"Don’t you think you can refine the divine elixir?" Xiao Xuan’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said this question that everyone really wanted to know.

"Ha ha, of course, it’s not a divine elixir. How can I forge a divine elixir? But it’s almost the same. Well, I won’t tease you. Now the sacred land levels are all out. This time, my refining elixir can make the sacred land stronger than the sacred land. You must work hard!" Any suspection.i war day each other jinyu they didn’t reach the sacred land slightly sorry and said
"Without the boss, we will work harder and rest assured that we will not become a burden!" Fang Jinyu firmly said, to tell the truth, he has always followed Huangfu Zhantian. Although his talent is very strong, he really has no advantage in front of these perverts. Now his strength is the worst. He wants to improve his strength as soon as possible, but he has not reached the sacred land with Fang Jinyu. There are also nine sisters, Xiao Xuanyinsi and Yin Hui, who have left the sacred land. After hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, they personally made up their minds to absorb their own holy-class Dan medicine. It is estimated that they can also become one of them after absorption.
"You can think so. It’s best to wait until you reach the sacred land. I’ll get your share ready and I’ll help you absorb it! Let you not be too backward! " Any suspection.i zhantian comfort to them
"Boss, I don’t blame you. We didn’t live up to expectations. Rest assured, boss, we will reach the sacred land in the shortest time and never embarrass you!" Xiao Xuan and his personal blood spurted along the road.
"Well, this is my good brother. Well, you should go into the small world and practice first. If there is nothing important, I won’t disturb your practice!" After seeing them, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a sense of relief. He was most afraid that they would lose their fighting spirit, and now he was relieved.
After Fang Jinyu entered the small world, the suspection.i war genius looked up and found that they all looked at themselves with burning eyes.
"Well, stop looking at me like that or I’ll blush!" Huangfu Zhantian jokes
I was very nervous when I heard Huangfu Zhantian’s words, and then everyone smiled [
"Brother Xiaotian, don’t beat around the bush. Speak quickly. We are all anxious!" Sakura Jill is an acute person. After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, she couldn’t help it any more. Section 1897: Prepare.
"Well, now there are seventeen of us who have reached the sacred land, but when we face people, you should know that they are evil robbers. These people are not provincial oil lamps. What they have done can better fight against evil robbers. I have refined some Dan medicines to temporarily become semi-divine Dan medicines, because this medicine is stronger than the holy Dan medicines but worse than the divine Dan medicines, but it is enough to promote your strength to the realm of false gods!" Any suspection.i zhantian said with a smile
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone fell into a dull mood, not because Huangfu Zhantian spoke, but because they were too much. They didn’t believe it after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian.
Seeing everyone’s sample suspection.i Zhantian suddenly laughed. He knew that everyone should be the reaction and there was no accident, so he waited for them to wake up and turn around.
After a good half-day, they finally woke up and turned around, and then Huangfu Zhantian covered his ears, and at the same time, he and his place quickly put on a sound barrier.
"Ah …!" [
This time, it wasn’t Xiao Yan, their girls screamed, and even Meng Hong and the dance style couldn’t contain themselves and shouted there.
And suspection.i war day is a face of wry smile clutching his ears, but it’s okay to respond quickly to this enchantment. Otherwise, I’m afraid the whole day feather city people are still here. What happened? I’m afraid it’s really hard to explain then.
After a good half-day, they finally got rid of their excitement. They looked at Huangfu Zhantian, but their eyes were full of heat. Look at Huangfu Zhantian and plop plop carefully.
"Well, don’t look at me like that, but this Dan medicine can’t let you make any mistakes when the time comes. Then I will become a sinner. When there is no individual Dan medicine, I will watch it until I am sure that he will absorb the efficacy of those Dan medicines. I am afraid that I can come one by one! Then let’s start with Uncle Meng. Everyone has no opinion! " Any suspection.i war day with a wry smile looked like a chicken blood like all the way.
After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, everyone’s mood finally turned a little, but everyone had no objection to the decision of suspection.i Zhantian, but they supported it very much. After all, Meng Hong’s strength and his seniority were shameful.
"I’ve been without Xiaotian for so many years, so it’s better to wait a few days before these younger generations get up as soon as possible!" Meng Hong didn’t insist on his first pill at this time. Although he was very interested in his own realm, he could never be so selfish as the oldest of them.
When I heard Meng Hong’s words, everyone was very moved, because if it were anyone else, I would also like to raise my strength to the realm of false gods as soon as possible.
"Well, Uncle Meng, don’t refuse me again. I also want you to do an experiment, because although I am sure that this Dan medicine can raise your strength to the realm of false gods, after all, no one knows if it will succeed without trying it. The first truth is that there are still experimental ingredients. Uncle Meng doesn’t know if you are willing to set an example for everyone first!" Any suspection.i zhantian laughed
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, Meng Hong paused for a moment and then said directly, "In that case, I hope Xiaotian’s prediction is right!"
"Well, before that, let’s do it now! All of you will help me keep an eye on this place during this period. Don’t let people disturb Uncle Meng and me! " Any suspection.i war days after finish will directly take out a Dan medicine from the small world and then handed it to Meng Hong.
After others heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, they didn’t stay here anymore, but directly distributed the refined pharmacists’ union and defended it very closely here.
While Meng Hongze took the suspection.i Zhantian handed me Dan medicine and swallowed it in one gulp.
"Uncle Meng, keep your mind and don’t fall. I’ll help you melt this Dan medicine as soon as possible and then absorb it!" After seeing Meng Hong swallow Dan medicine, Huangfu Zhantian came directly to Meng Hong and held out his hand to slowly enter his body with Raytheon’s true qi to help him make it effective.
Soon Meng Hong’s face showed a trace of pain, and then the pain gradually increased. Meng Hong’s face and skin were wrinkled together, which made people look very painful.
Sorbus looked at her father’s pain and immediately worried, but she was very confident in Huangfu Zhantian. She knew that Huangfu Zhantian could not harm her father, but she was still very distressed by her father.
"Don’t worry, little sister and uncle will be fine!" Henaan walked beside the sorbet and stopped her in her arms and comforted her softly.
"yeah!" When I heard Henaan’s words, my sorbet look eased a little.
"ah!" At this time, Meng Hong was more than I could bear. The whole face was twisted, and his forehead and neck veins stood out were exposed, showing that he was in great pain now.
"Just hold on to the horse!" Huangfu Zhantian was also very nervous at this time, because he had also bought a truly divine Dan medicine. If he hadn’t robbed him that day, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been able to avoid the consequences of the explosion. Although these ten Dan medicines were all broken down by him, the medicine contained in them is still very strong. If Huangfu Zhantian didn’t help them absorb it, I’m afraid they would really explode and die [
Meng Hong’s eyes suddenly cleared up when he heard Huangfu Zhantian’s words. When his teeth were so tight, he almost shed blood.
"Hoo …!" Then Meng Hong felt relaxed, because the double pain from soul and body disappeared, which made him feel a sense of the rest of his life. Then he lay down and breathed heavily.
"Uncle Meng, get up quickly. It’s not over yet. The horse is coming. Cheer up!" Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately binge drank after seeing Meng Hong’s sample.
After hearing Huangfu Zhantian’s words, Meng Hong felt physically strong, but he sat up for the first time and then constantly turned his body into a fighting spirit. At the same time, Huangfu Zhantian also put a Dan medicine in his mouth to help him recover. Section 1898: Promotion was successful.
Just when the two of them just rallied, clouds suddenly gathered in the sky. These clouds gave off a breath that made everyone’s face change, but everyone didn’t panic, but looked at Meng Hong with concern. They all knew that Meng Hong had come to the end at this time. If he wanted to survive this day, then he could reach the real pseudo-god realm.
"Meng Dashu now feel? Are you sure you can survive the catastrophe? " Any suspection.i zhantian some eagerly asked.