And GongSunJingLan is reserved. Of course, this is a lot of people. Since Liu Xuan drove away the poison once, the distance between the two people has been unconsciously narrowed. Whenever they are alone, GongSunJingLan is also very sticky. Liu Xuan sees a monster with a psychological age of hundreds of years. He is like a white mind.

The Imperial Capital is forbidden to fly, even the Xuandian Hall. The Imperial Capital, the most powerful empire in the eastern continent, has several important facilities. These places are not allowed to fly, and they are also very powerful. If anyone really dares to fly in the Imperial Capital, they may not even know how they died.
Out of the street, there was a carriage parked there. It looked like an ordinary carriage. A carriage was discovered by Liu Xuan. It was also a mysterious carriage. It even had a screen sound and a defense law. It is estimated that this is also a special carriage for Tong Xuan Dian.
When the carriage ran, Liu Xuan discovered that the carriage was even equipped with a defensive array, which was faster than the ordinary carriage. I don’t know how many times it was a special department. This equipment is just different.
The carriage runs so fast that I have never been to the imperial city. Liu Xuangen just can’t see things in a blur. It takes about half an hour for the carriage to go all the way to the east, and people gradually become sparsely populated. The surrounding buildings are getting taller and deeper. At first glance, ordinary people can’t get involved in the area.
The carriage came to a yard and stopped slowly. This yard doesn’t look very gorgeous, but it has a solemn smell. What surprised Liu Xuan the most was that a pair of stone lions were placed at the door. Although they were a pair of ordinary jade lions, they had a chilling smell. The Qin people were very particular about the placement in front of the door. Generally speaking, only the official residence of the government allowed stone lions in front of the door, and ordinary people were not allowed to place stone lions. Moreover, the carving technology of stone lions was also very particular. It was the most healthy stone lion’s head with curly hair.
The number of curls in Shishi’s hair represents the official status or family status. It is said that the maximum number of curls is thirteen, which is the number of curls of one official in the current dynasty, while other officials decrease in turn.
However, this pair of stone lions have scrolls, which is definitely not to say that the status here is low to the status of wrinkles, because the last scroll also has three scrolls, which means that the Dafa scroll here represents all the scrolls here.
Two people walk the steps LiuXuan feel the body before a slight earthquake scarlet door unexpectedly a slight quiver a yellow light LiuXuanShen swept Li Mingfeng hurriedly to LiuXuan put a relaxed gesture.
When the yellow light sweeps Li Mingfeng, the inscription will be bright, and a corner gate will be slowly hit.
"That’s just a means to prevent infiltration. If you practice evil deeds or magic deeds, you will call the police. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all people who practice evil deeds are not good people, but relatively speaking, people who practice these two methods are more impulsive and more difficult to control their emotions …" Li Mingfeng then made a gesture that you know without saying anything.
After crossing the gate, Liu Xuan found that the scenery inside actually looked completely different from the outside. From the outside, it seemed that there was a simple courtyard inside, but when he came in, he found that there was a hole in it.
It’s as simple as a small palace courtyard building, a race and a luxurious return to the courtyards.
Li Mingfeng led the two men to a spacious backyard with a rattan table and a rattan chair three feet away from the rattan table. Seeing these flowers and plants, Liu Xuan’s eyes couldn’t help narrowing. These flowers and plants are actually Lingcao. Although most of them are second-order ordinary Lingcao, it is spectacular to fill half the courtyard.
It is estimated that there should be a cane chair sitting like a medicine garden. Two old people have placed a pot of tea. Before Liu Xuan arrived at the table, he already smelled the scent of wake-up tea. Liu Xuan can also determine the specific order, but it is much better than the prince asking himself to drink.
It was a game between the two old people that saw them coming in from the outside and sitting on the right side in a black sweater. The old man first made a move and then waved his hand at Li Mingfeng without letting Li Mingfeng talk.
So Liu Xuan and Li Mingfeng stood aside.
The chess-playing old man sat up straight for a while, stretched himself, then picked up the table and took a sip of his refreshing tea, "but it’s just a refreshing tea that must be hidden like a baby."
This old man has always been wearing Liu Xuan’s eyebrows. He saw a layer of dead air from the old man’s body, which is a kind of gray smell. Ordinary people can’t see that Liu Xuan also awakened his memory to feel a little bit, but what makes Liu Xuan even more strange is that this old man’s body actually has a layer of purple gas to resist the dead air, and it can’t be lost.
Judging from his dead body, the old man estimates that he won’t even have a month’s life, and he can’t keep this spirit, which is obviously the reason for that purple gas.
Obviously, this old man is not spiritual, but he also exudes a touch of intimidation, which is the result of the accumulation of perennial people, and this old man actually sat in the first place of Luo Dian.
When these points are superimposed, the identity of the old man will be vividly portrayed.
The old man in the black shirt looked at it for a while and threw the chess in his hand. "I lost again. Tell me what I am a hundred years older than you. This chess is just you?"
An old man smiled, but Liu Xuan seemed to see the deep attachment in his eyes. "How can you win me if you don’t succeed?" This thing is a pastime for you, but I have been like chess almost all my life. "
The old man in black also saw that he was lonely and didn’t pick up any more. He turned to look at Liu Xuan. "Can you show me your footwork?" Then he pointed to Li Mingfeng, "That’s when you beat him."
As soon as the old man’s words came out, Li Mingfeng’s face turned red. I could see that he was very reluctant to admit that he had lost his job. However, although Luo Dianzhu did not come in person that day, he almost knew clearly how he knew the powerful means of pulse-changing or not.
Liuxuan didn’t know that the old man in the black shirt meant to pull the posture to show several key points of the quick step again.
The old man in black nodded. "How do you get along with this footwork?"
Liu Xuan wanted to say that it was Sun’s teaching practice, but I wondered if it would get Sun’s teaching practice into trouble. Anyway, this gait is strange to the old man, and he doesn’t seem to like it very much.
So Liu Xuan blurred the old man’s guess "from Yanbei convent"
"So this time, Li Thirteen asked you to come to Beijing?"
Liu Xuan doesn’t know who Li Shisan is, but he can guess who he is referring to.
"What does he want you to do in Beijing?"
"face saint"
"Continue" two people ask and answer questions, black shirts always ask simple questions, and Liuxuan answers simply, just like everyone is familiar with this process, but when you get here, Liuxuan is a hand in the face.
Although he has guessed the identity of the old man, he still can’t reveal the strange old man’s confession before he is sure, but he is entrusted by others to be loyal to the people, which is also the "heart-to-heart" of Liu Xuan’s monastery
It is impossible for a person to practice Taoism blindly. Everyone practices Taoism, and the truth is direct, just like the Lord of Luogu Temple. If he speaks with the law, it is justice. If he loses the word justice, his skill will be greatly reduced.
Most spiritual practices are forgetful, not sentimental, but forgetful, forgetting the troubles of the world and enjoying eternal life alone.
An old man half squinted at Liuxuan’s words, and his eyes suddenly opened, and a strong pressure was overwhelming towards Liuxuan. Behind the old man in Liuxuan’s eyes, a faint purple dragon actually loomed.
There is a saying that the purple gas comes from the east, and this lavender dragon naturally shows the identity of the old man. The most important thing is that there is no spiritual fluctuation in it.
Gong Xuan hurriedly bowed to an old man, "Little Liu Xuan has seen the Saint."
My eyes are narrowed. "Seeing me at an early age, but I can’t bow down, so it’s really rare for a heroic teenager now."
Lord Luo Dian’s eyes stood up. "If you are bold, you know that it’s day to face. Why don’t you kneel?"
A spiritual pressure swoops down on Liu Xuan. This time, it’s hard for him to do it on purpose. He forces Liu Xuan to wrap it in a threatening way. Liu Xuan is almost unbearable. Everyone can hear Liu Xuan’s bones being oppressed and giggling.
Liu Xuan looked up and his eyes were full of stubbornness, staring at the day. "It’s a little overstepping to be single-minded about these rituals." To be continued.
16. Conditional conditions
Just now, it disappeared like a scourge.
Lord Luo Dian smiled. "It’s no wonder that this little temper is similar to Li Shisan’s."
The sky has softened a little, but it’s still gloomy. He said to Liu Xuan with a cold face, "What on earth does Uncle Thirteen want you to do?"
Liuxuan slowly took two steps backward to pull the day away from the wrist, and the rune ware has appeared in his hand. He hung the rune ware with the heaven knife.
Looking around, there was nothing to experiment with, so he said to Li Mingfeng, "Deacon Li is helping to cooperate. I want to show God a technique."
When Li Mingfeng saw Luo Gu, he nodded his head as soon as he didn’t say it. He slowly pulled himself up and looked nervous.
Liuxuan put the ware gun in front of him and bowed slowly. The whole person seemed as if the gun body was fused together and then heard the creak. Liuxuan had already jumped in front of Li Mingfeng.
Li Mingfeng was surprised. He knew that Liu Xuan’s footwork was strange, but he didn’t expect that Liu Xuan’s speed would be a little faster after adding rune ware. Fortunately, this is the abnormal power of assassination without the advent of time. Li Mingfeng’s sword in his hand is just horizontal to hold Liu Xuan’s bayonet.
He just wanted to force the Liuxuan bayonet to collapse outward. As soon as he closed his left hand, a barbed knife and gun tail had swept through the past. Once again, a letter was written on the side of Lingjian.
In this way, the two men actually fought for more than a dozen rounds. Liu Xuanli missed Li Mingfeng once and missed the opportunity to hit Li Mingfeng’s spirit sword with one shot, and then they pulled their distance.
The violent vibration almost shook Li Mingfeng’s spirit sword, and he also knew that this was Liu Xuan’s intentional belief that if this shot hit himself, although he was not physically killed, it was inevitable that he would be injured.
Such as two people set LiuXuan another inconsistent record to ware gun in a bomb before and after but two breath suddenly turned around and shot.
Finally, this shot was inexplicable and Li Mingfeng didn’t look at what was going on. There was also Luo Gu’s eyebrows frowning slightly.
Then listen to a rustling yard unexpectedly appeared a series of corrugated a light blue light curtain has covered the yard.
Some days lost, I looked at Luo Gu Luo Gu and gave a wry smile. "It’s so small that I can see at a glance that if it weren’t for this defense law, my fourth-order painstaking rattan would be smashed by him."
The sky looked at Liu Xuan with profound meaning. "You just demonstrated this set of techniques but you said assassination?"