Lee Chong-jiu patted Li Zhi-wan on the back of his hand, and Li Zhi-wan nodded his head slightly less irate. Li Yuanji was slightly surprised that she knew the difference between three sisters, who were so proud, and had never seen her do this to a person.

Li Yuanji was slightly absent-minded, but he saw Li Zhi and asked earnestly, "How is father?"
Li Yuanji shook his head and said, "I don’t know, but I don’t think the second brother dared to harm his father. He still needs his father to admit that he has the sense of honor to inherit the position of Li Taizong. He doesn’t need to be against his father."
Li Zhiwan said, "Although my father’s second brother’s nature is bound to put my father under house arrest, my father’s heart is completely dead to my second brother. My father should be very heartbroken."
Li Chongjiu said aside, "Your father has announced that the King of Qin has changed his position in the Tianan Palace. I belong to the family and report that your father is safe. You can rest assured."
Li Zhiwan listened to the worried Li Yuanji and said a few words. After that, Li Chongjiu asked her to rest first and stay in the temple in Li Yuanji.
Li Zhiwan walked behind and was uneasy about Li Chongjiu Li Yuanji.
They were silent for a while, and Li Yuanji took the lead in saying, "My second brother rebelled, usurped the throne, put his father under house arrest and killed his brother. For such a person, I really hate that Datang can’t hand it over to such a person. If you are willing to help me overthrow my second brother and help me ascend to the throne, Li Tangzhu will go to the Emperor’s number to get Hedong Jingxiang Henan as a reward for Da Zhao, and I, Datang, need to keep Sichuan and Sichuan rivers and pay tribute to Da Zhao forever."
Li Yuanji finished looking at Li Chongjiu’s eyes with expectation.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but listen to his heart, as if he had heard some jokes. Li Yuanji’s heart sank immediately.
Li Chongjiu said, "Qi Wangdian, do you think it is possible to answer your request?"
Li Yuanji said, "I …"
Li Chongjiu interrupted Li Yuanji’s words, "If I promise you this condition, you will die in the future. My hands are also dead. The hands of my generals are very assassins. Is it true that the king’s soil leads to the soil? Which emperor allows others to sleep next to his bed?"
Li Yuanji forehead sweat dripping Li Chongjiu patted Li Yuanji on the shoulder and said, "Yuanji, I treat you today not because you are the king of Li Tang, but because you are my imperial concubine’s younger brother. Think about the same body, Wang Yang Chang, his noble queen’s brother. At that time, when I first started to fight, I was just occasionally asked to help him. I still refused to agree. What’s the situation today?"
Li Yuanji hesitated for a long time when his body was shocked. Li Chongjiu said, "If you can’t think about it when I give it to you, you should think about it. You have self-knowledge and give up. You shouldn’t have fantasies. What is now available? If you want me to beat your second brother and avenge his death, I can still do it. Go back and think about it."
Li Yuanji listened to Li Chongjiu’s words, of course, and walked out of the hall to stay outside the temple. But when he saw the cool wind hitting the side, the guards told Li Yuanji, "The temple position has been arranged for you."
Li Yuanji suddenly ran back to the temple and bowed down before Li Chongjiu as if he didn’t hear it. "I can help Zhao defeat Li Tang, please pay attention to me!"
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Yuanji. Before he got up, he lifted Li Yuanji up and said, "That’s right." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Li Shimin efforts
Four-year summer of innovation
It was an unsettled summer for Li Tang and Zhao.
Zhao Beiding, a Turk, wiped out the north and broke Goguryeo’s worries about the east. Now he can force the west to deal with Li Tang.
For Li Tang, Li Jiancheng was killed and Li Yuan was placed under house arrest in Da ‘an Palace, while Li Shimin became Li Tangtai. His hand, Li Tang, was faced with a situation of worrying about foreign invasion.
There is Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji, and there is Li Chongjiu and Zhao Guo’s persecution.
After Li Shimin acceded to the throne, he wantonly killed the figureheads in Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji. This historical Xuanwumen changed. At that time, Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji were dead, and there was no one in Li Tang’s department. He could forgive these figureheads for taking these people to a good name.
At that time, Wei Zhi, Xue Wanche, etc. were all remnants of Li Jiancheng, and later Li Shimin was heavy
However, the escape to Zhao by Li Chongjiu, a rescuer from Li Yuanji, represents that the Taiyu Party still has the possibility of recovery.
Therefore, Li Shimin had to implement the policy of cutting meat, so in the first month of his accession to the throne, Li Tangtai, Li Tang was in a bloody situation.
Feng Li and Xie Shufang, the old generals who rescued Taidong Palace outside Xuanwu Gate, were still captured and killed when they fled to Zhongnanshan.
At the same time, Li Jiancheng Anlu Wang Li Chengdao, Hedong Wang Li Chengde, Wu ‘an Wang Li Chengxun, Runan Wang Li Cheng, Julu Wang Li Chengyi Yuanjiliang County Wang Li Chengye, Yuyang Wang Li Chengluan, Pu ‘an Wang Li Chengyu, Jiangxia Wang Li Chengyu, Yiyang Wang Li Chengdu Li Shimin sent people to kill and lost their genealogy in Li Tang.
In addition, there are more than a thousand people who have been implicated, either killed or exiled to Chang’ an, shrouded in terror
On the other hand, Li Shimin has made a big effort to pull out the heroes, that is, this time to help himself contribute to the Xuanwu Gate.
Li Shimin when Yuwen Shitai Zhan Shi Chang Sun Ji, Du Ruhui Zuo Shu Gao Shilian, Fang Xuanling You Shu Hou Jun Zuo Wei led Cheng Zhijie You Wei led Yu Zhining Zhongshe Chu Liang Sheren Yao Silian to wash horses.
In the past, the old party of the king of Qin was regained, and the gold, silk and utensils obtained from the property of the Prince of Qi were given to Hou Jun who made great contributions.
In order to alleviate the impact of the pre-killing, Li Shimin also announced for Li Yuan that the five civil and military officials had been given the title of the first rank and six had been decorated, which made the fearful officials feel slightly relieved.
In addition, Xiao Yu, an old minister who has always been Li Yuan’s confidant, supported Taifeng Deyi and Li Shimin as a courtesy, and Li Shimin shot Peiji’s food city from 500 plus 1,500. Everyone knows that Peiji was difficult for Li Shimin and supported Li Jiancheng many times, but Li Shimin was fond of his Li Shimin skill, which made the officials in the DPRK feel at ease.
At present, Li Shimin stands in the main hall with a negative hand, and Li Shimin is wearing a crown, but it is already a weather, and all the ministers of the Tang Dynasty bow down to one side.
This month, Li Shimin entered the polar palace to do things in an orderly way, which not only stabilized Li Tang’s division due to Li Jiancheng’s death, but also improved the situation of Li Tang’s fall from the country.
There is nothing more natural than this. This is what people who hate Li Shimin the most, and that’s what they think at heart.
Li Shimin turned around from the hall and said, "Everything in the eunuch country is in ruins, and all officials can prepare for the official affairs."
Li Shimin’s ministers made suggestions one after another. They all wanted to show their strength in front of the Taitai, paying attention to the origin of Li Yuan, and at the same time, being generous to Pei Ji, who followed him in Taiyuan.
Li Shimin, on the other hand, is different from meritocracy in that he pays more attention to his ability than his birth.
When all the ministers spoke in succession, the court expressed their opinions like Li Shimin nodded with a smile when he saw this.
"report! It’s urgent in the middle of the province! "
"Su Dingfang, the general of the State of Zhao, sneaked into the river and attacked the river. The general of our army, Li Shentong, Su Dingfang, Wang Mahan, was attacked on both sides. Li Shentong lost the river and retreated three miles to ask for reinforcements."
The news is like a cold water pouring on the head of Li Tang’s ministers.
The ministers couldn’t help thinking that it was like this again. Whenever the situation in Li Tang improved slightly, Zhao attacked Li Chongjiu. It was a moment of peace and didn’t give it to the present. Li Chongjiu just slightly stabilized the situation, regardless of the soldiers on both sides of Yuan Gai Su Wen and Lin Shihong, and attacked Li Tang. It is reasonable to say that Zhao Guo now has no spare capacity.
But Li Chongjiu attacked Li Tang and prevented Li Shimin from smoothly integrating Li Tang’s department.
"Cui Dunli from Taidian came to report that Li Yuan, the king of Lujiang, was unwilling to listen to a letter to Chang ‘an"
Li Shimin heard that "Li Yuan, the king of Lujiang, is an imperial clan with no military exploits, but the general eye of the father’s letter Committee actually refused to listen to the announcement."
See Li Shimin irate look all the ministers are know from the bottom of my heart. Li Yuan Li Jiancheng has always been friendly. When Li Jiancheng dies, Li Yuan naturally worries that Li Shimin will settle accounts after the fall of Zhao. It is said that Li Yuanji personally persuaded his uncle to let him not listen to Xuan Changan’s sexual cowardice. Li Yuan dared to refuse to be summoned by Li Shimin.
Fang Xuanling said, "Tai Dian Li Yuan Hedong is a heavy general. If he is forced too hard, he may drop his eyes at any time. We have a temporary comfort."
"Let this go in advance."