Men and women writhed and groaned, saying some nonsense in their mouths.

"Ah-"One summer, the straw was not piled well, and the unstable person was about to fall down when he tilted. His hands reflexively tried to catch whatever he could, and the pile of straw "exploded" all at once.
The people inside rolled out and covered themselves with straw. They just forgot where they were, and they knew that someone was watching them outside. Now when the straw pile fell down, the two men were so frightened that they didn’t even come naked and stared at the man who had just made it.
Fortunately, the man and the woman were so scared that they quickly covered their glistening bodies with straw and said, "Who?"
"Who am I supposed to be? It turned out to be a big man!" The man breathed a sigh of relief, but he was just a fool who wanted women to peek at them. Just be silly and know what to coax. Even if it was silly and noisy, who would believe reas?
"You … you two …" Xia Dazhuang was equally frightened and sat down on the ground covered with a layer of straw. His hair also showed a white face. He pointed to the man Baba.
The man is not ashamed to get up and put on his own clothes, and then pulls out the woman’s clothes from the straw pile and throws them directly to the woman with a smile. "It’s just a silly boy who hasn’t grown up yet. What are you afraid of?"
The woman’s face was still frightened and she quickly got dressed. The man smiled and photographed the big strong shoulder. "Why do you miss women?"
"Put … fart! I don’t want to … "Xia Dazhuang blushed but felt uncomfortable all over.
The man is very experienced, glanced at the big strong place and smiled. "Big strong wants to think about it. Look at it. It’s almost dead, right?" No uncle is a n experienced person. I’ll teach you. "
The woman sneered at "Brother Huai, don’t be serious and frighten others’ children"
"Red, come here!" The man beckoned and the woman meekly walked over. The man took the opportunity to pull the woman in front of Xia Dazhuang and fell into the man’s arms like a pool of mud.
The man suddenly grabbed Xia Dazhuang’s hand and pushed his hand toward the woman. The woman blushed and denounced, "Kong Binghuai, you damn fool, what do you think of my mother!"
Xia Dazhuang was scared by this sudden press, and his face changed. His hands seemed to be burned by fire, and he felt a burning pain. He quickly pulled back and stared at Kong Binghuai angrily and shouted, "What are you doing?"
"Uncle just want you to taste a woman? Soft and fragrant! Do you want to try it with your mouth? "
"Fuck you, Kong Shouhuai. You are a pink head when you are old!" When a woman is angry, she reaches out and slaps Sophora japonica with a handle. It seems that she loves Sophora japonica with a handle, and the strength is not great.
Kong Binghuai stared at the woman and said, "Do you dare to talk nonsense after you touch her and look at him?"
"Roll roll ….." Xia Dazhuang disgust toward Kong Binghuai and women vomitted an one mouthful phlegm "I don’t … don’t feel sick … disgusting"
The woman suddenly reached out in great anger and was about to pull Xia Dazhuang’s ears, but she was afraid that the noise was loud and provoked people. Many people whispered, "You are a prisoner, a little bastard, and you can tell me if you are cheap."
"Well, red son, don’t make any more noise. This thistle touched you and I measured that he didn’t dare to talk nonsense." Kong Binghuai tilted his eyes and stretched out his hand on the woman’s face and rubbed two ways. "Good things were stirred up by this silly little red son!" I’ll find another place to go. "
The woman stretched out her hand and twisted a handful of jiao tut in Kong Binghuai’s face. "Wuer is still at home waiting for me to go home."
With that, Ye Lushi will get up and Kong Binghuai will not let go of a handful of hoops. Her hand directly reaches into Ye Lushi’s collar in front of Xia Dazhuang. "I’m leaving before I’m told to enjoy myself. This can’t be done. You want to suffocate your brother. I can’t waste these forty taels."
Xia Dazhuang was so scared that he quickly got up. Ye Lushi’s mouth tilted to his ear and whispered, "Wuer is your seed, too. Shouldn’t you let him spend this forty taels?"
"Good good I willingly my red son ah! I really want to eat you into my stomach and make me sweet and full day and night … "Kong Binghuai threw herself on her body and kissed her face regardless of Xia Dazhuang’s absence.
"Someone ah someone ah …" Ye Lushi beat Kong Binghuai shoulder reas.
"What a fool is afraid of him …" Kong Binghuai continued to twist.
Xia Dazhuang panicked, got up, turned and stumbled, and ran away, but he couldn’t help looking back. At the sight of that Kong Binghuai, he twitched like he had epilepsy. He was so scared that he ran away, and he still had the idea to pile straw and go to running all the way to rush home.
Su nine niang, who had just rushed to his home, saw him with a straw on his head and asked in disbelief, "Da Zhuang, how did you come back this time?"
"Yes! Big strong quick wash your hands and go to the horse for dinner. "Xia Hua picked up the straw for him before he left.
Xia Dazhuang blushed and stole a glance at Xia Hua’s chest and looked down at his right hand in dismay. "Mother Dazhuang is sorry for …"
Su nine niang almost cried when he saw Da Zhuang. He hurried forward and said, "Da Zhuang, what are you saying? I’m sorry."
"Big strong, you sent the rice crust back!" Dashuan and Zhuzhu are doing their homework together in the house. When they heard that Dazhuang came back, they ran out of the house happily.
"Well, I’m back!" Big strong lost nodded his head.
Xia Hua wondered, "What’s wrong with you, Dazhuang?"
"Mom … I …" Xia Dazhuang coy eyes hide.
Summer flowers sink a way: "A man who comes out of this shape is obscene in an unguarded moment. Just say something."
"Mom, I didn’t … I didn’t fall … I had a big fall … and everything I gave Mr. Wen was knocked over … and Mr. Wen ate … and ate dirty things."
"Oh, so that’s it. I’ll tell Mr. Wen myself that it’s not a big deal. Don’t be sad." Su nine niang looked at Da Zhuang gently and reached out for the shoulder. "Did it hurt to get so dirty?"
"Grandma doesn’t … it doesn’t hurt to fall on rice … straw doesn’t … it doesn’t hurt."
"It’s good for people to go and give you a big meal if they are all right." Xia Hua smiled and had doubts in his heart.
"Mom, rest … rest me!" Xia Dazhuang said and turned and went to the kitchen.
The big bolt and the column are seated on the stool. Qin Shiyi and Laidi have already returned home first. Today, Kong Cuilian and Zhou Jiaoshi’s mother-in-law have something to do, so they left the column at Xiahua’s house for dinner.
Xia Dazhuang stayed in the kitchen and stared at the pot steaming. When he thought that his hand had just pressed against the smelly woman, he stared at his right hand and showed disgust. He didn’t want to open the pot and fill the rice. He turned to the stove and picked up a bloody kitchen knife.
Xia Dazhuang braved the sweat and circled a sound in his mind. Just chop up this dirty hand so that he won’t be sorry for his mother.
Slowly, he put his right hand on the chopping board and raised his swinging knife with his left hand.
"Da Zhuang, what are you doing?" Xia Hua yi Li drinks
"Mom, I didn’t … didn’t do anything?" Xia Dazhuang quickly put the knife and was so scared that he was sweating like a rain. Dare to take the sleeve and keep wiping his face and sweat. "Niang believes that big … big and strong … I didn’t do anything. I want to turn you over.
The more Xia Dazhuang panicked, the more Xia Hua suspected that she went to the stove and grabbed the chopping board knife in her hand. "You still want to cheat your mother, you want to chop your hand with a knife, and you don’t want to tell the truth!"
Summer flowers are afraid of starting up Su nine niang’s uneasiness and deliberately lowered her voice.
"Niang is dirty … whoops … my hands are too … too dirty." Great sense of shame and disgust flooded into Xia Dazhuang’s chest. He eagerly looked at Xia Hua’s eyes and wanted to see his shadow from Xia Hua’s eyes. He wanted to see if the shadow was still clean. Sure enough, he felt that even the shadow printed in Niang’s pupil was dirty.
"What’s dirty? You tell your mother clearly! " Summer flowers are anxious and angry.
Xia Dazhuang’s face turned pale at once, and tears were rolling in her eyes. He didn’t even know it. Looking at Xia Hua, he seemed to know his mind, but he was afraid to lie. He told Xia Hua what happened in the rice field again.
After listening to the intuitive language, Xia Hua comforted, "It’s okay. Look, you are a big man who is going to die and lose his life. What should a man do?"
"Mom, don’t you think … I’m dirty?"
Xia Hua smiled with snow. "You are a girl. How can you dislike you?"
Xia Dazhuang breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and gave me a smile on his face. "Niang doesn’t abandon big … big and strong … so happy."
"Flowers do you want niang to help? What took you so long? " Sue nine niang faintly heard the kitchen crying and was about to get up and go and have a look.