"Xiaoyuan doesn’t know yet. Just past Irkutsk is the largest city in Siberia, the Soviet Union. It is not only the transportation center of Siberia, but also the industrial and commercial center of Siberia. The Soviet Union is very famous for its large enterprises."

"Let’s just say that Irkutsk’s Siberian status base is equivalent to Shengjing’s northeast status and it is normal for Ulaanbaatar to have direct flights."
"Oh brother-in-law when to know so much about the Soviet Union? It won’t be just a car, will it? " Listening to Liang Haiping’s endless introduction to the customs of Irkutsk, Liang Yuan asked casually.
"What can you do when parking at that point? It’s not that you don’t know your brother-in-law’s foreign language level."
"There is a large factory in Irkutsk with code number 125 to build airplanes. From last year, they often had people come to buy goods in bulk from Suifenhe market. These things were known when I chatted with your aunt."
Listen to Liang Haiping 125 Irkutsk Aircraft Factory Liang Yuan’s interest suddenly came. Although Liang Yuan has never had any contact with Irkutsk in his previous life or this life, Liang Yuan, the second largest aviation manufacturer in the Soviet Union with the code name of 125 Factory, is still famous for a long time. A few years later, a considerable number of Soviet-27 fighters imported by the Republic were produced by Irkutsk Aircraft Factory.
"There is a code name that sounds like a military factory. How does the uncle know that the 125 factory is building planes? What do they come to buy?" Liang Yuan hexagrams asked.
"didn’t you just say that you should pay attention to the procurement of large enterprises in the Soviet Union? Your aunt has long taken your words as an imperial edict. No matter what kind or size of large enterprises in the Soviet Union look for doors, we have never extrapolated it. We will probably know what they do when we get familiar with our own goods in the long run."
At the beginning of the establishment of Suifenhe Market, Liang Yuan particularly emphasized the importance of Soviet enterprise procurement. Liang Yuanpei had been deeply impressed by Yoko for a long time, and Liang Yuan’s plan was implemented without any discount. Specially, a group procurement office was set up independently in Suifenhe Market Department, specializing in the Soviet Union’s procurement of large enterprises in the Republic.
At this time, the Soviet Union is carrying out Gorbachev’s new economic policy in depth, such as the top-level design. Let’s not talk about the border military enterprises for the time being. It’s hard to see that the rigid planned economy has produced a gap. Naturally, the fairy crossed the sea and showed its talents. As a result, the enterprises haven’t seen how to enliven the golden age of Russia, which is famous for the future generations.
"Years ago, when the Soviet Union celebrated the New Year, the 125 factory came to buy a large number of down and stainless steel kettles, all of which were aluminum ingots to pay for you. My aunt had planned to transfer the aluminum ingots to other trading companies, but at the end of the year, you said that you would set up Comac, so you stopped contacting his company. The aluminum ingots came from the airplane-grade raw materials. I think there should be no problem in passenger plane production."
Looking at Liang Yuan, he nodded and said no problem. Liang Haiping continued, "The code factory, of course, is doing the details of military industry. I don’t know yet. Now I know that the 125 factory once produced the An 12 and An 24 transport planes. Last year, Xiaoyuan went to Zhanjiang overnight to take that plane, which was the imitation of the An 12 transport plane in China."
Speaking of which, Hai-ping Liang suddenly shut up and watched Liang Yuan for a long time, then gathered around Liang Yuan and asked in a low voice, "Xiaoyuan, tell your brother-in-law the truth. You told your aunt early whether large Soviet enterprises were trying to dig a socialist corner."
"How can you call it digging a socialist corner? That’s how to call someone in the DPRK to be an official. After we are strangers in the Soviet Union and don’t know a group of capable Soviet people, it’s hard for someone to collude with others to move the big market channels. My brother-in-law doesn’t know yet. The head of the Economic and Trade Department of Suifenhe, the head of the black province, once said that individuals are used to filling the Suifenhe big market at a second time and making such a big scale. Who will bear this historical responsibility in case something detrimental to national dignity happens?"
"If it weren’t for those two girls hanging the register of major shareholders in the big market, how can we make money so safely? Besides, the Soviet Union is not a socialist country, but my dad has always called the Soviet Union Su Xiu. Even digging a corner is also called digging a revisionist corner. "Liang Yuanbi said sarcastically.
Ning Jianzhong stayed in the four fields for more than ten years. In the early days of the founding of the Republic, he was also the commander of Shengjing Military Region. The military and political circles in the three northeastern provinces were considered to be old friends. This "noise" was also banned from the "noise", which did not bring any impact on the daily operation of the big market.
Liang Yuan learned that  Provincial Economic and Trade Department’s remarks were still that Ning Lei was afraid of Liang Yuan’s young mistakes when exhorting and Liang Yuanqi, but someone’s conscience had been greatly broken for more than ten years in the past shopping malls and information tide. Ning Lei’s exhortation was directly thrown into the waterway by someone, but he was still worried about the noise.
Listen to Liang Yuan, so Liang Hai calmly nodded and said, "Xiaoyuan fortunately got most of the enterprises to the annual meeting of the military and railway brands. At that time, Shangri-La boss Yunwei also complained that the size of Shangri-La Shengjing in the whole regimental headquarters was the smallest, but it was a headache to deal with the local government at most."
"My dad and uncle Ning almost threw their lives at Treasure Island, and they both didn’t feel good about it. I guess it’s not important for us to do business without the Soviet Union’s arrogance, murder and arson."
After thinking for a moment, Liang Yuan went on to say, "The situation that the Soviet Union has just started to reform the country is similar to that of our previous years. After going back this time, the brother-in-law marketing department will find some clever, bold and clear-cut employees who are responsible for trade with the Soviet Union. However, the newly established department is not to get basic wood, steel and automobiles. Pay more attention to those large and cutting-edge machinery and equipment. We have even emptied f14 fighters. What else are we afraid to sell?"
"Xiaoyuan, are you sure this is okay?" Hai-ping liang asked some doubts.
"Of course, my dad and uncle Ning believe in * * mortals, and they are not like the immortal people. Last year, we had sex in Romania, and we never saw what they said." Liang Yuan freely threw himself and Ning Lei into the water as a cushion.
"As the old saying goes in China, business is booming, and there is nothing in this world that can’t be sold. As early as the 1970s, Libya in the Middle East discussed with us that it wanted to buy some original bombs to taste fresh. Last year, we exported a batch of missiles to Saudi Arabia and sold them for $3.5 billion in cash. It’s not that my brother-in-law hasn’t done the arms trade. Should you know that there is an industry in this world that can make money faster than selling this thing?" Liang Yuanyue said that the more excited he was, the more he couldn’t help hiding himself for a long time, and his tail showed a little.
Listening to Liang Yuan’s loose talk, orpiment, Liang Haiping’s intestines are going to regret himself. This is not a full support. I have a good chat with my nephew about digging a corner. Why is this nephew saying that it’s good to think and unconstrained style? It’s greedy and bold to look at Liang Yuan’s eyes and be excited. Liang Haiping doesn’t believe that Liang Yuan is just an expression.
Liang Yuan’s crying made it less terrible to make great achievements that later Russian men could not make, and he told Liang Haiping a few things before he noticed Liang Haiping’s sad face.
"Brother-in-law, I don’t do this kind of thing every day. It’s also a precaution to worry about you. Isn’t there a famous saying among foreigners that opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared? For example, if we didn’t come to the Soviet Union to change pictures this time, how could we sort it out so smoothly when we got home from work in the Democratic Republic of Germany?" Someone realized that the tail was a little exposed and quickly took back the topic.
In the next few days, Liang Yuanzi didn’t smuggle arms, and combined with the established Comac, he said a lot of strong equipment and technology in industrial processing and materials of Soviet United Airlines to fool the suspicious Liang Haiping.
When the international train stopped at the boundary between Europe and Asia, the young men went to the Federal Republic of Germany to study literature. They greeted their partners who went to Europe to study, shouted "Long live freedom", jumped on the train and kissed the land opposite Asia enthusiastically. They were dumbfounded to appreciate the plain and rustic land farther than the intercontinental boundary in Liang Shi, and they were deeply entangled in the coming storm.
A week later, the international train finally ran nearly 10 thousand kilometers, and in the afternoon, the setting sun reflected into the Moscow train
Walking out of the carriage with a carry-on suitcase, I just set Liang Yuan on platform No.3 of Moscow car and saw the familiar face of the previous life with a gentler smile.
"My dear friend, welcome to the Soviet Union." Later generations used to show Vladimir as a tough guy. Vladimirovich? Comrade Putin gave Liang Haiping a big bear hug.
For the KGB post, Putin, who is in charge of the economic espionage of the GDR, is already the key monitoring object of his own GDR working hours. Anyway, the Berlin United Shopping Center has deeply influenced the daily life of the GDR people from the economic level.
This peaceful-looking China man has carved out a miraculous trade route in the most acute place of contradiction and hostility on this planet, which can’t be explained by luck and courage alone.
Thinking about going back to the Far East Bureau of the KGB headquarters to look through the information, the name Liang Haiping and the American f14 fighter plane flashed into the Central China National Army and just emerged as a trump card, Ning Lei, all of which were looming. Putin knew that he had met a very difficult person.
It’s a pity that no doctrine can resist the bread to face the reality of serious shortage of national day. Putin can throw the file full of questions to the information shelf at headquarters and greet this guy covered with question marks to invest in the Soviet Union with a big smile.
The Volga car flew along the banks of the Moscow River. Liang Yuan was very excited to take the co-pilot position of the Volga car. I didn’t know how shocking the driver around me would be in the future in the late 1910 s.
I’m treated like the president of the United States now. I glanced at my side and focused on the car. Comrade Putin Liang Yuan thought about the photo that Reagan visited Soviet Putin pretending to be a tourist. Do you want to take a photo and make a big news? Someone temporarily forgot his identity at this time and thought about killing someone.
Chapter 221 Person of hometown
Sunlight Hotel in Leningrad, Moscow was built in the 19th century. It was originally the palace of Tsar Nicholas II. After the October Revolution, the Soviet Union nationalized the palace. After Stalin’s death, it was turned into an open hotel.
In 1970s, when Brezhnev was in power, Nikko Hotel was greatly renovated and resumed business, and became one of the top hotels with the best conditions in Soviet Union at that time.
Although Liang Hai Ping has traveled all over the world in recent years, she is still amazed at the luxury of the guest rooms. The whole set of guest rooms has been opened with two floors. The living room is connected with two floors. Two azure and two grass greens are painted with religious stories. The circular-arc ceiling of the living room is supported by columns. The ceiling is covered with gold railings with complicated curved lattice styles. A crystal chandelier like a flowing Milky Way hangs down from the patio. Several white polar bear skins are randomly draped in fabric …
"Comrade China has come a long way and worked hard all the way, so I won’t bother you. If you need anything, just inform the staff at any time," Putin said in fluent German.
Liang Haiping enthusiastically sent Putin out of the guest room. Liang Yuan threw his suitcase in the corner and put himself in the largest polar bear fur.
"Brother-in-law, if only I could take this thing back to China," said Liang Haiping, who was funny to see Putin off, and looked at his Liang Yuan bear skin and turned over lazily.
"If you build a shopping center, let alone bear skins, even if they are bears, I guess you can take back a few," Liang Haiping said with a smile.
Liang Yuan hey hey smiled and sat up from the sand covered with fur and said, "Brother-in-law, let’s go to the embassy first to report a way."
This time, Liang Yuan came to the Soviet Union to change planes in the name of military joint flight. Although the Republic and the Soviet Union have not resumed real ambassadorial diplomacy at this time, Ning Lei informed Liang Haiping’s visit to the Soviet Union in the name of the army, hoping that the embassy would give language support.
"Can you still call the embassy there? I think it is more reasonable to call the agency." Limited to age, Liang Haiping didn’t know that there was no big brother in the Soviet Union, and he accepted the education of Su Xiu.
"Haven’t you heard from my dad? We have a long history with the big brother of the Soviet Union. Sooner or later, it will be upgraded to a real embassy." Liang Yuan assumed a face of long live Sino-Soviet friendship
The two men took the Moscow travel map and got the exact location of the Consulate of the Republic from the staff on duty. They declined the hotel to send a car. After the discussion, the staff all smiles and watched them leave the lobby of Nikko Hotel and turn to Lenin Street, the consulate.
"Brother-in-law will translate for a while. Let’s go shopping first to see how poor Laomao is." Before five minutes, someone turned Big Brother into Laomao.
"I was just wondering how you put on that look in your room …" Hai-ping Liang was very surprised and looked at Liang Yuan’s face, which was just written with the words "Every wall has ears".
"At the end of last year, when I was in East Germany, I followed Angie’s sister, East Germany, and heard many unimaginable facts. The national security agency of the Democratic Republic of Germany has been paying attention to us for a long time, but it is only limited to our in-depth investigation of the identity law. In the New Year, Uncle Ning will wake me up. The status of the spot sale industry in Yuanjia is already an eyesore for the Democratic Republic of Germany. If possible, try not to talk about the company’s core industry in foreign buildings." Liang Yuan’s most concise language pushed the matter from the beginning to Angelina and Ning Leishen.
Strictly speaking, Liang Yuan didn’t fool Liang Hai. Ping Angelina was really worried, and Liang Yuan went beyond the Democratic Germany. The national security agency paid great attention to East Germany.
However, except for Angelina, a rookie on the spy front, Liang Yuan never thought about what he could hide from the famous national intelligence agency Stasi in East Germany from the first day he set foot on the land of Democratic Germany.
The root of Liangyuan GDR’s unbridled monopoly operation and expansion of industrial scale is bullying "Stasi". Although no national security agency is a good man and a faithful woman for a long time, the greater the scale of Yuanjia, the worse the GDR will be in a short time. When the big waves hit, how strong the East German state institutions can be.
However, Liang Yuan can turn a blind eye to Stacy and ignore it, but it will not be like that if it is replaced by KGB. For example, Liang Yuan has always wanted to make the most attractive man in Russia in the future. In addition to this kind of strongman history, the shadow of KGB behind him has always been like a bug, which also makes Liang Yuan entangled in the problem of whether to kill a tiger or harm the poor or face KGB’s crazy revenge is a headache for Liang Yuan.
For someone, it’s certainly more enjoyable to watch others do it than to be the protagonist by yourself, which is a complete tragedy.
"Far Jia Democratic Germany’s influence and what I think the Soviets must be very interested in whether the brother-in-law can invest or what kind of purpose to invest in the Soviet Union. I don’t believe that the Soviet national security agency didn’t play tricks in the room. Ning Shu said that there are several things in the national security agency that ordinary people can’t imagine." Liang Yuan said with a hand.
"So you got a bear skin and even moved out the big brother of the Soviet Union?" Liang Haiping looked at Liang Yuan in distress situation.
"I’m just testing whether the Soviets have a room to play tricks. My brother-in-law, a big boss, finally came to the Soviet Union once. I estimate that the gift to express the everlasting friendship between the two peoples should be something that can’t give them less headaches. It’s not as good as what we say ourselves," said Liang Yuan.
Two people walk and talk about Liang Haiping Nai, listening to his nephew, and finally make this more serious than espionage.
Sunlight Hotel Leningrad is located on the east side of the famous Red Square in Moscow and on the west side of the Red Square of the Republic Consulate in Moscow, opposite Moscow University. Two people walk to the Republic Consulate and just pass by the Red Square.
Moscow’s Red Square is known as the Russian national spiritual home. There are a series of historical witnesses around it, such as the Kremlin, the Lenin’s Mausoleum and the statue of Marshal zhukov of Vasily Cathedral. It is not only the symbol of the Soviet Union, but also the two most important cores of this planet-even after the collapse of the Soviet Union a few years later, it has not changed this fact.
Although the Red Square in Moscow is one-fifth the size of the Republic Square, this planet is far more influential. It was not until the Republic entered the first decade of the new century that the Square was on a par with the Red Square.
Liang Hai Ping and Liang Yuan walked slowly around the edge of Red Square, but two people, one who accepted the education of Su Xiu’s death and my heart never died, and the other who witnessed the embarrassment of the Russian nation plummeting, both of them looked dull compared with those who dressed as travelers with excitement.
"Hi, are you doing business in the Soviet Union?" A very pure northeast dialect Liang Yuan’s ear rings.
Staring at this 30-year-old man with light blue eyes and short blond hair, he speaks fluent Chinese and greets himself. Both Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping are slightly stunned.
"Well, how do you know?" In an instant, Liang Haiping climbed down the pole.
"Look at the two looks, it’s not like visiting Red Square." The middle-aged man said with a smile.
"My name is Andre? Kirilenko eldest brother call me Andre. "
"This … you are so fluent in Chinese." Looking at this energetic young and middle-aged Liang Yuan, he didn’t call uncle out after all.
"Little brothers in the Jianghu can call me big brother." It is obvious that this man named Andre knows the national conditions of the Republic. be adept at quickly guessed the reason for Liang Yuan’s vague name.