"When did I say I was going to kill her?"

Star day foam sharp eyes swept away mercilessly staring at the palace no.
"Forget it, forget it, I can’t understand you." Gong Luo shrugged his shoulders.
He can’t read it. She never did.
"Let’s give her a thorough examination."
Xingtianmo made a gesture of making signal with the lips to indicate Gongluo.
Gong Luo obediently hit his square suitcase with him.
That square brown suitcase looks like a suitcase with a lot of articles in it.
Xingtianmo went to that piece of ordinary wooden rattan chair where she sat and touched the armrest.
Gong Luo felt that the white light flashed in front of her eyes and then she looked at the glass wall and disappeared!
Gongluo turned his head and looked at Xingtianmo with a little surprise and appreciation.
It seems that he still looked down upon the stars and foam …
"Hurry up!" Xingtianmo urged Gongluo God to call him back.
Gong Luo’s dry cough starts at once.
There is also a miniature brain palace in the square box, which connects several complicated wires with different colors and quickly sets them up.
When everything is ready, look back at Xingtianmo.
Star day foam hand holding the slightly nodded.
Xingtianmo’s heart beat faster because she was afraid that Qing Er would go crazy again. Although Qing didn’t mean anything at that time, those who blamed her were still very bitter in their hearts.
Gong Luo got the instructions from the stars and the sky, and the keyboard was knocked!
A powerful current goes out along the wire and flows into the green body.
Severe pain made Qing suddenly wake up!
Star day foam heart a pull at the moment the scene reminds her of the second star LengYu was hit.
"MoEr …"
Green saw Gong Luo, the stranger, leng leng and looked at Xingtianmo tears, and finally I couldn’t help it anymore.
"It’s okay to be good. Everything will pass." Xingtianmo wanted to comfort Qing Er.
Green suddenly stepped back and screamed.
"Don’t come over!"
Green jerked back and suddenly screamed.
"Don’t come over!"
Starry day foam instantaneous stay in situ want to reach out and frozen half …