"But" MengMeng just hates math and gets dizzy (I just do)

"Let’s go, let’s go shopping!" Moer took MengMeng directly and left a face of Naiyin.
Soon came the day when the results were promulgated.
After the teacher read aloud, it finally reached the top ten.
"The tenth place, the fifth place, the third place and the first place are Xia Mo and Luo Yin." The teacher was also surprised that Xia Mo could do so well in the exam, indicating that he didn’t believe it.
"Wow, that’s amazing."
"Tied with master Yin! !”
Moer is very calm after hearing this result. Go back to sleep.
MengMeng heard that he was stunned by the top 1 math, wasn’t he?
Moer secretly smiled after seeing it. Of course, it was she who made it hidden and didn’t want to make MengMeng unhappy! !
"Ahem, I have an announcement to make," the teacher said solemnly.
"that is, the former classmates can travel."
The silence was terrible because I went to the place every time. I don’t know where it is this time
As expected.
"We’re going to Ghost Island this time."
Hey, hey, listen, isn’t it exciting !
[Exclusive★] 3 Ghost Island
"Hundreds of ghost island! !” All the people in the department have a little flinched.
"Yes, the school wants students to study hard, be healthy and exercise more," the teacher said calmly.
The silence of the class didn’t reach the top, and the students secretly rejoiced that the risk had been narrow.
"Are the students too excited?" The teacher looked at the silent class.
Roll your eyes, which can also make you excited!
"Well, today is the day when the school gate closes." The teacher said calmly and went out, leaving a face of students who want to shit.
Body silently went out, in addition to MoEr they discussed the day what to do.
"Is Moer going?" Concealed that if MoEr don’t go, don’t go.
"hmm? Go with this! It should be very exciting. "Moer likes to stimulate Dongdong.
"Sure you want to go? It’s very dangerous. "I’m worried that EU son next to Moer will frown slightly after seeing it, and her eyes are intentionally vicious. Of course, a Miss dila also hates to itch her roots.
Important note: if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the 8 backup domain names.
Moer nodded and then walked out of the classroom with a sigh. This baby is so active.
It’s too late to get up early, and then sneak some things into the bag and shine (self-defense! ? -) Then stuff some food and drink, watch the mobile phone, breathe a sigh of relief and change clothes.
"Is Moer ready?" Yin is wearing a casual bag today, with a brain phone in it, so she usually has to take clothes and so on.
"Uh-huh, let’s go!"
Moer wore a pale pink skirt today until her knees were pink and her hair was combed into a ponytail. Her face was pink and tender and her eyes sparkled.
I have to admit that Mo Er is really beautiful when I see her wearing it. (I don’t think so)
"Well, let’s go," Yin said, holding Moer’s hand and then going out for breakfast.
Oh, well, Lulu is so tired. Please support her! Have money to hold a frontcourt, and some people hold a personal field.
[exclusive ★] 33.
"Students, let’s take a helicopter first," said the teacher calmly.
The students all silently wondered how the teacher was so calm.
"I don’t know if it’s fun," Mo Er’s little friend asked by stealth expectation
"My girl is so looking forward to it." It’s funny to watch Moer’s hand stroking Moer’s head.
Moer nodded hey hey smile.
And then fell asleep by stealth
By the way, they are so close because someone said that Mo Er was his girlfriend some time ago.
Finally came to the ghost island, Moer got up in a daze and walked slowly with sparkling eyes.
"Students, this is your place this week. This is also a place to exercise students. If there is any discomfort, there will be medical staff. Then the teacher will leave for a week and then we will see the students again!" The teacher said and left directly, and the students reacted. It turned out that the teacher went first and said
Just as they were about to cry, a man came over.