"I think the Knight League suffered heavy losses this time, and it was a short-term strategy of French participation." Yazi lost his past and held his voice when he spoke.

Even if the dead player is not from his own guild, everyone is trying to get out of here as soon as possible. It’s hard to feel a little sad when there are so many casualties this time.
Watermelon head is taciturn and irrelevant. Blue is looking at the past scenery and frowning gently. It seems to be thinking about something.
Xiang silently listened to the three Assas, holding each other and talking without saying a word. Everyone knew that the strategy would continue and people would die in the future.
For them, there are nearly 90 floors to go. If so many people die every time, who will have the confidence to continue walking?
Thinking about the casualties of the Raiders bss, Xiang suddenly remembered one thing. I don’t know from which floor the blood alliance led the Raiders in Heathcliff. There were few casualties in memory. The only two casualties were in the 50 th floor of the Raiders bss and the 76 th floor of the Raiders bss.
Thought of here, Xiang’s look suddenly changed, and this hasty change was not seen by others.
The fiftieth floor …
Meditate this word in your mind, and then think about the plot of the sword bureau in the bss room on the seventy-sixth floor.
Tongren Heathcliff duel followed by introduction success.
If I remember correctly, the avant-garde suffered heavy casualties in the 50 th floor bss Raiders. Fortunately, the avant-garde could not balance the recovery of blood volume in the powerful attack of bss, and it was on the verge of extinction. Finally, Heathcliff came out and blocked the bss for ten minutes alone, and the avant-garde had enough time to recover blood volume, and then the successful Raiders made it difficult for others to start a business.
After Heathcliff, that is, Heathcliff showed God Rapier to everyone for the first time, which also made players realize that special skills existed.
What does Heathcliff want to announce God Rapier to the world? On the one hand, it may be to let players know about special skills, on the other hand, it must be to eliminate the doubts of players.
A complete elite avant-garde team almost collapsed in bss injury. How can you stop it for ten minutes alone? Therefore, it is reasonable for the Holy Sword to appear.
Xiang, however, knew that it wasn’t the sacred sword, but Heathcliff set himself an immortal effect, in which he would suffer from epidemic damage when his health was 50%
A plan slowly formed in my mind, and my heart beat suddenly.
If you suddenly attack Heathcliff like a Tong man after the war of bss on the fiftieth floor to trigger the pop-up window of epidemic attack, then ask Heathcliff to give him a one-on-one chance later.
After planning Lang Xiang’s blood became hot, but it soon became cold.
As promised, Heathcliff will give him this chance?
Hastily exposing Heathcliff’s identity without giving him a chance to succeed in the strategy, then the story of the seventy-sixth floor will become a mirage.
Thought of here xiang chagrin pulled pull hair.
If the plan is carried out, it is a gamble that thousands of people’s lives are bet on the face. Winning the bet can save the future and people will die. Losing the bet will make more people die.
Shoulders suddenly sank.
Yazi patted him on the shoulder and asked with a little curiosity, "What are you thinking so fascinated?"
Xiang Yazi put his hand on his shoulder and shook his head. "Nothing."
Of course, he can’t say what he thinks.
Yazi said, "Oh, don’t be in a daze. We’re on our way."
If at ordinary times, Yazi would surely take this opportunity to ridicule Xiang, but at the moment, he is not in the mood.
Xiang answered him and never said anything.
But does this look like a rush?
Xiang glanced at the absent-minded blue and began to take out sheepskin notes to see watermelon head’s words.
Chapter 21 Go back to the heart
Okay, I was wrong. It’s the seventy-fifth floor. I’m doing a self-examination here
I chose the second novel of sword out of my hobby. In fact, I really hope that sword has animation and comics instead of novels.
Wind and sand resistance all the way
As far as the eye can see, the name of the marginal wasteland sighs. From stepping on this land, the team has encountered a scorpion-shaped monster, which is as big as a wolf and quite difficult, especially the scorpion tail acupuncture is very fast, except that Xiang has a way to avoid the rest of the people.
Fortunately, this scorpion-shaped monster has a pair of skin and tail needles that do not have toxins, and I don’t know what the original intention of designing this monster is. However, if the tail needles contain toxins, few people can escape the speed of piercing.
Without stopping, I walked along for a long time until the night approached, and finally I saw the outline of the security zone in the distance, a small town built of sand.
The whole town building is made of wasteland soil. When you enter the town, you can also see reddish brown except np’s white residence.
Xiang looked around with great interest.
The eleventh floor is full of exotic customs, which have never been witnessed in film and television, but I don’t want to visit it this time, and so do the rest of the people.
People in modern society have rarely been to such a desolate area, and it is a novelty for them to be lucky enough to visit here.
Asa really wanted to stay in the town for one more day, but he didn’t want to explore the maze one day earlier.
Since then, the fast pace of life has also been brought into Ian Grant. Since the launch of the bss operation, frontline players have never stopped.
Shortly after entering the town, the density of monsters is not high, but the refresh interval is very short, which is not suitable for leveling at night.
After a group of people hastily found a restaurant to fill their stomachs, they were blue and braved the night alone to go out of town to train. Even Asa could not shake his decision by sighing about his shortcomings.
Asa’s eyes were slightly complicated when he watched Blue leave. The frustration seemed to make Blue a little strange. He sighed without trace and suggested to his teammates, "Look around before the break to see if you can get something rare. Let’s meet at six o’clock in the morning."
Long ago, Fei Lang and Yazi were so happy that they ran away in a short time, and Asa was wry smile.
"What about you, watermelon head?"
Watermelon head smell speech looked up and glanced at Asa light way "I go to the hotel".
In anticipation of this answer, Asa nodded his head and looked at Xiang with a smile. "Come with me, Xiang."
Xiang was quite surprised. He wanted to take this opportunity to see if he could get a better one. It seems that there is no way out.
After bidding farewell to watermelon head, Xiang and Asa walked side by side in the street and met each np with a warm smile on their faces. Unfortunately, there were holes in their eyes, which made people feel that the warm smile was hypocritical.
"I really don’t know whether to hate the world or thank it."
Asa’s eyes move as he walks past np. This generous Han face rarely shows a dim color.
Since entering this town, I haven’t seen players’ streets, roadsides and shops are a bunch of native residents piled up by data.
Xiang looked thoughtfully at Asa’s side face and said, "How much each has a little?"
"It’s true that it’s so real here. If I wasn’t imprisoned here, I would love it. I would love everything here." Asa said it seriously but sincerely.
He loves here, but he wants to leave here more.
"I don’t think so …" Xiang thought silently.
Fa loves deeply, but he does get a lot here.
If I hadn’t come here, I’m afraid my poor generation wouldn’t have been able to taste all kinds of delicious food, let alone walk through so many places and see many local conditions and customs.
Even if the land is in that world at the moment, can you have this opportunity yourself?
Xiang felt the same way. He couldn’t help but say, "I dream of playing a virtual reality game, but I prefer to leave here and return to the original world."