid at that time that she didn’t move at all, which made her choke to death and cast a shadow over the water!
Forgetting the change of time is like going back to the time when Ziyun proudly accused, "Are you a pig? Didn’t I ask you to catch me? The girl is killing me-"
What? How dare you call him a pig? ! It’s really-interesting! ! The evil man suppressed his anger and his eyebrows jumped. "Don’t leave me soon!"
When he said this, he was even more surprised at her. He stayed too long and how could he still be safe and sick! ?
Leaving? Ziyun ao found himself sitting on a man’s shoulder with his hands around his neck to keep balance.
"Swim over" Ziyun proudly gives orders. She is not afraid of water! Now I cann’t believe I’m sitting on a naked man’s shoulder. It’s thundering
Dare to command others, so far, she is really alone.
Uber man consciously sobbed at the corner of his mouth and slowly and gently spit out a few words, "It’s better for you to go away, girl." He said it was very gentle like singing, but it was extremely cold as if it were born with inexplicable oppression.
This kind of oppressive feeling made Ziyun proud. She never wants to get wind, rain and rain. Who dares to talk to her like this? How many people can really make her look?
The person who provoked her has just seen a lot, but saying these three words in such an understatement gives people a sense of shock, which is the first time she has seen it in her life.
I was curious to see his face, but I could see his long black hair in a bun. Ziyun proudly remembered himself. If a boat was hacked to death with one hand at the moment, he would drown himself in the water.
Water waves slightly moved ziyun proud suddenly suo suo body hug him more tightly.
No one has ever been so close to his strange touch that men feel a little depressed. "Girl, I’m afraid it’s not good for you to hold a man you don’t know, right?" But I told you to go away ~ ~ "
He said this sentence so beautifully as if he were a gentleman, but the feeling of dying came out of him inexplicably.
Ziyun proudly said that if she hadn’t read that he was a stepping stone at the moment, she would have torn him up so arrogantly that she dared to tell her!
Wait so angry and still don’t move. Can’t you move?
Thought of this, her mind flashed.
"Hey hey you are a man don’t hate women take the initiative? Since you hate it so much, why don’t you push me when I wait around? "
Uber male eyebrows slightly picked an effort to contain their emotions and teased "throwing herself at women has seen a lot of throwing herself at each other, and each has its own advantages. Your posture is chic and tight, but it’s a pity that I don’t have a good mood today."
"Are you sure it’s lack of interest rather than inability?"
This sentence is so cheap! The man’s body has really become hotter, and although he is still so understated, he doesn’t feel a trace of life.
"You’ll know if you have the ability, girl." His voice seemed to drop to the dust.
Whoo-hoo! You can’t move! Ziyun proudly hooked his lips and thought that this sentence is self-evident to men. He can still be so calm. If it is not for him, it is definitely impossible to move. Chapter 1 does not understand water.
Since she let him swim over, he couldn’t move or swim, and his wish to let her go was not so easy to come true.
Uber man knows that she intends to sound out that she can’t move now. If she really wants to be Hu Fei at the moment, will he still give in easily?
It’s a storm coming-
Listening to the wind whistling in the ear, the hot springs surged uneasily. The Uber male body actually floated with the hot spring water, and Ziyun proudly frowned slightly and hugged each other tightly.
This time Uber man finally confirmed his guess.
She doesn’t understand water, does she?
Good, good, very good. The woman who dares to ride him is the only one so far, and there will be no one from now on.
A proud Ziyun deliberately diverted attention. "Oh? The ability to try is still not moving? " She raised her eyebrows. "So it seems that the delay in understanding my clothes must be for the girl?"
Ziyun Ao didn’t want to be defeated, so he swept him. At the sight of his wonderful bones and excellent figure, Ziyun Ao really praised that he was a very good practitioner. If he had followed her since childhood, he would have been in charge all day.
"You think it’s a good idea. Grandpa hasn’t tried it today. Why don’t you wait on Grandpa when I give you half a cup of tea? I’ll let you beg for death later."
Oh, it’s not always * * * * * * He actually begged for his life. Can’t he play when he needs half a cup of tea?
This person has an inexplicable shock, and he is definitely not an idle person. If he can really move after half a cup of tea, can he let go of the man who humiliated his male dignity at the moment? Although my martial arts skills are more than enough to deal with those famous pawns in the government school, Bauhinia mainland is, after all, a magical city of Wu Zun. There are many people who are stronger than her, and it is hard to get back a life. She doesn’t want to die.
You are very good, very good, you can’t move, and you dare to be arrogant. You look like a cow today. Maybe you really want a taller girl who is not your opponent. You may want to win. Just now, you let the girl go. If you don’t bully you when there is still half a cup of tea, it’s not a great opportunity for nothing.
But if you’re really that good, I’m not asking for trouble if I bully you harder, are I? Hey, hey, look at you, laughing and having a good temper. It shouldn’t be bad. A little revenge-hello, I’m good, everyone.
Thought of this, Ziyun proudly narrowed his eyes and said that he didn’t sit still. Isn’t it time to have a good experiment when he meets one this time?
Peeking at each other, I don’t feel some ripples in my heart. It’s really handsome and unreasonable! She deliberately rubbed his face and tickled him, and he would react. The other party said, "Do you want me to teach you?"
Humiliate! Ziyun Ao wanted to slap him when he was angry, but the water shook him and floated around. She was really afraid that she would accidentally plant herself in the water and be so arrogant when she couldn’t move.
"Like you, I am afraid of water and dare to spend ai flowers in the water. The female thief also feels very appetizing."
Ziyun is so angry! This guy can’t move and still dare to "attack" her with language. He used to sit on his shoulder and calf around his waist, and at this moment he pushed a calf. This push doesn’t matter, but it happened to touch the other person’s body slightly.
Swish a ziyun proud blush with shame!
Bah, bah, what’s her red face? Sure enough, there is no man in this world who sits still and looks good. He doesn’t go into flames. Chapter 11 Breaking through acupuncture points.
Poof, a Uber man suddenly vomited an one mouthful blood.

The people who are followed by them are carefully waiting on the temple these days, and they are in a bad mood.

"What about fish food?" A Taiyi took a good look at the box in the pool and said impatiently, "Go and get Taiyi fish food."
"Yes, yes!" The man behind hurriedly replied with a eunuch retreating to get it.
It’s not enough for someone to take a look at father-in-law Chen. "I’m too hungry. Go and get it for the wife. You, you, you all go …"
"Temple …" Grandfather Chen wanted to say let him stay with the temple, but looking at the small temple, it was like killing people. He was silent after all, and it was not true that he retreated with people. Looking at it from a distance should not happen.
See everyone left XuanYuanChu hum two eyes staring at the pool koi fish he knew she didn’t like him …
A maid-in-waiting jumped forward among the flowers, and finally approached the Taiye pool and looked at the small yellow figure in the pavilion. There was a flash of hatred in her eyes. If it weren’t for him, how could they be sent to Bei Gong?
"Have you heard? Someone has just escaped from Bei Gong. Now the Guards are looking for someone everywhere. "Next to them, several ladies-in-waiting walked through the novel.
"Ah, when I entered Bei Gong, I said I was lonely, but how could the emperor treat people around me badly?"
"But some people are short of hearts."
"Anyway, if this is found, it is estimated that it will be directly dragged to the violent room."
"That there is a way, but it is not easy to escape the identity. The emperor will really …"
"If it’s not as simple as it is, it’s just an official woman who doesn’t look at who she offended."
"Also …"
The man hiding in the flowers suddenly clenched his eyes with his hands. Does he hate to see that there is no way ahead? Well, since she always dies, she always has to pull a cushion to vent her hatred before she dies
Thought of here, she suddenly got up and made a malicious rush.
Why hasn’t something that’s too fidgety been delivered to you yet? I’m just about to turn around and urge you when I hear Chen exclaim, "Temple be careful …"
As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a woman rushing in front of him. He was about to scold when he heard a ferocious sound.
"Go to hell is all because of you. I want you to go to hell." The woman rushed over and pushed Xuanyuanchu towards the pool behind him.
Xuanyuanchu didn’t expect someone to add him to the back. He was four years old and didn’t respond directly, so he was pushed away.
"TaiDian ….." Grandfather Chen came with people to watch TaiDian being pushed to immediately yell "Go and save TaiDian".
"Go and tell Huang Taidian that he has fallen into the water."
"Someone will arrest this woman for the emperor’s mercy."
Too liquid pool instantaneous noise is when they are ready to go to the water to save the Tai Temple, they suddenly see that scene. Everyone’s face suddenly froze and looked at the water. The man looked at his feet again. In April, the water didn’t freeze. Then how did she water it? It’s … It’s not a ghost, is it?
Looking at her arms clutching her clothes tightly, she frowned at the beginning of Xuanyuan, her face was full of displeasure and her tone was a little heavy. "It’s bold to protect yourself but like to play by the water without being followed. Who taught you this?"
"Anyway, you don’t want me. What are you doing back?" A woman looked at her with a face of accusation and said it was wronged. "It’s not like I want to hide from you because of this." At the end of the day, it’s not just because your cooking tastes terrible that you blame me. "With that, your eyes will drop golden beans."
Originally, she still had seven points of blame in her heart, but when she looked at his injustice, her heart was instantly soft and soft, and she coaxed, "Where is it that I don’t want you? I have a few things to do these days and I haven’t come back."
"Then are you still going?" XuanYuanChu before looking at the beautiful face can’t help but reached out and touched the surprised and said "your face …"
"I’ll never leave again after I leave," she said, touching his head with her specialty.
Xuanyuanchu gently snorted, but obviously he was quite satisfied with being touched by his head. These days, he dreamed that she touched his head every night, but when he woke up early, he found that her roots were different. He had some accounts in his heart.

So the traveler emperor actually wants to get a lively night market out of the plane, right? Change the way to add entertainment to the evening?

Dong Fengling nodded and felt that he had realized that the nightlife is very rich now.
I’m thinking of adding a touch of light to a lively night of beating gongs and drums in the street.
"Come on, come on, come on, come on. Yunpiaofang Yingying girl is competing for the number one street performance. Dear guest officials, you have the heart to bid! "
Beating gongs and drums, the page is not slow, running all the way and shouting that voice really carries some weight.
When the page ran away and the sound was low, Dong Yuling recovered from the stupefied expression "Ying Ying? Top card? Still bidding? "
This is a brothel girl. It’s priced for sale? I cann’t believe it’s so full of publicity The ancient night was indeed full of flavor.
See Dong Yuling’s amazing expression. Lotus Yan Jiing’s mouth reminds me that "Yun Piao Fang is one of the three famous brothels in Shengjing. It is not easy to compete for the top spot."
Brothel, it’s perfect to see it after crossing.
"The world knows so well!" Dong Yuling lamented that a word made Lian Yan Jing choke. Is this a good word? Or derogatory? Even if he doesn’t go to this place, if men have heard of this topic, they naturally know a lot.
Lian Yan Jing secretly struggled with this to explain? Or explain?
But Dong Yuling didn’t trust her in an instant, but a sigh didn’t mean anything to him.
Soon there was a street commotion, and a group of people came slowly with a woman in their arms. The top of the woman made people see the score at a glance.
Well, the women’s place is actually a celebration float. There are four girls squatting at the four corners of the float, and they are constantly throwing petals. A woman in red is full of makeup, and the whole city is full of beauty and charm.
It’s really a beautiful picture. It’s more impressive than intoxicating.
When the float came closer to Dong Yuling to enjoy the girl’s dance, suddenly her eyes flashed. It was really interesting tonight!
"Ha ha!" Dong Fengling generally stirred up a freshly baked cake in front of him when he went to the theatre, tasting his eyes and scanning the Yingying girl.
Lian Yan Jing also knows Dong Yuling. When she looks at her expression, she finds a secret that others don’t know. "What do you see?"
"Beauty!" Dong Yuling still has a mind to tease.
Lotus Yan jiing black eyes glanced at the float or else.
See lotus Yan jiing grim-faced. Dong Ling smiled and consciously just spoke. It seems a bit inappropriate. "Yingying is the girl? Still ying ying? "
Dong Yuling said while gesticulating at the table so that Lian Yan Jing could know what she meant. After all, these two words sound exactly the same. It’s hard to tell the difference just by telling the truth.
Lian Yan raised her eyebrows. "It should be the latter one. What do you think?" Brothel girls often don’t just have those words.
"See an interesting also don’t know what to say this girl is too bold? Still too intentional to even change the name, the pronunciation is the same. Is she safer like this? " Dong Yuling’s stand hand shows that he is not too white in this way of thinking.
What are all these places? However, the capital of Shenglian Dynasty, Shengjingtian, where talents gather, is it stupid to treat others?
Lian Yan Jing carefully looked at the beautiful dance and shook her head after a long time. "Do you know her?" I really don’t see anything wrong!
Dong Yuling’s eyes narrowed. "But if we meet once, we should be more familiar with it."
"Don’t seem to have seen" Lian Yan jiing eyes that woman face paused and said honestly.
"Ordinary people will pay attention to faces when they look at people, especially men when they look at women." Dong Yuling raised his eyebrows and said that he had never found out that the world was black. Chapter 155 Someone came back.
Lotus Yan jiing feel wronged him where pay attention to face? Isn’t this about identifying people?
Although it doesn’t mean anything to be able to hear Dong Yuling’s words, it’s not something to hear.
Dong Fengling continued, "But the doctor pays more attention to the spirit and eyes, as well as the temperament and habits of the whole person. Even if this person’s face is completely changed, he can’t escape the doctor’s eyes."

"Have you thought about it?" Female mouth asked

"I’ll stay," I replied softly and firmly.
"Decided? No regrets? "
"No regrets"
The woman’s face smiled again, and it was as warm as the warm sunshine. "I hope you can always stick to your own idea. You should remember not to try to rewrite history or you will be punished accordingly."
I suddenly thought of one thing and asked, "Is my current identity the Nuulu family of Ganlong, the mother of the historical filial piety?"
"Is it because you think about it? Now everything is still undecided. You need to remember to keep the original track of history. I’m done here. You should be good to yourself." The female figure once again disappeared into a haze, and the last word "good to yourself" echoed in this white world.
A golden feather slowly falls into my palm.
I won’t regret it. No.
"Jin son? Dear son? "
The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes in a daze was Yin Zhen’s expression.
"I won’t regret it," I murmured.
"What? What did you say, Jiner? " He doubts to help me up.
I woke up and rubbed my eyes and found myself lying in a cave and asked, "How did you find me?"
Yin Zhen looked even more puzzled when I asked him this question. He replied, "Have you been in this cave and I have to find you?"
"I have been in the cave? !” I was surprised, "I went to find you and got lost. I walked for a long time and didn’t go out."
"I’m too tired to sleep in a dream. I caught a pheasant and roasted it. You will eat it." He handed me a chicken leg.
I took it callously.
Did I really dream just now?
I haven’t seen the girl in gold? No Lin lost his way? And not trapped in the fog? Everything is a dream?
But what … So real? I feel my legs are still weak.
Maybe I’m really tired. I’m thinking about it and I feel funny. It’s not a myth that there are no birds, fairies, old people and famous people in this world.
But it’s not impossible. I’ve crossed it … Isn’t it amazing? ……
When I was thinking, I felt a soft touch in my palm-it wouldn’t be a bug, would it?
I am busy spreading my hand-a feather looms in my palm, not a dream!
I stared to one side, Yin Zhen, and he habitually frowned.
In this life, I, a man, have been linked together since then, and his home is my home.
He, I gave up the original world and everything.
I have absolutely no regrets.
Chapter 42 Origin [4]
"What’s the matter?" I hope he can see that God made him unconsciously reach out and touch his face. "But what’s so filthy about my face?"
I smiled. "No, I wanted to see you."
He smiled faintly and said nothing.
I asked curiously, "What are you laughing at?"
"I remember what you said on the night of my wedding," he said, looking at me.

"Artifact? Mastering God’s towel artifact is the real artifact. "The flame sound is very dull. The little red-violet has been light as if it had hit the flood of ten colors released by the top ten dark artifacts without any force.

Ten mouths of blood gushed out from the mouths of ten dark saints almost at the same time. The dark artifact in their hands was harsh and damaged. Cracks have appeared in the artifact, and each of them has been severely hit by ndzw.
But even so, that little red lotus still hasn’t disappeared. In it, a string of red lotus petals fluttered in the wind and chased after the dark cat that was fleeing rapidly.
At this moment, a huge thunder ball with a diameter of more than 100 meters suddenly violently shocked the prison robbery world in the sky to replace Lei Guang.
The calm look of the flame suddenly became dignified. The left hand that originally pointed to the dark cat was taken back, and the right hand on the top of the head also put his arms at the same time, raising his palms from both sides of his body. Suddenly, a layer of red luster stirred up from her red-violet name. When this red luster appeared for a moment, the whole earth seemed to have turned red. It was strange that this should be the strongest fire attribute. Red did not have half a scorching heat and brought them warmth to Ji Dong.
"Ah" a scream came from afar, and the dark red blood was scattered and stirred. Four colors of light flashed wildly and converged, and a strong layer of colored light swept and rolled up. Ten dark saints quickly fled away.
After all, the dark cat didn’t die. After all, he combined the magic of the four sacred beasts and made a fire to resist Wan Lei’s prison robbery. Finally, the madness also temporarily freed up his hand to deal with him.
However, the dark secret has been frightened by the flames. He didn’t even have the courage to look back again. He took ten dark saints and went to Wanlei to rescue the prison. He has continued to control the ultimate killing skill. What he wants now is to return to the dark five-element mainland and find a most secret place to hide. He never wants to see the woman in red again. He has an idea in his heart that this beauty is Vulcan.
The red glow makes the perfect flame look more sacred and inviolable. Everyone looks up at her figure except Ji Dong. They look at the flame with reverence.
In the crowd, even Ji Dong and Ajin have never seen the power of flame. They have imagined the power of flame, but their imagination is far from enough.
Is the flame really holy? If she is as holy as a dog flower pig, what kind of chrysanthemum pig also resists the ultimate killing skill, but it will never be rampant in front of her?
Booming the warm earth in an instant is like becoming a flame, and the body is extended, and the red glow rises from the whole earth in an instant, but it doesn’t bring light to all the people in the five elements of the mainland. At the same time, it rushes into the sky, and the black robbery cloud in the prison world is completely illuminated.
The thunderballs that fell from the sky were purified in this red brilliance. When the dense red light robbed the clouds together, the whole prison robbery world finally melted.
The red flame is surrounded by the flame body, and it looks so transparent. The red flame is beating one after another, just like a living elf, it gradually presents a red-violet shape and flies quietly around her body.
Looking at this magical scene in front of us, everyone has a feeling that the enemy has been repelled, and even the rising red light of Wanlei’s prison robbery has gradually dispersed, which has not shone on the land of Shengxie Island for thousands of years, and the sunshine has gradually appeared.
A wisp of golden sunshine penetrates through the dark clouds and quietly scatters the warmth and light of the earth, bringing new life to this land.
Suddenly, Frey seemed to think of something, and his face changed greatly. "No, I’ll go first." Before his injury, he was cured by a dog and a pig, turned around and boiled, and there were already a lot of sweat on his forehead.
Violet Leiyao Tianlong crooned and glanced timidly at the floating flames, then he rose and chased Fury.
Watching Frey move Ji Dong’s heart sank. They were protected by chrysanthemum pigs and flames here, and finally they were out of danger. But what about the magic division of Tiangan Legion? And that sacred island, searching for the enemy’s tracks, is it like night? None of them knew that he could fully understand the feelings in Frey’s heart at this time, just like the panic and trembling in his heart when the flame just appeared and they were bombarded by the thunder robbery in the prison robbery world.
The sunshine has become more and more abundant, and finally the dark clouds that have covered the island for thousands of years have finally dispersed, and everyone can’t help but squint.
There are no plants in the sacred island, and Warcraft is a bare island. Although it can directly see the sea because of its breadth, there is no real barrier between the east and the west, just like a thousand years ago, but it is different from a thousand years ago. This sacred island is like adding a bridge to the two continents, and both sides can land on each other’s territory.
"Flame" Ji Dong looked at the flame in the sky just like a goddess a few steps ago, and he didn’t even know how he was feeling now.
The flame looked down at Fang Ji Dong’s eyes and the sadness seemed to become deeper, but she still sent him a gentle smile.
Ji Dong’s heart suddenly shook. He suddenly found the sad color in the eyes of the flame. He seems to have seen it somewhere! He remembered the sadness in his eyes before the flame. Isn’t it exactly the same as the last look in his eyes when the cat died? A strong sense of foreboding spread in his heart.
The flame looked up at the sky again, looked at the sun hanging in the sky like a golden disc, and looked at the dark secret. They retreated from the oriental eye and showed a trace of hesitation.
"I’m afraid I can’t come to Ji Dong. I can’t help you wipe out all the enemies in the dark continent. All I can do is to get ready for five years. I think you should be able to cope with all changes in the future."
Go on, um, mistress found it convenient to canvass the plot! Everyone will definitely be satisfied when they smash it. Although it should not be spoiled, many readers in the comment area question Xiaosan. Let’s say a little bit. No matter how the plot is arranged, it will never be a tragedy. If you continue to look at it, you will understand that this paragraph will not repeat the pattern of fighting in the middle of the Tang Dynasty and dancing in the small dance. You will know that the back will be more exciting. This is less than half of the writing. Chapter 315 The ultimate skill of flame will be killed.
As she spoke, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had no human tears, but now she really wanted to cry. She had saved Ji Dong’s life, but she also wanted to …
"Ah-"A venting cry sounded from the mouth of the flame, shaking the fields. Her voice was full of unwillingness and sadness. At the moment, the sun suddenly darkened in the sky, followed by the instantaneous solidification of the sea waves around the holy evil island, which could no longer fluctuate for a moment. All the waves rose at the same time, and the waves exploded, and several bodies of Warcraft were blown up in the sea, but the impure water was a doubt. The sea could not be pure, and the world was not completely pure. Wan Lei robbed the prison world, not taking away the lives of all creatures in the sea, but also devouring the Warcraft Department,
It’s a pity that at this time, no one can see the wonders of the East China Sea on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Light. Only the millions of heroes on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Darkness can see that there is no Wan Lei’s prison robbery, and the island in their sight suddenly turns into a ruby in the sea.
The golden color of the sun has changed into a deep red, and there is also a red moon, blood day, blood moon.
"Flame you this is …" Ji Dong gawk at the flame.
The flame didn’t answer. His face showed a trace of sadness. His hands and feet rose on both sides of his body. Red-violet quietly flew straight to the central direction of the original Five Holy Mountains, which is also the core position of the whole sacred island.
At the same time, the flame turned around and gently circled his hands. A thick warm red light caught Ji Dong and others in the chrysanthemum holy pig and floated to the middle.
Red light swept through Ji Dong’s body and was swept out by a single red light and flew to the front of the flame. Four eyes looked at Ji Dong’s flame and suddenly felt something slipping from her eyes. She was surprised to see that it turned out to be two drops of glittering and translucent pink.
Is this a tear? Are they human tears? Her hands trembled and caught the two tears, and even when she faced the ultimate trick, her expression did not change. When a generation of queens saw these two tears, her eyes were full of wonder.
"Flame …….." Ji Dong raised his hand to hug her, but his hand stopped. Once again, he deeply felt his own flame and saw the insurmountable gap.
Are you really qualified to hug her?
But Ji Dong didn’t receive it. In front of so many people, the flame just leaned into the Tao. He hugged her waist tightly and buried her face in his arms. The flame body was very hot and comforted her. Ji Dong could feel her body trembling.
"Flame, are you in poor health?" Ji Dong asked with concern.
"No, no, no ….." The flame sobbed and shook her head. She looked up and there was tenderness and deep love in her eyes.