Xu Taotao smiles but doesn’t smile. 【 Did I give you a slap in the face recently? 】

Unified [melody]
This swearing-in meeting made everyone very depressed.
Director Lu, a middle-aged factory manager who opened the factory after the meeting, complained that "Vice Minister Jiang led the team for the first time and didn’t understand the situation, so he asked me to assure him that even if I swore to him that I couldn’t get the order, I still couldn’t get it."
Opening a factory is also one of the sessions of the exchange meeting. The skylight-opening unit will be severely bear by Vice Minister Jiang just now.
"Who said it wasn’t? The new official pointed to the capital exchange meeting and vowed to make a name for himself! I will be able to bite the bullet, or I will be called a disgrace by the leaders. I simply don’t want this old face! "
Echoing him, he is the director Chen of the West Provincial Winery who took several orders at the exchange meeting.
The thin old man was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit, and he said something with a melancholy face.
Then when the same complaint comes out of his mouth, it’s always a bit ostentatious.
Others ""
Is this little old man showing off to them?
Director Chen rubbed his hands. "Hey, it’s a good thing I made an appointment with several foreign businessmen. This time they want a batch of liquor from our factory. It’s not afraid to open the skylight with these orders."
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four I this damn beauty
The train tickets to the’ capital exchange meeting’ are arranged by the government. They are all in the hands of Xu Taotao, the secret secretary of Vice Minister Jiang, and they can go directly to the train.
Everyone in Xu Taotao and his party packed their bags. When they arrived at the train, there were machinery factories and wineries. The participants in the exchange meeting were all here.
Director Chen of the winery asked with a smile, "Jamlom, do you still have a monk in your team?"
Bai Han, carrying a luggage, blushed.
He Zhou’ Hehe’ smiled and touched his bare head. "It feels good like a marinated egg."
Bai Han ""
Xu Taotao smiled and explained to the factory director Chen, "This is Comrade Bai Han of our R&D department. He said that he had shaved his head because of the bad influence of foreign businessmen."
Director Chen is astounding. "Thanks to your red lips and white teeth, if a stout man shaves his bald head, I don’t know if our western province is going to exchange meetings and fight with people!"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Slightly unfamiliar atmosphere in the factory director Chen this joke gentle a lot.
Xu Taotao said hello to director Feng of machinery factory again because they are still familiar with director Zhu.
She also saw an acquaintance, Shao Qingze, who also valued Director Feng very much. It was not unusual for him to take him with him.
Shao Qingze nodded at Xu Taotao with a smile in his eyes. Xu Taotao also smiled and said hello to him.
In addition, there is a female cadre in the machinery factory who is more conspicuous and always smiles at Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao knew that she was the Song master of the logistics department of machinery factory. Her figure was slightly fat and her short hair was very capable and simple.
Compared with the slaughterhouse, there are seven people here, and there are more people in machinery factories and wineries. Xu Taotao takes a glance at each factory and there are about thirteen or four people.
I haven’t waited for her to sigh here. Not far away, dozens of people are coming towards them.
From their side, it’s a vast expanse of black.
Train pedestrians are curious about what happened when they stopped.
The serious face of Vice Minister Zhongjiang in the big army was followed by his secret, as well as the heads of assembly plants, factories, steel mills, cotton textile mills and cable factories.
In addition, Vice Minister Jiang introduced them to two translators, a man and a woman.
Vice Minister Jiang said, "These two comrades are from Western University. This is Comrade Lu Xianya, a Chinese teacher from Western University, who is good at English and Japanese. This is Guan Xiang, an economic college student from Western University, who is good at English and German. This time, the two comrades joined us in the exchange meeting. Everyone applauded."
Xu Taotao and others applauded.
Xu Taotao looked at the eyes. These two people can say that they are both excellent in appearance, and they are both handsome and beautiful, and both of them have a strong air of being a reader at first sight.
It was she who didn’t expect to meet Professor Gu’s colleagues and students on a business trip.
It is also a coincidence that she picks her eyebrows.
A lesbian named Lu Xianyan looks pale and stares at Xu Taotao for a while before biting her lip and looking away.
She suppressed her embarrassment and disdained to think that she was just a female worker, no matter how good-looking she was.
Xu Taotao raises eyebrows.
Oh, my damn beauty
[Look at that lesbian’s jealousy coming out]
Unified sobbed corners of the mouth [host be an individual]
Lu Xian-ya didn’t speak, which made the atmosphere awkward. Fortunately, another male student from West University gave Vice Minister Jiang a warm face and got to know each other.
"Hello, leading comrades, I am Guan Xiang. I am the best at English. When the time comes, which leader needs me to inform us that I can speak fluent English even if my voice is hoarse!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five I won’t give you to eat.
Darling is younger than her, isn’t she? What a great person! He is already a deputy director at a young age.
She is older than others, and she has been in the assembly factory with her uncle. She has been a small trade union officer for three years now.
Zhang Yan is jealous to think that it’s really better to throw dead goods than goods.
Xu Taotao said in a very accommodating way, "Deputy factory director or director-general or we are all members of a delegation."
Song Zhu frowned at Zhang Yan and said, "What, you, you, you, we have to call Deputy Director Xu!"
Xu Taotao ""
Xu Taotao was about to say no to Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan’s eyes turned and he took her shoulder affectionately.
"I don’t want to call Sister Xu. Can I call you Sister Xu? This makes us more affectionate."
Xu Taotao smiled and immediately pulled.
She drew her arm from Zhang Yan’s hand. "Farewell, Director Zhang. You look at me and yell at my sister. Isn’t this to call me birthday? Call me Deputy Director Xu."
Who is your sister Xu and who is act young?
Zhang Yan didn’t expect Xu Taotao not to give her some would face to face.
"It’s just that a deputy factory director seems to be a big official, like my uncle or the president of West University. I didn’t preach a little family like Comrade Xu!"
Lu Xian-ya was hostile to Xu Taotao when she suddenly spoke.