"That’s right, it’s a ring." Mao Yan smirked and came from behind. The members gave him an unkind look. If he hadn’t finished the final blow, the props wouldn’t be there, but whoever got the ring belonged to everyone.

"Ring …" Xiang’s eye pupil shrank. Until now, he also has a ring decorated with red blood. He has never even seen a movie.
Kai Tai seems to be shocked by this sudden news. This feeling is like a pie falling from the sky, and it will be incredible when you really feel it.
When he recovered, he eagerly asked, "Share the attributes with me quickly."
Although the ring is rare, it can be divided into good and bad. If it is almost worth some money, if it is good, it will be expensive.
Xiang suddenly looked at Mao Yan, and even Tong Ren was amazed at the attributes. Speaking of which, he hasn’t heard of anyone who has a ring, and he doesn’t know what the main attributes are.
Mao Yan didn’t show off the ring materialization in his hand, and shared the attributes with two people at the same time. That gesture provoked several people to turn their eyes, but they also leaned in at this moment. It seems that they didn’t see enough samples just now.
The ring is silvery white, small and delicate, and it is not inlaid with gems, but outlines a pair of wings.
Xiang and Mrs. Qi stared at this thief’s pride ring and froze …
"This attribute …!" Kai Tai looks dull. He is the person in charge of trading the market in the regiment. Although he is not as good as a professional businessman, he has at least dabbled in it. After this ring shocked him, he was ecstatic.
"A little agility … and this passive effect!" Rao Shixiang can also stare at the ring.
Passive effects strengthen% effects affected by agile values.
1 point agile bonus is not surprising, but what is really amazing is this passive effect. Even if this ring has no attribute bonus, it will be a fate.
Strengthening the effect affected by agile value is not simply the percentage increase attribute, but the strengthening effect, that is to say, if you want to wear this ring, you can instantly feel the agility and speed of your body and the jumping height of your sword.
Xiang took a deep breath, and his eyes were filled with envy and admiration, but there was no greed. After all, avant-garde didn’t need agile bonus. Although he didn’t have a ring now, it was too fate to buy it even if he wanted to.
"Do you want to keep this ring or sell it?" Iron male suddenly asked
Kai Tai smell speech one leng, just thinking about the ring’s ownership. It is reasonable to say that such a good ring must stay for himself, but I think so, but somehow I feel very waves, as if this equipment is suitable for experts.
After thinking for a while, it was hard to decide that Mrs. Kai couldn’t help looking at everyone and asking, "What do you think?"
Tongren touched the bar and thought, "sell it so that there is enough money to replace the equipment, and now you need to replace the avant-garde equipment."
Others don’t have any opinions, and Kai Tai’s mind is inclined to this point …
"But what’s the price?" Kai Tai is slightly distressed.
"The price?" As soon as Tongren pondered, he smiled bitterly. It is also worth selling this ring attribute at a sky-high price, but the question is, can anyone afford it? It is difficult for him to decide if he sells the price low and is not willing for a while.
"I can introduce you to a buyer."
It’s a pity to think that they decided to sell the ring, but since it’s going to be sold, it’s best for the guild members to buy it. It happens that he has an object to introduce, and that person is preparing to buy a house. I think he will have a lot of money on hand
"who?" Rev too consciousness asked.
Xiang smiled gently and said, "Yasina" and thought to herself, don’t blame me for letting you buy a house bankrupt.
Chapter 40 Farewell
Asina, who has a shining name, is highly praised by many players. She is the only girl in the front line and she is very skilled. It can be said that everyone knows everything.
If Xiang is a blood alliance shield, then Asina is a blood alliance sword!
Hearing Asina’s name shines at the moment. If Asina has enough money to buy a ring, it is best. Not only can she get a lot of money to replace the team equipment, but she can also make the famous Asina more powerful and help the raiders. It can be said that she is killing two birds with one stone.
To be honest, Tongren is also very jealous of this ring, but his enthusiasm for rare props is not more important than his feelings. He is very sensible to suggest that Kai Tai sell it and then replace the body equipment to increase his vitality. However, he is very concerned about the ring that eventually belongs to him. The thought of Asina wearing this ring seems to immediately imagine a horror scene.
"How terrible …"
Asina’s fencing speed whispers in his head, and he looks at Xiang with deep admiration in his eyes.
This thief is proud. If we really want to find a messenger, I’m afraid there will be Asina alone. This meteor trail will be even more horrible.
"I can also predict a reasonable price in terms of price, but I do have a suggestion."
Anticipating that Asina would definitely want to buy a ring, Xiang chuckled.
"What advice?" Kai tai and Mao Yan asked with different mouths
Xiang’s eyes slipped with a smile and said lightly, "You can first count how much budget it takes to replace the body personnel and equipment, and then the price is higher. Anyway, it is difficult to price this ring now. In this case, you might as well be a little darker and Qian Duoduo Yishan."
"…" Body suddenly silent.
A moment later, Tong people turned away from each other and stared at Xiangba. "You … should be a member of the blood alliance."
Xiang picked his eyebrows and said "of course"
Tongren’s face smiled bitterly and thought, shouldn’t you ask us for a relatively decent price? Why let’s get more black money instead?
Black? I don’t think so. After all, the quality of the ring is too high.
Mrs. Kai seemed to feel a few drops of cold sweat sliding down her cheeks and asked cautiously, "More … more money?"
"The initiative is in your hands and it depends on how you decide."