The finger of his right hand is printed with an evil demon seal that he tried hard to hide, but he couldn’t hide it. The crimson mark is like the finger of Manzhu Shahua.

This is the Achilles heel of man’s heel. The name means that Manzhushahua is his life. The more enchanting it is, the stronger it becomes. Similarly, if it withers, it will be withered, and besides, it will be conquered again.
It’s this manjusha flower that hides his name and finger like a ring printed by his finger. No one can imagine that this is his weakness.
He’s been looking for a way to hide. If he’s completely hidden, he’ll be indestructible!
At the moment, his name means that the Manzhushahua has slowly bloomed, and it won’t be long before it absorbs enough clean spirit and will bloom beautifully.
If red evil smells the fragrance, pure breath can’t wait to go in that direction.
At the moment, he hasn’t recovered yet, and he can only act when it is dark.
However, after absorbing the rare pure spirit in this world, he can break through the evil second order and no longer fear the sun.
Steps from far and near
The wind is whispering and the night is mysterious to the extreme.
A shadow is getting closer and closer.
I can’t see him clearly in the dark.
The baby boy sleeping in the cradle turned out to be a stunner, which really made him like it.
A hint of scorn appeared in the corners of red evil lips. He reached out and grabbed the baby boy’s body and tried to pull his soul out of him. But as soon as his palm touched the baby boy’s body, he suddenly melted into a pool of water.
If red evil is taken aback, he sometimes can’t tell the difference between pure spirit and liquid medicine, but he only relies on that aroma to swallow it, but his name means that manzhushahua hates water the most.
If the original attribute of red evil is fire, at this moment, Manzhu Shahua instantly seems to have been scalded.
He jerked back his hand, but the pool of water made him choke.
Soon, I was set up in vain, but it was too late to react! If the red evil instantly turns around, only to find that the left and right split two lights at the same time.
One blue and one purple is like the coldest sword in the world, piercing his body unceremoniously.
But he seemed unscathed and immediately attacked the more powerful emperor Junyi.
The two men were locked in a fight.
Emperor Junyi can start the wind if it is evil.
Two balls of light flash together and collide, and the moment explodes like generate in the fire.
There are not many people who can pick up the moves of Huang Junyi hard. They can’t see the opponent’s face clearly in the dark. They think that his figure is very familiar and the other person seems to be able to dialysis his thoughts.
No matter how hard he hits, he can make a hard match. It’s like making a tough opponent for himself
I’ve already thought of a way to make the red spirit possess. This is a method that the ink prison has done, but I didn’t expect this red spirit to seem to be attached to the emperor’s body. It seems that nothing can escape him.
Ziyun proudly saw two people getting into a ball, and their every move was almost the same. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in her mind.
If they can attack him by surprise, I’m afraid he will be surprised and will try to fight back, and this is the time when Huang Junyi had better conquer him.
"The opponent is very difficult" Lian Er has turned into a human form at the moment.
Ziyun proudly nodded. Many people are advanced in fighting. I don’t know how I am. This opponent is not that simple, but I have to try anyway.
But their strength is too wide. Ziyun Ao was beaten back as soon as she made a move, and soon she found that her move would hinder Huang Junyi.
By the way, Qian Yi taught himself many ways to break the array, but didn’t he get a copy of Hua Xu’s Secret Book? I don’t know if it will be effective for him, but Yi is good at breaking the array. It should be easier to deal with this evil thing by putting it into a dream for a moment.
Thought of here, Ziyun proudly weaves dreams at once.
What is Yi good at? Well, it seems that everything is not bad. Then let her see where to play as she likes, which will give Huang Junyi an advantage.
Emperor Junyi and Red Evil also fought and changed the scene in an instant.