"I know that some of your relatives may have the Ministry of Culture. You must be very worried about them, right?" Yang You asked again.

Sui soldiers sat on the ground, and many people held out their right fists tightly on their chests, feeling a little nervous. At this time, I heard Yang You ask them and looked at each other. Someone could not help but say, "I have a cousin over there."
This man has a loud voice. Yang You thought that his costume should be a captain. Yang You was very satisfied. He replied and applauded. "Anything else?"
Yang You looked at them with encouragement, which told them that Yang You would not doubt them because they had relatives there. When the soldiers looked at them, Yang You added, "Everyone who has relatives and cultural effects will get up!"
Just now, that talking captain got up, and the crowd seemed so abrupt. There was a sense of standing out from the crowd. Looking at this captain, he got brave and thought about treating himself well. A dozen people were scattered in the crowd, followed by twenty people, thirty people and forty people … more and more.
Most of these captains are Chinese. Yang You reorganized Jingxiang after taking Jingxiang, and they became the backbone of Jingxiang troops, which played a great role.
Yang You watched them as a captain. Finally, no one got up. Yang You smiled with satisfaction. At least half of them got up. Yang You motioned for everyone to get up. His voice seemed very calm.
"I decided to let bygones be bygones, except for the family members who rebelled with Yu culture! Brave soldiers, you tell your loved ones to abandon the dark and no longer serve Yu culture. Since then, you will be loyal to Da Sui and loyal to me, and you will even give them fertile land in addition to their capital crimes! "
Yang You stereo Yu Wenmin can’t help but shake Yang You. This move is really malicious. If he really does this, can the Prime Minister stop this sharp weapon without a blade?
"If someone can take Yu Wenhua’s dog head and seal his hometown, Hou Citian will spare no effort to protect his wealth for the rest of his life!" Yang You added
The soldiers looked at each other and suddenly cheered. This is a promise, not only for those who are willing to abandon the dark side and join the Jiangdu army, but also to tell them to take the head of Yuwenhua, so that the reward is still valid.
Since the restructuring of the Sui Dynasty, even a rural resident is precious. For example, if you can achieve Yu culture, you will struggle for less than ten years! The soldiers’ morale was high, and someone immediately called, "I’ll go back and write to tell my brother to abandon the secret and take refuge in you!" "
"I have two brothers, and I will definitely persuade him to come back!"
The soldiers were talking noisily. Yang You raised his hand and pressed it. The soldiers suddenly stopped talking. The whole square was suddenly stunned. Yang You looked at them and suddenly waved his hand and said, "I will give you an order in three days to tell your department that anyone who has the effect of family culture for five days will write to express condolences to their relatives at home!"
The soldiers crashing obeyed, and then Yang You told them to leave the martial arts field. Yang You walked slowly to Yu Wenmin and stared at Yang You.
"You can take Yu Wencheng’s head back and tell Yu Culture for me that he will not escape this time!" Yang You said.
Yu Wenmin nodded silently when Yang You laughed again. "Since you’re here, how can you not bring a little red? Somebody cut off his left ear as a souvenir! "
Hou Jun has long been interested in Yu Wenmin, but it’s a pity that his reluctance to kill him made him unable to hear Yang You make Hou Jun smile, draw out his waist and cross his knife, and seize Yu Wenmin’s left ear with a knife.
Blood sprayed out, and half of Yu Wenmin’s face was warm and bloody. He screamed and cursed. Hou Jun kicked his ass and shouted, "Get out! I’ll cut off the other ear for you!"
A Sui soldier put Yuwen Chengji’s head in the box and threw it to Yuwen Min, clutching his ears, picked up the box and fled in a panic.
Du Ruhui smiled and laughed. "It must be very angry to kill Yu Wencheng Jiyu culture."
Hou Jun rub the rub hands "angry? He’d better lead his troops and kill him! "
Qiu Hanggong also smiled and said, "Good for revenge!" This revenge Qiu Hanggong never forgets.
Yang You shook his head. With a soldier’s letter, tens of thousands of troops of Jiangdu Army can be disintegrated. At this time, fighting is not in Yang You’s interest. He still needs to wait. Not far away, Linghu Xingda roared, "If you want to kill, you don’t have to say anything. If Linghu Xingda frowned, it wouldn’t be a man!"
Yang You smiled. He walked over and saw Linghu Xingda staring at a pair of red eyes. Linghu Xingda was tied by several Sui soldiers. He opened his mouth and said, "I will bite you to death!"
"It really is a good dog!" Yang You laughed coldly.
Linghu Xingda struggled to rush, but he was held down by Sui soldiers and could hardly move.
"Linghu Xingda, if you want to die, I will satisfy you, but now is not the time!" Yang You looked at Hou Jun with a strange smile on his face. "Hou Aiqing takes him there. You must remember that you can play whatever you want if he doesn’t die!"
Hou jun’s face smiled. He had long been very interested in tiger benches.
Hou Jun took Linghu Xingda with him. Yang You stretched and paced in the camp. Yang Dong asked strangely, "Biyu Culture is a forbearing person. I’m afraid he won’t attack easily even if he knows that his son was killed?"
Yang You just laughed, but he was still very satisfied with Yang Dong Dos Yang You.
Du Ruhui smiled and Yang Dong explained, "As the King of Yue said, Yu culture is quite forbearing. Even if the son dies, he will not be provoked, but if he doesn’t attack, I’m afraid it will be even worse for him."
"What?" Yang Dong asked still puzzled.
Yang You smiled at this moment, and he gently spat out a sigh of relief. "I will let those who have family members write letters with cultural effects. Once these Xinjiang armies flow to Jiangdu Army, they will be in panic."
"If we promise that some ambitious people may secretly plan to attack Yuwenhua, I’m afraid Yuwenhua won’t be able to sleep!" Du Ruhui took the woman and said with a smile.
Yang Dong understood what Yang You had just said, but he was a little worried. "Isn’t it dangerous for grandma and the prince?"
"Don’t worry, I already have an arrangement. If there is something over there, I will send troops to support at the first time." Yang You said with a smile.
Yang Dong felt a little strange. He wanted to ask Yang You again, but he waved his hand and said, "Today, I won a big victory over the king of Yue to accompany me to drink a few drinks. I will tell you more about it in detail."
Chapter 447 Soft knife
Yu Wenhua returned to Jiangxia. He felt very tired. Just after eating the cooked rice porridge for two bites, he sighed and put the chopsticks away. His heart was extremely worried. How did things go with Yu Wenmin?
However, Yu Wenhua believes that Yang You Cong will definitely choose to switch back to a certain hostage. Yu Wenhua thinks that if the negotiations are successful, he will let Yang Gongren go. If Yang You insists on switching back to Xiao Hou or Yang Xian, it is not unacceptable.
Yu culture has two children, each of whom he cherishes very much. In the future, they will inherit their own position, and it is even more important for Yu culture to prosper the empire and stabilize the family.
Although Yu Wenhua was still hungry, he didn’t have the heart to eat. He went to the window and looked at the beautiful scenery outside the window, but his mood was very low. He lost a lot in this battle, but the loss was acceptable because of his sufficient troops.
The key is that the son was caught, which made him a little confused. Yuwen Chengji is twenty years old this year. Yuwen Chengji is ten years old. Yuwen’s family wants him to have an accident. He has sent Yuwen Min to lobby Yang You. Can he succeed?
He has told Yu Wenmin that the real threat to Yang You is that he has mastered one that makes Yu culture feel terrible, but he has mastered three very appropriate ones. When the third brother Yu Wenshi’s wife, Princess Nanyang, can also pull out the top number.
Yu Wenzhi watched the eldest brother worry and didn’t know how to comfort Yu culture. Although he was very calm in front of outsiders, his face was worried when there were no outsiders.
It’s already dark, and the moon has risen, and the bright moonlight is like a veiled leaf shaking light spots. What should I do if Li Yu culture squints at half a battle and loses? What is the one-step plan?
"alas!" Yuwen sighed lightly. Yuwen’s great cause weighed heavily on his shoulders like Mount Tai to let him breathe, but it happened that no one shared his worries for him. Everything needed him to consider and plan. Many times he didn’t sleep well at all.
Just as he was thinking about the noisy footsteps outside the door, he just turned around and saw that the door was hit and a familiar face appeared in front of him. However, this face was covered with blood and bandaged with a box in his hand.
Yuwenhuaqi is very strange. Yuwenmin, what’s going on?
Yu Wenmin stumbled in. He quickly ran to the front of Yu Culture and burst into tears.
"Yu Wenmin, who are you?" Yu Wenhua asked.
Yu Wenmin looked up with tears on his face and a runny nose. He whined and spoke very unclear, which made Yu Culture puzzled. Yu Culture suddenly understood what he had done. In the box, there was a young and fearful head, and his eyes were wide open today. That was to die unsatisfied!
"son!" Yu Wenhua knelt down and wept bitterly.
It’s another day. Yang You is sitting in a big tent and reading books. This is the habit he keeps. After reading a wick of incense, Yang You gets up and walks out of the camp. Sui Jun Camp is busy. Many soldiers are writing letters. They hope that these letters will make the lost lambs at home go home and no longer have cultural effects.
When the Sui army was preparing nervously, Yu Culture would also gather the defeated troops and hoard Jiangxia and made other arrangements. However, Yang You did not send troops to attack the turbulent situation of Jiangdu Army to make Yu Culture feel a little safer.
But more serious things are in front of us. Yu Wenmin has told him what Yang You will do, but he hasn’t figured out an effective way. It’s a soft knife that kills people without seeing blood, but it’s more powerful than a knife and gun.
Obviously, most of his 300,000 troops are Chinese, and he can’t monitor them one by one and even get rid of them. If all his soldiers get rid of the whole Jiangdu army, there will probably be thousands of them, and once he has such a mind, I’m afraid these soldiers would have torn him to pieces or trampled him into a paste.
Yu Wenhua looked worried. What should he do if he paced uneasily in the room? It is impossible to block all the ferries and avoid coming to the south bank because of the long roots of the riverbank line in this area.
Once the Sui army crossed the Yangtze River, there were several criss-crossing rivers and hills. How to find traces of Sui Jun was also a big problem! Letting go is not killing, nor is it Yuwen Huajue. This problem is extremely difficult for him to choose from.
As far as Yu Culture is concerned, Yang You is quite leisurely in the camp when he chooses. Yes, this is a soft knife. Yang You doesn’t mind letting Yu Culture know that he knows. What can he do? Can he kill all Jiangdu troops? Or let this happen? Maybe there will be flaws in the chaotic Yu culture.
Yang You half leaned on the soft couch, fishing by the lake with a fishing rod in his hand, and the breeze slowly moved in Yang Liuzhi, which made everything particularly easy.
Yang Dong, with a fishing rod in his hand, watched the fish float nervously. There was a fish basket beside him, and there was no fish in it. At this moment, Yang You laughed and raised the fishing rod in his hand, and a carp hook struggled desperately to splash water.