The technique is even more terrifying. Hyderabad is a powerful monster beast with nine snake heads. It not only has the same speed and strength as a monster beast, but also has different properties of water, fire, wind, thunder, wood, earth, poison and dark. It is even more terrifying than this, but the main head in Hyderabad is said to be immortal. No wonder this Hyderabad is so brazen

It is said that I am afraid that when the three Xuandan strong men face Hyderabad, I am afraid that I will be accidentally distracted by Hyderabad. If the three of them are killed or seriously injured, it will be even harder to deal with Hyderabad again.
Hyderabad was more casual when he saw that his identity was caught. If he wanted to kill the bodhi old zu Xia, I’m afraid he had already succeeded before the bodhi old zu Hu appeared, or he had already discovered that the bodhi old zu Hu deliberately led the bodhi old zu Hu to appear, but he really didn’t expect that the Wu had a puppet beast of Xuandan realm. If it wasn’t for this puppet beast, he would have killed the bodhi old zu Xia even with the skill of moving mountains.
Hyderabad points to set out his hands behind him. It’s very easy. It seems that he didn’t look at Xia Hu’s two bodhi old zu. He glanced at them coldly, but finally put a puppet beast in front of him and gave a rustle in his mouth. "I didn’t expect that there should be no fourth-order strong people in the imperial city of Qin people except you three old ghosts. I didn’t expect that there would be such a thing. It was indeed our carelessness."
The eyes of the bodhi old zu Hu family narrowed. "Did you deliberately lead us out?"
Hydera gave a strange laugh. "I have this luxury there. I wish I could just kill you. It’s all the idea of the little guys in the church, but it’s also a good way to save me from going to you one by one."
He didn’t finish his words, but he pointed at the nearby Tongtian Station, and suddenly there was a rumbling sound. When they saw Tongtian Station, they hurriedly turned their heads. At last, they formed a crimson light mass and floated to Hydera’s busy head.
Hyderabad busy fiercely looked up, and the head actually jumped up like a snake neck, biting that crimson mass in high school and then swallowing it into the belly.
Immediately afterwards, I saw that Hyderabad was overwhelmed with intense pressure, as if something was getting bigger and bigger, and there was a slight buzz in the gas.
"Bad this guy evolved."
Seeing this situation, the bodhi old zu de gruyter suddenly cried. After careful observation, everyone realized that Hyderabad’s doppelganger had changed from a person to a beast. His neck bulged with sarcoma the size of a fist, and his skin turned black and blue. A huge animal tail appeared behind him and patted gently.
62. Labyrinth II
Not only is the momentum getting higher and higher, but the body is getting bigger and bigger.
He actually swallowed the spiritual power of Tongtian Taiwan to increase his self-cultivation. You know, he was already at the peak of Xuandan’s cultivation. If he advanced again, he wouldn’t jump directly to the baby cultivation.
That’s not the main thing. More importantly, he has closed the Tongtian platform, which means that even if there is Xuandan realm spiritual practice here in the imperial city, it is impossible to enter the secret realm.
Although there is no attack technique on Tongtian Terrace, it belongs to a secret method, which can only be used by powerful true gods or weak false gods. The powerful point of this secret method is that the visual distance plane can connect two planes or be a means of breaking and restraining as it is now.
It takes considerable strength to break the void, except for the true fairy and false god. Even at present, the most powerful baby in Xuanhong has no way to break the void and display the technique of Tongtian Platform.
Although some powerful baby-changing monks can tear it and send it over a long distance by means of array method, it is not just three or two baby-changing monks who want to tear a hole in such a big seal as Tongtiantai.
The bodhi old zu of Hu family and others can enter here only by borrowing the destructive power of Tongtian platform. Although they can’t tear it, they can naturally use other people’s broken virtual power to understand it. This is like an iron cage. Although you didn’t break through the power of the iron cage, if someone destroys the iron cage and the iron cage is destroyed, you naturally don’t waste any effort to follow it directly.
However, if this destroyed place is not restored, it will be impossible to break off if they want to come in and come to the secret territory again.
Hyderabad’s present method is like this. He not only takes back the Tongtian platform, but also absorbs and transforms its power, thus cutting off the spiritual practice of the Emperor Qin once again entering the secret passage. Even if the Emperor still has powerful Xuandan spiritual practice, or Xuandan spiritual practice, it is impossible to support these trapped Tianqin spiritual practices.
His goal, of course, is not these spiritual practices. His goal is that Long Mai, a Qin man, devours Long Mai, a Qin man, or destroys Long Mai, a Qin man, so that they can revive the top ten Xuanmen, and he can enter the Central Plains and become the largest Sect all day long because of the Qin man.
"Come on, don’t leave your hand. This time it may be really big. If we can’t stop him, we will wait for hell with our descendants."
At first glance, the bodhi old zu de gruyter saw that Hyderabad had swallowed up the Tongtian platform, which was the evolution, and hurriedly cried out. However, this Tongtian platform was swallowed up by Hyderabad’s body strength, and there was no waste of power. Once it was swallowed up by him, it was definitely possible to enter a higher level.
Even if Hyderabad enters the baby or a higher level, he is not afraid of heaven. The influence of Qin Xuanmen is deeply rooted. Almost every Xuanmen has a baby-changing order in the top ten Xuanmen. If Hyderabad dares to venture alone, these Xuanmen masters will naturally be impolite.
However, Hyderabad is not stupid. He has never really entered Tianqin territory for so many years. This time, he dared to invade Tianqin because he wanted to destroy Qin Long Mai and change his belief in the fate of conference semifinals. He came up with such a plot to give Tianqin spiritual power a heavy blow, with a hundred gas coagulation steps and three Xuandan territories. This has almost reached the standard of Xuandan power. If these spiritual departments are killed today, Tianqin spiritual power will not be brought down, but a few decades will slow down Tianqin Xuanmen power.
"Don’t you think it’s too late to start work now? In fact, you shouldn’t have come. If you don’t come, you may still have a few years to live, and you may wait and sit still, but you have just come to dedicate your spiritual strength. "
Just when the bodhi old zu de gruyter shouted for a big fight, Hydera’s body suddenly went up and down. He was wearing that suit. A huge body had appeared in front of everyone. The head was still looking up to the sky and devouring the Tongtian platform. At this time, a fist-sized snakehead broke through the tumor, and he kept shaking around his head and heard the words of the bodhi old zu de gruyter. The snakehead suddenly gave a strange sound.
After saying this, the snake head rose again, although this time it rose to the size of a human head. When it rose to the size of a human head, the snake head spit out a silver light to the ground.
Silver light hit the ground, and the whole ground lit up as soon as it touched the ground.
At this time, they found that they didn’t know when their feet had already outlined a large array and a huge array. This array was so big that it would reverse the seven stars and refine the soul.
After the hydra snakehead spit out the silver light to the ground, it seemed to turn into a silver liquid. This silver liquid spread rapidly, and the naked eye saw a series of lines. However, a mysterious array was already lit up in a few minutes.
And it’s not just that, including the attack on the bodhi old zu in Xia family. Lei Guang cleaned up that area, which turned out to be the Baizhang area in the law center, and directly turned the two bodhi old zu in Fox Xia and the Wu puppet beast Hydera busy all sealed the law.
As the silver lights up, pieces of silver fog suddenly rise from the array, ranging from the reaction of Fox Xia’s two families and two ancestors, which has become three or two silver chains to trap two people and one beast.
"What’s going on?" The bodhi old zu de gruyter was frightened that he had already prepared the attack technique, but his attack technique was also interrupted because of the appearance of this huge law. Moreover, this is not all. Not only were they trapped in the law, but they also instantly sealed the three of them with three chains. Although the silver lock did not directly bind them, it was impossible for them to escape.
63. Labyrinth Wars III
"What kind of formation is this?" Not only the two bodhi old zu in Fox Xia, but also the strong ones trapped in the inverted seven-star array, came up with this idea at the same time
Hehe … When everyone came up with this idea, the second snakehead of Hydera immediately burst into laughter.
"You and I want to lead you to ambush, right? You are wrong. I don’t just want your life. Isn’t that too rough? Give your spiritual strength and spirit to me. I won’t treat your family badly when I come. Haha … "
"What did you say?" They were surprised. They never expected that Hyderabad not only wanted to hit the Qin people’s spiritual practice, but also wanted to take the lead in the real body world. Is this law actually the lead in the Hyderabad world?
Just for a moment, Hyderabad’s body is huge. Now Hyderabad has far exceeded the human standard. Now it looks like a deformed monster. Human legs have gradually disappeared and replaced by a snake’s huge tail, but the half-length remains human, except for the head and hands. It is quite strange to see.
"Reversing the seven stars to refine the soul and turn to the source!"
At this time, Hydera suddenly waved his hand at a small three-dimensional array, which was covered by darkness. The small three-dimensional array suddenly burst into flames and immediately gave out screams. Small light groups of various colors lit up almost at the same time.
These light clusters of various colors, large and small, are naturally various protective means.
Because Xiao Sancai Array is a trapped array, although it is also a temper, it usually boils frogs in warm water. If you want to kill the array, it will take three or two days for it to be less famous. Some powerful gas condensate spiritual practices are very powerful, and there are no powerful protective measures. All of them rely on hard support to save those life-saving measures for the last.
However, they never expected that this Hydera would greatly accelerate the operation of the small three-talent array with a wave of his hand. It took three days to achieve the effect of refining the soul. If you go like this, I’m afraid it won’t be half an hour before you are trapped in the law, and many spiritual practices may be refined into human oil lanterns.
Although the screams are repeated, it is also the case that Tianzhong’s spiritual practice looks at them, and they are also trapped in the law, regardless of the pulse order and the two Xuandan bodhi old zu.
In the past, there were many laws of Qin people, but this time I was trapped by the law of Hu people, which made many spiritual practices difficult to understand.
Although they are all practitioners, spiritual practice and dharma practice are still very different because of the differences in achievement methods and body. Most of the dharma practice depends on the dharma practice, and some dharma practice treasures are mostly auxiliary to the Lord.
Spiritual practice is much more complicated. Although spiritual practice can also make dharma practice, most spiritual practices still like to make treasures sacrificed and refined. The power of treasures is much stronger than dharma practice. This is also the main reason why spiritual practice at the same level is often greater than dharma practice.
Of course, if the dharma practice is subdivided, it will be much more detailed than spiritual practice, because they major in dharma, but spiritual practice is more powerful than dharma practice.
For example, array training, alchemy, refining and ofuda are all common laws that are difficult to master, and even if they are mastered, there is no way to motivate them, and there is no way to make spiritual treasures spiritual.
But only this array is a dharma practice, but it is more spiritual practice, and few people can practice dharma generally.
But this time, they never imagined that the so-called spiritual cultivation of the law master was actually overshadowed by the law cultivation, and it was really a surprise that the army was wiped out.
After about half an hour, the screams in the small three-talent array gradually weakened, but the fire became more and more prosperous. The colorful small light groups were also extinguished one by one. At this time, Hyderabad slammed the small three-talent array and burst into a black color. The shady scenes that covered the small three-talent array were directly dissipated.
That black rush into Hyderabad’s body, but Hyderabad immediately roared in pain and saw his two heads shaking constantly. Without incense, there was another bang, and his neck sarcoma cracked again and a snake head jumped out, so that Hyderabad already had three heads.
"If you don’t fight, you will be consumed by him. If you fight for your own life, you can’t become him!" Seeing that Hydera directly destroyed a small three-talented array, he directly transformed the spiritual strength and spirit of the small three-talented array into a part of him. If he goes on like this, it will be their turn to destroy all the small three-talented arrays, and it will be their turn to change the pulse order and Xuandan realm. Sologu directly called to get up.
In fact, they have always struggled, but they are worse than the gas coagulation order. The gas coagulation order is trapped in the small three-talent array. Each small three-talent array has only nine Hyderabad followers, but they are trapped in the inverted seven-star array. However, in the face of almost the same number of Hyderabad followers as them, and they are even more miserable than the gas coagulation order. However, Hyderabad has not yet liquidated them, so they can still insist on waiting for a while. After the gas coagulation team has been wiped out, it will be their turn to kill these pulse orders.