"Congratulations to this beauty, you have a hot prince!" Su Yiming cold snorted and brushed his sleeves back to the bedside and pulled up Muhuan’s hand with a wounded color in his eyebrows. "Qiu Er …"

"Princess, please let the fish leave the child! The fish promises to be raised by you after birth, so that he can listen to you and honor you and your report! " A fish in the North Ghost suddenly jumped on the couch and climbed to Muhuanshen on his knees again. Chapter five hundred and nine How long have you been together?
There are fish in the North Ghost. This unexpected move shocked everyone. What does Muhuan mean? Have others been busy putting hats on themselves before they say anything?
Angry Shi Muhuan suddenly understood one thing: Bei Ming had fish, even though she knew she was pregnant. Today, desperate to break into her room in front of her brother and Daming to make amends for herself, it was the last step to pave the way. She just wanted to publicly announce the news of pregnancy so as to prevent herself from being pregnant with her.
When did you become a harmful heir? Does she have a fish in her heart, so she is not so insidious and despicable? Muhuan suddenly felt bitter on the bottom of my heart, and he felt so bored that he raised his hand over his chest and couldn’t say a word.
"unbridled! What are you talking about in your mouth? !” Su Yiming saw MuHuan clutching her chest and hurriedly stroked her back gently for her. At the same time, her eyes tilted at her knees and came to Beiming to have fish to drink. "A maid is just a handmaiden. How noble is the child in your belly? Is it worthwhile for the princess to dig her mind to deal with it? Don’t say that the princess is not like this, even if she really doesn’t want you, your child won’t have you to plead! "
Su Yiming is full of rage at the moment. If it weren’t for Muhuan, I’m afraid he would have made a move on Beiming.
Mu Nian was obviously angry, too. He slammed straight and stared at the ground. "It’s disappointing that you should think of her like this!"
"Princess, please forgive the fish for being careless. The fish didn’t expect that they would have a prince, who was surprised, happy, happy and afraid of being confused for a moment." A fish in Beiming was pale with fear and hurriedly kowtowed to Muhuan. "Please forgive the fish regardless of the villain!"
"Get up!" MuHuan but then smile and then quietly looked at the ghost fish "princess should congratulate you, isn’t it? Of all the ladies, you are the first to get pregnant. This is a great event. Why should you be afraid? "
A word "madam" makes the heart of a stranger who has been silent look up at Muhuan. Although she can’t see anything from her face, she can think of what she is feeling in her heart at the moment. She feels that her heart has instantly sunk to the bottom.
"Even if you don’t think for yourself, you should think for your unborn child." Muhuanyin is very light but extremely firm. "From today on, you can have a baby with peace of mind. This Meiyuan won’t have to come. Before your child is born safely, the princess won’t enter your garden. You don’t have to worry about who will harm you."
Say MuHuan called a "sogeum" to the door. After sogeum came in, she smiled and said, "Take out all those anti-abortion drugs and ginseng from the palace and send them to Lanyuan to raise a fetus for Mrs. Beiming."
"It’s a princess!" Sogeum face big change but dare not say more to act quickly back out.
"Princess …" North Ghost has fish and wants to say something. Muhuan has been lying down to turn his back on the crowd and simply said, "Let’s go, princess. She’s tired."
Hundreds of miles of strange eyes are mixed with fish in the north before dark. "The king will send you back!"
Su Yiming ruthlessly stared at the two men, and his eyes seemed to want to poke holes in thyme.
Mu Nian frowned and watched the doctor and Bai Li Mo Xu go out behind them, sighed lightly and went to the bed and called "Huan Er!"
"Brother, I’m fine. Let me be quiet!" Muhuan didn’t look back is quietly lying there with tears.
Mu Nian sat down and pulled Guan You’s heart into a mess. He really didn’t expect it to be like this. It was all a misunderstanding, but a fish in Beiming was pregnant. It was so sudden. Would it really betray Huan Er?
Su Yiming is more angry than depressed and disappointed by Mu Nian. He feels unworthy for Mu Huan. He has the idea of severely repairing a hundred miles of strange heat. Even if he can’t beat him himself, he must beat him. If he gets such a good woman, he doesn’t know how to cherish it. It’s simply death!
Two people just keep MuHuan bed at that time can’t find anything to comfort MuHuan Su Yiming thinking about yourself if you want to take her away, while Mu Nian wondered if you really should let Su Yiming take her away. Looking at her mother’s side and back, she felt that she personally exuded all the sadness and made him want to cry.
"Do you think it’s okay for Mrs Su to let Wang Hehuan talk alone for a while?" After a while, a hundred miles away and back, he looked up at the bed in the middle of his room.
Su Yiming frowned and just wanted to oppose Mu Nian, but he got up and pulled his clothes. Then he looked at the hundred miles away. "Mrs. Xu Wang also hopes that you and Huan Er can talk it over. If you have anything, you should be honest and make it clear."
What else did Su Yiming say? Mu Nian looked at him. "Su Huang said that he would rather tear down ten temples than a marriage. Are you sure you really want to do this? Do you really think it is wise to bring Huan-erh back to Khmer at this time? Can’t you see that she said she wanted you to take her away, but it was just a sign of sadness and fragility? The love in her heart is a hundred miles away. Even if you take her away now, she still won’t forget it. Can you be happy if you keep her around? Let Huan-erh make a decision for himself! Only when she is determined to follow you will she let everything here be reunited with you! "
Su Yiming hesitated for a while and got up slowly. Yes, Mu Nian is right. What if Mu Huan doesn’t give up on Bai Li Mo Xu even if he takes her away? Didn’t she escape for nearly three years at the beginning? But because she couldn’t let it go, she finally returned to Baili Mo Xu’s side. It’s no good just taking her away by herself. Only by getting her heart can she really get her. Naturally, she will give up on Baili Mo Xu first.
Mu Nian bent down and rubbed his head. "You walked with my uncle to play chess?"
"No, I want to be with my mother!" You shook his head and buried his head in the bed and refused to leave.
"Uncle You asked Xiaoqin to make grape soup for you?" Mu Nian looked at the sensible child gently. "You like grape soup best!"
"But I want my mother to make it for me. My mother makes it the best!" You looked up at Mu Huan’s back and suddenly a string of tears fell out of his eyes. "Mother, you get better soon. You will be very good. You will always be with you. You don’t want your brother and sister anymore. You don’t want anyone to be with you forever!"
"You!" MuHuan in the mind a acid although not turned to speak has brought a thick nasal "mother nothing really! Listen to my uncle and eat grape soup. How about cooking your favorite food for you every day after your mother? !”
"Uncle Yusu will take you out!" Su Yiming picked you up with a sour nose.
"Mother bless you to accompany you." You bite your lip and lie prone on Su Yiming’s shoulder. Black eyes rolled and tears rolled down the floor.
The door of the room gently walked up to sit by the bed and pulled Muhuan over to look at the tears on her face and held her hand. "I’m sorry."
Muhuan wants to withdraw his hand, but he won’t give her this chance. He holds it tightly as if he were holding each other’s lives and will never let go.
"Huan chun I know you don’t want to see me and I don’t want to listen to me, but can you give me a chance to explain? I really … "