"I’m sorry, I can’t help it." Xiao Leng was silent. He didn’t expect the cold here to be so heavy. Tell yourself that although it is also very strong, it is not to this extent.

Everything is changing. Maybe something has happened here and it has become like this.
Xiao cold bullet good outside and so on to observe.
Xiao Leng came here with certain preparations to make up the wind, but he was given a few pills, all of which were anti-cold elixirs. The fix-up world was an elixir, and it was hard to make up the wind at a high price, so he generously gave Xiao Leng five pills.
When the cold is weak, when it is strong and weak, it can also enter something inside, but when it is strong, everything will be frozen and then it will be shattered when it meets a cold.
"It seems that I have to wait for a while. This cold generate should have a certain rule. I hope so." Xiao Leng thought that careful observation didn’t take long for him to discover the rule
In fact, this law is very certain, even if you don’t find it, it has always been
Every five minutes, there is a chill coming from the inside, and every time two chills come out, one is strong and the other is weak, which is the kind of thing that makes the snake emperor freeze to pieces, and it is even difficult for ordinary beasts with weak cold air to enter.
Aware of this, Xiao Leng swallowed a Dan medicine and was ready to enter.
Chapter 72 Extremely cold
Xiao Lengsou entered the cave after the extremely cold air jet, and watched it carefully along the cave.
There are many holes in the wrong hole, and there are several holes in the path, and the cold is shot from a larger cave, where you can see the faint white light flashing, so there is a glimmer of crystal.
Xiao Leng let go of the extremely cold hole. At this time, a chill shot straight out and missed Xiao Leng.
Xiao Leng, cold sweat, direct current, this chill is a very strong unconscious Xiao Leng has been here for ten minutes.
In addition to this big hole, there are several big holes, not more than twenty, and some holes are even bigger than that one, but those holes are very quiet and there is not even a movement.
Xiao Leng carefully observed several holes, but there was no other hole except the one that gave off a cold current. One minute passed and the cold current gave off several chills. Xiao Leng’s realistic force was very imposed. He had the panacea to keep out the cold, but now he didn’t have any adverse reactions, but after a long time, the panacea worked a little. Xiao Leng felt the chill, and the biting cold was very cold. This cold force is absolutely not a place to stay here for a long time, even if it is a general powerful distracted expert without the protection of the panacea.
Xiao Leng thought of rubbing against the distance at once, but he didn’t dare to stop in front of the hole. Who knows what will happen to those holes? He came all the way, but he can’t accidentally lose his life. There can’t be a hole here that moves, and I will definitely make a mistake.
At this time, Xiao Leng felt a vibration on the ground, which became a little intense. At first, it was not easy to feel it, but it was easy to feel it when the intensity became very large.
A huge hole appeared in the rolling red flow, and a hot breath pounced on Xiao Leng’s body.
Two extremes
Xiao Leng hurriedly hid from the mouth of the cave with a strong airflow. In a short time, the mouth of the cave turned out to be a stream of heat, and the degree of heat was not much higher than that of extremely cold.
At the same time, those holes that didn’t move shook up and spurted out of heat. Xiao Leng had no way to leave this place and go outside, but when he wanted to find himself in the hole, he found that he couldn’t find it, because now all the holes spewed out strong hot air except the extremely cold hole.
Xiao Leng jumped up with horror and stepped on the ice soul sword. When Xiao Leng summoned the ice soul sword, he felt that the ice soul sword had a little joy, and then Xiao Leng felt a soul talking to himself.
"Ha ha, boss, why didn’t you call me out earlier when you came to this place? If you were late, you would be finished. Leave it to me now. I’m quite familiar with this. Hey hey, I haven’t met such a good cold for a long time." The appearance of that sound startled Xiao Leng, and soon he realized that this speech was an ice soul sword. He knew that there was a soul in this ice soul sword.
The ice soul sword whizzed out from Xiao Leng’s feet and then danced around Xiao Leng. A sword of light surrounded Xiao Leng.
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, you stay here for a while, and I’ll let you out when I tidy up here." The soul inside the ice soul sword said that Xiao Leng seemed to feel that he nodded slightly at himself. Is the ice soul sword really a head? Xiao Leng doesn’t know and can’t know that now he sees the ice soul sword flying fast and then flies to the huge hole that emits heat flow. It’s not like no one controls the sample. It’s a little faster than Xiao Leng’s control. Xiao Leng doesn’t feel a trace of cold and hot air in this sword light protection. Xiao Leng needs to keep himself flying now.
Xiao Leng saw the ice soul sword going out from the light gap of the sword.
The ice soul sword flew directly into the huge hot hole, and then it stopped. In front of the hole, a thick red air stream entered the ice soul sword along the tip of the ice soul sword, and the ice soul sword also glowed with a weak red light. Because the ghost wind added that piece of ice property to the ice soul sword, it should be ice property now, and it should not have the ability to absorb this hot force.
Although Xiao Leng was puzzled, he didn’t say anything. If only he could save his life now, I wouldn’t think about it.
By the time the Ice Soul Sword absorbed the heat flow of the huge hole, the whole body turned red, and the red sample was like killing a lot of people and there was a lot of blood left. Gradually, the red color disappeared, and the heat flow of all the holes disappeared, leaving the cold hole still emitting cold to the outside.
Ice soul sword uttered a whisper and then quickly flew to the front of Xiao Leng, and the sword light array disappeared.
Ice soul sword got into Xiao Leng’s body.
Xiao Lengnai smiled at the present situation. He was able to easily capture the exit that had just been filled with heat flow. Now Xiao Leng has grasped it. He can leave at any time if he wants, but he didn’t leave because the ice soul sword entered his body. He told him that there is no danger here and let him go in for treasure hunting. However, there may be something he needs at his fingertips. Xiao Leng is still willing to take it.
Sure enough, Xiao Leng found that there was no heat in it now, as if he had just entered and could not feel the heat. It seems that the situation is different now, but Xiao Leng didn’t make Dan medicine just keep so vigilant, even though it didn’t make much real force.
There are many plants growing on the walls of the Jade Cave. Xiao Leng is hard to imagine that so many plants can grow in such a hot place. Xiao Leng also has this common sense, that is, natural materials and treasures are dangerous places to produce and plants can grow here. Before Xiao Leng, he planned to dig up some plants and bring them back.
"Eldest brother, you just dig something here to be you." The soul in the ice soul sword said to Xiao Leng, which made Xiao Leng feel puzzled.
"Is this where things come from?"
Chapter 73 Taifang people
The soul in the ice soul sword must answer that Xiao Leng and Xiao Leng are also interested in those things. There is a full-bodied red plant surface with a strong smell of flame, but when you look carefully, you will find that the root is not a fire plant, and if you know more about it, you will find that these plants are ice, but the ice property is too low, and there is a layer of fire property covering the plant surface to block the emission of ice property.
Xiao Leng was surprised to walk all the way in this long passage. The plants in it are all plants he has never seen. They are all very powerful and full of spiritual power, even if they are not strong, the aura here is very abundant.
"Is this really my thing?" Xiao cold some joy.
"It’s the boss, it’s you here." The soul inside the ice soul sword spoke again. The sudden sample always scared Xiao Leng, but for such a situation, Xiao Leng couldn’t feel Xiao Leng’s idea. The soul of the ice soul sword hey hey smiled and stopped talking.
Xiao Leng felt something, and then hit the wind-mending ring to shoot the real force, and then he saw those plants falling from the cave wall one by one, and then Xiao Leng took those plants away from his ring and continued to walk inside. Xiao Leng felt more and more strange. The things inside were much stronger than the outside, and there was enough aura to make the plants grow so huge that it was impossible to see the situation outside.
Xiao Leng continues to collect those plants, but his ring is so big that there is always a certain amount. When it reaches a certain degree, it can no longer be loaded. Xiao Leng is a little depressed, and now he seems to have returned to Baoshan.
At the end of the passage, a huge golden gate appeared in Xiao’s cold eyes.
"Wow, what a big Golden Gate!" Xiao Leng marveled at the huge Golden Gate, which made people dazzle.
Xiao Leng walked up to him and saw a huge lock on the front of the Golden Gate, one on the front and a huge lion with its mouth wide open. There was a red light inside, and a slight heat wave came from the inside. Xiao Leng hid gently.
"How can there be such a gate in this place?" Xiao leng wondered, but he went to the front and carefully touched the big lock. When he touched the big lock, he locked his hair and gave out strong light.
"Er, it’s as simple as that." Xiao Leng was depressed. Now the situation is quite strange. He didn’t move his face. This huge golden gate looks strong. I have to say it’s quite strange, but Xiao Leng still goes in and thinks that there are so many polar plants outside, and things inside can never be worse.
The door closed quietly without making a sound.
Although Xiao Leng is strange, he still entered the inside. Now he can’t quit the ice soul sword. The soul tells himself that there is no danger. Xiao Leng is quite happy. Although he is skeptical, Xiao Leng still enters the inside. Even if there is danger, it is understandable. It is so easy to get powerful things. Xiao Leng will never believe it.
Entering the gate, Xiao Leng’s eyes suddenly became clear. In the spacious hall, several tall columns turned out to be made of gold, but this column is made of jade. Looking at the whole huge jade, I can’t find such a big jade, but there is not one but several in it.
Xiao Leng has finished talking about so many jade pillars. The jade in his ring is not worth a visit. These jade pillars are extremely jade, and it is not necessarily whether the whole repair world can have so many together.
There is a high platform in the innermost part of the hall. I don’t know what it is made of, but everything in it is so precious. I think the chair can’t be bad
There is an old man sitting on the chair, a haggard old man.
It’s said that the face is haggard at all, but the whole face can’t even see a trace of meat. It’s like being burned. The old man’s clothes are very good, but there is no trace of shabby appearance
There is a huge table in front of him, and there are many things in front of him. You can’t find what it is until you reach the front root.
Xiao Leng stepped forward and bowed to the old man. Xiao Leng still has some respect for his predecessors. After all, it is not easy for people to practice to such an extent, nor is it a shame for powerful people to bow to their predecessors.
The old man bowed to the face and spoke coldly.
"I’m the one who chose you. You can take whatever you want from my extremely cold palace. Oh, I know you need some weather and ice. I have prepared a little for you. It’s not a good thing for you to take something, so I have prepared a little. Now you can take these things casually. Of course, if you don’t take them, you will put them here." The old man said with a hint of banter that he didn’t move or move his mouth.
The root of a noodle is a skin. This real person is no longer here, or this person is dead, or this person has soared. Staying here is his great magic condensed into a spiritual field.
Xiao Leng was slightly taken aback, but he denied that he could easily get those things.
"I don’t know if my predecessors are Fang people, but are they staying here?" Xiao coldly asked himself to find a place and then sat down.
"Ha-ha, you know that I’m a Taifang. Now I’m a celestial fairy. I’m here. If you want something here, you can get it easily. I guess you won’t believe it. It’s very similar to Taifang." The voice was very appreciative and said that it really made Xiao Leng unable to understand.

"Xiaoyuan doesn’t know yet. Just past Irkutsk is the largest city in Siberia, the Soviet Union. It is not only the transportation center of Siberia, but also the industrial and commercial center of Siberia. The Soviet Union is very famous for its large enterprises."

"Let’s just say that Irkutsk’s Siberian status base is equivalent to Shengjing’s northeast status and it is normal for Ulaanbaatar to have direct flights."
"Oh brother-in-law when to know so much about the Soviet Union? It won’t be just a car, will it? " Listening to Liang Haiping’s endless introduction to the customs of Irkutsk, Liang Yuan asked casually.
"What can you do when parking at that point? It’s not that you don’t know your brother-in-law’s foreign language level."
"There is a large factory in Irkutsk with code number 125 to build airplanes. From last year, they often had people come to buy goods in bulk from Suifenhe market. These things were known when I chatted with your aunt."
Listen to Liang Haiping 125 Irkutsk Aircraft Factory Liang Yuan’s interest suddenly came. Although Liang Yuan has never had any contact with Irkutsk in his previous life or this life, Liang Yuan, the second largest aviation manufacturer in the Soviet Union with the code name of 125 Factory, is still famous for a long time. A few years later, a considerable number of Soviet-27 fighters imported by the Republic were produced by Irkutsk Aircraft Factory.
"There is a code name that sounds like a military factory. How does the uncle know that the 125 factory is building planes? What do they come to buy?" Liang Yuan hexagrams asked.
"didn’t you just say that you should pay attention to the procurement of large enterprises in the Soviet Union? Your aunt has long taken your words as an imperial edict. No matter what kind or size of large enterprises in the Soviet Union look for doors, we have never extrapolated it. We will probably know what they do when we get familiar with our own goods in the long run."
At the beginning of the establishment of Suifenhe Market, Liang Yuan particularly emphasized the importance of Soviet enterprise procurement. Liang Yuanpei had been deeply impressed by Yoko for a long time, and Liang Yuan’s plan was implemented without any discount. Specially, a group procurement office was set up independently in Suifenhe Market Department, specializing in the Soviet Union’s procurement of large enterprises in the Republic.
At this time, the Soviet Union is carrying out Gorbachev’s new economic policy in depth, such as the top-level design. Let’s not talk about the border military enterprises for the time being. It’s hard to see that the rigid planned economy has produced a gap. Naturally, the fairy crossed the sea and showed its talents. As a result, the enterprises haven’t seen how to enliven the golden age of Russia, which is famous for the future generations.
"Years ago, when the Soviet Union celebrated the New Year, the 125 factory came to buy a large number of down and stainless steel kettles, all of which were aluminum ingots to pay for you. My aunt had planned to transfer the aluminum ingots to other trading companies, but at the end of the year, you said that you would set up Comac, so you stopped contacting his company. The aluminum ingots came from the airplane-grade raw materials. I think there should be no problem in passenger plane production."
Looking at Liang Yuan, he nodded and said no problem. Liang Haiping continued, "The code factory, of course, is doing the details of military industry. I don’t know yet. Now I know that the 125 factory once produced the An 12 and An 24 transport planes. Last year, Xiaoyuan went to Zhanjiang overnight to take that plane, which was the imitation of the An 12 transport plane in China."
Speaking of which, Hai-ping Liang suddenly shut up and watched Liang Yuan for a long time, then gathered around Liang Yuan and asked in a low voice, "Xiaoyuan, tell your brother-in-law the truth. You told your aunt early whether large Soviet enterprises were trying to dig a socialist corner."
"How can you call it digging a socialist corner? That’s how to call someone in the DPRK to be an official. After we are strangers in the Soviet Union and don’t know a group of capable Soviet people, it’s hard for someone to collude with others to move the big market channels. My brother-in-law doesn’t know yet. The head of the Economic and Trade Department of Suifenhe, the head of the black province, once said that individuals are used to filling the Suifenhe big market at a second time and making such a big scale. Who will bear this historical responsibility in case something detrimental to national dignity happens?"
"If it weren’t for those two girls hanging the register of major shareholders in the big market, how can we make money so safely? Besides, the Soviet Union is not a socialist country, but my dad has always called the Soviet Union Su Xiu. Even digging a corner is also called digging a revisionist corner. "Liang Yuanbi said sarcastically.
Ning Jianzhong stayed in the four fields for more than ten years. In the early days of the founding of the Republic, he was also the commander of Shengjing Military Region. The military and political circles in the three northeastern provinces were considered to be old friends. This "noise" was also banned from the "noise", which did not bring any impact on the daily operation of the big market.
Liang Yuan learned that  Provincial Economic and Trade Department’s remarks were still that Ning Lei was afraid of Liang Yuan’s young mistakes when exhorting and Liang Yuanqi, but someone’s conscience had been greatly broken for more than ten years in the past shopping malls and information tide. Ning Lei’s exhortation was directly thrown into the waterway by someone, but he was still worried about the noise.
Listen to Liang Yuan, so Liang Hai calmly nodded and said, "Xiaoyuan fortunately got most of the enterprises to the annual meeting of the military and railway brands. At that time, Shangri-La boss Yunwei also complained that the size of Shangri-La Shengjing in the whole regimental headquarters was the smallest, but it was a headache to deal with the local government at most."
"My dad and uncle Ning almost threw their lives at Treasure Island, and they both didn’t feel good about it. I guess it’s not important for us to do business without the Soviet Union’s arrogance, murder and arson."
After thinking for a moment, Liang Yuan went on to say, "The situation that the Soviet Union has just started to reform the country is similar to that of our previous years. After going back this time, the brother-in-law marketing department will find some clever, bold and clear-cut employees who are responsible for trade with the Soviet Union. However, the newly established department is not to get basic wood, steel and automobiles. Pay more attention to those large and cutting-edge machinery and equipment. We have even emptied f14 fighters. What else are we afraid to sell?"
"Xiaoyuan, are you sure this is okay?" Hai-ping liang asked some doubts.
"Of course, my dad and uncle Ning believe in * * mortals, and they are not like the immortal people. Last year, we had sex in Romania, and we never saw what they said." Liang Yuan freely threw himself and Ning Lei into the water as a cushion.
"As the old saying goes in China, business is booming, and there is nothing in this world that can’t be sold. As early as the 1970s, Libya in the Middle East discussed with us that it wanted to buy some original bombs to taste fresh. Last year, we exported a batch of missiles to Saudi Arabia and sold them for $3.5 billion in cash. It’s not that my brother-in-law hasn’t done the arms trade. Should you know that there is an industry in this world that can make money faster than selling this thing?" Liang Yuanyue said that the more excited he was, the more he couldn’t help hiding himself for a long time, and his tail showed a little.
Listening to Liang Yuan’s loose talk, orpiment, Liang Haiping’s intestines are going to regret himself. This is not a full support. I have a good chat with my nephew about digging a corner. Why is this nephew saying that it’s good to think and unconstrained style? It’s greedy and bold to look at Liang Yuan’s eyes and be excited. Liang Haiping doesn’t believe that Liang Yuan is just an expression.
Liang Yuan’s crying made it less terrible to make great achievements that later Russian men could not make, and he told Liang Haiping a few things before he noticed Liang Haiping’s sad face.
"Brother-in-law, I don’t do this kind of thing every day. It’s also a precaution to worry about you. Isn’t there a famous saying among foreigners that opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared? For example, if we didn’t come to the Soviet Union to change pictures this time, how could we sort it out so smoothly when we got home from work in the Democratic Republic of Germany?" Someone realized that the tail was a little exposed and quickly took back the topic.
In the next few days, Liang Yuanzi didn’t smuggle arms, and combined with the established Comac, he said a lot of strong equipment and technology in industrial processing and materials of Soviet United Airlines to fool the suspicious Liang Haiping.
When the international train stopped at the boundary between Europe and Asia, the young men went to the Federal Republic of Germany to study literature. They greeted their partners who went to Europe to study, shouted "Long live freedom", jumped on the train and kissed the land opposite Asia enthusiastically. They were dumbfounded to appreciate the plain and rustic land farther than the intercontinental boundary in Liang Shi, and they were deeply entangled in the coming storm.
A week later, the international train finally ran nearly 10 thousand kilometers, and in the afternoon, the setting sun reflected into the Moscow train
Walking out of the carriage with a carry-on suitcase, I just set Liang Yuan on platform No.3 of Moscow car and saw the familiar face of the previous life with a gentler smile.
"My dear friend, welcome to the Soviet Union." Later generations used to show Vladimir as a tough guy. Vladimirovich? Comrade Putin gave Liang Haiping a big bear hug.
For the KGB post, Putin, who is in charge of the economic espionage of the GDR, is already the key monitoring object of his own GDR working hours. Anyway, the Berlin United Shopping Center has deeply influenced the daily life of the GDR people from the economic level.
This peaceful-looking China man has carved out a miraculous trade route in the most acute place of contradiction and hostility on this planet, which can’t be explained by luck and courage alone.
Thinking about going back to the Far East Bureau of the KGB headquarters to look through the information, the name Liang Haiping and the American f14 fighter plane flashed into the Central China National Army and just emerged as a trump card, Ning Lei, all of which were looming. Putin knew that he had met a very difficult person.
It’s a pity that no doctrine can resist the bread to face the reality of serious shortage of national day. Putin can throw the file full of questions to the information shelf at headquarters and greet this guy covered with question marks to invest in the Soviet Union with a big smile.
The Volga car flew along the banks of the Moscow River. Liang Yuan was very excited to take the co-pilot position of the Volga car. I didn’t know how shocking the driver around me would be in the future in the late 1910 s.
I’m treated like the president of the United States now. I glanced at my side and focused on the car. Comrade Putin Liang Yuan thought about the photo that Reagan visited Soviet Putin pretending to be a tourist. Do you want to take a photo and make a big news? Someone temporarily forgot his identity at this time and thought about killing someone.
Chapter 221 Person of hometown
Sunlight Hotel in Leningrad, Moscow was built in the 19th century. It was originally the palace of Tsar Nicholas II. After the October Revolution, the Soviet Union nationalized the palace. After Stalin’s death, it was turned into an open hotel.
In 1970s, when Brezhnev was in power, Nikko Hotel was greatly renovated and resumed business, and became one of the top hotels with the best conditions in Soviet Union at that time.
Although Liang Hai Ping has traveled all over the world in recent years, she is still amazed at the luxury of the guest rooms. The whole set of guest rooms has been opened with two floors. The living room is connected with two floors. Two azure and two grass greens are painted with religious stories. The circular-arc ceiling of the living room is supported by columns. The ceiling is covered with gold railings with complicated curved lattice styles. A crystal chandelier like a flowing Milky Way hangs down from the patio. Several white polar bear skins are randomly draped in fabric …
"Comrade China has come a long way and worked hard all the way, so I won’t bother you. If you need anything, just inform the staff at any time," Putin said in fluent German.
Liang Haiping enthusiastically sent Putin out of the guest room. Liang Yuan threw his suitcase in the corner and put himself in the largest polar bear fur.
"Brother-in-law, if only I could take this thing back to China," said Liang Haiping, who was funny to see Putin off, and looked at his Liang Yuan bear skin and turned over lazily.
"If you build a shopping center, let alone bear skins, even if they are bears, I guess you can take back a few," Liang Haiping said with a smile.
Liang Yuan hey hey smiled and sat up from the sand covered with fur and said, "Brother-in-law, let’s go to the embassy first to report a way."
This time, Liang Yuan came to the Soviet Union to change planes in the name of military joint flight. Although the Republic and the Soviet Union have not resumed real ambassadorial diplomacy at this time, Ning Lei informed Liang Haiping’s visit to the Soviet Union in the name of the army, hoping that the embassy would give language support.
"Can you still call the embassy there? I think it is more reasonable to call the agency." Limited to age, Liang Haiping didn’t know that there was no big brother in the Soviet Union, and he accepted the education of Su Xiu.
"Haven’t you heard from my dad? We have a long history with the big brother of the Soviet Union. Sooner or later, it will be upgraded to a real embassy." Liang Yuan assumed a face of long live Sino-Soviet friendship
The two men took the Moscow travel map and got the exact location of the Consulate of the Republic from the staff on duty. They declined the hotel to send a car. After the discussion, the staff all smiles and watched them leave the lobby of Nikko Hotel and turn to Lenin Street, the consulate.
"Brother-in-law will translate for a while. Let’s go shopping first to see how poor Laomao is." Before five minutes, someone turned Big Brother into Laomao.
"I was just wondering how you put on that look in your room …" Hai-ping Liang was very surprised and looked at Liang Yuan’s face, which was just written with the words "Every wall has ears".
"At the end of last year, when I was in East Germany, I followed Angie’s sister, East Germany, and heard many unimaginable facts. The national security agency of the Democratic Republic of Germany has been paying attention to us for a long time, but it is only limited to our in-depth investigation of the identity law. In the New Year, Uncle Ning will wake me up. The status of the spot sale industry in Yuanjia is already an eyesore for the Democratic Republic of Germany. If possible, try not to talk about the company’s core industry in foreign buildings." Liang Yuan’s most concise language pushed the matter from the beginning to Angelina and Ning Leishen.
Strictly speaking, Liang Yuan didn’t fool Liang Hai. Ping Angelina was really worried, and Liang Yuan went beyond the Democratic Germany. The national security agency paid great attention to East Germany.
However, except for Angelina, a rookie on the spy front, Liang Yuan never thought about what he could hide from the famous national intelligence agency Stasi in East Germany from the first day he set foot on the land of Democratic Germany.
The root of Liangyuan GDR’s unbridled monopoly operation and expansion of industrial scale is bullying "Stasi". Although no national security agency is a good man and a faithful woman for a long time, the greater the scale of Yuanjia, the worse the GDR will be in a short time. When the big waves hit, how strong the East German state institutions can be.
However, Liang Yuan can turn a blind eye to Stacy and ignore it, but it will not be like that if it is replaced by KGB. For example, Liang Yuan has always wanted to make the most attractive man in Russia in the future. In addition to this kind of strongman history, the shadow of KGB behind him has always been like a bug, which also makes Liang Yuan entangled in the problem of whether to kill a tiger or harm the poor or face KGB’s crazy revenge is a headache for Liang Yuan.
For someone, it’s certainly more enjoyable to watch others do it than to be the protagonist by yourself, which is a complete tragedy.
"Far Jia Democratic Germany’s influence and what I think the Soviets must be very interested in whether the brother-in-law can invest or what kind of purpose to invest in the Soviet Union. I don’t believe that the Soviet national security agency didn’t play tricks in the room. Ning Shu said that there are several things in the national security agency that ordinary people can’t imagine." Liang Yuan said with a hand.
"So you got a bear skin and even moved out the big brother of the Soviet Union?" Liang Haiping looked at Liang Yuan in distress situation.
"I’m just testing whether the Soviets have a room to play tricks. My brother-in-law, a big boss, finally came to the Soviet Union once. I estimate that the gift to express the everlasting friendship between the two peoples should be something that can’t give them less headaches. It’s not as good as what we say ourselves," said Liang Yuan.
Two people walk and talk about Liang Haiping Nai, listening to his nephew, and finally make this more serious than espionage.
Sunlight Hotel Leningrad is located on the east side of the famous Red Square in Moscow and on the west side of the Red Square of the Republic Consulate in Moscow, opposite Moscow University. Two people walk to the Republic Consulate and just pass by the Red Square.
Moscow’s Red Square is known as the Russian national spiritual home. There are a series of historical witnesses around it, such as the Kremlin, the Lenin’s Mausoleum and the statue of Marshal zhukov of Vasily Cathedral. It is not only the symbol of the Soviet Union, but also the two most important cores of this planet-even after the collapse of the Soviet Union a few years later, it has not changed this fact.
Although the Red Square in Moscow is one-fifth the size of the Republic Square, this planet is far more influential. It was not until the Republic entered the first decade of the new century that the Square was on a par with the Red Square.
Liang Hai Ping and Liang Yuan walked slowly around the edge of Red Square, but two people, one who accepted the education of Su Xiu’s death and my heart never died, and the other who witnessed the embarrassment of the Russian nation plummeting, both of them looked dull compared with those who dressed as travelers with excitement.
"Hi, are you doing business in the Soviet Union?" A very pure northeast dialect Liang Yuan’s ear rings.
Staring at this 30-year-old man with light blue eyes and short blond hair, he speaks fluent Chinese and greets himself. Both Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping are slightly stunned.
"Well, how do you know?" In an instant, Liang Haiping climbed down the pole.
"Look at the two looks, it’s not like visiting Red Square." The middle-aged man said with a smile.
"My name is Andre? Kirilenko eldest brother call me Andre. "
"This … you are so fluent in Chinese." Looking at this energetic young and middle-aged Liang Yuan, he didn’t call uncle out after all.
"Little brothers in the Jianghu can call me big brother." It is obvious that this man named Andre knows the national conditions of the Republic. be adept at quickly guessed the reason for Liang Yuan’s vague name.

Ow woo-

Silver Wolf demon let out a howl and tried to move his body to avoid the bear demon attack.
It’s a pity that the bear demon attacked quickly, and the silver wolf demon root didn’t come to escape.
However, the wolf demon didn’t wait and die, although there was no chance to escape. When the bear demon’s back armor was about to fall, the wolf demon’s back green python spit out a few green poison gases.
Bang bang bang—
The green poison gas released by the silver pervert and the green python hit each other almost at the same time.
The wolf demon was stabbed by a nail and several blood holes were made.
Of course, the bear demon is also uncomfortable, and the poisoning is getting worse and worse.
By this time, Xu Ren’s face finally had a little smile. Although both demon families still have fighting capacity, they can’t escape the fate of both sides if they go to a stalemate again.
Small demon leopard Molin be careful. After all, the two demon families are not weak. He is also afraid that these two guys will wake up and then aim at him and Xu Ren.
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were shocked and shocked. At this time, they didn’t know what to say. Xu Ren’s idea was really different. They didn’t like the Xu Ren plan, but now the Xu Ren plan is suspected to be successful.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
When Xu Ren, Xiao Yao Bao Mo Lin, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were thinking about their own worries, the bear demon and the silver pervert demon each gave a roar, which seemed to blame each other
However, in this case, when it is obvious that there is no mutual accusation, it is not who can directly scare the other party back, depending on who can persist in living to the end.
Seeing the law scare off the other party, Xiong Yao once again took the lead in launching an attack.
The demon race human habits are different. In the demon race world, it is always strong. The demon race attacks more actively and the weaker side is mostly passive defense. Although the defensive side may win the final victory, the chances are not great.
On the other hand, the human demon race is just the opposite, because there is a saying that "the first Mover is strong", so the human monks often see that the weak attack is more active.
Of course, there are also accidents. For example, like Xu Ren, he doesn’t like to start first whether he is stronger than himself or weaker than himself.
Silver Wolf demon dare not easily confront the bear demon, but his speed is faster. Xu Ren feels that if this wolf demon tries hard, it is estimated that his speed will not be too far behind.
Bear demon and wolf demon look more like representatives of speed and strength.
The bear demon represents strength while the wolf demon represents speed.
Bang bang—
Not long after, the bear demon and the wolf demon attacked and collided again. This time, the wolf demon body appeared several blood holes, and the bear demon body was hit by several green fogs again.
After this collision, the wolf demon and the bear demon also played a real fire, and the two sides no longer held back when they confronted each other again.
Then the battle between the bear demon and the wolf demon became more and more exciting, and both sides seemed to be involved.
At this time, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were in a hurry. They thought it should be the best opportunity, but Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin didn’t mean to leave.
A Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng can still hold back, but as time goes by, they can’t stand Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, and they can’t wait to die here.
People are selfish. Even though Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, saved Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng before, they decided to take care of themselves when they faced the life and death choice again.
Swish swish-
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng rushed out of the back of the silver wolf demon at almost the same time.
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng seem that even if they leave, the two demon families should not chase them. After all, there are Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin in situ.
See Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng escape Xu Ren sighed slightly. These two men are really impatient. It is death to escape at this time.
Chapter one thousand and ninety-one Town
There is no harm to Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng Xu Ren, but these two guys are going to die and Xu Ren doesn’t want to stop them. After all, people have their own opinions. Since these two guys don’t want to drag him down and the little demon leopard Mo Lin, he is also willing to see such a result.
Therefore, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, saw that after Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng fled, they didn’t move, and they didn’t call the two men back. They seemed to cooperate with the two men and didn’t seem to find their escape.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
See Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng to run the bear demon and the wolf demon, but they are in a hurry and they don’t care about fighting. They jumped directly at Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng.
At the moment, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng’s roots have not been repaired. Although their bodies have been strengthened in this unknown land, they are much stronger than before. Even so, how can they outrun the bear demon and the silver satyr demon?
"ah! ….. Xu Xiong, ink brother save me "
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng let out a scream almost at the same time.
By this time, they are really white. Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, didn’t move. It’s really that the demon race is too close to their prey. You don’t understand, they don’t move you, but if you move, the situation will be different.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, just like the root didn’t hear Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng asking for help. Although they also have the ability to confront the two demon families at the moment, they still have to spend a lot of effort after all. Two dead people can’t make effort.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, were in danger if they didn’t rescue Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng.
"surnamed Xu mo, if you don’t save me today, even if we leave here and return to China, we will not let you go."
After feeling that they were in critical condition, both Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were in a hurry. What can be said is that they were confused and threatened Xu Ren.
Xu Rengen didn’t take a reason for these two people. They died themselves. Xu Renlai didn’t bother to pay attention to them. But if these two people really want to repent and say a few words of apology, then Xu Ren may not necessarily go to from ruin. But these two guys will call for help and then threaten them. Where will Xu Ren care about them
"ah! ……”
Shen Guoyi gave a tragic howl, and one of his arms was directly bitten by the lion’s head on the left arm of Xiong Yao.
"ah! ……”
Another scream, Chen Guosheng’s lower abdomen was directly bitten by the silver wolf demon.
Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao shook their heads, and then the two of them suddenly accelerated and ran out directly behind the wolf demon.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
Although the bear demon and the wolf demon feasted, their attention didn’t really shift from Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin to Xu Ren. When the small demon leopard Molin showed their size and fled, the two demon families almost roared at the same time and chased Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin.
Without Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, finally ran away with speed.
In this way, the two demon families can’t catch up. Even the fast silver wolf demon has been pulled a long way by Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin.
By this moment, the two demon families have understood that it is impossible for them to chase away from the two guys. If it were not for the drag of the two-legged prey, they would have run away and disappeared.
The monster beast also has its own cognition, for example, if it is strong, it will be considered strong, and if it is extremely fast, it will be considered strong.
After the two demon families chased out a distance, they stopped chasing and returned to their territory.
The bear demon has long since slipped away with his prey in his mouth. He appears poisoned and continues to fight with the silver wolf demon, which is likely to kill him.
Although their life here is very hard and sometimes they can’t eat enough, they don’t want to let them die, and even if one of the two strong teams finally lives, it will be riddled with holes. If you are not careful, you will lose the demon snacks.
Although the bear demon with three heads is very violent and grumpy, his brain is not white. His three heads will still weigh the pros and cons.
Just because the bear demon with three heads is more available, the original order is still maintained here.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, got rid of those demon families and immediately felt wide and wide after they came after them.
Xu Ren and Molin, a small demon leopard, are not incapable of killing the two demon families, but Xu Ren vaguely feels that if he kills the indigenous demon family here by himself, it will probably cause unnecessary trouble. Whether it is a person or a demon family, if he is born and raised here, he will not kill it himself.
Even before chasing them, Xu Ren, the demon family with leopard body and snakehead tail, didn’t kill them all. It’s just a trap that trapped them. If there are companions coming behind to save or kill them, it’s none of his business.
In the process of marching along the stream, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, met several demon families again. However, because neither Xu Ren nor Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, was involved, they were not delayed by the appearance of those demon families.
Actually, Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, don’t know where they are going now. When they want to find a local person to understand the situation here, even if there are no humans, they can find a demon family in the shaping period.
Of course, it is also a big problem for the demon race to communicate with human beings in this place where spiritual power can’t be moved. It is not a matter of time to learn a language.
Xu Ren hopes that they can understand the Northern Xuanzhou Mandarin, but not the Japanese Mandarin. He has also learned the Japanese Mandarin and several dialects during this period. In addition, Xu Ren has also learned the Mandarin of Nan Danzhou, Xi Hezhou and China. I hope that the aborigines here can understand a mandarin or dialect, so that communication will be more convenient and smooth.
Perhaps it was the hard-working Xu Ren who found a town and it was inhabited after he went all the way along the stream to the intersection of several streams.
To Xu Ren’s surprise, the people in this town are all normal people, not as weird as those demon families.
In addition, there is another discovery in Xu Ren, that is, people here are very physically strong, even children of a few years old have fighters.
When I arrived in this town, the little demon leopard Molin also felt incredible. To know that martial arts in China is called a dead end, martial arts people are also looked down upon by monks, but I didn’t expect this place to be a place where one practices martial arts.
Of course, it’s impossible to say how high the martial arts people in this town are. Xu Ren saw that most of them were hard rocks, and a small number of people reached the mountaineering territory, so they should be considered top fighters.
"Are you from the outside world?"

The people who are followed by them are carefully waiting on the temple these days, and they are in a bad mood.

"What about fish food?" A Taiyi took a good look at the box in the pool and said impatiently, "Go and get Taiyi fish food."
"Yes, yes!" The man behind hurriedly replied with a eunuch retreating to get it.
It’s not enough for someone to take a look at father-in-law Chen. "I’m too hungry. Go and get it for the wife. You, you, you all go …"
"Temple …" Grandfather Chen wanted to say let him stay with the temple, but looking at the small temple, it was like killing people. He was silent after all, and it was not true that he retreated with people. Looking at it from a distance should not happen.
See everyone left XuanYuanChu hum two eyes staring at the pool koi fish he knew she didn’t like him …
A maid-in-waiting jumped forward among the flowers, and finally approached the Taiye pool and looked at the small yellow figure in the pavilion. There was a flash of hatred in her eyes. If it weren’t for him, how could they be sent to Bei Gong?
"Have you heard? Someone has just escaped from Bei Gong. Now the Guards are looking for someone everywhere. "Next to them, several ladies-in-waiting walked through the novel.
"Ah, when I entered Bei Gong, I said I was lonely, but how could the emperor treat people around me badly?"
"But some people are short of hearts."
"Anyway, if this is found, it is estimated that it will be directly dragged to the violent room."
"That there is a way, but it is not easy to escape the identity. The emperor will really …"
"If it’s not as simple as it is, it’s just an official woman who doesn’t look at who she offended."
"Also …"
The man hiding in the flowers suddenly clenched his eyes with his hands. Does he hate to see that there is no way ahead? Well, since she always dies, she always has to pull a cushion to vent her hatred before she dies
Thought of here, she suddenly got up and made a malicious rush.
Why hasn’t something that’s too fidgety been delivered to you yet? I’m just about to turn around and urge you when I hear Chen exclaim, "Temple be careful …"
As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a woman rushing in front of him. He was about to scold when he heard a ferocious sound.
"Go to hell is all because of you. I want you to go to hell." The woman rushed over and pushed Xuanyuanchu towards the pool behind him.
Xuanyuanchu didn’t expect someone to add him to the back. He was four years old and didn’t respond directly, so he was pushed away.
"TaiDian ….." Grandfather Chen came with people to watch TaiDian being pushed to immediately yell "Go and save TaiDian".
"Go and tell Huang Taidian that he has fallen into the water."
"Someone will arrest this woman for the emperor’s mercy."
Too liquid pool instantaneous noise is when they are ready to go to the water to save the Tai Temple, they suddenly see that scene. Everyone’s face suddenly froze and looked at the water. The man looked at his feet again. In April, the water didn’t freeze. Then how did she water it? It’s … It’s not a ghost, is it?
Looking at her arms clutching her clothes tightly, she frowned at the beginning of Xuanyuan, her face was full of displeasure and her tone was a little heavy. "It’s bold to protect yourself but like to play by the water without being followed. Who taught you this?"
"Anyway, you don’t want me. What are you doing back?" A woman looked at her with a face of accusation and said it was wronged. "It’s not like I want to hide from you because of this." At the end of the day, it’s not just because your cooking tastes terrible that you blame me. "With that, your eyes will drop golden beans."
Originally, she still had seven points of blame in her heart, but when she looked at his injustice, her heart was instantly soft and soft, and she coaxed, "Where is it that I don’t want you? I have a few things to do these days and I haven’t come back."
"Then are you still going?" XuanYuanChu before looking at the beautiful face can’t help but reached out and touched the surprised and said "your face …"
"I’ll never leave again after I leave," she said, touching his head with her specialty.
Xuanyuanchu gently snorted, but obviously he was quite satisfied with being touched by his head. These days, he dreamed that she touched his head every night, but when he woke up early, he found that her roots were different. He had some accounts in his heart.

"Artifact? Mastering God’s towel artifact is the real artifact. "The flame sound is very dull. The little red-violet has been light as if it had hit the flood of ten colors released by the top ten dark artifacts without any force.

Ten mouths of blood gushed out from the mouths of ten dark saints almost at the same time. The dark artifact in their hands was harsh and damaged. Cracks have appeared in the artifact, and each of them has been severely hit by ndzw.
But even so, that little red lotus still hasn’t disappeared. In it, a string of red lotus petals fluttered in the wind and chased after the dark cat that was fleeing rapidly.
At this moment, a huge thunder ball with a diameter of more than 100 meters suddenly violently shocked the prison robbery world in the sky to replace Lei Guang.
The calm look of the flame suddenly became dignified. The left hand that originally pointed to the dark cat was taken back, and the right hand on the top of the head also put his arms at the same time, raising his palms from both sides of his body. Suddenly, a layer of red luster stirred up from her red-violet name. When this red luster appeared for a moment, the whole earth seemed to have turned red. It was strange that this should be the strongest fire attribute. Red did not have half a scorching heat and brought them warmth to Ji Dong.
"Ah" a scream came from afar, and the dark red blood was scattered and stirred. Four colors of light flashed wildly and converged, and a strong layer of colored light swept and rolled up. Ten dark saints quickly fled away.
After all, the dark cat didn’t die. After all, he combined the magic of the four sacred beasts and made a fire to resist Wan Lei’s prison robbery. Finally, the madness also temporarily freed up his hand to deal with him.
However, the dark secret has been frightened by the flames. He didn’t even have the courage to look back again. He took ten dark saints and went to Wanlei to rescue the prison. He has continued to control the ultimate killing skill. What he wants now is to return to the dark five-element mainland and find a most secret place to hide. He never wants to see the woman in red again. He has an idea in his heart that this beauty is Vulcan.
The red glow makes the perfect flame look more sacred and inviolable. Everyone looks up at her figure except Ji Dong. They look at the flame with reverence.
In the crowd, even Ji Dong and Ajin have never seen the power of flame. They have imagined the power of flame, but their imagination is far from enough.
Is the flame really holy? If she is as holy as a dog flower pig, what kind of chrysanthemum pig also resists the ultimate killing skill, but it will never be rampant in front of her?
Booming the warm earth in an instant is like becoming a flame, and the body is extended, and the red glow rises from the whole earth in an instant, but it doesn’t bring light to all the people in the five elements of the mainland. At the same time, it rushes into the sky, and the black robbery cloud in the prison world is completely illuminated.
The thunderballs that fell from the sky were purified in this red brilliance. When the dense red light robbed the clouds together, the whole prison robbery world finally melted.
The red flame is surrounded by the flame body, and it looks so transparent. The red flame is beating one after another, just like a living elf, it gradually presents a red-violet shape and flies quietly around her body.
Looking at this magical scene in front of us, everyone has a feeling that the enemy has been repelled, and even the rising red light of Wanlei’s prison robbery has gradually dispersed, which has not shone on the land of Shengxie Island for thousands of years, and the sunshine has gradually appeared.
A wisp of golden sunshine penetrates through the dark clouds and quietly scatters the warmth and light of the earth, bringing new life to this land.
Suddenly, Frey seemed to think of something, and his face changed greatly. "No, I’ll go first." Before his injury, he was cured by a dog and a pig, turned around and boiled, and there were already a lot of sweat on his forehead.
Violet Leiyao Tianlong crooned and glanced timidly at the floating flames, then he rose and chased Fury.
Watching Frey move Ji Dong’s heart sank. They were protected by chrysanthemum pigs and flames here, and finally they were out of danger. But what about the magic division of Tiangan Legion? And that sacred island, searching for the enemy’s tracks, is it like night? None of them knew that he could fully understand the feelings in Frey’s heart at this time, just like the panic and trembling in his heart when the flame just appeared and they were bombarded by the thunder robbery in the prison robbery world.
The sunshine has become more and more abundant, and finally the dark clouds that have covered the island for thousands of years have finally dispersed, and everyone can’t help but squint.
There are no plants in the sacred island, and Warcraft is a bare island. Although it can directly see the sea because of its breadth, there is no real barrier between the east and the west, just like a thousand years ago, but it is different from a thousand years ago. This sacred island is like adding a bridge to the two continents, and both sides can land on each other’s territory.
"Flame" Ji Dong looked at the flame in the sky just like a goddess a few steps ago, and he didn’t even know how he was feeling now.
The flame looked down at Fang Ji Dong’s eyes and the sadness seemed to become deeper, but she still sent him a gentle smile.
Ji Dong’s heart suddenly shook. He suddenly found the sad color in the eyes of the flame. He seems to have seen it somewhere! He remembered the sadness in his eyes before the flame. Isn’t it exactly the same as the last look in his eyes when the cat died? A strong sense of foreboding spread in his heart.
The flame looked up at the sky again, looked at the sun hanging in the sky like a golden disc, and looked at the dark secret. They retreated from the oriental eye and showed a trace of hesitation.
"I’m afraid I can’t come to Ji Dong. I can’t help you wipe out all the enemies in the dark continent. All I can do is to get ready for five years. I think you should be able to cope with all changes in the future."
Go on, um, mistress found it convenient to canvass the plot! Everyone will definitely be satisfied when they smash it. Although it should not be spoiled, many readers in the comment area question Xiaosan. Let’s say a little bit. No matter how the plot is arranged, it will never be a tragedy. If you continue to look at it, you will understand that this paragraph will not repeat the pattern of fighting in the middle of the Tang Dynasty and dancing in the small dance. You will know that the back will be more exciting. This is less than half of the writing. Chapter 315 The ultimate skill of flame will be killed.
As she spoke, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had no human tears, but now she really wanted to cry. She had saved Ji Dong’s life, but she also wanted to …
"Ah-"A venting cry sounded from the mouth of the flame, shaking the fields. Her voice was full of unwillingness and sadness. At the moment, the sun suddenly darkened in the sky, followed by the instantaneous solidification of the sea waves around the holy evil island, which could no longer fluctuate for a moment. All the waves rose at the same time, and the waves exploded, and several bodies of Warcraft were blown up in the sea, but the impure water was a doubt. The sea could not be pure, and the world was not completely pure. Wan Lei robbed the prison world, not taking away the lives of all creatures in the sea, but also devouring the Warcraft Department,
It’s a pity that at this time, no one can see the wonders of the East China Sea on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Light. Only the millions of heroes on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Darkness can see that there is no Wan Lei’s prison robbery, and the island in their sight suddenly turns into a ruby in the sea.
The golden color of the sun has changed into a deep red, and there is also a red moon, blood day, blood moon.
"Flame you this is …" Ji Dong gawk at the flame.
The flame didn’t answer. His face showed a trace of sadness. His hands and feet rose on both sides of his body. Red-violet quietly flew straight to the central direction of the original Five Holy Mountains, which is also the core position of the whole sacred island.
At the same time, the flame turned around and gently circled his hands. A thick warm red light caught Ji Dong and others in the chrysanthemum holy pig and floated to the middle.
Red light swept through Ji Dong’s body and was swept out by a single red light and flew to the front of the flame. Four eyes looked at Ji Dong’s flame and suddenly felt something slipping from her eyes. She was surprised to see that it turned out to be two drops of glittering and translucent pink.
Is this a tear? Are they human tears? Her hands trembled and caught the two tears, and even when she faced the ultimate trick, her expression did not change. When a generation of queens saw these two tears, her eyes were full of wonder.
"Flame …….." Ji Dong raised his hand to hug her, but his hand stopped. Once again, he deeply felt his own flame and saw the insurmountable gap.
Are you really qualified to hug her?
But Ji Dong didn’t receive it. In front of so many people, the flame just leaned into the Tao. He hugged her waist tightly and buried her face in his arms. The flame body was very hot and comforted her. Ji Dong could feel her body trembling.
"Flame, are you in poor health?" Ji Dong asked with concern.
"No, no, no ….." The flame sobbed and shook her head. She looked up and there was tenderness and deep love in her eyes.

Ziyun proudly lowered her eyes. She knew that she had lost her manners. She was confused when she saw him injured. She never tidied up her emotions. Junya must have been in a good mood to keep her from seeing it. Although she really wants to see him, she can just get through tonight …

She looked at the closed door and said nothing. Get better quickly, don’t get hurt again, and don’t leave me so suddenly like Ah Xie.
Ziyunxi has also come back at the moment. When she saw Ziyun proudly staring at the door, she said to Ziyun proudly, "Since your husband said so, there must be a reason for him. Maybe it is better for your report not to go in."
"Well, I can do anything to make him better, even worse. I don’t go to see him for one night." Ziyun proudly nodded. Obviously, she still listened to Ziyunxi.
"Go back to sleep early and nothing will happen," Junya said. "It’s getting late when everyone goes home. Chapter 33 Don’t see it doesn’t mean no.
It’s only a few hours before dawn
After everyone left, Junya rubbed his temples.
Game before coma points is suggested that he don’t let the proud son know.
He glanced at the closed door. This is his residence. No other people will break into Aoer. It doesn’t look good. He is still a little uneasy. Maybe he will have difficulty sleeping tonight. Give her a sleeping pill.
Thought of here, Junya walked towards Ziyun Aofang.
Ziyun Ao Bu Fang
Junya looks for her.
At that time, the king’s landing was still tossing and turning in his room, and he couldn’t sleep. He didn’t know what was so good about the emperor’s game, except that he looked better than him, and everything was not as good as him.
On the value, he is a great grandfather, and Huang Junyi is six kings.
On power, his mother is a great master of a country’s saints and queens, but the emperor, the monarch and the concubine never brought him any power.
On the qualification, he is a genius in the eyes of everyone, while Huang Junyi has been seriously ill.
Whatever! No matter what, he won’t lose to the six kings! !
How can Ziyun Ao make him cry!
That arrogant girl made him cry …
The emperor’s landing was dry and stuffy.
I slammed my fist and fell off the bed. I shook the column hard and almost collapsed.
The king’s landing fell into bed again to be covered, and his head was covered together.
Stop thinking! Stop thinking about that woman! King’s Landing, you have a little backbone, okay? What is it about that woman that bothers you? Don’t you just let her regret her choice before approaching her? You just catch up with her and then dump her and play with her! ?
What the hell are you thinking now? What does it matter to you if she cries or not?
I’m sick of it! I’m sick of it! !
A willow tree in Junya found Ziyun Ao.
She sat on the branch with her head on her hands and looked up at the stars.
The meteor shower has not stopped, and occasionally a long light flies across the sky.
Didn’t you say you can’t see it until you go to the mountain? You can actually see it here.
"What are you looking at?" Jun Ya did not know when the branches flew. She was sitting behind her at the moment, and she was back to back through the trunk.
"How can you see a meteor here?"
"I saw one, two and many …"

"But" MengMeng just hates math and gets dizzy (I just do)

"Let’s go, let’s go shopping!" Moer took MengMeng directly and left a face of Naiyin.
Soon came the day when the results were promulgated.
After the teacher read aloud, it finally reached the top ten.
"The tenth place, the fifth place, the third place and the first place are Xia Mo and Luo Yin." The teacher was also surprised that Xia Mo could do so well in the exam, indicating that he didn’t believe it.
"Wow, that’s amazing."
"Tied with master Yin! !”
Moer is very calm after hearing this result. Go back to sleep.
MengMeng heard that he was stunned by the top 1 math, wasn’t he?
Moer secretly smiled after seeing it. Of course, it was she who made it hidden and didn’t want to make MengMeng unhappy! !
"Ahem, I have an announcement to make," the teacher said solemnly.
"that is, the former classmates can travel."
The silence was terrible because I went to the place every time. I don’t know where it is this time
As expected.
"We’re going to Ghost Island this time."
Hey, hey, listen, isn’t it exciting !
[Exclusive★] 3 Ghost Island
"Hundreds of ghost island! !” All the people in the department have a little flinched.
"Yes, the school wants students to study hard, be healthy and exercise more," the teacher said calmly.
The silence of the class didn’t reach the top, and the students secretly rejoiced that the risk had been narrow.
"Are the students too excited?" The teacher looked at the silent class.
Roll your eyes, which can also make you excited!
"Well, today is the day when the school gate closes." The teacher said calmly and went out, leaving a face of students who want to shit.
Body silently went out, in addition to MoEr they discussed the day what to do.
"Is Moer going?" Concealed that if MoEr don’t go, don’t go.
"hmm? Go with this! It should be very exciting. "Moer likes to stimulate Dongdong.
"Sure you want to go? It’s very dangerous. "I’m worried that EU son next to Moer will frown slightly after seeing it, and her eyes are intentionally vicious. Of course, a Miss dila also hates to itch her roots.
Important note: if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the 8 backup domain names.
Moer nodded and then walked out of the classroom with a sigh. This baby is so active.
It’s too late to get up early, and then sneak some things into the bag and shine (self-defense! ? -) Then stuff some food and drink, watch the mobile phone, breathe a sigh of relief and change clothes.
"Is Moer ready?" Yin is wearing a casual bag today, with a brain phone in it, so she usually has to take clothes and so on.
"Uh-huh, let’s go!"
Moer wore a pale pink skirt today until her knees were pink and her hair was combed into a ponytail. Her face was pink and tender and her eyes sparkled.
I have to admit that Mo Er is really beautiful when I see her wearing it. (I don’t think so)
"Well, let’s go," Yin said, holding Moer’s hand and then going out for breakfast.
Oh, well, Lulu is so tired. Please support her! Have money to hold a frontcourt, and some people hold a personal field.
[exclusive ★] 33.
"Students, let’s take a helicopter first," said the teacher calmly.
The students all silently wondered how the teacher was so calm.
"I don’t know if it’s fun," Mo Er’s little friend asked by stealth expectation
"My girl is so looking forward to it." It’s funny to watch Moer’s hand stroking Moer’s head.
Moer nodded hey hey smile.
And then fell asleep by stealth
By the way, they are so close because someone said that Mo Er was his girlfriend some time ago.
Finally came to the ghost island, Moer got up in a daze and walked slowly with sparkling eyes.
"Students, this is your place this week. This is also a place to exercise students. If there is any discomfort, there will be medical staff. Then the teacher will leave for a week and then we will see the students again!" The teacher said and left directly, and the students reacted. It turned out that the teacher went first and said
Just as they were about to cry, a man came over.

"I think the Knight League suffered heavy losses this time, and it was a short-term strategy of French participation." Yazi lost his past and held his voice when he spoke.

Even if the dead player is not from his own guild, everyone is trying to get out of here as soon as possible. It’s hard to feel a little sad when there are so many casualties this time.
Watermelon head is taciturn and irrelevant. Blue is looking at the past scenery and frowning gently. It seems to be thinking about something.
Xiang silently listened to the three Assas, holding each other and talking without saying a word. Everyone knew that the strategy would continue and people would die in the future.
For them, there are nearly 90 floors to go. If so many people die every time, who will have the confidence to continue walking?
Thinking about the casualties of the Raiders bss, Xiang suddenly remembered one thing. I don’t know from which floor the blood alliance led the Raiders in Heathcliff. There were few casualties in memory. The only two casualties were in the 50 th floor of the Raiders bss and the 76 th floor of the Raiders bss.
Thought of here, Xiang’s look suddenly changed, and this hasty change was not seen by others.
The fiftieth floor …
Meditate this word in your mind, and then think about the plot of the sword bureau in the bss room on the seventy-sixth floor.
Tongren Heathcliff duel followed by introduction success.
If I remember correctly, the avant-garde suffered heavy casualties in the 50 th floor bss Raiders. Fortunately, the avant-garde could not balance the recovery of blood volume in the powerful attack of bss, and it was on the verge of extinction. Finally, Heathcliff came out and blocked the bss for ten minutes alone, and the avant-garde had enough time to recover blood volume, and then the successful Raiders made it difficult for others to start a business.
After Heathcliff, that is, Heathcliff showed God Rapier to everyone for the first time, which also made players realize that special skills existed.
What does Heathcliff want to announce God Rapier to the world? On the one hand, it may be to let players know about special skills, on the other hand, it must be to eliminate the doubts of players.
A complete elite avant-garde team almost collapsed in bss injury. How can you stop it for ten minutes alone? Therefore, it is reasonable for the Holy Sword to appear.
Xiang, however, knew that it wasn’t the sacred sword, but Heathcliff set himself an immortal effect, in which he would suffer from epidemic damage when his health was 50%
A plan slowly formed in my mind, and my heart beat suddenly.
If you suddenly attack Heathcliff like a Tong man after the war of bss on the fiftieth floor to trigger the pop-up window of epidemic attack, then ask Heathcliff to give him a one-on-one chance later.
After planning Lang Xiang’s blood became hot, but it soon became cold.
As promised, Heathcliff will give him this chance?
Hastily exposing Heathcliff’s identity without giving him a chance to succeed in the strategy, then the story of the seventy-sixth floor will become a mirage.
Thought of here xiang chagrin pulled pull hair.
If the plan is carried out, it is a gamble that thousands of people’s lives are bet on the face. Winning the bet can save the future and people will die. Losing the bet will make more people die.
Shoulders suddenly sank.
Yazi patted him on the shoulder and asked with a little curiosity, "What are you thinking so fascinated?"
Xiang Yazi put his hand on his shoulder and shook his head. "Nothing."
Of course, he can’t say what he thinks.
Yazi said, "Oh, don’t be in a daze. We’re on our way."
If at ordinary times, Yazi would surely take this opportunity to ridicule Xiang, but at the moment, he is not in the mood.
Xiang answered him and never said anything.
But does this look like a rush?
Xiang glanced at the absent-minded blue and began to take out sheepskin notes to see watermelon head’s words.
Chapter 21 Go back to the heart
Okay, I was wrong. It’s the seventy-fifth floor. I’m doing a self-examination here
I chose the second novel of sword out of my hobby. In fact, I really hope that sword has animation and comics instead of novels.
Wind and sand resistance all the way
As far as the eye can see, the name of the marginal wasteland sighs. From stepping on this land, the team has encountered a scorpion-shaped monster, which is as big as a wolf and quite difficult, especially the scorpion tail acupuncture is very fast, except that Xiang has a way to avoid the rest of the people.
Fortunately, this scorpion-shaped monster has a pair of skin and tail needles that do not have toxins, and I don’t know what the original intention of designing this monster is. However, if the tail needles contain toxins, few people can escape the speed of piercing.
Without stopping, I walked along for a long time until the night approached, and finally I saw the outline of the security zone in the distance, a small town built of sand.
The whole town building is made of wasteland soil. When you enter the town, you can also see reddish brown except np’s white residence.
Xiang looked around with great interest.
The eleventh floor is full of exotic customs, which have never been witnessed in film and television, but I don’t want to visit it this time, and so do the rest of the people.
People in modern society have rarely been to such a desolate area, and it is a novelty for them to be lucky enough to visit here.
Asa really wanted to stay in the town for one more day, but he didn’t want to explore the maze one day earlier.
Since then, the fast pace of life has also been brought into Ian Grant. Since the launch of the bss operation, frontline players have never stopped.
Shortly after entering the town, the density of monsters is not high, but the refresh interval is very short, which is not suitable for leveling at night.
After a group of people hastily found a restaurant to fill their stomachs, they were blue and braved the night alone to go out of town to train. Even Asa could not shake his decision by sighing about his shortcomings.
Asa’s eyes were slightly complicated when he watched Blue leave. The frustration seemed to make Blue a little strange. He sighed without trace and suggested to his teammates, "Look around before the break to see if you can get something rare. Let’s meet at six o’clock in the morning."
Long ago, Fei Lang and Yazi were so happy that they ran away in a short time, and Asa was wry smile.
"What about you, watermelon head?"
Watermelon head smell speech looked up and glanced at Asa light way "I go to the hotel".
In anticipation of this answer, Asa nodded his head and looked at Xiang with a smile. "Come with me, Xiang."
Xiang was quite surprised. He wanted to take this opportunity to see if he could get a better one. It seems that there is no way out.
After bidding farewell to watermelon head, Xiang and Asa walked side by side in the street and met each np with a warm smile on their faces. Unfortunately, there were holes in their eyes, which made people feel that the warm smile was hypocritical.
"I really don’t know whether to hate the world or thank it."
Asa’s eyes move as he walks past np. This generous Han face rarely shows a dim color.
Since entering this town, I haven’t seen players’ streets, roadsides and shops are a bunch of native residents piled up by data.
Xiang looked thoughtfully at Asa’s side face and said, "How much each has a little?"
"It’s true that it’s so real here. If I wasn’t imprisoned here, I would love it. I would love everything here." Asa said it seriously but sincerely.
He loves here, but he wants to leave here more.
"I don’t think so …" Xiang thought silently.
Fa loves deeply, but he does get a lot here.
If I hadn’t come here, I’m afraid my poor generation wouldn’t have been able to taste all kinds of delicious food, let alone walk through so many places and see many local conditions and customs.
Even if the land is in that world at the moment, can you have this opportunity yourself?
Xiang felt the same way. He couldn’t help but say, "I dream of playing a virtual reality game, but I prefer to leave here and return to the original world."

"Don’t be impulsive. Miss Lian immediately told her to hurry to Huoyun City."

Luo Yulun took a deep breath and had a daughter coming. This dilemma can only be opened. Chapter 1364 welcomes 1.
As a waiter dragging a long tail came running in like a gust of wind, he knelt on one leg
"What is it?"
In the evening, Su Yizheng’s daughter Su Li was discussing with Mrs. Xu about seeing the attendants report, so they both looked at him.
"Back to the Lord, a group of people came out of the city, saying that Xu Yuanmo invited the Lord to meet him out of the city."
"Go ahead"
Su Yi unhurriedly turned to look at Su Li. "They came quite quickly."
"Father and daughter go out of town with you?"
Sue hedge tried to ask
"You don’t have to watch it at the gate."
Su Yi smiled at Su Li but said to the attendants behind him, "Go and ask the lady to come."
Soon everyone was here, and a woman was waiting for Su Yi’s dispatch.
"Husband, I heard that Brother Xu is coming. Should we go out of town to see him?"
Ganmei has been waiting for this day for a long time. She wants to ask Xu Yuanmo personally how to protect Sister Zhi Butterfly and let Sister Zhi Butterfly be so seriously injured. If she and her husband hadn’t been preparing secret medicine for so many years, they wouldn’t even have a glimmer of life.
"Of course I’m going out of town. Don’t you want me to go with you?"
"How did that happen? I also want to see it. "
Su Yi looked up and looked behind her eyes rested on Su Fen "Fen Er, you wait here."
"It’s the father"
Sue hedge nodded and promised to come.
"People lined up out of town"
Su Yi ordered Gan Mei to leave the city at once.
The gate was wide open, and a group of people flashed in front of him. Although the facial features could not be seen clearly from a distance, Su Yi recognized that it was Xu Yuanmo at a glance.
"Brother Xu came so fast. I still want you in two days. I didn’t expect you to arrive so soon."
Xu Yuanmo’s face flashed an imperceptible worry. "Because I want to see Zhi Diesuo, I am still on my way at night. How dare I delay?"
When saying these words, Xu Yuanmo looked at Su Yi. Didn’t she know that Su Yi would believe her words?
"Oh, so that’s it?"
Su Yi nodded his head on the surface, but at the same time his expression was different.
Xu Yuanmo doesn’t care if he believes it or not. Anyway, he originally came here to test.
"where is zhidie?"
"Please follow me into the city"
Su Yi’s eyes looked straight at Xu Yuan’s ink when he said these words.
Xu Yuanmo smiled slightly "good"
"Brother Xu!"
Suddenly, the sound made Xu Yuanmo dazed and turned his attention to Gan Mei’s body. "So Mrs. Su is here."
"Brother Xu hasn’t seen you for years. How are you?"
"I miss Mrs. Xie Su a lot. Thank you for taking care of Zhi Die all these years. I am very grateful."
"Brother Xu said seriously that I am what I should do."
Gan Mei smiled and blazing with anger looked for something in Xu Yuan’s ink face. She lamented that he was shrewd and at the same time lamented that she tasted it again, didn’t she?
Is their husband hide from Xu Yuanmo if it is not to the point where they can do it, they will not let Xu Yuanmo know about it. At this time, they will meet each other and guard against each other, but they will even pretend to smile. There is no way to be their true self. Chapter 1365 welcomes them.
"If Brother Xu can stay longer, we must let our husband and wife do their best."