He decided to pretend he didn’t know because he only had brotherly feelings for her, because he would never marry a woman in his life!

After making a decision, he no longer has psychological burden, and then his mouth froze and his smile recovered freely.
"Brother, do you understand my mind? I like you, I like you, I like you! " The song is leisurely, the sea is leisurely, the eyes are moist, and my heart is dark. "I can do whatever you want, even if I endure physical discomfort and live with you on land, I also regret my brother Luo. I look forward to your nodding and asking you to accept my feelings. I will immediately return to the island and ask my father to dissolve my engagement with Feng; I want you to say a word, "I like you". Even though I will be rejected by my father, the Jiao Ren clan is full of joy. I want to stay by your side and watch you, laugh at you and listen to what you say to me every day. "
Melodious and euphemistic songs, full moon lake curling up and flying, all the people around the lake are listening attentively and quietly, listening to the girls singing songs from their hearts
The girl sings with tears in her eyes, like starlight, and like the cool Yue Hui frost Huafeng. The discomfort in her heart is very strong, but he cherishes the sea and cherishes the tearful singer in Na Yue’s eyes … If Luo Gong doesn’t accept her affection, she will be heartbroken.
Does she know that every sentence she sings is doubly heartfelt? Does she know that every sentence she sings is like a sigh of praise? She probably didn’t know it, but her songs expounded all the feelings and thoughts in her heart. She praised the Luo Gong, who lit her life like a scorching sun and made her burn endlessly. She sighs and sighs that her Jiao Ren identity has an irreversible fate, but she wants to take a chance to burn her life and love herself.
If she can harvest love and keep her by his side, she will be willing to live even ten or twenty years less.
As sweet as a fairy sound, listening to the song has not stopped for a long time. The slender figure of a girl like Yue Hua falls on the shore. It is so thin and lonely in everyone’s eyes. I really want to hold the sea in my arms before I go. I really want to tell her, "Don’t be afraid of you and me. I will always be around you. I will love and warm you. You will be your lifelong support, so that you will no longer be lonely and cry!"
Luo Yixuan calmed down and made up his mind again, but Hai You couldn’t stop singing from the heart. He wanted to leave here and stop seeing the girl with tears on her face and frost in her eyes. Is she so persistent? Want to like him? Does she know that her songs are almost bloody in his ears?
Does this make him so good?
"Brother, can you be touched? Touching my song, touching my affection for you, touching my heart? " Haiyou’s eyes never turned away from Luo Yixuan for a moment. She sang and sang with a strong heart, but her heart was bitter as hell because she clearly saw the change of Luo Yixuan’s eyes and the change of his face expression. His eyes were full of guilt.
She is not stupid and naturally knows what this apology means.
He doesn’t accept her affection, and he doesn’t want her to accompany him all his life. No, he doesn’t, but there is someone in his heart. He has already taken root in his heart, and it’s hard to pull it out. No matter how deep she is, no matter how hard she works, she can’t replace that person. But that person has a home to return to, isn’t it? So he didn’t give himself a chance. Give her a chance? "Brother Luo, you really don’t like me at all. Don’t you like leisurely?" Tears of blood in her heart way
"Stop singing, Youyou!" Luo Yixuan’s guilt intensified in his eyes. He looked at Haiyou and whispered, "Brother Luo likes you very much. He likes you, a lovely sister!"
Haiyou didn’t hear what he said, but he still sang like a cloud flowing and graceful for nine days. "Brother Luo, I haven’t finished singing yet, so I can’t listen to you and I can’t stop. Brother Luo, do you know? How I don’t want to be your sister! I want to be with you and watch you! " Her heart murmured tears of blood.
Maple eyes gradually became moist, and his heart ached. "Silly girl, are you a silly girl?" You are a princess of Jiao Ren, or the king and queen dote on their daughters, so let yourself be tortured by feelings? " He thought to himself immediately, "Will you stop torturing yourself?"
"What’s wrong with me? Didn’t I tell myself not to cry? Didn’t I tell myself to finish singing this song in front of my brother Luo? But I still cried after all, and I still burst into tears with no hope. "The last graceful syllable fell into the sea, and my eyes were stunned."
She slowly stabilized her mind, raised her hand, wiped her face and tears, and smiled softly. "Brother Luo, do I sing well?"
Los escape hin hesitated for a moment and nodded but didn’t speak.
Haiyou couldn’t help crying again. She cried and wept. "Brother Luo, I sang this song for you. I like you. Brother Luo, I like you. Did you hear that?" Thin and trembling in the night wind, she looked at the man in front of her and looked at her for a long time. Brother Luo finally spoke his mind and confessed himself before him.Los escape porch lip angle pursed transfixed at her is still looking at her without words.
A long time, Haiyou tried to hold back the pain in her heart and wiped her tears again. She looked up and said with a smile, "Does Brother Luo like me? It’s not that brother and sister like it. It’s that men and women like brother Luo. Do you like me? " Los escape porch corners of the mouth moved eyes dyed smile way "you sing very well, if you like people will be happy to listen to your singing" he irrelevant answer deliberately avoid the girl for questioning.
"Brother Luo didn’t catch what I asked just now?"
Haiyou looked at him stubbornly in his eyes.
"You will always be my sister in my heart and I will never marry in my life," said Luo Yixuan sincerely.
"I don’t want to be your sister!" Haiyou held back tears and shouted at him in a high voice. "Did you hear that? I don’t want to be your sister, I like you! " Los escape hin not language she continued, "because of Liancheng sister? It’s because of Liancheng’s sister that you won’t marry in this life, right? " Luo Yixuan’s face changed a few times, and his eyes were slightly cooled, but there were still no words.
Haiyou "bursts bursts" smiled "you don’t talk is the default, right? I knew you liked Liancheng’s sister. I knew for a long time that you and B-brother liked Liancheng’s sister, but Liancheng’s sister did … "Before she finished speaking, Luo Yixuan suddenly cut her off." Enough! " His voice is not loud, but it makes people tremble
Brother Lengluo’s voice has never been so cold, especially in front of her.
His eyes have never been so cold. Never.
Sea leisurely body trembling but still stubbornly raised the bar "you don’t want me to say yes I don’t say, but I will kill Liancheng sister, do you believe it? If you want to kill her, you won’t think about her and miss her. Do you think I should do this? " At this moment, she is like a little witch. It is strange to see Luo Yixuan’s eyes.
Her words are priceless, and everyone can hear them clearly, but everyone’s face is not surprised.
Because they know that girls have a bad temper, and that it will hurt a lot in their hearts more than they have a little pity in their hearts.
I think Luo Yixuan shouldn’t refuse the girl’s affection.
Huangfuyi looked at his wife and kissed her thoughtfully. Liancheng looked back at him and muttered, "Why do you look at me like that?"
"What do you say?" Huangfuyi corners of the mouth cock half squinting to ask
Liancheng gave him a white look and said, "You really talk about who Yixuan is. It’s not that you don’t know that Youyou is a little girl. It’s hard to say something inappropriate when her love is frustrated at the moment. Don’t worry." Luo Yixuan knows what kind of person she is. Although he has feelings for her, he has never done anything that makes her difficult, and he has never said anything that makes her difficult. Now it’s even more ugly to be said by Haiyou than her. What a girl!
"Brother Luo, your eyes are terrible." Haiyou looked at Luo Yixuan’s eyes and looked at them coldly and carefully. "You hate me, don’t you?"
Los escape porch lip lick did not answer.
"Brother Luo, don’t be angry, okay? Don’t look at me like that. I’m wrong. I shouldn’t talk nonsense …" Bite and bite her lips. Luo Yixuan’s look eased, but the coldness in her eyes didn’t dissipate. Haiyou slowly bowed her head and said, "I didn’t expect that I would say those words. I really couldn’t help myself. Brother Luo, I want you to know that I want you to say" I like you "softly." Speaking of this, she finally couldn’t help but the water in her eyes
"I really know it’s wrong?" Los escape hin stared at her and asked

Ziyun proudly lowered her eyes. She knew that she had lost her manners. She was confused when she saw him injured. She never tidied up her emotions. Junya must have been in a good mood to keep her from seeing it. Although she really wants to see him, she can just get through tonight …

She looked at the closed door and said nothing. Get better quickly, don’t get hurt again, and don’t leave me so suddenly like Ah Xie.
Ziyunxi has also come back at the moment. When she saw Ziyun proudly staring at the door, she said to Ziyun proudly, "Since your husband said so, there must be a reason for him. Maybe it is better for your report not to go in."
"Well, I can do anything to make him better, even worse. I don’t go to see him for one night." Ziyun proudly nodded. Obviously, she still listened to Ziyunxi.
"Go back to sleep early and nothing will happen," Junya said. "It’s getting late when everyone goes home. Chapter 33 Don’t see it doesn’t mean no.
It’s only a few hours before dawn
After everyone left, Junya rubbed his temples.
Game before coma points is suggested that he don’t let the proud son know.
He glanced at the closed door. This is his residence. No other people will break into Aoer. It doesn’t look good. He is still a little uneasy. Maybe he will have difficulty sleeping tonight. Give her a sleeping pill.
Thought of here, Junya walked towards Ziyun Aofang.
Ziyun Ao Bu Fang
Junya looks for her.
At that time, the king’s landing was still tossing and turning in his room, and he couldn’t sleep. He didn’t know what was so good about the emperor’s game, except that he looked better than him, and everything was not as good as him.
On the value, he is a great grandfather, and Huang Junyi is six kings.
On power, his mother is a great master of a country’s saints and queens, but the emperor, the monarch and the concubine never brought him any power.
On the qualification, he is a genius in the eyes of everyone, while Huang Junyi has been seriously ill.
Whatever! No matter what, he won’t lose to the six kings! !
How can Ziyun Ao make him cry!
That arrogant girl made him cry …
The emperor’s landing was dry and stuffy.
I slammed my fist and fell off the bed. I shook the column hard and almost collapsed.
The king’s landing fell into bed again to be covered, and his head was covered together.
Stop thinking! Stop thinking about that woman! King’s Landing, you have a little backbone, okay? What is it about that woman that bothers you? Don’t you just let her regret her choice before approaching her? You just catch up with her and then dump her and play with her! ?
What the hell are you thinking now? What does it matter to you if she cries or not?
I’m sick of it! I’m sick of it! !
A willow tree in Junya found Ziyun Ao.
She sat on the branch with her head on her hands and looked up at the stars.
The meteor shower has not stopped, and occasionally a long light flies across the sky.
Didn’t you say you can’t see it until you go to the mountain? You can actually see it here.
"What are you looking at?" Jun Ya did not know when the branches flew. She was sitting behind her at the moment, and she was back to back through the trunk.
"How can you see a meteor here?"
"I saw one, two and many …"

Others, he really is others to Zheng Feng.

He seemed to be ill and began to think that if it was Chen Meifang …
What if it’s Chen Meifang?
She he will never meet again.
He smiled and was covered in rain with a sad face.
Zheng Fengwang grew up in luxury, and she didn’t know anything. She tried her best to get everything, but he didn’t look happy at all. She wanted to ask questions, but she listened to Su Juanxue.
"Come and hug me. I’m so cold."
Zheng Fengzhang opened his mouth and finally said nothing. He walked over and hugged him.
She consoled herself. She didn’t think about it. Although she is down and out now, she still has a son-
So why is he unhappy …
Zheng Feng was still startled when severe pain came from his chest.
She opened her mouth and wanted to ask "You …"
-What are you unhappy about?
However, the sharp pain made her unable to say anything. In front of her, the teenager’s face changed from clear to blurred, and the world gradually blurred. The only clarity of the five senses was to embrace this body and penetrate the cold temperature of blood.
She heard people screaming around her, someone yelling for someone to kill, and then "stabbed in the chest …"
"It’s hopeless …"
"Uh …" Su Sasakawa snow closed his eyes and the cold rain beat on him as if it could wash away his blood.
He is on land, but he is like diving in the deep sea.
Both painful
Happy again
The next day it was sunny when Su Jiao studied with Liu Han.
LiuHan suddenly said
"Your stepmother is dead."
Su Jiao "Huh?"
LiuHan casually handed him the phone.
Su Jiao saw the title.
"What is a teenager who kills his mother and slips in the rain?"
Su Jiao at the school gate saw Su Chimian waiting there.
It seems that Su Xuxue’s killing his mother didn’t affect him. He leaned against the car door and looked cold and abstinent.
Su Jiao just ignored it.
Su Chimian stopped him.
Liu Han raised his eyelids and stood in front of Su Jiao. "What do you do?"
Su Chimian paused and looked at Su Jiao.
Su Chimian "Su Sasakawa has something for me to bring you"
Liu Han frowned slightly. "Why didn’t he come by himself?"
Before Su Chimian could speak, Liu Han said, "Oh, I know I can’t come, right?"
Su Chimian’s eye pupil was dark. He didn’t argue with each other, but looked at Su Jiao.
Teenagers still wear masks and amber eyes are light.
Surrounded by students’ curiosity, many people have recognized him
Su Jiao didn’t want to be watched and asked, "What is it?"
Su Chimian took out a roll of information and gave it to Su Jiao.
Su Jiao took it and said
"He also said that he owed you an apology. I hope you can visit him sometimes. There are some things he wants to tell you in person."
Su Jiao smiled. "Then give him a message for me, too."
He said, "I won’t forgive him if I don’t apologize."
"Besides, go to jail and stop dreaming."
Su Jiao didn’t open the document until late.
He finished his homework before he opened it slowly.
Everything in the Su family is in the past for him, and now they can’t disturb his rhythm and life in any way.
He will only bet one in his spare time.
However, all the information still made Su Jiao "rub"
This is evidence that Zheng Feng bribed people to set fire.
In fact, Su Jiao has also heard those rumors that Zheng Feng actually did the fire in kindergarten.
However, Su Jiao doesn’t believe this kind of talk.

Yun Mingyuan noticed that Han Xiumo looked slightly wrinkled. "What’s the matter?"

Han Xiumo told him the test.
Han Xiumo guessed that everyone in front would probably come to this test, not only refining medicine, but also people’s hearts.
His eyes rested on Yunmingyuan and he couldn’t help laughing.
If others come in together, he may have to worry about it, but it is not necessary to follow Yunmingyuan’s worry.
"I think we can refine Peiyuan Dan, Guyuan Dan, vitality Dan, Qingling Jiedu Dan … if not, there are three kinds of medicinal materials that can’t." Yun Mingyuan tried to help Han Xiumo with his knowledge.
Han Xiumo didn’t interrupt him.
Yun Mingyuan overthrew the train of thought several times and found that he was really not good at it.
No matter how you look at it, there are several herbs in it that are redundant.
He couldn’t help looking at the professionals.
Han Xiumo smiled. "There are several kinds of medicinal materials that are used to assist the remnants, but the success rate of alchemy is not high."
Actually, it’s not recorded in All Saints’ Pharmacopoeia. It’s because the pharmacopoeia is the best method, so this opportunistic little means is not needed.
There is no third in the second pharmacopoeia, but these confusing medicinal materials have just come from the second pharmacopoeia, which the alchemist may not notice.
However, Han Xiumo is very familiar with these herbs, and these kinds of Dan medicines can be refined with his eyes closed. These are all from previous lives. Although he is a cheap master and a cheap brother, he seems to regard him as a darling, but Han Xiumo’s practice is all about finding ways to learn cheap master and brother.
They also came to raise a person who knows a little alchemy. body double only needs to know alchemy, but they can’t understand it.
There are a lot of alchemy skills that Han Xiumo contributed through Zongmen in exchange for occasionally meeting an alchemist in Zongmen and giving him some tips, which have become the accumulation of Han Xiumo.
Now he actually doesn’t know these skills of neutralizing Lingcao, but he probably won’t be able to do it here without these Lingcao.
He sighed and took out all the Lingcao in the cupboard and put it aside. Yunmingyuan was watching Han Xiumo’s alchemy with great interest.
Han Xiumo didn’t refine Dan medicine in front of him. At that time, Han Xiumo was very sad. It seemed that he was ready to face death at any time. He was not keen on everything. Sometimes he would make his character cold. Yunmingyuan gave birth to a feeling that Han Xiumo was very cold.
Even he will think so. Yunxuan will spit more behind his back. Sometimes Yunxuan will amuse Han Xiumo by running around the yard with his plow body.
But now Han Xiumo …
It’s different from before
He looked calm and focused, moving around manually, and every movement looked pleasing to the eye, completely immersed in the process of alchemy.
Yunmingyuan can feel Han Xiumo’s pleasure.
He is enjoying the process.
Chapter 55 Cheap Master
Han Xiumo’s practice of mental method was obtained in a secret place. Before that, he practiced by giving him the same mental method as his senior brother and master. They wanted to revive the young man. He relied on that mental method to practice until the foundation period.
Then came the extension of time limit and the stagnation of repair.
Then Han Xiumo chose to go out and experience, and once again he got a purple mansion that could be refined by his soul. He was more in line with the method.
Although the second part of the heavenly heart medicine, the sacred heart method, is the second part, he chose to abolish the original repair and did not feel any obstacles after being closed in the purple house for only 30 years and successfully returned to the original realm.
Maybe only the last achievement method is a problem, but Han Xiumo couldn’t detect it at that time
It took him a long time to realize that maybe the guy who occupied his body was getting thinner not only because he had no desire to survive, but also because his skills didn’t fit.
He shook his head and threw his messy thoughts out of his mind. Hu Xiaoren’s attitude was more respectful. "Thank you, master."
The villain waved his hand. "Oh, you’re welcome!"
Yunmingyuan "…"
Han Xiumo "…"
A little old man sitting in a teacup rolled his eyes and suddenly said, "Can you take this cup with you when you leave?"
Han Xiumo zheng "of course"
The little old man smoothed his beard and was very satisfied with this brother. "Good, good, old man really knows the pearl."
I don’t know what I was praised for. Han Xiumo "…" I wish I could smile at this time.
However, Yun Mingyuan frowned and suddenly asked, "I don’t know the name of my predecessor?"
"It’s interesting that you’re a junior." The little old man stared at Yun Mingyuan for a moment and smiled. "Why are you afraid that I have too many enemies to get you into trouble?"
Yunmingyuan "…"
Han Xiumo poked his silence at this time can represent the default!
Yunmingyuan remained unmoved.
Han Xiu ink breath should not YunMingYuan really think so?
"Yeah, disciple, it’s a good couple for you." The little old man poked fun at the sentence and then got serious. "I’m a green man who respects you. Ask around after you go out."
Han Xiumo’s face changed slightly.
Qingwuzun … is really familiar with the name.
He sighed in his mind and nodded to show that he was white.
The fix-the-true world has inherited great power, which has already soared or is ancient, but he is not dead yet, and obviously left a cause for himself.
Han Xiumo doesn’t doubt that he found an apprentice because he saw the resurrection method in All Saints Pharmacopoeia, and the master’s soul is still in a hurry to collect the apprentice. The external array is so bad. Nine times out of ten, he relied on the cheap apprentice to find the resurrection method.
"Since Master has spoken, we will definitely take this cup with us when we leave."
The little old man’s head was surprised that he could receive such a clever apprentice. "The old man has a good eye, so I said I have a good eye for disciples. Those old guys still don’t believe it."
"Since you are so well-advised," Qingwu Zun casually threw a piece of Yu Pei to Han Xiumo. "This is just a gift for you."
"Thank you, Master." Han Xiumo picked up Yu Pei and saw that Yu Pei sample. After that, his pupil suddenly shrank, but he quickly concealed his strange change of subject. "Master, I don’t know how we are going to get out of here?"

Chi Xuan agrees that "Yi Taifei’s method is not bad. That’s good to prove that I have figured out a way, that is, let Chi Yuan watch Bo Jingjing being cracked and die, and never stop or think about saving people. Only in this way will I believe that he and Bo Jingjing are not."

It will definitely be a very hard thing to stand by and watch one’s beloved be executed. Chi Xuan thinks that Chi Yuan can’t do it and watch Bo Jingjing be executed without stepping in.
Wen Yan Chi Yuan’s eyes flashed a bit of shock and pain. Chi Xuan wanted him to watch Bo Jingjing die!
But Bo Jingjing couldn’t help flashing her eyes, but she didn’t say anything, as if she was not going to die.
Appropriate toffee and earnest look at ChiYuan that ChiYuan clearly is to let him not to make a move.
But how can Chiyuan do it?
He doesn’t believe he can control it.
Chi Xuan and Yi Taifei have already negotiated the verification method. Some officers and men leaned over Bojing’s legs to pull out the nails, otherwise Bojing could leave this wooden frame.
Nailing into human bones is not so easy to pull out. In this process, no matter how strong you are, it is difficult to breathe out.
When the nail was pulled out, the bloody blood poured out again.
Even a man can’t bear this. What’s worse, a woman?
How much endurance does this require?
What a tough heart?
Biting her lip, Bo Jingjing almost bit her lip and was happy to faint.
But she is stubborn and unwilling to let herself shed tears, her eyes are red and she is covered with scars. Even if she is not afraid of car cracks, she will not live long.
When two nails are pulled out, they will trap her legs. Jingjing immediately fell face to face and had no strength to straighten up.
Chiyuan wants to help him up.
Chapter five dismembered
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But appropriate toffee a eye warning swept past ChiYuan footsteps couldn’t help living.
But he really can’t bear to see Bo Jingjing go like this.
The sight of that bloody man really made him feel too sad.
And they have no children.
Chi Xuan also saw Chi Yuan’s sample in his eyes. He felt that Chi Yuan could not look on coldly even though he knew that if he stepped in, there would be no good result.
But he can never ignore it.
Bo Jingjing was lying weak on the ground. Even though she was born from the killer pile, she was not injured so badly in every selection and killing, but this time she felt that she was going to be unable to carry it.
Before the officers and men, Bo Jingjing was dragged up and walked towards Taiwan.
When he saw the people watching, he immediately gave up a truth.
In the face, five horses were brought over.
Bo Jingjing was dragged to the ground, and the place where she passed was covered with blood.
Appropriate toffee worries at ChiYuan not in my mind with a sigh.
This wave jingjing is also a love robbery of Chiyuan, right?
In the future, it may be difficult for Chiyuan to love again or will live in hatred, grief and decadence?
These are all things that can be determined by law, but Chi Yuan can only get away completely when Bo Jingjing dies.
After being dragged on the ground and wiped on the back, Jingjing couldn’t feel how painful it was.
Because her body aches so much that she feels numb with pain.
Bo Jingjing was dragged in the center position, and the officers and men chained her hands and feet. After five people rode horses, five people were required, and one of them rode a horse, and traveling Jingjing would be more painful.
Chi Xuan looked at all this and his heart was numb. No one was distressed or worried. He had expectations and cold-blooded pleasure.
Isn’t Chiyuan the closest to Chimie?
Then brush ChiYuan and ChiYuan may be burned to death. Is there evidence for him to dispose of ChiYuan? Even if ChiYuan appears again, can he resist him?
He is the emperor who deals with traitors and beheads them on the spot. Of course, he is sensible, and nothing is impossible.
Chixuan carefree indifference corners of the mouth hook with malicious smile.
Face people is stare big eyes.
They have seen decapitation, but they have not seen dismemberment.
Many people are a little excited, but some people are very afraid to see the bloody scene later.
Being in a mood is very contradictory, that is, excited and slightly afraid.
While Yi Taifei is staring at Chi Xuan. She is afraid that Chi Yuan will make moves, otherwise she will be out of the palace in vain, and there is no way to rescue Chi Yuan again.
Chi Yuan certainly knows that if he saves Bo Jingjing, it will bring trouble to Yi Taifei.
But if you don’t save Bo Jingjing, how can you live up to your heart?

Dugu Liuli smiled, "Should a fool friend reach out to save him if he is in trouble?"

Qian Qing listened to this and quickly wiped away the tears. "I am really lucky to know you as a friend, but I went back this time because my parents ordered me to marry a matchmaker, so you won’t follow me."
Glazed dugu frown "get married? Are you getting married? "
Qian Qing wiped her tears. "Yes, Liuli, I’m getting married. Please congratulate me."
Dugu Liuli shook his head. "You don’t want to be unless it’s sunny, right?"
Thousand fine smile "like? What if you don’t want to? Liuli, how many people can be as brave as you? Dare to resist the family? "
"Qian Qing …"
"Stop it. I’m very happy that you can come after me. It’s not easy for Liuli to find a person who really loves you. You should make a private reservation for life quickly. Don’t be like me."
"Qian Qing …"
"Well, it’s getting late. You go home. I have to go, too." Qian Qing took out his mount and flew away quickly
This is the first time that Dugu Glass has made a mount in Qianqing, and her mount actually flew so fast that Dugu Glass was dumbfounded for a while.
"Master, when does Qianqing have a mount?"
"Master miss Qian Qing once fly away it is difficult to capture her breath. How can we find her? Chapter 58 and Qian Qing.
Yes, Qianqing flew away on a mount, so it’s really hard to find her.
Coloured glaze dugu didn’t think Qian Qing would be so sad to leave, and she was going to be quiet because of her lack of sex. She didn’t look like a docile girl at all.
"Cher small stone, we must chase Qianqing. I always feel that she has something to hide." Dugu coloured glaze finished and ordered the phoenix bird to chase in the direction of Qianqing.
"Phoenix birds must chase thousands of sunny days."
It’s hard for a phoenix bird to "the sky is vast in front of the master and I don’t know which direction she is flying."
Cher also said, "It smells bad in China."
Small stone "master is afraid that we can’t chase"
Dugu coloured glaze frown light way "chase don’t have to chase phoenix bird hard you"
Hearing this, the phoenix bird can also chase forward as quickly as possible!
Dugu coloured glaze chased Qian Qing for three days and three nights before chasing her.
At the moment, Qian Qing is being surrounded by five men in black, struggling to kill the enemy, but she is quickly caught by five people because of her own low level.
Fortunately, Dugu coloured glaze flies and Excalibur quickly falls to the ground in a coma with a wave of his hand.
"Glass!" Qian Qing can’t stand to cry in the arms of Dugu coloured glaze any longer.
Dugu Liuli hugged her tightly. "Qianqing, do they want to arrest you?"
Qian Qing listened to this and quickly pushed her away. "Coloured glaze, why do you want to come to me?"
Dugu Liuli stared at her doubtfully. "Qianqing, are you hiding something from me?"
Qianqing bit her teeth. "You shouldn’t have come to save me. Now ride your phoenix and hurry back!"
Dugu Liuli doesn’t listen to "Qianqing wants to go together!"
"I don’t want it. I can’t do it. Abandon my family. Go, go!" Qian Qing made great efforts to push the glass of dugu, but the glass of dugu still stood in front of her without any shake!
Qian Qing was furious. "Do you understand when I told you to go?"
Glazed glass dugu shook her head. Unless she went with herself, nothing she said would be lost! Her friend!
Qian Qing suddenly laughed. "Do you think I am sincere to you? Do you know who I am? My name is HeQianQing! "
And the surname is the royal surname in Hechang country!
Is Qian Qing a royal?
Dugu Liuli feels a cold heart!
"I am the princess and Qian Qing! He Junyi is my own brother! "
This fruit is obviously unbearable for Dugu Liuli!
How many times did Qian Qing meet Jun Yu but pretended not to know each other!

Wan ‘er and their daughter are his children. Section 177: Stop thinking.

Jiang Xue bud gently bite bite lips eyes reveal a little bit worried "where will it be? Is it hidden by him? "
Wan Er and their daughter are his children.
There is no need for him to hide another child.
"You don’t worry. Do you remember that month, Mammy? She told us that another child has never been in the fox world … "
"No one knows where he is now …" [
Jiang Xue Bud’s eyes flashed a little surprised. "No one knows where he is?"
"Well …"
Her look changed slightly, and her expression was full of anxiety. "Could something have happened?"
The joy of just seeing a little baby girl was diluted a lot.
"Don’t entertain foolish ideas that child … won’t have what thing …"
Jing Xuan seems to know something, but he doesn’t say it.
Where is Fox now? He does know.
However, the master said that he was not allowed to reveal it, and he had to obey the teacher’s orders.
Jiang Xue Bud looked up thoughtfully for a moment and looked at Jing Xuan’s tone with a little pleading, "Brother, do you know where that child is?"
Static xuan moved his lips a face of be reluctant "school sister, although you relax, it’s all right …"
"He has a better life than you … imagined …"
That’s all he can say.
He didn’t want to worry her.
"You don’t ask me where he is. I can’t say that you will know in the future …"
Jiang Xue Bud wait for a while looked at him for a few seconds, and then she sighed with a wry smile and said, "Brother doesn’t want to say that you are the reason, and I won’t force you."
She was relieved to hear that Fox was fine.
Since he said that he would know in the future, he said that she and Fox would meet one day.
I looked down at the baby girl in my arms again. It’s a beautiful child, but it’s really neither like her nor like a flowing sound.
When Fengli saw her, she looked at the baby girl with a frown and said a few steps ago, "Now you should be relieved. Don’t entertain foolish ideas again after the child is brought back. Section 178: The atmosphere is very strange."
Phoenix glass saw that she looked at the baby girl with a frown and said a few steps ago, "Now you should rest assured that you can’t entertain foolish ideas again after the child is brought back."
Jiang Xue Bud looked at him gratefully and said softly, "Brother, thank you for bringing this child back for me."
Static xuan didn’t speak at phoenix glass is meaningful.
I have to admit that Fengli is really sincere about Jiang Xue Bud.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done it [
The truth is too cruel. How can she accept it?
All the ways to make this happen
If we get rid of the fox demon, the truth can be buried forever.
She will never know how cruel the child was!
He didn’t expect that the sound of silence on the moon had reached that point.
You can do that to your own daughter
If Xueya learns the truth, she is afraid that her last nostalgia for this world will disappear.
Looking at the woman in front of her, her mouth was smiling and her face was full of love, teasing her with a little baby girl. The two men looked at each other, hoping that this smile would last for a generation.
The little baby girl is very clever and doesn’t cry or make trouble, so she snuggles quietly in Jiang Xue’s arms.
When Jiang Xue Bud reaches out to touch her cheek, she will giggle at her.
Jiang Xue Bud gave birth to this child, and all her attention was put on the child.
Her face dawdled the child’s tender cheeks and said, "My little baby, you have finally returned to your mother …"
The night was originally a beautiful night when the moon and stars were sparse.
But suddenly the weather changed.
Inexplicably, the wind blew up, and soon the dark clouds covered the stars and the moon.
The atmosphere is very strange
The weather is changing so fast that it is not normal to root quickly.
Jiang Xue Bud just coaxed the little baby girl to fall asleep and was about to go to the window when a silver shadow flashed in.
She looked intently at it. It turned out to be a silent moon. Section 179: I’m afraid.
Jiang Xue Bud just coaxed the little baby girl to fall asleep and was about to go to the window when a silver shadow flashed in.
She looked intently at it, and it turned out to be a trace of the lonely moon.
He jumped to her with a slight leap.
Head habitually rubbed against her miserable way "sister Wan’er, I’m afraid …"
"It’s so dark in the room. I’m the only one. I’m so scared …" [
The speak was still shaking slightly as if he were really afraid.
Jiang Xue Bud Zheng immediately stretched out his hand and touched his head and said softly, "The flow mark is not afraid of me. zai is here."
The body of the silent moon seems to be dazed for a while, and then she rubs with her. "Sister Wan’er, how about sleeping with you?"
Jiang Xue Bud frowned. "Flow marks can’t do this …"
"Smile wants to sleep with me. What if you crush her?"
Silent month flow mark pitifully looked up at her "small mark mark sleep well? I just don’t want to be alone. I’m so scared … "
Jiang Xue Bud looked at him piteously and thought for a while, then nodded. "Well, you have to be good and don’t scare me, okay?"
Hear small smile these three words silent month flow mark eyes light flashing a gently.
"Well, I’ll be good enough not to do anything that makes Wan’er’s sister angry."
Jiang Xue bud smiled and touched his head. "Well, just find a place to lie down. If you dare to sneak out of bed, I’ll hit you."
"Snapping … snapping …"
The window is shaking even more.
The wind is blowing harder and harder, and some leaves are blown into the house.
Jiang Xue Bud quickly got up and went to the window, and she could still hear the whistling wind in the window.
The little girl who had just fallen asleep suddenly began to cry.
Crying one after another is bigger than one.


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
"Ow! Ow!"
It’s so exciting
Be crazy
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Magnificent river dance
out of one’s mind
The stage is crazy.
At present, this group of magic dancing and painting styles makes people think "Oh, ho"
Mud, mud, mud and this kind of exercise are really surprises. The fans on the scene screamed.
"Yike is so cute."
"Ha-ha, mom, look at the pit owner. He’s killing me. He hasn’t taken off his face makeup and embroidered shoes, has he? No, now he’s taking them off and flying out. I’ve got a cramp in my stomach."
"I can’t hold my breath. I’m laughing. Oh, hey."
"Poof, a bunch of big jokes"
"This group of people are too good at playing. There is no limit to being crazy."
"It’s so happy, hahahaha."
"Haha, what kind of ghost program is this? It’s so enjoyable."
"I love the elder martial sister."
"Poof, what kind of painting style is this? What’s so exciting?"
"neck twist, ass twist"
"MengMeng MengMeng MengMeng Meng"
"I just saw an adult with a thousand fingers running from the audience. Am I dazzled?"
"Poof, I just saw the pit master shoe fly out and die instantly."
"Ah, ah, ah, I want to jump in."
The audience still don’t know that this is a major mistake. They see that the improvisation department is all helping the rescue. Now they know that they can’t stand being cute by this group of cute goods.
After singing and dancing a healthy song, the audience couldn’t scream at the scene. They were holding it, cramping their stomachs, hunching their shoulders and twitching.
At the end of the heartless song, the heartless pit owner made up another knife and hid his face. He ran to the front of the stage to pick up shoes and save the scene, but it was a shame to put himself in.
Then the scene burst into laughter with a red embroidered shoe and a coquettish smile, then turned around and picked up Tang Yike and ran.
This is absolutely moving
The smiling back in front is so beautiful that it can reach all straight men in baiwan, and this smiling back is so obscene that it makes me laugh my head off.
"Comrade PuDuxiu, sit down first."
"My sky basket is going to be shown off by him."
"Please don’t brush 6 when you are all sitting in basic exercises."
"What are you sitting on? I’m already lying down. Haha"
"I surrendered."
"Pit master, you won."
Fans are ecstatic, full screen gg
The wind is tight and screaming
Run away when you’re finished pretending to be forced.
After the song of instant response, it disappeared without taking away a cloud and hiding fame.
After everything was over, it was as if nothing had happened on the stage. The audience in the audience was already laughing and lying on the ground. We couldn’t get up without help.
"Haha, the dreamer is so cute."
"The show is flying."
"Too much fun, too much fun"
"It’s so beautiful."
"Pick it up? Ouch, my stomach hurts. What’s the surprise? Bring it on."
"I don’t care. I want the pit owner to help me personally or I won’t get up."
It is said that when the stage gets dark again, the horse will consciously sit still.
Every time the stage is dark, it means that a new program is coming again. It doesn’t make people breathe. The rhythm continues.
Master elder sister improvised a song and took it to the flying field. After that, everything returned to the normal process, and the lights were turned on again. The symphony orchestra was ready.

Xu Taotao smiles but doesn’t smile. 【 Did I give you a slap in the face recently? 】

Unified [melody]
This swearing-in meeting made everyone very depressed.
Director Lu, a middle-aged factory manager who opened the factory after the meeting, complained that "Vice Minister Jiang led the team for the first time and didn’t understand the situation, so he asked me to assure him that even if I swore to him that I couldn’t get the order, I still couldn’t get it."
Opening a factory is also one of the sessions of the exchange meeting. The skylight-opening unit will be severely bear by Vice Minister Jiang just now.
"Who said it wasn’t? The new official pointed to the capital exchange meeting and vowed to make a name for himself! I will be able to bite the bullet, or I will be called a disgrace by the leaders. I simply don’t want this old face! "
Echoing him, he is the director Chen of the West Provincial Winery who took several orders at the exchange meeting.
The thin old man was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit, and he said something with a melancholy face.
Then when the same complaint comes out of his mouth, it’s always a bit ostentatious.
Others ""
Is this little old man showing off to them?
Director Chen rubbed his hands. "Hey, it’s a good thing I made an appointment with several foreign businessmen. This time they want a batch of liquor from our factory. It’s not afraid to open the skylight with these orders."
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four I this damn beauty
The train tickets to the’ capital exchange meeting’ are arranged by the government. They are all in the hands of Xu Taotao, the secret secretary of Vice Minister Jiang, and they can go directly to the train.
Everyone in Xu Taotao and his party packed their bags. When they arrived at the train, there were machinery factories and wineries. The participants in the exchange meeting were all here.
Director Chen of the winery asked with a smile, "Jamlom, do you still have a monk in your team?"
Bai Han, carrying a luggage, blushed.
He Zhou’ Hehe’ smiled and touched his bare head. "It feels good like a marinated egg."
Bai Han ""
Xu Taotao smiled and explained to the factory director Chen, "This is Comrade Bai Han of our R&D department. He said that he had shaved his head because of the bad influence of foreign businessmen."
Director Chen is astounding. "Thanks to your red lips and white teeth, if a stout man shaves his bald head, I don’t know if our western province is going to exchange meetings and fight with people!"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Slightly unfamiliar atmosphere in the factory director Chen this joke gentle a lot.
Xu Taotao said hello to director Feng of machinery factory again because they are still familiar with director Zhu.
She also saw an acquaintance, Shao Qingze, who also valued Director Feng very much. It was not unusual for him to take him with him.
Shao Qingze nodded at Xu Taotao with a smile in his eyes. Xu Taotao also smiled and said hello to him.
In addition, there is a female cadre in the machinery factory who is more conspicuous and always smiles at Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao knew that she was the Song master of the logistics department of machinery factory. Her figure was slightly fat and her short hair was very capable and simple.
Compared with the slaughterhouse, there are seven people here, and there are more people in machinery factories and wineries. Xu Taotao takes a glance at each factory and there are about thirteen or four people.
I haven’t waited for her to sigh here. Not far away, dozens of people are coming towards them.
From their side, it’s a vast expanse of black.
Train pedestrians are curious about what happened when they stopped.
The serious face of Vice Minister Zhongjiang in the big army was followed by his secret, as well as the heads of assembly plants, factories, steel mills, cotton textile mills and cable factories.
In addition, Vice Minister Jiang introduced them to two translators, a man and a woman.
Vice Minister Jiang said, "These two comrades are from Western University. This is Comrade Lu Xianya, a Chinese teacher from Western University, who is good at English and Japanese. This is Guan Xiang, an economic college student from Western University, who is good at English and German. This time, the two comrades joined us in the exchange meeting. Everyone applauded."
Xu Taotao and others applauded.
Xu Taotao looked at the eyes. These two people can say that they are both excellent in appearance, and they are both handsome and beautiful, and both of them have a strong air of being a reader at first sight.
It was she who didn’t expect to meet Professor Gu’s colleagues and students on a business trip.
It is also a coincidence that she picks her eyebrows.
A lesbian named Lu Xianyan looks pale and stares at Xu Taotao for a while before biting her lip and looking away.
She suppressed her embarrassment and disdained to think that she was just a female worker, no matter how good-looking she was.
Xu Taotao raises eyebrows.
Oh, my damn beauty
[Look at that lesbian’s jealousy coming out]
Unified sobbed corners of the mouth [host be an individual]
Lu Xian-ya didn’t speak, which made the atmosphere awkward. Fortunately, another male student from West University gave Vice Minister Jiang a warm face and got to know each other.
"Hello, leading comrades, I am Guan Xiang. I am the best at English. When the time comes, which leader needs me to inform us that I can speak fluent English even if my voice is hoarse!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five I won’t give you to eat.
Darling is younger than her, isn’t she? What a great person! He is already a deputy director at a young age.
She is older than others, and she has been in the assembly factory with her uncle. She has been a small trade union officer for three years now.
Zhang Yan is jealous to think that it’s really better to throw dead goods than goods.
Xu Taotao said in a very accommodating way, "Deputy factory director or director-general or we are all members of a delegation."
Song Zhu frowned at Zhang Yan and said, "What, you, you, you, we have to call Deputy Director Xu!"
Xu Taotao ""
Xu Taotao was about to say no to Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan’s eyes turned and he took her shoulder affectionately.
"I don’t want to call Sister Xu. Can I call you Sister Xu? This makes us more affectionate."
Xu Taotao smiled and immediately pulled.
She drew her arm from Zhang Yan’s hand. "Farewell, Director Zhang. You look at me and yell at my sister. Isn’t this to call me birthday? Call me Deputy Director Xu."
Who is your sister Xu and who is act young?
Zhang Yan didn’t expect Xu Taotao not to give her some would face to face.
"It’s just that a deputy factory director seems to be a big official, like my uncle or the president of West University. I didn’t preach a little family like Comrade Xu!"
Lu Xian-ya was hostile to Xu Taotao when she suddenly spoke.

For a long time, the phantom stood silently.

"What happened just now? I hardly have much strength. How did he fly so far? " Phantom son doubt looked at his hands.
"That’s … that’s amazing. Why didn’t I know you were so amazing?" Little dragon looked at the phantom in surprise.
"I … I don’t know"
"Come on, you do our boss? We are not afraid of being bullied by those people if we have you. "
"To be our boss …"
"Be our boss" partners have said.
"All right" Phantom said a name silently, and then he left silently.
"What happened to him?" A man asked Xiaolong 3.
"I don’t know"
Chapter 9 The Truth
In the evening, Huaner sat alone in his room. He thought about the scenes that happened in the past few days. Suddenly, he pointed a finger at the table, the teacup and the teacup flew up. He felt a huge energy in his body and his hand shone brightly.
"Peng ….." A loud noise exploded in the teacup, and the magic son himself was shocked.
"What’s the matter?" Aimei plays the fantasy room.
"Mom …"
"What’s the matter?"
"Mom … tell me who I really am?"
"Say it."
"Why do you ask this suddenly?"
"I find myself different from others."
"What’s the difference?"
"My eyes will glow green … so will my hands …"
"Why don’t you talk?"
"There is one thing … I don’t know should tell you …"
"What is it?" Phantom son stare big eyes.
"Er … you have different genes from ordinary people … maybe your roots are not human …"
"Impossible … impossible …" Phantom son cried.
"Your root is not my child …"
"How?" Phantom’s face is full of surprise, and there are glittering and translucent tears on her face.
"You are no longer young. I should tell you that you are Yonghua, who accidentally discovered during an archaeological trip. I don’t know who abandoned you. Yonghua brought you back and raised you. I always regarded you as my own child," Aimei cried. "Until a few days ago, a man in black told me that you weren’t human. You shouldn’t belong here. I didn’t believe it, but your eyes could emit terrible green light, which forced me to believe that Yonghua hugged you. If you were a human child, you couldn’t live that long .."
Phantom son was in tears. "No … you lied to me … this can’t be true …" Then Phantom son ran out.
"Phantom son … Phantom son …"
Although it is already dark, the lights in the city illuminate the whole day.
"How can this be … who am I … who am I …" Phantom son screamed at the sky, and he naively sounded all over the city. "Mom … she must know who I am." Phantom son said and ran home.
"Poof ….." Phantom son didn’t know what his heart was pounding. He was shocked. Because this is the first time he appeared, it must indicate that Phantom son has also accelerated his pace at this time.
When he got to the door, he found the door open and he also found … blood.
"Mom … mom … you …" He suddenly stopped in the middle of shouting because he saw something he didn’t want to see.
My mother is pale when she lies down, and there are two obvious "holes" in her neck. This symptom is obviously caused by excessive blood loss.
"Mom … don’t scare me. I’m a phantom … wake up … mom." Phantom cried and cried with tears flowing from his immature face.
"Phantom … Phantom son, my good boy …" Aimei slowly stroked Phantom son’s hair.