"Isn’t it a staircase that needs to be built exactly like this, and it’s exactly 10 thousand stories? Is this an ancient king’s tomb?"

Summer pretty more think more lose "ten million those emperors are not like" long live "call? Is this really an ancient imperial tomb? "
A burst of notes and notes came from a straight channel further ahead!
The passage around here is actually made of an extremely strong bluestone, which is exactly the same as the step bluestone!
I know that Suosuo is like a thousand insect slabs crawling, and Xia Man is extremely uncomfortable, just like being cut by a knife!
"Holy shit, what the hell is it?"
Xia Man was so calm and drunk that the pagoda immediately offered purple flowers and immediately lit up dozens of meters ahead!
This summer, it is even more difficult to change the color. There are many bugs crawling on the slate ground in the distance!
It seems that they were provoked by the light of the Tiantan Pagoda above Xia Man’s head. These crawling bugs immediately stopped and raised their heads strangely, like rows of red spots suddenly appeared. These small reptiles suddenly turned into blood red, like a flame burning along the ground and spreading to dozens of meters away!
Blood-red bugs are as dense as the tide, forming a bloody sea. The number of bugs is so huge that it is hard to imagine!
Shocked! Shocking!
Xia Man feels that his heart rate has suddenly doubled. Nearly 10,000 meters deep in this place, he has encountered such a horrible number of reptiles, and these bugs have turned into blood red!
Even Xia Man couldn’t help but jump! Trembling back a few steps!
It seems that they are extremely alert and afraid of the Heaven Pagoda. After Xia Man offered the Heaven Pagoda, these bugs actually lay down in situ and dared not move.
"Grandma, a bear, if you don’t really see the old man or shoot the last shadow!"
Xia Man exclaimed that one day, the Yuan God sitting inside the pagoda had communicated with Xuanwu and Qinglong!
"What? Red? Do you mean that all the bugs have turned blood red? "
After listening to Xia Man’s description, Qinglong first exclaimed, then looked at Xuanwu from the second building of Tiandao Pagoda, and his body shook his head, revealing a shocking color in a pair of dzi.
"Listening to your description should be a bloodthirsty worm!"
"Bloodthirsty worm?"
Xia Man asked, this name doesn’t sound safe. It seems that these bugs are not simple!
"Bloodthirsty vermin have emerged from the ancient witch clan!"
"When the three thousand world has not been divided, the wizard has divided the good and evil factions! Witches in the right way will be affirmed by Heaven and given Heaven Pagoda, while witches in the magic way will not get Heaven Pagoda because they practice witchcraft and are too extinct to be recognized by Heaven! "
"Righteousness witches are always proud of Heaven Pagoda, while heterodox witches are jealous of upright witches and resentful of Heaven. Righteousness witches often kill and seize their Heaven Pagoda, transport heretical witchcraft, and re-sacrifice and erase the heaven mark inside. They make the Heaven Pagoda sacrifice into various strange shapes to be used as a witch soldier. Although the power is not as good as that of Heaven Pagoda, the witch soldier can still deal with ordinary witches after its quality continues to rise."
"And because heterodox wizards practice witchcraft and focus on killing people, even those who are more powerful and upright have many dead heterodox wizards."
"At that time, three big sects of heterodox forces finally appeared in the big world! And this corpse witch Sect is Zhongyi! "
"The body of the dead wizard was sacrificed to become a witch soldier. The number of people in this corpse witch Sect was 100,000 at that time, but it was very beautiful!"
Tsing lung here with a sigh.
"Xiao you still hurry away! This bloodthirsty method worm is a corpse witch to guard the door. The low-level method worm is much worse than those powerful corpse witches! Since there is a bloodthirsty insect here, it means that there will be a corpse witch in it. You’d better run for your life quickly! "
"corpse witch Sect!"
Summer pretty wry smile at the sudden appearance of a tall figure at the end of the channel!
"Corpse witch? It seems that I can’t leave if I want to! "
Chapter 11 Devouring the Witch Soldiers
As this figure came forward, those bloodthirsty method insects immediately divided into a road and crawled on both sides of the channel! Like a worshipper of the emperor, the blood and light in his body disappeared rapidly and became dark!
Kaka Kaka sounds like a metal tread. As the distant figure gets closer and closer, the echo in the big stone road gives people a feeling of depression, boredom and tension!
"Not a corpse witch! This is a corpse witch refining witch soldiers! However, this witch soldier seems to have been refined into a corpse witch when he was alive, although it is difficult to damage his strength! But who knows how long this guy has been sacrificed? I’m afraid his strength is even greater! "
The analysis sound of Qinglong in Tiandao Pagoda just fell and there was a dull sound of Xuanwu!
"Wu chun realm! This witch soldier has reached the realm of witch statue! Be extra careful, Xiao! Although your strength is not good, this is a witch soldier after all, and you can still deal with Tiandao Pagoda! "
Xia Man’s eyes lit up, and Xuanwu said it was good. It seems that this time, the Heaven Pagoda has made a fortune!