Ziyun proudly lowered her eyes. She knew that she had lost her manners. She was confused when she saw him injured. She never tidied up her emotions. Junya must have been in a good mood to keep her from seeing it. Although she really wants to see him, she can just get through tonight …

She looked at the closed door and said nothing. Get better quickly, don’t get hurt again, and don’t leave me so suddenly like Ah Xie.
Ziyunxi has also come back at the moment. When she saw Ziyun proudly staring at the door, she said to Ziyun proudly, "Since your husband said so, there must be a reason for him. Maybe it is better for your report not to go in."
"Well, I can do anything to make him better, even worse. I don’t go to see him for one night." Ziyun proudly nodded. Obviously, she still listened to Ziyunxi.
"Go back to sleep early and nothing will happen," Junya said. "It’s getting late when everyone goes home. Chapter 33 Don’t see it doesn’t mean no.
It’s only a few hours before dawn
After everyone left, Junya rubbed his temples.
Game before coma points is suggested that he don’t let the proud son know.
He glanced at the closed door. This is his residence. No other people will break into Aoer. It doesn’t look good. He is still a little uneasy. Maybe he will have difficulty sleeping tonight. Give her a sleeping pill.
Thought of here, Junya walked towards Ziyun Aofang.
Ziyun Ao Bu Fang
Junya looks for her.
At that time, the king’s landing was still tossing and turning in his room, and he couldn’t sleep. He didn’t know what was so good about the emperor’s game, except that he looked better than him, and everything was not as good as him.
On the value, he is a great grandfather, and Huang Junyi is six kings.
On power, his mother is a great master of a country’s saints and queens, but the emperor, the monarch and the concubine never brought him any power.
On the qualification, he is a genius in the eyes of everyone, while Huang Junyi has been seriously ill.
Whatever! No matter what, he won’t lose to the six kings! !
How can Ziyun Ao make him cry!
That arrogant girl made him cry …
The emperor’s landing was dry and stuffy.
I slammed my fist and fell off the bed. I shook the column hard and almost collapsed.
The king’s landing fell into bed again to be covered, and his head was covered together.
Stop thinking! Stop thinking about that woman! King’s Landing, you have a little backbone, okay? What is it about that woman that bothers you? Don’t you just let her regret her choice before approaching her? You just catch up with her and then dump her and play with her! ?
What the hell are you thinking now? What does it matter to you if she cries or not?
I’m sick of it! I’m sick of it! !
A willow tree in Junya found Ziyun Ao.
She sat on the branch with her head on her hands and looked up at the stars.
The meteor shower has not stopped, and occasionally a long light flies across the sky.
Didn’t you say you can’t see it until you go to the mountain? You can actually see it here.
"What are you looking at?" Jun Ya did not know when the branches flew. She was sitting behind her at the moment, and she was back to back through the trunk.
"How can you see a meteor here?"
"I saw one, two and many …"