With wrist hao to spell Demonbane hand a three-stage chop when the emperor has just been reborn from the resurrection of a state to see exhibition wings Demonbane suddenly turned back and then severely hit the heavy sword in his hand.

Demonbane Q-flash accurately hit the monkey and Emperor jiejie, who was killed on the spot just after his resurrection. Monkey Jin was also killed by Demonbane’s E skill and an incidental passive general attack.
Heshy’s sudden attack is very confusing, from attacking wrist Hao to decisive Q flashing without a trace of warning. One second, Demonbane is still fighting wrist Hao, but one second, Demonbane has completed the double play.
The Tsar, the younger brother of the primary school, has been waiting for the opportunity to enter the stadium. The Tsar did not play too much output in the front row of 1g, and this wave of exercise in heshy Demonbane was definitely a temporary idea.
This wave of Demonbane’s sudden attack completely reversed the situation again. In a flash, three people in edg were killed and the number of IG people became the dominant party.
At present, 1g has become three dozen two edg, leaving eik and his primary school brother, who still insist on fighting but can’t beat the team battle to this point, and both of them have already given up.
Although the wrist-master is very hurt and not low, after all, it is an auxiliary documentary wrist-master. It can’t be more effective than the czar’s skills. In the face of aggressive IGeik and elementary school brothers, the first thought is to retreat
This may be the disadvantage of steady play. If the players have no blood in their hearts, the team battle will always be short of breath.
Edg will never die. This is not a positive word.
After Demonbane completed the double kill, he successfully refreshed the big move, so he moved quickly and added heshy to target the tsar not far away
In the face of Demonbane’s assault, there is really not much way to protect the tsar. The elementary school brother can withdraw while fighting, but the speed is too far from that of Demonbane
Seeing that Demonbane is about to be close to the czar, there is no way to choose Q skills to slightly limit a Demonbane and then decisively run away.
Although Demonbane was consumed by the tsar with half a tube of blood left, Demonbane’s blood volume is a lie. Killing the tsar with two knives can increase Demonbane’s blood volume.
If there is a big flash and displacement in the hand, then the elementary school brother certainly has the confidence to pull a big Demonbane against the czar, and he can play Demonbane in his palm, but at this time, the czar’s skills are all in D and he can’t stop Demonbane’s attack.
After the elementary school brother Tsar walked away and twisted Demonbane’s skills of Q and W, he felt that he could fuck again. Although Demonbane had already rushed to the Tsar’s face, Demonbane’s passive move was coming to an end.
The tsar summoned a sand soldier to try to poke Demonbane. The damage was not low. Demonbane didn’t have much magic resistance, but Demonbane E gave him a shock wave before he died.
With E skills and big moves at the end, a general attack was added. Demonbane lost three points and one blood. The elementary school brother couldn’t help but shake his head and then slipped decisively.
excuse me
There shouldn’t be any thoughts in my heart. After Tsarist Tsarist’s disillusionment, he has already slipped away decisively. The younger brother left quietly without taking away a cloud.
Eik is not so lucky to stay where he is, but he can’t run away from the wrist and leg sprint, and the effect of sprinting has not disappeared. The signer has already folded his hands and slashed his wrist and body, which is also very painful.
Ma and Shuguang, who escaped the injury caused by the W skill of the wrist, jointly killed the wrist. If eik wrist is the main Q wrist, this may be another story.
"No, IG, this can be turned over!"
The doll rubbed his face a little stiff, and his surprised expression didn’t dissipate. He really didn’t expect that the situation of double quilt seconds in the back row of IG could be successfully turned over
"This wave of team battles between heshy and Xiao Leyan was so good that Demonbane successfully harvested the battlefield and Xiao Leyan cut the female gun is also very important."
As soon as Miller pointed out the key point of 1g’s turnaround, Demonbane and Sagittarius, the two heroes, were too strong to play together. Out of the elementary school brother, the czar could also slightly limit them. It is a good way for others to face these two heroes
Without the forbidden wall, Demonbane and Sagittarius can be bullying in edg formation. The female guns in this game are really poor
"Handsome! Heshy Demonbane is really delicious! ’
"Wocao is a little dragon pit. Isn’t that what happened when the gods went to every place? ’
"Tears are still this place or this hero or this person. After two years, nothing has changed." "I wonder if Xiaolongkeng directly hangs a sign: you can’t take the delegation with heshy Demonbane here."
"I think you can believe in evil. Demonbane is blessed by faith."
It was very exciting for the audience to watch this ups and downs team battle live broadcast. In the past, because Rkie and Ashui were scared by the second, the audience was instantly remembered by heshy Demonbane.
That Demonbane is like a dream. He is still very moved after waking up for a long time.
However, the 20-minute battle of one wave, two for four regiments is unacceptable to edg. This wave of little dragons is edg’s preparation for a long time.
The wretched development ahead is that this wave of team battles can win, and edg players once saw the dawn of victory. When the Tsar recorded the Tathagata palm and shot Rkie and Ashui,
But in a flash, darkness came to the world destroyer Artox, and people destroyed edg. They wanted to win the game and finish this wave, and edg players had no light in their eyes.
If there is no hope at first, it may be a good thing, but it is wrong. edg has seen the hope of winning the game several times, but it quickly slipped out of their hands.
Personal endurance is limited, and it is easy for people to have emotional breakdown. Although they have played a game for more than 20 minutes, edg players are already full of fatigue.
Even this wave of team battles is not the most painful thing. It is the most unacceptable thing for edg to easily get the dragon soul after winning the team war.
With this dragon soul, it means that the team battle behind 1g will be guaranteed, and there is not much difference between the two sides, but 1g is more active and edg has strong backhand ability.
But with the dragon soul and the economic lead of 1g, the follow-up team battle will be too good. It is easy for the half-flesh monkey and emperor to be hurt and blessed by seconds. It is different from snow and frost for them. "The dragon soul will be even bigger once it takes 1g to lead. Now it depends on whether edg can withstand the pressure."
Miller looked at edg, and his eyes were full of worries. He knew that the situation at this time was really difficult for edg, and it was desperate.
"At most, edg’s chance of winning is 30%. If they can make it to Yuangulong, then they really have a chance.
"Thirty percent?" The doll barked and then shook her head. Ma refuted Miller because she was not very sure about the odds.
"I don’t think it’s even 20%, and this 20% is for the elementary school brother. If he can play a team battle perfectly and then drop the double edg in the back row of IG, he will have a chance to win."
"But it is too difficult for the czar to launch a good big move, and it is impossible to achieve it."
Doll is very pessimistic about edg’s chances of winning the game. If he doesn’t speak correctly, he thinks edg must have lost.
From the third dragon group, edg didn’t win when it collided with 1g. Of course, edg played a good rhythm in the early stage and successfully suppressed the IG road.
However, the team battle in the middle and late period is very fatal to edg, and even if they drag it, it will only be more waves.
But neither Miller nor Doll thought that this wave of team battle defeat would hurt edg so much, and they all had problems in defense.
After getting the dragon soul, IG once again showed a wave of holding a group to promote it, or it was still a four-one zone. However, Demonbane pushed 1g this time and didn’t have much hope for this promotion. They were going to press the line of soldiers to see if there was any chance to steal a big dragon.
It’s hard to advance without the big dragon buff1g, but I didn’t expect that there were some problems in the defense of the dragon soul blessing edg.
She may still be in a trance. When she was defending in the middle of the road, she ate two Q skills of Ashui Virus with fire dragon soul explosion damage and directly disabled the female gun.
Without the female gun, edg, the main defensive force, can give up the second tower in the middle of the road and choose to keep the high ground until the female gun is replenished and continue to organize the defense in the high ground.
But when the female gun came back from the spring in a hurry, she saw that it had been pushed to the high ground, and the soldier did not say anything but went straight to the original place.
A wave of bullets swept away the soldiers in edg highland, but Miller was very confused about hpe.
"The female gun chooses to guard the tower. Is the edg pressure so great?"
Miller, the newcomer, is still merciful. Actually, the meaning in his words is very clear. It is unnecessary to put the big move of female gun out.
Because even if we don’t enlarge the female gun and the czar’s defense IG, we can’t push the line of soldiers away. If not, just for the sake of safety, the czar himself can quickly clear the line of soldiers in the second tower
However, IG will definitely not watch the czar’s Qing soldiers lose their female guns. If IG wants to cross the tower, edg will choose to retreat to the highlands.
However, if the female gun can’t be pushed in after the big move, IG will see the opportunity. If the female gun doesn’t have a big move, the danger to 1g will be less than half.