"I’m sorry, I can’t help it." Xiao Leng was silent. He didn’t expect the cold here to be so heavy. Tell yourself that although it is also very strong, it is not to this extent.

Everything is changing. Maybe something has happened here and it has become like this.
Xiao cold bullet good outside and so on to observe.
Xiao Leng came here with certain preparations to make up the wind, but he was given a few pills, all of which were anti-cold elixirs. The fix-up world was an elixir, and it was hard to make up the wind at a high price, so he generously gave Xiao Leng five pills.
When the cold is weak, when it is strong and weak, it can also enter something inside, but when it is strong, everything will be frozen and then it will be shattered when it meets a cold.
"It seems that I have to wait for a while. This cold generate should have a certain rule. I hope so." Xiao Leng thought that careful observation didn’t take long for him to discover the rule
In fact, this law is very certain, even if you don’t find it, it has always been
Every five minutes, there is a chill coming from the inside, and every time two chills come out, one is strong and the other is weak, which is the kind of thing that makes the snake emperor freeze to pieces, and it is even difficult for ordinary beasts with weak cold air to enter.
Aware of this, Xiao Leng swallowed a Dan medicine and was ready to enter.
Chapter 72 Extremely cold
Xiao Lengsou entered the cave after the extremely cold air jet, and watched it carefully along the cave.
There are many holes in the wrong hole, and there are several holes in the path, and the cold is shot from a larger cave, where you can see the faint white light flashing, so there is a glimmer of crystal.
Xiao Leng let go of the extremely cold hole. At this time, a chill shot straight out and missed Xiao Leng.
Xiao Leng, cold sweat, direct current, this chill is a very strong unconscious Xiao Leng has been here for ten minutes.
In addition to this big hole, there are several big holes, not more than twenty, and some holes are even bigger than that one, but those holes are very quiet and there is not even a movement.
Xiao Leng carefully observed several holes, but there was no other hole except the one that gave off a cold current. One minute passed and the cold current gave off several chills. Xiao Leng’s realistic force was very imposed. He had the panacea to keep out the cold, but now he didn’t have any adverse reactions, but after a long time, the panacea worked a little. Xiao Leng felt the chill, and the biting cold was very cold. This cold force is absolutely not a place to stay here for a long time, even if it is a general powerful distracted expert without the protection of the panacea.
Xiao Leng thought of rubbing against the distance at once, but he didn’t dare to stop in front of the hole. Who knows what will happen to those holes? He came all the way, but he can’t accidentally lose his life. There can’t be a hole here that moves, and I will definitely make a mistake.
At this time, Xiao Leng felt a vibration on the ground, which became a little intense. At first, it was not easy to feel it, but it was easy to feel it when the intensity became very large.
A huge hole appeared in the rolling red flow, and a hot breath pounced on Xiao Leng’s body.
Two extremes
Xiao Leng hurriedly hid from the mouth of the cave with a strong airflow. In a short time, the mouth of the cave turned out to be a stream of heat, and the degree of heat was not much higher than that of extremely cold.
At the same time, those holes that didn’t move shook up and spurted out of heat. Xiao Leng had no way to leave this place and go outside, but when he wanted to find himself in the hole, he found that he couldn’t find it, because now all the holes spewed out strong hot air except the extremely cold hole.
Xiao Leng jumped up with horror and stepped on the ice soul sword. When Xiao Leng summoned the ice soul sword, he felt that the ice soul sword had a little joy, and then Xiao Leng felt a soul talking to himself.
"Ha ha, boss, why didn’t you call me out earlier when you came to this place? If you were late, you would be finished. Leave it to me now. I’m quite familiar with this. Hey hey, I haven’t met such a good cold for a long time." The appearance of that sound startled Xiao Leng, and soon he realized that this speech was an ice soul sword. He knew that there was a soul in this ice soul sword.
The ice soul sword whizzed out from Xiao Leng’s feet and then danced around Xiao Leng. A sword of light surrounded Xiao Leng.
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, you stay here for a while, and I’ll let you out when I tidy up here." The soul inside the ice soul sword said that Xiao Leng seemed to feel that he nodded slightly at himself. Is the ice soul sword really a head? Xiao Leng doesn’t know and can’t know that now he sees the ice soul sword flying fast and then flies to the huge hole that emits heat flow. It’s not like no one controls the sample. It’s a little faster than Xiao Leng’s control. Xiao Leng doesn’t feel a trace of cold and hot air in this sword light protection. Xiao Leng needs to keep himself flying now.
Xiao Leng saw the ice soul sword going out from the light gap of the sword.
The ice soul sword flew directly into the huge hot hole, and then it stopped. In front of the hole, a thick red air stream entered the ice soul sword along the tip of the ice soul sword, and the ice soul sword also glowed with a weak red light. Because the ghost wind added that piece of ice property to the ice soul sword, it should be ice property now, and it should not have the ability to absorb this hot force.
Although Xiao Leng was puzzled, he didn’t say anything. If only he could save his life now, I wouldn’t think about it.
By the time the Ice Soul Sword absorbed the heat flow of the huge hole, the whole body turned red, and the red sample was like killing a lot of people and there was a lot of blood left. Gradually, the red color disappeared, and the heat flow of all the holes disappeared, leaving the cold hole still emitting cold to the outside.
Ice soul sword uttered a whisper and then quickly flew to the front of Xiao Leng, and the sword light array disappeared.
Ice soul sword got into Xiao Leng’s body.
Xiao Lengnai smiled at the present situation. He was able to easily capture the exit that had just been filled with heat flow. Now Xiao Leng has grasped it. He can leave at any time if he wants, but he didn’t leave because the ice soul sword entered his body. He told him that there is no danger here and let him go in for treasure hunting. However, there may be something he needs at his fingertips. Xiao Leng is still willing to take it.
Sure enough, Xiao Leng found that there was no heat in it now, as if he had just entered and could not feel the heat. It seems that the situation is different now, but Xiao Leng didn’t make Dan medicine just keep so vigilant, even though it didn’t make much real force.
There are many plants growing on the walls of the Jade Cave. Xiao Leng is hard to imagine that so many plants can grow in such a hot place. Xiao Leng also has this common sense, that is, natural materials and treasures are dangerous places to produce and plants can grow here. Before Xiao Leng, he planned to dig up some plants and bring them back.
"Eldest brother, you just dig something here to be you." The soul in the ice soul sword said to Xiao Leng, which made Xiao Leng feel puzzled.
"Is this where things come from?"
Chapter 73 Taifang people
The soul in the ice soul sword must answer that Xiao Leng and Xiao Leng are also interested in those things. There is a full-bodied red plant surface with a strong smell of flame, but when you look carefully, you will find that the root is not a fire plant, and if you know more about it, you will find that these plants are ice, but the ice property is too low, and there is a layer of fire property covering the plant surface to block the emission of ice property.
Xiao Leng was surprised to walk all the way in this long passage. The plants in it are all plants he has never seen. They are all very powerful and full of spiritual power, even if they are not strong, the aura here is very abundant.
"Is this really my thing?" Xiao cold some joy.
"It’s the boss, it’s you here." The soul inside the ice soul sword spoke again. The sudden sample always scared Xiao Leng, but for such a situation, Xiao Leng couldn’t feel Xiao Leng’s idea. The soul of the ice soul sword hey hey smiled and stopped talking.
Xiao Leng felt something, and then hit the wind-mending ring to shoot the real force, and then he saw those plants falling from the cave wall one by one, and then Xiao Leng took those plants away from his ring and continued to walk inside. Xiao Leng felt more and more strange. The things inside were much stronger than the outside, and there was enough aura to make the plants grow so huge that it was impossible to see the situation outside.
Xiao Leng continues to collect those plants, but his ring is so big that there is always a certain amount. When it reaches a certain degree, it can no longer be loaded. Xiao Leng is a little depressed, and now he seems to have returned to Baoshan.
At the end of the passage, a huge golden gate appeared in Xiao’s cold eyes.
"Wow, what a big Golden Gate!" Xiao Leng marveled at the huge Golden Gate, which made people dazzle.
Xiao Leng walked up to him and saw a huge lock on the front of the Golden Gate, one on the front and a huge lion with its mouth wide open. There was a red light inside, and a slight heat wave came from the inside. Xiao Leng hid gently.
"How can there be such a gate in this place?" Xiao leng wondered, but he went to the front and carefully touched the big lock. When he touched the big lock, he locked his hair and gave out strong light.
"Er, it’s as simple as that." Xiao Leng was depressed. Now the situation is quite strange. He didn’t move his face. This huge golden gate looks strong. I have to say it’s quite strange, but Xiao Leng still goes in and thinks that there are so many polar plants outside, and things inside can never be worse.
The door closed quietly without making a sound.
Although Xiao Leng is strange, he still entered the inside. Now he can’t quit the ice soul sword. The soul tells himself that there is no danger. Xiao Leng is quite happy. Although he is skeptical, Xiao Leng still enters the inside. Even if there is danger, it is understandable. It is so easy to get powerful things. Xiao Leng will never believe it.
Entering the gate, Xiao Leng’s eyes suddenly became clear. In the spacious hall, several tall columns turned out to be made of gold, but this column is made of jade. Looking at the whole huge jade, I can’t find such a big jade, but there is not one but several in it.
Xiao Leng has finished talking about so many jade pillars. The jade in his ring is not worth a visit. These jade pillars are extremely jade, and it is not necessarily whether the whole repair world can have so many together.
There is a high platform in the innermost part of the hall. I don’t know what it is made of, but everything in it is so precious. I think the chair can’t be bad
There is an old man sitting on the chair, a haggard old man.
It’s said that the face is haggard at all, but the whole face can’t even see a trace of meat. It’s like being burned. The old man’s clothes are very good, but there is no trace of shabby appearance
There is a huge table in front of him, and there are many things in front of him. You can’t find what it is until you reach the front root.
Xiao Leng stepped forward and bowed to the old man. Xiao Leng still has some respect for his predecessors. After all, it is not easy for people to practice to such an extent, nor is it a shame for powerful people to bow to their predecessors.
The old man bowed to the face and spoke coldly.
"I’m the one who chose you. You can take whatever you want from my extremely cold palace. Oh, I know you need some weather and ice. I have prepared a little for you. It’s not a good thing for you to take something, so I have prepared a little. Now you can take these things casually. Of course, if you don’t take them, you will put them here." The old man said with a hint of banter that he didn’t move or move his mouth.
The root of a noodle is a skin. This real person is no longer here, or this person is dead, or this person has soared. Staying here is his great magic condensed into a spiritual field.
Xiao Leng was slightly taken aback, but he denied that he could easily get those things.
"I don’t know if my predecessors are Fang people, but are they staying here?" Xiao coldly asked himself to find a place and then sat down.
"Ha-ha, you know that I’m a Taifang. Now I’m a celestial fairy. I’m here. If you want something here, you can get it easily. I guess you won’t believe it. It’s very similar to Taifang." The voice was very appreciative and said that it really made Xiao Leng unable to understand.