"Don’t be impulsive. Miss Lian immediately told her to hurry to Huoyun City."

Luo Yulun took a deep breath and had a daughter coming. This dilemma can only be opened. Chapter 1364 welcomes 1.
As a waiter dragging a long tail came running in like a gust of wind, he knelt on one leg
"What is it?"
In the evening, Su Yizheng’s daughter Su Li was discussing with Mrs. Xu about seeing the attendants report, so they both looked at him.
"Back to the Lord, a group of people came out of the city, saying that Xu Yuanmo invited the Lord to meet him out of the city."
"Go ahead"
Su Yi unhurriedly turned to look at Su Li. "They came quite quickly."
"Father and daughter go out of town with you?"
Sue hedge tried to ask
"You don’t have to watch it at the gate."
Su Yi smiled at Su Li but said to the attendants behind him, "Go and ask the lady to come."
Soon everyone was here, and a woman was waiting for Su Yi’s dispatch.
"Husband, I heard that Brother Xu is coming. Should we go out of town to see him?"
Ganmei has been waiting for this day for a long time. She wants to ask Xu Yuanmo personally how to protect Sister Zhi Butterfly and let Sister Zhi Butterfly be so seriously injured. If she and her husband hadn’t been preparing secret medicine for so many years, they wouldn’t even have a glimmer of life.
"Of course I’m going out of town. Don’t you want me to go with you?"
"How did that happen? I also want to see it. "
Su Yi looked up and looked behind her eyes rested on Su Fen "Fen Er, you wait here."
"It’s the father"
Sue hedge nodded and promised to come.
"People lined up out of town"
Su Yi ordered Gan Mei to leave the city at once.
The gate was wide open, and a group of people flashed in front of him. Although the facial features could not be seen clearly from a distance, Su Yi recognized that it was Xu Yuanmo at a glance.
"Brother Xu came so fast. I still want you in two days. I didn’t expect you to arrive so soon."
Xu Yuanmo’s face flashed an imperceptible worry. "Because I want to see Zhi Diesuo, I am still on my way at night. How dare I delay?"
When saying these words, Xu Yuanmo looked at Su Yi. Didn’t she know that Su Yi would believe her words?
"Oh, so that’s it?"
Su Yi nodded his head on the surface, but at the same time his expression was different.
Xu Yuanmo doesn’t care if he believes it or not. Anyway, he originally came here to test.
"where is zhidie?"
"Please follow me into the city"
Su Yi’s eyes looked straight at Xu Yuan’s ink when he said these words.
Xu Yuanmo smiled slightly "good"
"Brother Xu!"
Suddenly, the sound made Xu Yuanmo dazed and turned his attention to Gan Mei’s body. "So Mrs. Su is here."
"Brother Xu hasn’t seen you for years. How are you?"
"I miss Mrs. Xie Su a lot. Thank you for taking care of Zhi Die all these years. I am very grateful."
"Brother Xu said seriously that I am what I should do."
Gan Mei smiled and blazing with anger looked for something in Xu Yuan’s ink face. She lamented that he was shrewd and at the same time lamented that she tasted it again, didn’t she?
Is their husband hide from Xu Yuanmo if it is not to the point where they can do it, they will not let Xu Yuanmo know about it. At this time, they will meet each other and guard against each other, but they will even pretend to smile. There is no way to be their true self. Chapter 1365 welcomes them.
"If Brother Xu can stay longer, we must let our husband and wife do their best."