Looking down, I saw a large piece of blood seeping into the soil in the furrow next door. Most of it was blocked by broken corn leaves, which was not obvious.

The three of us switched the furrows, walked along the mopping marks and scraped the corn stalks nearly one meter high. After about five or six meters, a body suddenly appeared in front of us!
Seeing that the remaining half of the head is short hair, it is suspected that the reporter Ding Mou, who was killed at the beginning, has a skull on his left side! Not a bit of flesh and blood is clean as if it had been licked by the tongue. Not only that, but his left arm, neck, shoulder, trunk and thigh all seem to have been professionally peeled. Only Sen Bai’s bones are left and right. The joint of flesh and blood is not flat as expected, but there are teeth marks all over the right side, and there is a faint tendency of skin tearing.
The dog-faced man was so hungry that he ate half of the living …
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Mr Donkey!
I am crying. "According to Shi Yuqing’s photos and news reports, these two bodies are dog-faced people. How big is his stomach?" First, I chewed the farmer to 10% of the meat, and then I chewed Ding by half, even if I didn’t eat for ten days! "
"Maybe the report was wrong. Shi Yuqing didn’t see the dog-faced man clearly, and some inhuman partners were not discovered by him." Lin Muxia fell to the left and right sides and took several ridges and ditches respectively. She waved and said, "There are a bunch of messy footprints, at least five pairs."
Pei Xizhen and I quickly took photos with our mobile phones and followed the footprints.
Not long after, the three of us came to the depths of the cornfield and saw a simple wooden shed. From time to time, men groaned.
Pei Xizhen raised her hand and handed it to her mouth to instruct us. He pointed to both sides of the shed and made a double-decker gesture. I nodded and crept close to the door of the shed. I held a pistol and fencing. She held a tranquilizer gun and Pei Xizhen directly rushed forward and kicked over the weak wooden door. He raised his gun and said, "Don’t move or you will die."
"Who are you? Ouch pain "the man got a fright and asked the pain.
"Hands up"
Pei Xizhen hooked his left hand at Lin Muxia and still handcuffed him. Before he left, he would handcuff him at a stroke. At this moment, we looked at the man in the shed. It’s quite normal. His hair is rough and his limbs are healthy, but it’s a bit weird that his thighs are covered by a dirty cloth, revealing a long cylindrical outline.
What the hell is this? Weapons?
The three of us curiously looked at this dirty cloth. Pei Xi Zhen Ning repeated, "Who are you? What, here? What is the bottom of the dirty cloth? "
"Uh, I’m Viagra." The man said with his hands moving. "Oh, it hurts … if you want to know what it is, look through the cloth yourself."
"Viagra? Isn’t this his mother Viagra? " Pei Xizhen took out a blue feather and swept him. "Now I don’t know how to lift it easily if it’s tricky!"
Lin Muxia’s clear eyes are full of doubts. "It seems that you have nothing to do except look bad. Where does it hurt?"
Viagra twisted her mouth and said, "I’m waiting for the vice president here."
"Vice President?" As soon as my eyelids tightened, I grabbed him and said, "You said it was dog-faced Liu Xingzhu?"
Viagra commented, "He is really a dog. Oh, no more than a dog."
"Are you a member of the hospital?" Pei Xizhen looked at this brother Viagra, and while he was good at groping, he commented, "Is he a normal person with no traces of grafting and transplantation?" His eyes turned to Viagra’s leg cloth, and now we looked at each other.
So you dare to lift the cloth.
I breathe a sigh of relief, hold the corner of the cloth and yank it … ooh! ! !
The guy nearly one meter long is wrinkled, shiny and purple, and the root of the mushroom head is connected with Viagra! A huge bag is like a small football that leaks a hole.
Mr. Donkey is really worthy of the name. I’m afraid he can hang to the ground when he gets up. The dark doctors in charge of the operation in the hospital are so talented that they gave the donkey whip together with the bag to Mr. Wanaike donkey. The big guy seems to have been injured with a thick bandage and some blood is blurred.
"sir Donkey said that he and his companions should not stay here for a long time." Lin Muxia looked at the dense corn field outside the shed and suggested, "Let’s move him to the trunk of the car and return to die."
"Actually, I think he has been abandoned. He has no fighting capacity, but he is a burden. When he continues to stay like a wave," Pei Xizhen analyzed that he picked up his mobile phone and called the Chengbei branch to let Wang Yuanhe group and the corpse-carrying team come to the corner in front of Hulu Village to dispose of two male corpses in the cornfield.
Viagra protested, "Don’t move, I’m afraid it’s broken."
Lin Mu Xia Bing sneered and took my pistol. She aimed the gun at Viagra guy’s skin from beginning to end. "Mr. Donkey, if you won’t ha ha, I’ll make you a clarinet! Stuff your mouth and blow a lot of rice into your mouth. Xiduo "
"Elder sister, I’m wrong to keep a whip. I’ll go with you." Viagra took the dirty cloth to the front with handcuffs and covered it with his hands. The guy got up with a bandage carefully.
Pei Xizhen held a gun to the back of his head with his ass.
Because Wan Aike was worried about touching the wound, we walked very slowly and it took half an hour to walk back to the roadside. Lin Muxia took out an anesthetic needle and stuck it in Wan Aike’s thigh. He soon lost consciousness. Pei Xizhen and I worked together to put him in the trunk and quickly turned around and returned to die.
We moved the donkey to the interrogation room, and I leaned him against the corner because the chair was high and worried that his wound would crack again.
The anesthetic effect gradually faded. Viagra woke up and he was stunned. "Where is this?"
"die" I adjust the angle of the camera equipment and fade away.
Viagra showed resistance and said, "I know you! Took away my favorite dean! "
"You mean … Buyi Yangde Yanhuo?" I was confused and said, "favorite?"
"How is the current dean?" The guy Viagra twisted his body. He missed, "I loved her the most and wanted a private pet to transplant me with a donkey. At first, I hated her, but I enjoyed my condition after the operation, and the Dean treated me like my own."
Pei Xizhen shuddered and said, "I like it."
"Cough, how many non-human people do you have now?" Lin Muxia inquired.
"Nine! Ah, bah! Nine! " Wan Aike looked a little sad. "Haven’t you told me about the dean?"
"She died without regret. She met her family and let go of her obsession." Pei Xizhen touched Bata and sighed. "Didn’t you get away with six inhuman people? Dog-faced man, eagle-eyed man, two-faced man, cheetah, skunk man. "
"quite understand?" Wan Aike smiled mysteriously. He explained, "When the head strategist reunited with us, he tried to attract some non-human people who had undergone reconstruction surgery in the hospital, but he succeeded in attracting four people whose skills were fine. I hate a woman who vomited corrosive acid when she was idle. She likes and dislikes to say that there are three left. One of them has been installed with a big bear’s paw and a belly transplanted with a third hand. The last one is considered to be a relatively normal and beautiful woman grafted with strong limbs."
Look at each other. These inhuman people are far more numerous and capable than we expected.
I pointed to the guy Viagra and asked, "How did you hurt yourself?"
"Alas … don’t," said Wan Aike, heartbroken. "Two terrible people came to our place that day. They were thin and cut into my guy. It was about a centimeter deep, so they stopped. He was a semi-old man who walked with him and asked the skunk directly for two bottles of mixed gas. If he didn’t give it, he would cut me off so that the skunk could spill two bottles of each other’s blood. Unfortunately, it took at least two years to get it back!"
"Little hunter and dismembered devil?" I stared wide-eyed and dared skunk cans to get very hostile from both sides through threats.
Pei Xizhen asked curiously, "Then you were abandoned by nonhuman people?"
"They didn’t show their dislike for me. They talked about taking me to a village to seek medical advice from an old Chinese doctor. Last evening, the Kobayashi and his five men carried me to the shed and hunted two people. We enjoyed the Kobayashi together and said to lead them into the village." Wan Aike bowed his head and stared at the injured part. He was depressed. "So I waited until noon today, but it was you …"
Chapter seven hundred and twelve Dean pro-batch
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
"Give me five minutes to think about it." Viagra hesitated for a few seconds and gradually recovered calm. It didn’t take long for him to breathe a sigh of relief. "Well, anyway, I’m a basket case, and it’s rare for me to choose!"
It’s worthy of being a multi-functional police flower. A little kindness and kindness have brought sincerity. I am curious. "Have people been moving in the past two years?"
"The head monster led nine of us to join the D organization, being a thousand-faced guard and running errands as instructors for his hands." Wan Aike sighed and said, "A man with special fighting power like me wanted to be a quiet and beautiful man, but as a result, a guy named a shemale girl grabbed my guy every day and made me exhausted and listless all day. Later, the shemale girl disappeared, but I was always bullied."
Pei Xizhen folded the blue feather in half. He bit his teeth and said, "Thousands of Guards?"
"yes" viagra nods
Lin Muxia Ning asked, "How many people are there in the scale?"
Viagra acerbity smiled. "I don’t count these nine nonhuman guards, but I rarely get along with thousands of faces because he doesn’t want to eat Tianbei D organization all the year round to grow. He has merged with Tiannan D, the provincial capital, and his ambition has gradually been exposed. No one knows that he has been preparing for Tianbei before. I learned it through a shemale girl."
"Do they also have fights in D organization?" I incredible way
Viagra nodded heavily.
I asked patiently, "what do you want to do this time without showing up?" Is there a conspiracy or a targeted plan? "
"cruel!" Wan Aike kept his mouth shut and said, "There are inhuman goals to catch ten men and ten women and take ten hearts back to the helm!"
A man, a woman and a heart? Pei Xizhen frowned and said, "What do they want to do?"
"The motive is particularly terrible, especially cruel!" Viagra’s pupil suddenly contracted, and he shivered, "It’s a thousand-faced death that makes a living person who wants to be proud of his brother conduct an anatomical experiment."
Lin Muxia couldn’t help getting up and saying, "How long is the deadline?"
"The two days have ended at noon today. In fact, they successfully hunted 19 people in Hulu Village last night." Wan Aike thought a little about his breakthrough. "The farmer who was eaten was found missing by the other party and followed the trace to find him, so the head monster killed him and shared it with them."
Pei Xizhen narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "Do you have any?"
"No ォ no … no" Viagra clenched his fist.
"Is there?" Lin Muxia gave a hard blow to the table. She said, "Tell the truth, otherwise we will throw you into the wilderness and make a fuss about you. If D knows that you are rebellious, you know the consequences."
Viagra wronged. "There are … people are hungry. You can’t chew raw corn, can you? I didn’t eat much and chewed half an arm. "
"Alas nonhuman really doesn’t even have a little human nature? We are of the same kind, "I asked with mixed feelings in my heart." Didn’t a thousand disciples have Ji Yudie and a daughter who became his wife? "
"Later, I accepted a man," said Viagra with a shrug. "He was called Yang Bin like a psycho."
Yang Bin?

It’s true that the higher the status, the more afraid of death.

Zhang Lan, although she was in pain, almost cried out, but she enjoyed it and continued to crush her left little finger.
Fingers linked to heart this time, the pain is no less than the severe pain caused by the tongue. Thanos immediately couldn’t hum it himself, but he didn’t have anything to say.
The state of soul Thanos’s oral speech is just a habit for too many years. The soul body relies on the fluctuation of the soul to communicate accurately and efficiently
It is obvious that Zhang Langen would not have soul communication with Thanos.
Destroying bullying is also a tough guy who knows that he is car-scrapping after he looks forward to life, so he abruptly fights with Zhang Lan to see who can’t help it first.
Thanos can’t do anything more except be bound by time.
Zhang Lan naturally won’t give up and slow down his crushing speed again, so they are deadlocked.
It takes half an hour to crush the left arm-it takes a moment to finish things.
"Crazy, you are crazy!" Thanos finally couldn’t help but growl through his soul, "I give up and kill me, but you don’t want to know how to revive your friends, hahaha!"
Zhang Lan crushed a meal and handed it to Thanos for questioning.
"Of course resurrection can be revived!" Thanos is crazy. "If you want to master the laws of the universe, you are the master of this plane. Unless you are physically and mentally destroyed, there is no way. Otherwise, it is difficult to combine the law of the soul with the law of reality to shape the body and the law of the mind." What if it can’t be reversed directly? "
It’s really a good idea to have a blue eye and a white eye.
It is impossible to look at Thanos Zhang Lanbai, who has been driven crazy by himself.
Zhang Lan is now mastering the four laws, but he has not reached the point of giving orders to the source of the universe. He has not reached the ability to trace back when the first method can be completed, but the important soul law is in the hands of Thanos! "
Obviously, Thanos will not cooperate, because after losing the soul law, he will be a blue chopping board, and the fish will be slaughtered by Zhang Lan. If Zhang Lan refuses to let Thanos go.
After all, there is also a law of strength. Thanos has to master all the laws perfectly in order to find all the soul fragments so carefully.
There is another problem, Zhang Lan. He can’t grasp the origin of the universe, because there is no Marvel plane mark in his soul, but it belongs to the pre-Earth plane mark.
He will be ostracized.
But at present, all the rules are left to Thanos and Thanos to revive Zhang Lan’s friend.
Is it possible?
Obvious impossibility
This is an endless loop, and no one can hit him.
Unless there is another opportunity.
This opportunity really appeared!
Zhang Lan intends to settle all the direct and mutually assured destruction with Thanos!
Chapter 53 Episode (Chapter 77)
The opportunity has appeared!
When Zhang Lan was ready to die with Thanos, Zhang Lan seemed to feel something and looked to the left. After that, Thanos was slow and turned to look.
See two people staring at the position suddenly pieces of fragmentation and inch by inch collapse!
It wasn’t Zhang Lan who broke the time before, but the deeper wall was broken-it was the plane wall!
I don’t know this idea. Zhang Lan shakes it in his mind.
Before doing more thinking, a figure emerged from the fractured area and stretched his hands and feet for a stretch. His face was full of relaxed freehand brushwork-even when Zhang Lan broke himself, he wandered too much easily.
"Plane predator!"
Zhang Lan’s first instinct is to identify this figure, so he has a sense of crisis.
Not he can, but the system, that is, the law can!
It belongs to that part of Marvel Universe.
Just as the man in front of him almost swallowed the laws of Marvel Universe.
At the same time, on the other side, Thanos is also Zhang Lan who has empathy.
"Hey, it seems that I came at the right time. You two are in this state." Intruders Zhang Lan and Thanos scanned the circle to show satisfaction. "Well, it seems that you are close to both sides. I just came to harvest the battlefield. Haha!"
So the intruder thought for a while and then raised his hand and extended his right hand to Zhang Lan. A powerful attraction made Zhang Lan involuntarily fly to the intruder, and when he saw it, he would send his neck to the intruder’s palm. When Zhang Lan finally released, he paused for a moment, and he teleported to his original position with the help of force.
Just now, he felt that his body force was blocked by a force. Until the last time, he still came from Marvel Universe. He was able to resist and let Zhang Lan breathe a little sigh of relief and release the force.
"Hey, you can still resist. It seems that the plane level should be gold this time." The intruder murmured again
It is said that there are three people in the actual field who are weak. It’s all loud and clear
Zhang Lan looked very alert and looked at the intruder with a frown, but he didn’t intend to speak.
Is Thanos his soul mouth-directly make the soul to communicate.
"Are you from the Lord God Alliance?" Thanos asked.
"Yo ho you this plane should know’ the Lord god alliance? Is it before? " The intruder said, bowing his head and drawing something in vain, like inquiring about information.
Confirmed by the intruder, Thanos’s face was instantly livid, and his struggling face emerged very clearly.
"I found that six thousand years ago, five gold-level gods of the alliance joined hands to prepare for the destruction of your plane. Gee, you are a great candidate for the Lord God. You can even spell a mutually assured destruction in 1V5, even a platinum god. There are six main laws. This plane is less platinum-level, and you have earned it!"
Intruders seem to like talking to themselves. It’s a pleasure to talk about themselves.
However, every time he said a word, Thanos’s face became darker and darker. Until the end, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.
"How did you find the plane coordinates? Prynne, he has covered up the plane coordinates. You can’t find our plane! " Thanos sink a way
"Oh, I see. No wonder I have been hiding for so long without being caught. It turned out to be covered up." The intruder murmured again
Thanos’s face grew gloomy when he didn’t get an answer.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m distracted again." This is the intruder’s reaction. "I’m very sorry that I’m easily distracted and talking to myself. Don’t take it personally. You mean what can be perceived, right? It’s because you two rules hold a fight that will cause plane fluctuations. I just came to have a look at the plane next door."
Said the intruder around and looked at Thanos and Zhang Lanxin smiled.
"Self-introduction-My name is Destroying Heaven, and you can also call me Emperor’s Meeting Ceremony. You can leave me the power of your laws. Why, the protagonist is almost dead in this plane, then it can destroy the world’s fragments. It’s really a wave that my luck point has been close to full recently."
It is said that Thanos’s face is already black.
It’s like an island people suddenly came to the battlefield where the two armies of the Central Plains confronted each other, and then said, we will take over your continent and help you kill all the people by the way.

The technique is even more terrifying. Hyderabad is a powerful monster beast with nine snake heads. It not only has the same speed and strength as a monster beast, but also has different properties of water, fire, wind, thunder, wood, earth, poison and dark. It is even more terrifying than this, but the main head in Hyderabad is said to be immortal. No wonder this Hyderabad is so brazen

It is said that I am afraid that when the three Xuandan strong men face Hyderabad, I am afraid that I will be accidentally distracted by Hyderabad. If the three of them are killed or seriously injured, it will be even harder to deal with Hyderabad again.
Hyderabad was more casual when he saw that his identity was caught. If he wanted to kill the bodhi old zu Xia, I’m afraid he had already succeeded before the bodhi old zu Hu appeared, or he had already discovered that the bodhi old zu Hu deliberately led the bodhi old zu Hu to appear, but he really didn’t expect that the Wu had a puppet beast of Xuandan realm. If it wasn’t for this puppet beast, he would have killed the bodhi old zu Xia even with the skill of moving mountains.
Hyderabad points to set out his hands behind him. It’s very easy. It seems that he didn’t look at Xia Hu’s two bodhi old zu. He glanced at them coldly, but finally put a puppet beast in front of him and gave a rustle in his mouth. "I didn’t expect that there should be no fourth-order strong people in the imperial city of Qin people except you three old ghosts. I didn’t expect that there would be such a thing. It was indeed our carelessness."
The eyes of the bodhi old zu Hu family narrowed. "Did you deliberately lead us out?"
Hydera gave a strange laugh. "I have this luxury there. I wish I could just kill you. It’s all the idea of the little guys in the church, but it’s also a good way to save me from going to you one by one."
He didn’t finish his words, but he pointed at the nearby Tongtian Station, and suddenly there was a rumbling sound. When they saw Tongtian Station, they hurriedly turned their heads. At last, they formed a crimson light mass and floated to Hydera’s busy head.
Hyderabad busy fiercely looked up, and the head actually jumped up like a snake neck, biting that crimson mass in high school and then swallowing it into the belly.
Immediately afterwards, I saw that Hyderabad was overwhelmed with intense pressure, as if something was getting bigger and bigger, and there was a slight buzz in the gas.
"Bad this guy evolved."
Seeing this situation, the bodhi old zu de gruyter suddenly cried. After careful observation, everyone realized that Hyderabad’s doppelganger had changed from a person to a beast. His neck bulged with sarcoma the size of a fist, and his skin turned black and blue. A huge animal tail appeared behind him and patted gently.
62. Labyrinth II
Not only is the momentum getting higher and higher, but the body is getting bigger and bigger.
He actually swallowed the spiritual power of Tongtian Taiwan to increase his self-cultivation. You know, he was already at the peak of Xuandan’s cultivation. If he advanced again, he wouldn’t jump directly to the baby cultivation.
That’s not the main thing. More importantly, he has closed the Tongtian platform, which means that even if there is Xuandan realm spiritual practice here in the imperial city, it is impossible to enter the secret realm.
Although there is no attack technique on Tongtian Terrace, it belongs to a secret method, which can only be used by powerful true gods or weak false gods. The powerful point of this secret method is that the visual distance plane can connect two planes or be a means of breaking and restraining as it is now.
It takes considerable strength to break the void, except for the true fairy and false god. Even at present, the most powerful baby in Xuanhong has no way to break the void and display the technique of Tongtian Platform.
Although some powerful baby-changing monks can tear it and send it over a long distance by means of array method, it is not just three or two baby-changing monks who want to tear a hole in such a big seal as Tongtiantai.
The bodhi old zu of Hu family and others can enter here only by borrowing the destructive power of Tongtian platform. Although they can’t tear it, they can naturally use other people’s broken virtual power to understand it. This is like an iron cage. Although you didn’t break through the power of the iron cage, if someone destroys the iron cage and the iron cage is destroyed, you naturally don’t waste any effort to follow it directly.
However, if this destroyed place is not restored, it will be impossible to break off if they want to come in and come to the secret territory again.
Hyderabad’s present method is like this. He not only takes back the Tongtian platform, but also absorbs and transforms its power, thus cutting off the spiritual practice of the Emperor Qin once again entering the secret passage. Even if the Emperor still has powerful Xuandan spiritual practice, or Xuandan spiritual practice, it is impossible to support these trapped Tianqin spiritual practices.
His goal, of course, is not these spiritual practices. His goal is that Long Mai, a Qin man, devours Long Mai, a Qin man, or destroys Long Mai, a Qin man, so that they can revive the top ten Xuanmen, and he can enter the Central Plains and become the largest Sect all day long because of the Qin man.
"Come on, don’t leave your hand. This time it may be really big. If we can’t stop him, we will wait for hell with our descendants."
At first glance, the bodhi old zu de gruyter saw that Hyderabad had swallowed up the Tongtian platform, which was the evolution, and hurriedly cried out. However, this Tongtian platform was swallowed up by Hyderabad’s body strength, and there was no waste of power. Once it was swallowed up by him, it was definitely possible to enter a higher level.
Even if Hyderabad enters the baby or a higher level, he is not afraid of heaven. The influence of Qin Xuanmen is deeply rooted. Almost every Xuanmen has a baby-changing order in the top ten Xuanmen. If Hyderabad dares to venture alone, these Xuanmen masters will naturally be impolite.
However, Hyderabad is not stupid. He has never really entered Tianqin territory for so many years. This time, he dared to invade Tianqin because he wanted to destroy Qin Long Mai and change his belief in the fate of conference semifinals. He came up with such a plot to give Tianqin spiritual power a heavy blow, with a hundred gas coagulation steps and three Xuandan territories. This has almost reached the standard of Xuandan power. If these spiritual departments are killed today, Tianqin spiritual power will not be brought down, but a few decades will slow down Tianqin Xuanmen power.
"Don’t you think it’s too late to start work now? In fact, you shouldn’t have come. If you don’t come, you may still have a few years to live, and you may wait and sit still, but you have just come to dedicate your spiritual strength. "
Just when the bodhi old zu de gruyter shouted for a big fight, Hydera’s body suddenly went up and down. He was wearing that suit. A huge body had appeared in front of everyone. The head was still looking up to the sky and devouring the Tongtian platform. At this time, a fist-sized snakehead broke through the tumor, and he kept shaking around his head and heard the words of the bodhi old zu de gruyter. The snakehead suddenly gave a strange sound.
After saying this, the snake head rose again, although this time it rose to the size of a human head. When it rose to the size of a human head, the snake head spit out a silver light to the ground.
Silver light hit the ground, and the whole ground lit up as soon as it touched the ground.
At this time, they found that they didn’t know when their feet had already outlined a large array and a huge array. This array was so big that it would reverse the seven stars and refine the soul.
After the hydra snakehead spit out the silver light to the ground, it seemed to turn into a silver liquid. This silver liquid spread rapidly, and the naked eye saw a series of lines. However, a mysterious array was already lit up in a few minutes.
And it’s not just that, including the attack on the bodhi old zu in Xia family. Lei Guang cleaned up that area, which turned out to be the Baizhang area in the law center, and directly turned the two bodhi old zu in Fox Xia and the Wu puppet beast Hydera busy all sealed the law.
As the silver lights up, pieces of silver fog suddenly rise from the array, ranging from the reaction of Fox Xia’s two families and two ancestors, which has become three or two silver chains to trap two people and one beast.
"What’s going on?" The bodhi old zu de gruyter was frightened that he had already prepared the attack technique, but his attack technique was also interrupted because of the appearance of this huge law. Moreover, this is not all. Not only were they trapped in the law, but they also instantly sealed the three of them with three chains. Although the silver lock did not directly bind them, it was impossible for them to escape.
63. Labyrinth Wars III
"What kind of formation is this?" Not only the two bodhi old zu in Fox Xia, but also the strong ones trapped in the inverted seven-star array, came up with this idea at the same time
Hehe … When everyone came up with this idea, the second snakehead of Hydera immediately burst into laughter.
"You and I want to lead you to ambush, right? You are wrong. I don’t just want your life. Isn’t that too rough? Give your spiritual strength and spirit to me. I won’t treat your family badly when I come. Haha … "
"What did you say?" They were surprised. They never expected that Hyderabad not only wanted to hit the Qin people’s spiritual practice, but also wanted to take the lead in the real body world. Is this law actually the lead in the Hyderabad world?
Just for a moment, Hyderabad’s body is huge. Now Hyderabad has far exceeded the human standard. Now it looks like a deformed monster. Human legs have gradually disappeared and replaced by a snake’s huge tail, but the half-length remains human, except for the head and hands. It is quite strange to see.
"Reversing the seven stars to refine the soul and turn to the source!"
At this time, Hydera suddenly waved his hand at a small three-dimensional array, which was covered by darkness. The small three-dimensional array suddenly burst into flames and immediately gave out screams. Small light groups of various colors lit up almost at the same time.
These light clusters of various colors, large and small, are naturally various protective means.
Because Xiao Sancai Array is a trapped array, although it is also a temper, it usually boils frogs in warm water. If you want to kill the array, it will take three or two days for it to be less famous. Some powerful gas condensate spiritual practices are very powerful, and there are no powerful protective measures. All of them rely on hard support to save those life-saving measures for the last.
However, they never expected that this Hydera would greatly accelerate the operation of the small three-talent array with a wave of his hand. It took three days to achieve the effect of refining the soul. If you go like this, I’m afraid it won’t be half an hour before you are trapped in the law, and many spiritual practices may be refined into human oil lanterns.
Although the screams are repeated, it is also the case that Tianzhong’s spiritual practice looks at them, and they are also trapped in the law, regardless of the pulse order and the two Xuandan bodhi old zu.
In the past, there were many laws of Qin people, but this time I was trapped by the law of Hu people, which made many spiritual practices difficult to understand.
Although they are all practitioners, spiritual practice and dharma practice are still very different because of the differences in achievement methods and body. Most of the dharma practice depends on the dharma practice, and some dharma practice treasures are mostly auxiliary to the Lord.
Spiritual practice is much more complicated. Although spiritual practice can also make dharma practice, most spiritual practices still like to make treasures sacrificed and refined. The power of treasures is much stronger than dharma practice. This is also the main reason why spiritual practice at the same level is often greater than dharma practice.
Of course, if the dharma practice is subdivided, it will be much more detailed than spiritual practice, because they major in dharma, but spiritual practice is more powerful than dharma practice.
For example, array training, alchemy, refining and ofuda are all common laws that are difficult to master, and even if they are mastered, there is no way to motivate them, and there is no way to make spiritual treasures spiritual.
But only this array is a dharma practice, but it is more spiritual practice, and few people can practice dharma generally.
But this time, they never imagined that the so-called spiritual cultivation of the law master was actually overshadowed by the law cultivation, and it was really a surprise that the army was wiped out.
After about half an hour, the screams in the small three-talent array gradually weakened, but the fire became more and more prosperous. The colorful small light groups were also extinguished one by one. At this time, Hyderabad slammed the small three-talent array and burst into a black color. The shady scenes that covered the small three-talent array were directly dissipated.
That black rush into Hyderabad’s body, but Hyderabad immediately roared in pain and saw his two heads shaking constantly. Without incense, there was another bang, and his neck sarcoma cracked again and a snake head jumped out, so that Hyderabad already had three heads.
"If you don’t fight, you will be consumed by him. If you fight for your own life, you can’t become him!" Seeing that Hydera directly destroyed a small three-talented array, he directly transformed the spiritual strength and spirit of the small three-talented array into a part of him. If he goes on like this, it will be their turn to destroy all the small three-talented arrays, and it will be their turn to change the pulse order and Xuandan realm. Sologu directly called to get up.
In fact, they have always struggled, but they are worse than the gas coagulation order. The gas coagulation order is trapped in the small three-talent array. Each small three-talent array has only nine Hyderabad followers, but they are trapped in the inverted seven-star array. However, in the face of almost the same number of Hyderabad followers as them, and they are even more miserable than the gas coagulation order. However, Hyderabad has not yet liquidated them, so they can still insist on waiting for a while. After the gas coagulation team has been wiped out, it will be their turn to kill these pulse orders.

Before Su Yu set out to break through the shackles of holiness, he had to solve the problem of 10 thousand clansmen first

The ambassador of all ethnic groups was connected to the reception hall, and the appearance of the ambassador of all ethnic groups occupied about two-thirds of the hall.
The different faces and appearances of all ethnic groups are all taken in by Su Yu.
"All families want to buy recovery Dan medicine and solid culture yuan Dan, pulp washing Dan and other drugs? I don’t have much Chinese medicine such as silver silk and secret lotus. "
Wang Chuan withered side will report Su Yu eyebrows a pick toward the bottom of the family asked.
Presumably these days, this group of aliens must have spent a lot of money to buy Yanhuang’s selling Dan medicine, adding the life juice Dan medicine, which naturally takes several times as much as ordinary Dan medicine.
It is the life juice and Bian Que’s blending technique that make the alien root method copy the efficacy of Dan medicine
So they can make peace.
The appearance of the silver silk lotus must be the reason why many forces are crazy.
However, you can also imagine why the explosion of the stargate has given up the hope of the entire Xinghai quasi-sacred land.
"Su Da, what conditions do you have to come out and let us see?"
Shen Yu eyebrows a bunch of he said gently on behalf of the family first responded.
Unwilling to lag behind, the wolf clan also motioned for Su Yu to make conditions.
And Shen Yu looked at each other at Su Yu’s lip angle slightly. "My Yanhuang Dan medicine has now reached the point where it is valuable. If you want to get Yanhuang again, the purchase conditions are naturally different."
"Restore Dan’s price is now the highest, and it has been sold to 100,000 immortals. I can charge you a bottle of 50,000 immortals."
"Dan Yu medicine Yanhuang will charge you twice the market price."
"Those who have a high price for silver silk and secret lotus have now become saints, and you should know how popular such Dan medicine is."
Su Yu let go of the blank paper and said indifferently
Hearing this, a group of foreigners could not help gnashing their teeth.
Gu Pei Yuan Dan and Xi Sui Dan are at least 100,000 immortal stones at the market price!
Su Yu’s mouth is twice as big!
Especially the Wolf clan, they can buy almost a bottle of Dan medicine just by receiving the post office these days!
Yanhuang has such a difficult condition!
"Su Yu, you are not deliberately making things difficult for us!"
Wolf clan broke out first.
They have a feud with the Chinese people, and now they have been swallowing this Dan medicine for four months.
It’s hard to see Su Yu’s face. He’s so hard on the alien!
"We all agreed."
Wolf clan anger just issued a listen to ginseng yu agreed.
Before that, the hundred families formed an alliance again, and Shen Yu was the person who spoke this time. He naturally represented the hundred families.
Okur glanced at Senyu and hesitated for half a ring, then slowly nodded, "I, the Terran, also agreed."
In addition to the orcs, several ranking numbers have not yet been spoken. Wusheng Pavilion and Ziya Mountain are not out of the two terran forces.
"The family hurriedly, god Terran you are crazy! ? You also agree with this unreasonable price! What do you think of the orcs? "
Other races, such as choosing wolves, don’t care
But what makes the wolf clan angry most is that the orcs have chosen silence!
"I still need to consider a thing or two about such conditions. I wonder if Su Da can wait a few days."
The voice of the orc tribe is very polite, not as arrogant as that of the Wolf tribe.
No matter whether the orcs and the Chinese people hold grudges, they are not as profound as the wolves and the Chinese people, and his performance is much more calm.
Su Yu reminded her lip angle and looked down coldly. "The Wolf clan sent me to help me sell Dan medicine."
"Since you are disrespectful to me, the Yanhuang Dan medicine will not be sold to the Wolf clan or the alien Yanhuang will end here!"
"The orcs asked me not to wait for the alien to decide whether to buy today, so we can make a decision."
Su Yu said categorically that she didn’t give it to make the aliens hesitate at all.
Zhuge Liang slowly walked out from behind Su Yu with a feather fan. He kindly said, "If you decide to buy, you can stay first, choose to go back and close again, and you can quit the temple."
Buy or not? Don’t buy it. Get out!
Such a wind is in line with Su Yu Terran style!
Anyway, I hold the rare Dan medicine formula, which is equivalent to monopolizing the industry. Don’t buy our Yanhuang Dan medicine if something happens! Since you want to buy, you should pay for the resources!
"Hey, it’s not like there is a Yanhuang family to sell!"
"My roots can’t afford to be so expensive."
"Su Dadi’s roots are beyond my power!"
"I decided to try my luck in the black market, and Su Yu always sucks blood."
The alien made one after another scold and left.
There are only a few small planes left, except for the Terran and the Hundred Tribes, and the Ziya Mountain and Wusheng Pavilion remain undecided.
I heard that Su Yu’s look on the black market from those alien mouths was slightly meaningful, so I saw Zhuge Liang’s eyes.

I don’t know why he said, "You are human!" Although the surprise can be heard in the voice, it is still incredibly beautiful. Chapter 9 He can’t move.

Ziyun proudly managed to hold herself steady for a moment, remembering how she practiced swimming in the 21st century but didn’t dare to be thrown away by Emperor Shao, who scared her half to death and let Chilie catch her …
The other party was so stupid at that time that she didn’t move at all, which made her choke to death and cast a shadow over the water!
Forgetting the change of time is like going back to the time when Ziyun proudly accused, "Are you a pig? Didn’t I ask you to catch me? The girl is killing me-"
What? How dare you call him a pig? ! It’s really-interesting! ! The evil man suppressed his anger and his eyebrows jumped. "Don’t leave me soon!"
When he said this, he was even more surprised at her. He stayed too long and how could he still be safe and sick! ?
Leaving? Ziyun ao found himself sitting on a man’s shoulder with his hands around his neck to keep balance.
"Swim over" Ziyun proudly gives orders. She is not afraid of water! Now I cann’t believe I’m sitting on a naked man’s shoulder. It’s thundering
Dare to command others, so far, she is really alone.
Uber man consciously sobbed at the corner of his mouth and slowly and gently spit out a few words, "It’s better for you to go away, girl." He said it was very gentle like singing, but it was extremely cold as if it were born with inexplicable oppression.
This kind of oppressive feeling made Ziyun proud. She never wants to get wind, rain and rain. Who dares to talk to her like this? How many people can really make her look?
The person who provoked her has just seen a lot, but saying these three words in such an understatement gives people a sense of shock, which is the first time she has seen it in her life.
I was curious to see his face, but I could see his long black hair in a bun. Ziyun proudly remembered himself. If a boat was hacked to death with one hand at the moment, he would drown himself in the water.
Water waves slightly moved ziyun proud suddenly suo suo body hug him more tightly.
No one has ever been so close to his strange touch that men feel a little depressed. "Girl, I’m afraid it’s not good for you to hold a man you don’t know, right?" But I told you to go away ~ ~ "
He said this sentence so beautifully as if he were a gentleman, but the feeling of dying came out of him inexplicably.
Ziyun proudly said that if she hadn’t read that he was a stepping stone at the moment, she would have torn him up so arrogantly that she dared to tell her!
Wait so angry and still don’t move. Can’t you move?
Thought of this, her mind flashed.
"Hey hey you are a man don’t hate women take the initiative? Since you hate it so much, why don’t you push me when I wait around? "
Uber male eyebrows slightly picked an effort to contain their emotions and teased "throwing herself at women has seen a lot of throwing herself at each other, and each has its own advantages. Your posture is chic and tight, but it’s a pity that I don’t have a good mood today."
"Are you sure it’s lack of interest rather than inability?"
This sentence is so cheap! The man’s body has really become hotter, and although he is still so understated, he doesn’t feel a trace of life.
"You’ll know if you have the ability, girl." His voice seemed to drop to the dust.
Whoo-hoo! You can’t move! Ziyun proudly hooked his lips and thought that this sentence is self-evident to men. He can still be so calm. If it is not for him, it is definitely impossible to move. Chapter 1 does not understand water.
Since she let him swim over, he couldn’t move or swim, and his wish to let her go was not so easy to come true.
Uber man knows that she intends to sound out that she can’t move now. If she really wants to be Hu Fei at the moment, will he still give in easily?
It’s a storm coming-
Listening to the wind whistling in the ear, the hot springs surged uneasily. The Uber male body actually floated with the hot spring water, and Ziyun proudly frowned slightly and hugged each other tightly.
This time Uber man finally confirmed his guess.
She doesn’t understand water, does she?
Good, good, very good. The woman who dares to ride him is the only one so far, and there will be no one from now on.
A proud Ziyun deliberately diverted attention. "Oh? The ability to try is still not moving? " She raised her eyebrows. "So it seems that the delay in understanding my clothes must be for the girl?"
Ziyun Ao didn’t want to be defeated, so he swept him. At the sight of his wonderful bones and excellent figure, Ziyun Ao really praised that he was a very good practitioner. If he had followed her since childhood, he would have been in charge all day.
"You think it’s a good idea. Grandpa hasn’t tried it today. Why don’t you wait on Grandpa when I give you half a cup of tea? I’ll let you beg for death later."
Oh, it’s not always * * * * * * He actually begged for his life. Can’t he play when he needs half a cup of tea?
This person has an inexplicable shock, and he is definitely not an idle person. If he can really move after half a cup of tea, can he let go of the man who humiliated his male dignity at the moment? Although my martial arts skills are more than enough to deal with those famous pawns in the government school, Bauhinia mainland is, after all, a magical city of Wu Zun. There are many people who are stronger than her, and it is hard to get back a life. She doesn’t want to die.
You are very good, very good, you can’t move, and you dare to be arrogant. You look like a cow today. Maybe you really want a taller girl who is not your opponent. You may want to win. Just now, you let the girl go. If you don’t bully you when there is still half a cup of tea, it’s not a great opportunity for nothing.
But if you’re really that good, I’m not asking for trouble if I bully you harder, are I? Hey, hey, look at you, laughing and having a good temper. It shouldn’t be bad. A little revenge-hello, I’m good, everyone.
Thought of this, Ziyun proudly narrowed his eyes and said that he didn’t sit still. Isn’t it time to have a good experiment when he meets one this time?
Peeking at each other, I don’t feel some ripples in my heart. It’s really handsome and unreasonable! She deliberately rubbed his face and tickled him, and he would react. The other party said, "Do you want me to teach you?"
Humiliate! Ziyun Ao wanted to slap him when he was angry, but the water shook him and floated around. She was really afraid that she would accidentally plant herself in the water and be so arrogant when she couldn’t move.
"Like you, I am afraid of water and dare to spend ai flowers in the water. The female thief also feels very appetizing."
Ziyun is so angry! This guy can’t move and still dare to "attack" her with language. He used to sit on his shoulder and calf around his waist, and at this moment he pushed a calf. This push doesn’t matter, but it happened to touch the other person’s body slightly.
Swish a ziyun proud blush with shame!
Bah, bah, what’s her red face? Sure enough, there is no man in this world who sits still and looks good. He doesn’t go into flames. Chapter 11 Breaking through acupuncture points.
Poof, a Uber man suddenly vomited an one mouthful blood.

Mo Yan covered his purplish mouth and smiled. "Actually, I’m not interested in men. I like beautiful women. I like beautiful women. Remember that you owe me!"

With that, he carefully bandaged the hay leaves of Ling Mo’s pupil wound into ground cloth, which proved to be effective and the bleeding stopped quickly.
Ling Mo Pupil looked gratefully at the fox Mo Yan "Thank you very much"
Fox mo yan took a look at the shura emperor blinked his one-eyed "how are you going to thank me? How about a commitment? "
Don’t look back. "I advise you to think about his methods. I already have someone you like."
The fox’s face showed a trace of disappointment. He looked up at the sky. "Why don’t you become a woman and then a man when you are with me? I don’t mind sharing you with others when you are with your lover. What do you say?"
Ling mo pupil again spirit again funny "this strange idea kui how do you want to come out? Still don’t think about it! "
The fox laughed too.
Actually, this fox is still a very nice person. Although he is a fox, his heart is not bad. Shura Shenjun regrets whether he was treated too much.
Mo Yan, the fox, helped him take care of the last wound. Ling Mo felt much better. He looked at the fox and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll help you get a good skin when I have the chance."
The fox’s eyes are full of small red hearts. "You said it! Don’t break your word. mink, tiger, leopard skin will do. I don’t want to wear this cat skin. "
Then he turned into a snow-white kitten and started to roll in place.
Shura God squinted at this lovely kitten with a rare smile on her face. There are goblins, and they are not as bad as they thought.
It seems that I really want to find a chance to find a suitable fur for him. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please visit the chapter for more support. I am reading!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Hope to see you every day
Chloe gathered up her magic wings, and a large number of vampires and vampire bats were exhausted after a night of fighting. They quickly found a place to hide before the sun came out.
Chloe arranged a silver armor and cloak and strode into the ice and snow palace.
Who knows that I just saw the feather.
Feather pastor, of course, also saw Chloe, but she didn’t stop to miss Chloe else.
But Chloe’s blood stung her eyes.
Feather Zhen opened his eyes wide in surprise and grabbed Chloe’s arm. "What did you do? Hurt? Still killing people? "
Chloe quickly covered her body with a cloak and said simply "nothing"
"Also said that it’s nothing. Look here." Feather’s sharp eyes have long seen that Chloe’s chest silver armor has been caught and her chest muscles have been caught. Blood has dyed his silver armor red.
"Come on, let me help you with the medicine." Feather pastor grabbed Chloe and pulled her into his room.
"Take off your clothes!" Feather pastor ordered with gold sore medicine.
Chloe hesitated or obediently took off the silver armor to reveal a strong and fit body.
The chest is bloody, but it’s good to have a silver armor to stop it, otherwise this claw heart can be dug out. Who is so powerful? Feather pastor thought to himself that he didn’t stop to help Chloe handle the wound carefully.
Chloe looked down at the feather Zhen hands to help her deal with the wound, and the supple silk kept crossing her arms, and her white ears were as bright as white jade.
Chloe felt an unutterable impulse in her heart. He closed his eyes and severely pressed the body to this restlessness.
"No, it will soon be good." Chloe remembered that she was sitting on her shoulder again.
"No, you still have to deal with this claw. It’s too strong …" Feather suddenly became alert. "Who hurt you?"
Kerr stared at the feather eyes, looked down at his wound and said simply, "Nothing is just a few very fierce tigers are orcs, but now they have been solved."
"Oh," Feather Huan breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you and Feng Luo have to do this? Let all tribes worship you? "
Chloe long give a sigh "feather Zhen don’t blame me, we also have no way to now this world is not what we want? Even if we don’t destroy other races, they will try their best to destroy us. Johnson is the reason. Don’t you see that there are still many monsters coming to us these days? "
Don’t turn away. "I really don’t want to see you fight."
Chloe hand gently twist the feather head "are you worried about me? If you really have my worry, even a little bit, even if I die, it’s worth it. "
Feather bit his lip and didn’t tell the truth. This Kerr was almost a feather. Although he grew up in a short time, he was a mature and powerful vampire, but in his mind, he was still that lovely child.
Although feather Zhen is very contemptuous, there is still a soft place in his heart to love him involuntarily.
If Chloe really lost her life, she would be very sad herself.
But these can’t be told to Chloe.
Feather Qian adjusted his mood and said simply, "I just don’t want to be ruined. Be good to yourself."
She turned to leave, but her hands were grabbed by Chloe.

"That’s right, it’s a ring." Mao Yan smirked and came from behind. The members gave him an unkind look. If he hadn’t finished the final blow, the props wouldn’t be there, but whoever got the ring belonged to everyone.

"Ring …" Xiang’s eye pupil shrank. Until now, he also has a ring decorated with red blood. He has never even seen a movie.
Kai Tai seems to be shocked by this sudden news. This feeling is like a pie falling from the sky, and it will be incredible when you really feel it.
When he recovered, he eagerly asked, "Share the attributes with me quickly."
Although the ring is rare, it can be divided into good and bad. If it is almost worth some money, if it is good, it will be expensive.
Xiang suddenly looked at Mao Yan, and even Tong Ren was amazed at the attributes. Speaking of which, he hasn’t heard of anyone who has a ring, and he doesn’t know what the main attributes are.
Mao Yan didn’t show off the ring materialization in his hand, and shared the attributes with two people at the same time. That gesture provoked several people to turn their eyes, but they also leaned in at this moment. It seems that they didn’t see enough samples just now.
The ring is silvery white, small and delicate, and it is not inlaid with gems, but outlines a pair of wings.
Xiang and Mrs. Qi stared at this thief’s pride ring and froze …
"This attribute …!" Kai Tai looks dull. He is the person in charge of trading the market in the regiment. Although he is not as good as a professional businessman, he has at least dabbled in it. After this ring shocked him, he was ecstatic.
"A little agility … and this passive effect!" Rao Shixiang can also stare at the ring.
Passive effects strengthen% effects affected by agile values.
1 point agile bonus is not surprising, but what is really amazing is this passive effect. Even if this ring has no attribute bonus, it will be a fate.
Strengthening the effect affected by agile value is not simply the percentage increase attribute, but the strengthening effect, that is to say, if you want to wear this ring, you can instantly feel the agility and speed of your body and the jumping height of your sword.
Xiang took a deep breath, and his eyes were filled with envy and admiration, but there was no greed. After all, avant-garde didn’t need agile bonus. Although he didn’t have a ring now, it was too fate to buy it even if he wanted to.
"Do you want to keep this ring or sell it?" Iron male suddenly asked
Kai Tai smell speech one leng, just thinking about the ring’s ownership. It is reasonable to say that such a good ring must stay for himself, but I think so, but somehow I feel very waves, as if this equipment is suitable for experts.
After thinking for a while, it was hard to decide that Mrs. Kai couldn’t help looking at everyone and asking, "What do you think?"
Tongren touched the bar and thought, "sell it so that there is enough money to replace the equipment, and now you need to replace the avant-garde equipment."
Others don’t have any opinions, and Kai Tai’s mind is inclined to this point …
"But what’s the price?" Kai Tai is slightly distressed.
"The price?" As soon as Tongren pondered, he smiled bitterly. It is also worth selling this ring attribute at a sky-high price, but the question is, can anyone afford it? It is difficult for him to decide if he sells the price low and is not willing for a while.
"I can introduce you to a buyer."
It’s a pity to think that they decided to sell the ring, but since it’s going to be sold, it’s best for the guild members to buy it. It happens that he has an object to introduce, and that person is preparing to buy a house. I think he will have a lot of money on hand
"who?" Rev too consciousness asked.
Xiang smiled gently and said, "Yasina" and thought to herself, don’t blame me for letting you buy a house bankrupt.
Chapter 40 Farewell
Asina, who has a shining name, is highly praised by many players. She is the only girl in the front line and she is very skilled. It can be said that everyone knows everything.
If Xiang is a blood alliance shield, then Asina is a blood alliance sword!
Hearing Asina’s name shines at the moment. If Asina has enough money to buy a ring, it is best. Not only can she get a lot of money to replace the team equipment, but she can also make the famous Asina more powerful and help the raiders. It can be said that she is killing two birds with one stone.
To be honest, Tongren is also very jealous of this ring, but his enthusiasm for rare props is not more important than his feelings. He is very sensible to suggest that Kai Tai sell it and then replace the body equipment to increase his vitality. However, he is very concerned about the ring that eventually belongs to him. The thought of Asina wearing this ring seems to immediately imagine a horror scene.
"How terrible …"
Asina’s fencing speed whispers in his head, and he looks at Xiang with deep admiration in his eyes.
This thief is proud. If we really want to find a messenger, I’m afraid there will be Asina alone. This meteor trail will be even more horrible.
"I can also predict a reasonable price in terms of price, but I do have a suggestion."
Anticipating that Asina would definitely want to buy a ring, Xiang chuckled.
"What advice?" Kai tai and Mao Yan asked with different mouths
Xiang’s eyes slipped with a smile and said lightly, "You can first count how much budget it takes to replace the body personnel and equipment, and then the price is higher. Anyway, it is difficult to price this ring now. In this case, you might as well be a little darker and Qian Duoduo Yishan."
"…" Body suddenly silent.
A moment later, Tong people turned away from each other and stared at Xiangba. "You … should be a member of the blood alliance."
Xiang picked his eyebrows and said "of course"
Tongren’s face smiled bitterly and thought, shouldn’t you ask us for a relatively decent price? Why let’s get more black money instead?
Black? I don’t think so. After all, the quality of the ring is too high.
Mrs. Kai seemed to feel a few drops of cold sweat sliding down her cheeks and asked cautiously, "More … more money?"
"The initiative is in your hands and it depends on how you decide."

"Isn’t it a staircase that needs to be built exactly like this, and it’s exactly 10 thousand stories? Is this an ancient king’s tomb?"

Summer pretty more think more lose "ten million those emperors are not like" long live "call? Is this really an ancient imperial tomb? "
A burst of notes and notes came from a straight channel further ahead!
The passage around here is actually made of an extremely strong bluestone, which is exactly the same as the step bluestone!
I know that Suosuo is like a thousand insect slabs crawling, and Xia Man is extremely uncomfortable, just like being cut by a knife!
"Holy shit, what the hell is it?"
Xia Man was so calm and drunk that the pagoda immediately offered purple flowers and immediately lit up dozens of meters ahead!
This summer, it is even more difficult to change the color. There are many bugs crawling on the slate ground in the distance!
It seems that they were provoked by the light of the Tiantan Pagoda above Xia Man’s head. These crawling bugs immediately stopped and raised their heads strangely, like rows of red spots suddenly appeared. These small reptiles suddenly turned into blood red, like a flame burning along the ground and spreading to dozens of meters away!
Blood-red bugs are as dense as the tide, forming a bloody sea. The number of bugs is so huge that it is hard to imagine!
Shocked! Shocking!
Xia Man feels that his heart rate has suddenly doubled. Nearly 10,000 meters deep in this place, he has encountered such a horrible number of reptiles, and these bugs have turned into blood red!
Even Xia Man couldn’t help but jump! Trembling back a few steps!
It seems that they are extremely alert and afraid of the Heaven Pagoda. After Xia Man offered the Heaven Pagoda, these bugs actually lay down in situ and dared not move.
"Grandma, a bear, if you don’t really see the old man or shoot the last shadow!"
Xia Man exclaimed that one day, the Yuan God sitting inside the pagoda had communicated with Xuanwu and Qinglong!
"What? Red? Do you mean that all the bugs have turned blood red? "
After listening to Xia Man’s description, Qinglong first exclaimed, then looked at Xuanwu from the second building of Tiandao Pagoda, and his body shook his head, revealing a shocking color in a pair of dzi.
"Listening to your description should be a bloodthirsty worm!"
"Bloodthirsty worm?"
Xia Man asked, this name doesn’t sound safe. It seems that these bugs are not simple!
"Bloodthirsty vermin have emerged from the ancient witch clan!"
"When the three thousand world has not been divided, the wizard has divided the good and evil factions! Witches in the right way will be affirmed by Heaven and given Heaven Pagoda, while witches in the magic way will not get Heaven Pagoda because they practice witchcraft and are too extinct to be recognized by Heaven! "
"Righteousness witches are always proud of Heaven Pagoda, while heterodox witches are jealous of upright witches and resentful of Heaven. Righteousness witches often kill and seize their Heaven Pagoda, transport heretical witchcraft, and re-sacrifice and erase the heaven mark inside. They make the Heaven Pagoda sacrifice into various strange shapes to be used as a witch soldier. Although the power is not as good as that of Heaven Pagoda, the witch soldier can still deal with ordinary witches after its quality continues to rise."
"And because heterodox wizards practice witchcraft and focus on killing people, even those who are more powerful and upright have many dead heterodox wizards."
"At that time, three big sects of heterodox forces finally appeared in the big world! And this corpse witch Sect is Zhongyi! "
"The body of the dead wizard was sacrificed to become a witch soldier. The number of people in this corpse witch Sect was 100,000 at that time, but it was very beautiful!"
Tsing lung here with a sigh.
"Xiao you still hurry away! This bloodthirsty method worm is a corpse witch to guard the door. The low-level method worm is much worse than those powerful corpse witches! Since there is a bloodthirsty insect here, it means that there will be a corpse witch in it. You’d better run for your life quickly! "
"corpse witch Sect!"
Summer pretty wry smile at the sudden appearance of a tall figure at the end of the channel!
"Corpse witch? It seems that I can’t leave if I want to! "
Chapter 11 Devouring the Witch Soldiers
As this figure came forward, those bloodthirsty method insects immediately divided into a road and crawled on both sides of the channel! Like a worshipper of the emperor, the blood and light in his body disappeared rapidly and became dark!
Kaka Kaka sounds like a metal tread. As the distant figure gets closer and closer, the echo in the big stone road gives people a feeling of depression, boredom and tension!
"Not a corpse witch! This is a corpse witch refining witch soldiers! However, this witch soldier seems to have been refined into a corpse witch when he was alive, although it is difficult to damage his strength! But who knows how long this guy has been sacrificed? I’m afraid his strength is even greater! "
The analysis sound of Qinglong in Tiandao Pagoda just fell and there was a dull sound of Xuanwu!
"Wu chun realm! This witch soldier has reached the realm of witch statue! Be extra careful, Xiao! Although your strength is not good, this is a witch soldier after all, and you can still deal with Tiandao Pagoda! "
Xia Man’s eyes lit up, and Xuanwu said it was good. It seems that this time, the Heaven Pagoda has made a fortune!

"Almost there!" In the face of suspection.i Zhantian questioning Luo Yang is not to explain.

"Stop and pick us up, we have to walk there, and don’t send out energy fluctuations in this period!" Luo Yang to suspection.i Zhantian light way
Hearing Luo Yang’s words, Huangfu Zhantian nodded somberly and then landed on the ground with Luo Yang. Then they walked towards a mountain like a feather.
To tell the truth, Huangfu Zhantian is not a generous person. On the contrary, he is also very bitter, and he is not used to waiting until danger comes to the door to solve the problem. He will follow Luo Yang here to face the three major forces of Shenyuan Mainland. It is impossible to say that he is not nervous, but no matter how nervous he is, he must not show it.
Looking at the dignified face of Huangfu Zhantian, Luoyang laughed and then called Huangfu Zhantian "Are you a little nervous?"
Hearing Luo Yang’s words, Huangfu Zhantian glanced at him grumpily and then said lightly, "What am I nervous about? I’m not nervous" [
"Don’t be nervous. We’re not going to rob the headquarters by evil, or we’ll take you there. We’re going to rob a secret sub-base by evil. We want the evil robber to come out of this base. There is a god left in this base who is a median god, and the number of median gods will not exceed five. Don’t worry, I’ll pin down that god and you should deal with those median gods. This should be no problem for you," Luo Yang said with a smile.
Hearing Luo Yang’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, then said, "There is no problem for you. I will get rid of these middle gods soon." After that, Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes flashed with cold light. To tell the truth, when fighting with Daqiang, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t make a killing move, but rooted in their thick skin and didn’t do anything to them. After all, Daqiang didn’t hate themselves because of some conflicts, so there was no need to kill them.
But now I have to deal with a notorious evil robbery. Worse, I’m afraid this evil robbery has been endless with myself. The evil robbery character has killed each other for four people. They will definitely send a stronger one to deal with what they have done, so they can relax themselves. It is absolutely impossible for him to show mercy this time.
Luo Yang see suspection.i war days that confidence eyes suddenly peep out one silk smile.
Then both of them didn’t speak, but marched silently towards the front. When they came to a cliff, Luo Yang pointed to the cliff surface and said, "No, they are here. Section 1374: Lock the Ding."
See Luoyang refers to the local suspection.i war days suddenly a burst of language, this evil rob people really can choose a place to actually choose this place, but this cliff is so high, how can I get there without revealing energy fluctuations?
When suspection.i Zhantian wondered, Luo Yang pulled out two ropes from his ring and found a very ōyama Iwao, then tied them together.
"I depend on whether you have planned to come here to make trouble, and I seem to have been caught by you as a able-bodied man." Huangfu Zhantian saw that Luo Yang was so prepared that his eyelids suddenly jumped wildly and he was calculated and he was willing to be calculated.
"Ha ha, yes, I have long wanted to come here to teach them a lesson because if I were alone, I couldn’t resist the joint attack of these people, and I didn’t want to let my families take risks with me. After all, if they come with me, I’m afraid there will be damage, but you are different. Although your strength may not seem high, the fighting capacity is the strongest one in the same level I have ever seen, so I chose you." Luo Yang did not deny it and admitted it directly.
"You are embarrassed!" HuangFuZhanTian a face of depressed, but since it has come to this, it is impossible to turn around and go. If so, he will despise himself [
"You can rest assured that there is absolutely no problem with the strength of the two of us, but you should be careful about the evil robbing people. Their attack methods are a little strange. If you are not careful, I am afraid it will be finished. But I think your strength should be no problem. After all, you have already killed them, and you should also understand their attack methods." Luo Yang charged.
"hmm!" Huangfu Zhantian tied the rope to himself and then jumped with a step.
And Luo Yang also didn’t hesitate, followed by suspection.i war days behind also jumped to.
The two men didn’t speak all the way, and a faint tension came out from the two of them. Some doubts took one look at Luo Yang and Luo Yang gave a quick laugh at Huangfu Zhantian.
Seeing this situation, Huangfu Zhantian’s eyelids jumped. It seems that this operation is probably not peaceful. This Luo Yang may have concealed the strength of this secret branch, but there is no anyway. Anyway, if you encounter any irresistible danger, you will have to hide in the small world and finish it. Who cares?
Thought of here, suspection.i Zhantian’s mood has become relaxed, and it’s also a lot of agility, which makes Luo Yang wonder next to him.
Soon the two men reached the middle part of the cliff, and Luo Yang pointed to a raised rock less than 100 meters away from it, saying, "That rock face is the evil robbery sub-base."
"You don’t seem to tell me the truth, do you? You seem familiar with this evil robbery. Come on, what’s going on?" Looked at Luo Yang suspection.i war day light way
When I heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Luo Yang was stunned and then said with a wry smile, "It’s nothing. When I first came to this dedicated city as the duke, the evil robber found me and said, let me not do anything to them. At that time, I told them not to make trouble in my jurisdiction, so I would turn a blind eye when nothing happened, but this evil robber’s behavior was very evil. There were many children in other cities around me who were robbed by this evil robber, and these children’s talents were very good. At that time, because of this agreement, I didn’t do anything to them. Now, now
Hear Luo Yang explain suspection.i Zhantian was somewhat surprised to get up impression of Luo Yang is also greatly improved.
"You mean this evil robber is practicing martial arts for children?" Huangfu Zhantian caught a key point in Luo Yang’s words and asked, because at the beginning, Lingyu was practicing this kind of achievement method. I didn’t expect evil robbers to practice this kind of achievement method. If this is the case, they should be removed even if they don’t provoke themselves.
"Well, yes, this evil robber doesn’t know exactly how to practice, but they are specifically looking for children with very high talents. In those sects or forces in Fiona Fang, five hundred miles around Xiaoxing City, almost all talented children have been taken captive by them, but these people can’t find the evil robber, but there is no way." Luo Yang hated some way
"Well, in that case, today we will be a messenger of justice to get rid of these scum of mankind!" Huangfu Zhantian light way, but the murder in his heart is getting stronger and stronger. This murderous look is not brought to him by those two forces, but he broke out in his heart after hearing Luo Yang’s words.
"When we rush in directly and don’t give them a reaction, we will kill all these people directly, and we must not leave them alive. Oh, by the way, I will put an enchantment, otherwise these people will definitely mirror them before they die. I’m afraid there will be some trouble then!" Luo Yang told a way
"I won’t come when the time comes!" Any suspection.i war day said that he just got the little round tripod and pulled it out from the small world.
"Lock tripod, how do you have this? I know that it should be the evil robber who wants to deal with you, but I’m afraid that I didn’t take this thing out until I found it. I didn’t expect it to fall into your hands! " Luo Yang eyes some envy way
"Oh, you know this thing. It’s called a lock tripod. It’s really weird that I couldn’t fly when I was fighting them, and even the plane rule couldn’t be used!" Any suspection.i war day fiddling with this lock tripod way
"Well, this lock tripod can be blocked around the holder for about 100 meters. No one inside can fly and make the plane law. Of course, if you are strong enough, you can directly explode this lock tripod, but it can also be broken. However, this possibility is very small, because this lock tripod is a special thing of a divine level. If the strength can’t reach the realm of a god dzogchen, then you can’t destroy this lock tripod." Luo Yang explained Section 1375: Sneak attack.
"Well, then when we are fighting, you should get ready for me to let out a roar. That’s when I send out the lock tripod." Huangfu Zhantian looked a little dignified.
"yeah!" Luo Yang nodded solemnly way
Then the two men quietly came to the piece of spit out the rock surface, suspection.i Zhantian made a move on Luo Yang, and the two men rushed into the cave on the rock surface in their ears, but to their surprise, there was no one guarding the hole.
The two men looked at each other, cast a glance, and then quickly fled toward the hole. Obviously, these people had already noticed their arrival, and there was a panic inside.
"Lock the tripod!" Luoyang roar loud a direct blow stung out the man’s head [
And suspection.i Zhantian didn’t hesitate to lock the tripod when he heard Luo Yang’s words. He suddenly threw it out. After he got the lock tripod, he made the sacrifice into his own things and then □□ lost his breath.
See the lock tripod narrowed up and then completely out of sight, but the hundred meters around Huangfu Zhantian can’t fly, and even the plane law can’t be used.
"ok!" Any suspection.i war day watching those evil people constantly pouring in a face of murderous look to Luo Yang way

Bai Liyi couldn’t help joking, "It’s a sin to frame her heart, but you keep her alive. I’m a little curious. What’s the reason for you to put up with longing for the moon?"

From Yun Qing’s provocative lip hook "might as well guess"
If it weren’t for the glass, people who are as evil as Mu Yue would have gone to hell.
Listen! Bailiyi put a piece of meat in her bowl. "Guess you can get rid of this bad habit again?"
Smile away from Yun Qing and shift the subject to the dripping eaves. "I almost forgot about the man who longed for the moon … The cloud pavilion has never heard of any noise since it was very quiet. It is commendable that I didn’t have to set her up."
"It’s rare for you to praise her." Bailiyi squinted and smiled softly.
I don’t care to glance at Yun Qing. "Chatting and shooting the breeze is just that. I have no appetite at all."
I have swept a table full of delicious food, but I have no appetite at all.
A faint smile hung on the corner of her mouth, and she guessed the impatient look of a person in front of her. Her eyes were clear as water and she couldn’t help but evoke a comfortable smile. "I think my words will make the imperial concubine have a big appetite."
Smell speech from yun-ching side head to see thyme yi saw him a forbearance handsome appearance in the heart also swept a little curious to let go of the bowl chopsticks hand holding the jaw meaningful eyebrow way "oh? Is it? Then I’d be interested to hear something that will make me appetite. "
Take a look serious many eyes light slightly cold sound cold so "is and chicken said 44 chapter 44 sudden Tathagata truth ().
From yun-ching, a pair of swaying eyes flickered, and the waist has been "her?" Has the palace changed again? I’m still busy with other things. She will behave herself recently. It seems that the wicked will never behave themselves for a day. "
Recently, Feng Yan has not been too upset.
As quiet as before the storm.
She kept her place because the three major forces in the sky, a heavy family castle, entered the palace to hide her ambitions.
Baili Yi noncommittally continued, "I didn’t ask my second brother to help me monitor the chicken words. It was a little fruitful … When I entered the palace this morning, my brother gave me this …"
Said and reached out his hand and pulled out his pocket, leaving Yun Qing’s sight tightly fixed with thyme. He took out a small piece of paper from his pocket and smoothed it out and put it on the table.
"My brother stopped her from flying pigeons." Bai Liyi seemed to weigh the words and pushed the creed finger to the front of Yun Qing.
When I pinched the letter, I swept away from Yun Qing’s cold sight, and read a plain sentence. "Feng Yan feels lonely in the palace alone and misses all the brothers and sisters every night. It has been put to rest. Today, with the emperor’s permission, a Tianwu Taoist meeting will be held in a few days. I hope to take this opportunity to let all the brothers and sisters get together in Beijing to solve the pain of lovesickness."
From Yun Qing’s creed, I looked up and saw a hundred miles away, but my eyes were as dark as the water.
In the end, both sides smiled, but there was not much real joy.
"such as? But what do you see? " Bailiyi smiled and went back to her heart with a guess.
Li Yunqing thought about the cause and effect for a while and finally came to a truth.
Finger with creed waved the.
"Saw her ambition! This is going to rebel … It’s hard for her to swallow it for a long time. The brothers and sisters in the letter must be referring to the mysterious brothers and sisters, right? Or more than that … On the first floor of the day, Yang Mingtian has a long history, and many people are famous. My father should want to take this opportunity to win people’s hearts, no matter if a large number of people come to Beijing, it will not make my father suspicious. "
If you are impatient, Feng Yan is much more anxious than her.
Isn’t it that someone outside the person has been caught in the end?
Thyme Yi nodded her head and agreed with this. Her fingers rubbed her eyebrows and her voice was full of distress. "Now General Yun is not in the city. General Yun Yan has also been guarded by the general office in Jiangbei. The pioneer general Luoshui River has also gone with General Yun … The rest of the dynasty is just a group of cowards. Generally speaking, it is the imperial city. If it is true, few people can fight it."
Those military attaché s inside are all rubbish.
If there is a war on weekdays, everyone will be shirked to the general office.
Li Yunqing didn’t agree with this, but laughed. "The temple seems to have forgotten my second brother. The Royal Guards can’t peek at this group of people. Now it’s time to know that it’s her." Will it be like doing it again? "