"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
"Ow! Ow!"
It’s so exciting
Be crazy
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Magnificent river dance
out of one’s mind
The stage is crazy.
At present, this group of magic dancing and painting styles makes people think "Oh, ho"
Mud, mud, mud and this kind of exercise are really surprises. The fans on the scene screamed.
"Yike is so cute."
"Ha-ha, mom, look at the pit owner. He’s killing me. He hasn’t taken off his face makeup and embroidered shoes, has he? No, now he’s taking them off and flying out. I’ve got a cramp in my stomach."
"I can’t hold my breath. I’m laughing. Oh, hey."
"Poof, a bunch of big jokes"
"This group of people are too good at playing. There is no limit to being crazy."
"It’s so happy, hahahaha."
"Haha, what kind of ghost program is this? It’s so enjoyable."
"I love the elder martial sister."
"Poof, what kind of painting style is this? What’s so exciting?"
"neck twist, ass twist"
"MengMeng MengMeng MengMeng Meng"
"I just saw an adult with a thousand fingers running from the audience. Am I dazzled?"
"Poof, I just saw the pit master shoe fly out and die instantly."
"Ah, ah, ah, I want to jump in."
The audience still don’t know that this is a major mistake. They see that the improvisation department is all helping the rescue. Now they know that they can’t stand being cute by this group of cute goods.
After singing and dancing a healthy song, the audience couldn’t scream at the scene. They were holding it, cramping their stomachs, hunching their shoulders and twitching.
At the end of the heartless song, the heartless pit owner made up another knife and hid his face. He ran to the front of the stage to pick up shoes and save the scene, but it was a shame to put himself in.
Then the scene burst into laughter with a red embroidered shoe and a coquettish smile, then turned around and picked up Tang Yike and ran.
This is absolutely moving
The smiling back in front is so beautiful that it can reach all straight men in baiwan, and this smiling back is so obscene that it makes me laugh my head off.
"Comrade PuDuxiu, sit down first."
"My sky basket is going to be shown off by him."
"Please don’t brush 6 when you are all sitting in basic exercises."
"What are you sitting on? I’m already lying down. Haha"
"I surrendered."
"Pit master, you won."
Fans are ecstatic, full screen gg
The wind is tight and screaming
Run away when you’re finished pretending to be forced.
After the song of instant response, it disappeared without taking away a cloud and hiding fame.
After everything was over, it was as if nothing had happened on the stage. The audience in the audience was already laughing and lying on the ground. We couldn’t get up without help.
"Haha, the dreamer is so cute."
"The show is flying."
"Too much fun, too much fun"
"It’s so beautiful."
"Pick it up? Ouch, my stomach hurts. What’s the surprise? Bring it on."
"I don’t care. I want the pit owner to help me personally or I won’t get up."
It is said that when the stage gets dark again, the horse will consciously sit still.
Every time the stage is dark, it means that a new program is coming again. It doesn’t make people breathe. The rhythm continues.
Master elder sister improvised a song and took it to the flying field. After that, everything returned to the normal process, and the lights were turned on again. The symphony orchestra was ready.