Others, he really is others to Zheng Feng.

He seemed to be ill and began to think that if it was Chen Meifang …
What if it’s Chen Meifang?
She he will never meet again.
He smiled and was covered in rain with a sad face.
Zheng Fengwang grew up in luxury, and she didn’t know anything. She tried her best to get everything, but he didn’t look happy at all. She wanted to ask questions, but she listened to Su Juanxue.
"Come and hug me. I’m so cold."
Zheng Fengzhang opened his mouth and finally said nothing. He walked over and hugged him.
She consoled herself. She didn’t think about it. Although she is down and out now, she still has a son-
So why is he unhappy …
Zheng Feng was still startled when severe pain came from his chest.
She opened her mouth and wanted to ask "You …"
-What are you unhappy about?
However, the sharp pain made her unable to say anything. In front of her, the teenager’s face changed from clear to blurred, and the world gradually blurred. The only clarity of the five senses was to embrace this body and penetrate the cold temperature of blood.
She heard people screaming around her, someone yelling for someone to kill, and then "stabbed in the chest …"
"It’s hopeless …"
"Uh …" Su Sasakawa snow closed his eyes and the cold rain beat on him as if it could wash away his blood.
He is on land, but he is like diving in the deep sea.
Both painful
Happy again
The next day it was sunny when Su Jiao studied with Liu Han.
LiuHan suddenly said
"Your stepmother is dead."
Su Jiao "Huh?"
LiuHan casually handed him the phone.
Su Jiao saw the title.
"What is a teenager who kills his mother and slips in the rain?"
Su Jiao at the school gate saw Su Chimian waiting there.
It seems that Su Xuxue’s killing his mother didn’t affect him. He leaned against the car door and looked cold and abstinent.
Su Jiao just ignored it.
Su Chimian stopped him.
Liu Han raised his eyelids and stood in front of Su Jiao. "What do you do?"
Su Chimian paused and looked at Su Jiao.
Su Chimian "Su Sasakawa has something for me to bring you"
Liu Han frowned slightly. "Why didn’t he come by himself?"
Before Su Chimian could speak, Liu Han said, "Oh, I know I can’t come, right?"
Su Chimian’s eye pupil was dark. He didn’t argue with each other, but looked at Su Jiao.
Teenagers still wear masks and amber eyes are light.
Surrounded by students’ curiosity, many people have recognized him
Su Jiao didn’t want to be watched and asked, "What is it?"
Su Chimian took out a roll of information and gave it to Su Jiao.
Su Jiao took it and said
"He also said that he owed you an apology. I hope you can visit him sometimes. There are some things he wants to tell you in person."
Su Jiao smiled. "Then give him a message for me, too."
He said, "I won’t forgive him if I don’t apologize."
"Besides, go to jail and stop dreaming."
Su Jiao didn’t open the document until late.
He finished his homework before he opened it slowly.
Everything in the Su family is in the past for him, and now they can’t disturb his rhythm and life in any way.
He will only bet one in his spare time.
However, all the information still made Su Jiao "rub"
This is evidence that Zheng Feng bribed people to set fire.
In fact, Su Jiao has also heard those rumors that Zheng Feng actually did the fire in kindergarten.
However, Su Jiao doesn’t believe this kind of talk.