"red eyes"

Just now, it was not very obvious that the red awn in the eyes of the steel-horned antelope became thicker and thicker after swallowing, and it was not afraid of death. Repeatedly, the attacker charged, and some of the original venting encounters turned into millstones, and it was a bloody millstones.
There was still some excitement in the original battle, but now it has become unpleasant. Killing everyone’s expression has become dignified. Hao Renchao made a gesture to Xiao Ao to let him participate in the battle. Xiao Ao’s hand can end the battle faster and the bloodiness will be reduced a lot.
An hour later, the whole group of steel-horned antelopes was killed and escaped. Thousands of steel-horned antelopes died and shed blood, turning their feet into bloody swamps. Their feet would be in deep water as if there were hell demons hidden in them, trying to drag the living into the abyss.
It is strange that the smell of blood is so strong, but it is not pungent here, as if it should be here. Without cleaning the battlefield, the wilderness will not be wild. Soon after they left, all kinds of scavengers gathered here from all sides to attend this grand banquet.
The steel-horned antelope is not a powerful Warcraft. What they rely on is the number. In the next few days, they continue to visit all kinds of Warcraft. One case is that the outside is as fierce as the steel-horned antelope and is not afraid of death. It also has a pair of blood-red eyes. With the deepening of the wilderness, the dark magic is getting heavier and heavier, and almost everyone is aware of it.
Two days later, they met the grassland lion who had the strongest resistance in the wilderness! Hundreds of prairie lions! Similarly, there are more black lines in blood-red eyes and an unusually strong body, but the disturbing but increasingly strong smell of dark magic. These grassland lions have absolutely abnormal strength. After the war, Hao Ren dissected the corpses of grassland lions, and the results were shocking. No magic crystals were found, and both muscles and viscera were mutated
"demonize!" Snow is quite sure that Snow has expressed her worries.
"The situation of the steel-horned antelope has been slightly demonized, and now the grassland lion has changed dramatically, which is even more obvious. It is absolutely not just that there is a black dragon running out of the exit leading to the dungeon. I’m afraid …"
"Hao Ren, we should speed up. I have a bad feeling." Snow has never been so serious.
Although she didn’t say it, Hao Ren has always had an attitude to support snow.
"Blackie cooperates with Gasol to determine the route, expand the scope of investigation by twice, avoid the herd, move forward at a high speed, and support the durable aura. He is free to combine and arrive at his destination in three days."
Shua a handle with a three-meter long handle appeared in Hao Ren’s hand.
Chapter DiYiLiu Parasites
Hao Ren didn’t tell Xue Shi that when he entered the wasteland, he seemed to hear something calling. He didn’t need the guidance of the wolf clan to sue Hou. There was something that deeply attracted Hao Ren in the distance. It can’t be said that attraction should be said that Hao Ren wanted to be close.
The four werewolves that Hao Ren brought out from the Wolf clan were sent out. It turned out that the four of them turned out to be brothers, not only the four of them, but even the wolves they were sitting on were all their close relatives, and they turned out to be Bi Meng. It is very rare for wolves to ride a ranger to Bi Meng. There is no ranger. This profession originated from the dungeon Zall Elf. Ten thousand years ago, a strange Bi Meng brought back a lost Bi Meng, and his followers had a Zall Elf Ranger, which also appeared in Bi Meng.
The four brothers were sent by good people to investigate in the four directions ahead. They need to speed up their progress and avoid the herd as much as possible. These enchanted Warcraft are becoming more and more difficult to deal with.
Facts have proved how correct it is to block the selection of the four of them and decide that the four of them can’t see each other’s situation. Just by echoing the roar from the brothers in the wilderness, they can understand each other’s meaning and add little black to guide them through the cracks in the magical wilderness herd.
On the fifth day after finally entering the wasteland, the scenery of the surrounding wasteland changed. In front of them, there appeared a wide river with a river surface of tens of meters. This is the mother river Dom River of the wasteland.
Here, that is to say, they are not far from the crack, the river is not deep, and they will continue to travel across the department, even if people suffer from those mounts, they need to rest. Hao Ren immediately ordered them to camp by the river today.
And he became interested in the river, and he ran to the river alone to shine. The control of the gold coin department was well equipped, and all supplies, including fresh water, were brought with him instead of from the wasteland.
Take out a utensil, Hao Ren scoops up a bottle of river water, and watch the sunshine carefully.
"I feel the dark power in the water" noticed that Hao Ren walked beside Hao Ren with snow.
"I feel it, too." Hao Ren held the transparent bottle in front of the snow, and the depression at the bottom of the bottle formed a natural magnifying glass. Hao Ren guided the snow to discover the secret in the water, a tiny black bug that could see the snow more clearly and blessed himself with eagle eye surgery.
This worm looks like a shrinking earthworm. Of course, it’s just a few more teeth and tentacles. Hao Ren took out two bottles and threw them at a distance of 10 meters and 20 meters respectively. As a result, the worm content was almost the same. Hao Ren also collected some aquatic plants by the river and found this worm after being dried by magic flame.
Hao Ren had a guess in his heart, but he still needed evidence. Blackie jumped out of Hao Renying and stopped at Hao Ren’s shoulder.
"Tell the four brothers not to let them sit in wolves and prey on them, and neither do they eat here. If they eat, let them return to the team immediately, and by the way, catch a demon animal for me to live."
Black disappears again. Hao Ren’s shoulder reappears. It’s already dozens of meters high. Put the water sample into the ring. Hao Ren walked back to the camp holding the snow for days, making everyone face a little tired. Hao Ren’s name didn’t disturb people.
The ground pulled out a handful of weeds, and the flame slowly dried up. Sure enough, the bug was found again, but it was much less black than the weeds. Soon, it grabbed a buffalo, which is very common in the wilderness, and its red eyes said that it had also been demonized.
Looking at the end of the little black lost camp, the spine was interrupted and the bison was demonized. Everyone was very curious. After the steel-horned antelope, everyone reached a consensus that they would never eat the bison in grassland dwellers. It made everyone understand that Hao Ren took out the long-lost dragon elegy and walked beside the bison. Swish, swish, a few swords shaved the mane of the bison’s head and spine.
"Betty, come and help dad." Hao Ren called Betty lightly.
Betty has always been very happy to help Hao Ren’s machine. Hao Ren spoiled Betty’s hair and then pointed to the shaved mane of the bison and said, "Freeze here and here, and control the freezing point."
"Freezing point?" Betty looked at Hao Ren with a puzzled little head cocked.
"Freezing point is the temperature at which water freezes" and put her hand horizontally in Betty’s hand.
Betty holds a bottle of water in her hands. The naked eye can see that the cold rises from her fingers and instantly freezes the water in the bottle into a lump. At the same time, she also freezes the bottle and looks at the broken bottle. Betty is lovely and vomitted to small tongue.
Hao Ren deserves to give Betty a bottle. Betty is much more careful this time. The cold slowly seeps into the crystal ice in the bottle and slowly rises from the water. After a few breaths, the water in the bottle turns into ice. This time, the bottle is not frozen and intact.
"Good, that’s the temperature, but hurry up. When you have a rest."
"hmm!" Betty ordered a little bit of the cute little brain face, carefully put her hands on the bison’s head and back where there was no mane, closed her eyes and Betty took a deep breath to stabilize her mood.
Whew … As she breathed out, the cold suddenly broke out and disappeared after another breath. There was no sign of freezing on the bison’s body surface. Betty did it very successfully.
Hao Renma cast an admiring look, and at the same time, his hand was not idle. The dragon elegy flashed repeatedly, revealing the white and tender brain and spinal cord inside. Carefully scrape the brain and spinal cord in the same way. After heating and drying, he directly cut the bison’s head with a sword. It should be the magic crystal position, and there is no magic crystal. These are consistent with Hao Ren’s guess.
Hao Ren immediately summoned everyone except four Wolf Rangers to Qi Hao Ren to announce that he found that looking at the bottle in Hao Ren’s hand, everyone was at a loss. People in this world didn’t know anything about parasites, so they felt that it was almost impossible for the naked eye to find out how terrible little things were.
Hao Ren saw that everyone wondered, "This kind of bug is probably the culprit of demonizing the body of Warcraft in the wilderness."
Everyone is well-informed, but Hao Ren’s statement made it difficult for them to understand at the moment, so that everyone could understand Hao Ren more intuitively and decided to do an experiment.
Chapter DiYiQi Living experiment
It’s been some days since I went deep into the wilderness, and it’s really not easy to find a wild ox that hasn’t been enchanted. It took me a day to fly at a low speed to bring back a wild buffalo that hasn’t been enchanted from the edge of the wilderness.
During this time, four wolf cavalry also returned to the camp one after another. After inspection, four wolves sitting on their heads showed no signs of demonization, but Hao Ren knew that it was a good time. Diet and fresh water from a team made the ring store food from the edge of the wasteland without pollution.
Although there is no demonization case among orcs today, no one can guarantee that these little things will have no influence on human beings. After carefully checking and confirming that this cow shows no signs of demonization, Hao Renzhao invites everyone to prepare for the experiment.
Such a scene is no stranger to Hao Ren’s followers, and it has happened more than once in the small courtyard of the Imperial City, and they were alive at that time.
Before entering the wasteland, they added a lot of fresh water. At this time, they did not hesitate to wash the wild bison from the inside out and struggled? Rodriguez’s law magic is a method for such a low-level Warcraft to resist the metal workbench, the magic stone drives the shadow lamp, the hemostatic forceps dilator, and all kinds of strange tools are taken out of Hao Ren’s ring as the same.
For people who have seen these tools for the first time, it is impossible to be curious. Lord Zhongsha is the most curious one. Little Betty has quietly pulled over and played with her. As a result, she turned pale and flashed aside just after asking two kinds.