Dugu Liuli smiled, "Should a fool friend reach out to save him if he is in trouble?"

Qian Qing listened to this and quickly wiped away the tears. "I am really lucky to know you as a friend, but I went back this time because my parents ordered me to marry a matchmaker, so you won’t follow me."
Glazed dugu frown "get married? Are you getting married? "
Qian Qing wiped her tears. "Yes, Liuli, I’m getting married. Please congratulate me."
Dugu Liuli shook his head. "You don’t want to be unless it’s sunny, right?"
Thousand fine smile "like? What if you don’t want to? Liuli, how many people can be as brave as you? Dare to resist the family? "
"Qian Qing …"
"Stop it. I’m very happy that you can come after me. It’s not easy for Liuli to find a person who really loves you. You should make a private reservation for life quickly. Don’t be like me."
"Qian Qing …"
"Well, it’s getting late. You go home. I have to go, too." Qian Qing took out his mount and flew away quickly
This is the first time that Dugu Glass has made a mount in Qianqing, and her mount actually flew so fast that Dugu Glass was dumbfounded for a while.
"Master, when does Qianqing have a mount?"
"Master miss Qian Qing once fly away it is difficult to capture her breath. How can we find her? Chapter 58 and Qian Qing.
Yes, Qianqing flew away on a mount, so it’s really hard to find her.
Coloured glaze dugu didn’t think Qian Qing would be so sad to leave, and she was going to be quiet because of her lack of sex. She didn’t look like a docile girl at all.
"Cher small stone, we must chase Qianqing. I always feel that she has something to hide." Dugu coloured glaze finished and ordered the phoenix bird to chase in the direction of Qianqing.
"Phoenix birds must chase thousands of sunny days."
It’s hard for a phoenix bird to "the sky is vast in front of the master and I don’t know which direction she is flying."
Cher also said, "It smells bad in China."
Small stone "master is afraid that we can’t chase"
Dugu coloured glaze frown light way "chase don’t have to chase phoenix bird hard you"
Hearing this, the phoenix bird can also chase forward as quickly as possible!
Dugu coloured glaze chased Qian Qing for three days and three nights before chasing her.
At the moment, Qian Qing is being surrounded by five men in black, struggling to kill the enemy, but she is quickly caught by five people because of her own low level.
Fortunately, Dugu coloured glaze flies and Excalibur quickly falls to the ground in a coma with a wave of his hand.
"Glass!" Qian Qing can’t stand to cry in the arms of Dugu coloured glaze any longer.
Dugu Liuli hugged her tightly. "Qianqing, do they want to arrest you?"
Qian Qing listened to this and quickly pushed her away. "Coloured glaze, why do you want to come to me?"
Dugu Liuli stared at her doubtfully. "Qianqing, are you hiding something from me?"
Qianqing bit her teeth. "You shouldn’t have come to save me. Now ride your phoenix and hurry back!"
Dugu Liuli doesn’t listen to "Qianqing wants to go together!"
"I don’t want it. I can’t do it. Abandon my family. Go, go!" Qian Qing made great efforts to push the glass of dugu, but the glass of dugu still stood in front of her without any shake!
Qian Qing was furious. "Do you understand when I told you to go?"
Glazed glass dugu shook her head. Unless she went with herself, nothing she said would be lost! Her friend!
Qian Qing suddenly laughed. "Do you think I am sincere to you? Do you know who I am? My name is HeQianQing! "
And the surname is the royal surname in Hechang country!
Is Qian Qing a royal?
Dugu Liuli feels a cold heart!
"I am the princess and Qian Qing! He Junyi is my own brother! "
This fruit is obviously unbearable for Dugu Liuli!
How many times did Qian Qing meet Jun Yu but pretended not to know each other!