It’s true that the higher the status, the more afraid of death.

Zhang Lan, although she was in pain, almost cried out, but she enjoyed it and continued to crush her left little finger.
Fingers linked to heart this time, the pain is no less than the severe pain caused by the tongue. Thanos immediately couldn’t hum it himself, but he didn’t have anything to say.
The state of soul Thanos’s oral speech is just a habit for too many years. The soul body relies on the fluctuation of the soul to communicate accurately and efficiently
It is obvious that Zhang Langen would not have soul communication with Thanos.
Destroying bullying is also a tough guy who knows that he is car-scrapping after he looks forward to life, so he abruptly fights with Zhang Lan to see who can’t help it first.
Thanos can’t do anything more except be bound by time.
Zhang Lan naturally won’t give up and slow down his crushing speed again, so they are deadlocked.
It takes half an hour to crush the left arm-it takes a moment to finish things.
"Crazy, you are crazy!" Thanos finally couldn’t help but growl through his soul, "I give up and kill me, but you don’t want to know how to revive your friends, hahaha!"
Zhang Lan crushed a meal and handed it to Thanos for questioning.
"Of course resurrection can be revived!" Thanos is crazy. "If you want to master the laws of the universe, you are the master of this plane. Unless you are physically and mentally destroyed, there is no way. Otherwise, it is difficult to combine the law of the soul with the law of reality to shape the body and the law of the mind." What if it can’t be reversed directly? "
It’s really a good idea to have a blue eye and a white eye.
It is impossible to look at Thanos Zhang Lanbai, who has been driven crazy by himself.
Zhang Lan is now mastering the four laws, but he has not reached the point of giving orders to the source of the universe. He has not reached the ability to trace back when the first method can be completed, but the important soul law is in the hands of Thanos! "
Obviously, Thanos will not cooperate, because after losing the soul law, he will be a blue chopping board, and the fish will be slaughtered by Zhang Lan. If Zhang Lan refuses to let Thanos go.
After all, there is also a law of strength. Thanos has to master all the laws perfectly in order to find all the soul fragments so carefully.
There is another problem, Zhang Lan. He can’t grasp the origin of the universe, because there is no Marvel plane mark in his soul, but it belongs to the pre-Earth plane mark.
He will be ostracized.
But at present, all the rules are left to Thanos and Thanos to revive Zhang Lan’s friend.
Is it possible?
Obvious impossibility
This is an endless loop, and no one can hit him.
Unless there is another opportunity.
This opportunity really appeared!
Zhang Lan intends to settle all the direct and mutually assured destruction with Thanos!
Chapter 53 Episode (Chapter 77)
The opportunity has appeared!
When Zhang Lan was ready to die with Thanos, Zhang Lan seemed to feel something and looked to the left. After that, Thanos was slow and turned to look.
See two people staring at the position suddenly pieces of fragmentation and inch by inch collapse!
It wasn’t Zhang Lan who broke the time before, but the deeper wall was broken-it was the plane wall!
I don’t know this idea. Zhang Lan shakes it in his mind.
Before doing more thinking, a figure emerged from the fractured area and stretched his hands and feet for a stretch. His face was full of relaxed freehand brushwork-even when Zhang Lan broke himself, he wandered too much easily.
"Plane predator!"
Zhang Lan’s first instinct is to identify this figure, so he has a sense of crisis.
Not he can, but the system, that is, the law can!
It belongs to that part of Marvel Universe.
Just as the man in front of him almost swallowed the laws of Marvel Universe.
At the same time, on the other side, Thanos is also Zhang Lan who has empathy.
"Hey, it seems that I came at the right time. You two are in this state." Intruders Zhang Lan and Thanos scanned the circle to show satisfaction. "Well, it seems that you are close to both sides. I just came to harvest the battlefield. Haha!"
So the intruder thought for a while and then raised his hand and extended his right hand to Zhang Lan. A powerful attraction made Zhang Lan involuntarily fly to the intruder, and when he saw it, he would send his neck to the intruder’s palm. When Zhang Lan finally released, he paused for a moment, and he teleported to his original position with the help of force.
Just now, he felt that his body force was blocked by a force. Until the last time, he still came from Marvel Universe. He was able to resist and let Zhang Lan breathe a little sigh of relief and release the force.
"Hey, you can still resist. It seems that the plane level should be gold this time." The intruder murmured again
It is said that there are three people in the actual field who are weak. It’s all loud and clear
Zhang Lan looked very alert and looked at the intruder with a frown, but he didn’t intend to speak.
Is Thanos his soul mouth-directly make the soul to communicate.
"Are you from the Lord God Alliance?" Thanos asked.
"Yo ho you this plane should know’ the Lord god alliance? Is it before? " The intruder said, bowing his head and drawing something in vain, like inquiring about information.
Confirmed by the intruder, Thanos’s face was instantly livid, and his struggling face emerged very clearly.
"I found that six thousand years ago, five gold-level gods of the alliance joined hands to prepare for the destruction of your plane. Gee, you are a great candidate for the Lord God. You can even spell a mutually assured destruction in 1V5, even a platinum god. There are six main laws. This plane is less platinum-level, and you have earned it!"
Intruders seem to like talking to themselves. It’s a pleasure to talk about themselves.
However, every time he said a word, Thanos’s face became darker and darker. Until the end, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.
"How did you find the plane coordinates? Prynne, he has covered up the plane coordinates. You can’t find our plane! " Thanos sink a way
"Oh, I see. No wonder I have been hiding for so long without being caught. It turned out to be covered up." The intruder murmured again
Thanos’s face grew gloomy when he didn’t get an answer.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m distracted again." This is the intruder’s reaction. "I’m very sorry that I’m easily distracted and talking to myself. Don’t take it personally. You mean what can be perceived, right? It’s because you two rules hold a fight that will cause plane fluctuations. I just came to have a look at the plane next door."
Said the intruder around and looked at Thanos and Zhang Lanxin smiled.
"Self-introduction-My name is Destroying Heaven, and you can also call me Emperor’s Meeting Ceremony. You can leave me the power of your laws. Why, the protagonist is almost dead in this plane, then it can destroy the world’s fragments. It’s really a wave that my luck point has been close to full recently."
It is said that Thanos’s face is already black.
It’s like an island people suddenly came to the battlefield where the two armies of the Central Plains confronted each other, and then said, we will take over your continent and help you kill all the people by the way.