Bai Liyi couldn’t help joking, "It’s a sin to frame her heart, but you keep her alive. I’m a little curious. What’s the reason for you to put up with longing for the moon?"

From Yun Qing’s provocative lip hook "might as well guess"
If it weren’t for the glass, people who are as evil as Mu Yue would have gone to hell.
Listen! Bailiyi put a piece of meat in her bowl. "Guess you can get rid of this bad habit again?"
Smile away from Yun Qing and shift the subject to the dripping eaves. "I almost forgot about the man who longed for the moon … The cloud pavilion has never heard of any noise since it was very quiet. It is commendable that I didn’t have to set her up."
"It’s rare for you to praise her." Bailiyi squinted and smiled softly.
I don’t care to glance at Yun Qing. "Chatting and shooting the breeze is just that. I have no appetite at all."
I have swept a table full of delicious food, but I have no appetite at all.
A faint smile hung on the corner of her mouth, and she guessed the impatient look of a person in front of her. Her eyes were clear as water and she couldn’t help but evoke a comfortable smile. "I think my words will make the imperial concubine have a big appetite."
Smell speech from yun-ching side head to see thyme yi saw him a forbearance handsome appearance in the heart also swept a little curious to let go of the bowl chopsticks hand holding the jaw meaningful eyebrow way "oh? Is it? Then I’d be interested to hear something that will make me appetite. "
Take a look serious many eyes light slightly cold sound cold so "is and chicken said 44 chapter 44 sudden Tathagata truth ().
From yun-ching, a pair of swaying eyes flickered, and the waist has been "her?" Has the palace changed again? I’m still busy with other things. She will behave herself recently. It seems that the wicked will never behave themselves for a day. "
Recently, Feng Yan has not been too upset.
As quiet as before the storm.
She kept her place because the three major forces in the sky, a heavy family castle, entered the palace to hide her ambitions.
Baili Yi noncommittally continued, "I didn’t ask my second brother to help me monitor the chicken words. It was a little fruitful … When I entered the palace this morning, my brother gave me this …"
Said and reached out his hand and pulled out his pocket, leaving Yun Qing’s sight tightly fixed with thyme. He took out a small piece of paper from his pocket and smoothed it out and put it on the table.
"My brother stopped her from flying pigeons." Bai Liyi seemed to weigh the words and pushed the creed finger to the front of Yun Qing.
When I pinched the letter, I swept away from Yun Qing’s cold sight, and read a plain sentence. "Feng Yan feels lonely in the palace alone and misses all the brothers and sisters every night. It has been put to rest. Today, with the emperor’s permission, a Tianwu Taoist meeting will be held in a few days. I hope to take this opportunity to let all the brothers and sisters get together in Beijing to solve the pain of lovesickness."
From Yun Qing’s creed, I looked up and saw a hundred miles away, but my eyes were as dark as the water.
In the end, both sides smiled, but there was not much real joy.
"such as? But what do you see? " Bailiyi smiled and went back to her heart with a guess.
Li Yunqing thought about the cause and effect for a while and finally came to a truth.
Finger with creed waved the.
"Saw her ambition! This is going to rebel … It’s hard for her to swallow it for a long time. The brothers and sisters in the letter must be referring to the mysterious brothers and sisters, right? Or more than that … On the first floor of the day, Yang Mingtian has a long history, and many people are famous. My father should want to take this opportunity to win people’s hearts, no matter if a large number of people come to Beijing, it will not make my father suspicious. "
If you are impatient, Feng Yan is much more anxious than her.
Isn’t it that someone outside the person has been caught in the end?
Thyme Yi nodded her head and agreed with this. Her fingers rubbed her eyebrows and her voice was full of distress. "Now General Yun is not in the city. General Yun Yan has also been guarded by the general office in Jiangbei. The pioneer general Luoshui River has also gone with General Yun … The rest of the dynasty is just a group of cowards. Generally speaking, it is the imperial city. If it is true, few people can fight it."
Those military attaché s inside are all rubbish.
If there is a war on weekdays, everyone will be shirked to the general office.
Li Yunqing didn’t agree with this, but laughed. "The temple seems to have forgotten my second brother. The Royal Guards can’t peek at this group of people. Now it’s time to know that it’s her." Will it be like doing it again? "