It is probably a very troublesome thing for him to get rid of the Duke of Ruby for nothing-the Holy Dragon Empire has always brought him trouble and trouble.

However, Lano is not without countermeasures. This was the last time he confirmed whether the Duke of Ruby listened to people or not.
From the deep sea, it’s like the whole ocean. When the Duke of Ruby looks up, he sees something as indifferent as the deep sea.
"You …"
He couldn’t speak, and realized that Lano didn’t leave his hand at all, and he was very strong when he came. What’s more, he was the king of the deep sea, and the element field was frantically surging. Even though it was still affected by the Kuroshio atmosphere, Lano could completely crush the Duke of Ruby in his own field depending on those smells.
If this is a death war, then the Duke of Ruby is dead.
But it’s not-but it’s different from killing Duke Ruby!
"I am not a soft-hearted person."
Lano said, "You may be wrong."
He stared down at the ruby duke and finally didn’t speak again. After he left, the field still didn’t dissipate immediately.
Ruby duke seems to be a bitter smile.
He did have a wrong estimate and was caught.
But Lano was wrong, too.
No matter who Lano is, no matter what attitude he shows, Duke Ruby can’t let go again.
He kept kneeling and didn’t notice that it was a live camera range of the interstellar battlefield from beginning to end.
It was after half a day that the live video was topped by Starnet.
[Is this synthesis? Otherwise, how could the Dragon Duke kneel to the sea demon crown? 】
[Star battlefield live video is said to be not without witnesses that day]
[Don’t forget what happened in this former interstellar battlefield]
The photo of Yu Guanguan was turned out again, as well as the photo of sapphire haixiang kneeling in those years. When these things were put together, the starnet was about to explode.
[Fantasy never has anything to do with loyalty, I promise]
[The siren crown will also directly become a dragon crown? ! 】
[Just kidding! Nothing like this has ever happened to JiXing! 】
The Holy Dragon Empire remained silent.
The official tone of the siren empire is unprecedented, indicating that it is impossible to be absolutely, right, not, and have it.
When this farce and discussion were finally broadcast to Lano, it was a while ago.
Edith naively asked him, "What is the Holy Dragon Empire going to do?"
"Think of them as crazy."
Lano had to reply like this.
The elf king understood that he didn’t want to say much and continued to guide remotely.
"There are not many places that can isolate the crown perception. I think it is probably a plane that is not complete with the stars."
"yes, it’s like the nature of Senhai Youlan-Senhai Youlan used to be a complete water element plane, but now it still retains the characteristics that it is incompatible with the whole star."
Yes, the deep sea of Senhai Orchid has different characteristics from all the deep seas, but Senhai Orchid is also a piece of debris, which is special and dying. One day, it may not be able to give shelter again like the elf mother tree.
"According to the old saying, we once had a plane travel story, but when all the stars come, things can’t be supported here. We guess there may be a plane fragment in the interstellar battlefield." Edith thought for a moment and said, "The high priest said that you can directly treat it as another dimension. Will this be better understood?"
Lano said white … although it feels a little strange.
It’s like being on a strange set.
"It takes great strength or unbalanced elements to break this. If even you can’t do it, then the stars can’t do it, no matter if you are careful." Edith charged again
Although this plane fragment can be explained scientifically, in the final analysis, it still belongs to the mysterious category, and it is bound to be more mysterious elements to support such a plane.
"Independence is the siren of every generation that supports Senhai Youlan"
"Yes," Edith said. "What would it be if a piece of this plane was not weaker than Senhai’s orchid to support it independently?"
More powerful than one racial fantasy combined. What would it be?
Lano was a fiercely white Edith suggested.
"If the dark sects did it, maybe they did it on purpose."
He had to come to the conclusion that "the dark sects are cultivating something-and they want to fantasize about the interstellar battlefield to grow nutrients."
Edith was silent and then said, "The second batch of assistance from the Elf Empire is coming, and we will emphasize the urgency again."
However, they didn’t expect the source of all this in the interstellar battlefield before.
The emerald keel wings are propped up, and the wingspan is red-haired siren and white-haired elf.
"See a ghost! That thing is endless! "
Rosie growled crossly.
Theoretically, she is not a suitable dragon for carrying injuries. Huang Jinlong can also be a sapphire dragon or even a black dragon. It is several times stronger than Rosie here.
However, it depends on who you compare with. If it is her two companions, there is no doubt that they are no different from the two crispy skin.
Sonia’s prototype doesn’t have any offensive attributes except the fish tail. The elf is a brittle waste. Rosie has to carry it all. Of course, these two companions are barely better at attacking than her.
The formation of this small team was stumbling. When Rosie and Sonia met the light blade, the elves were already badly injured. After that, they were attacked one after another.
It’s also a bad luck for the smooth blade. That pervert-like guy spared Rosie and Sonia, but attacked the elf at once.
But it’s not always attacking. According to their observation during this period, that guy should be irrational.
But even so, it is so powerful.
Even random attacks are enough to make several top fantasy species difficult to cope with, and even more let them imagine that this should not be the real shape of the monster in front of them
"What the hell is it?"
Even Rosie can’t help but have some fears at this time.
This is a normal thing, even the distorted body is not indestructible or indestructible, and the Kuroshio erosion continues but slowly, but it seems that it is terrible enough to look at this monster in front of you.
They also tried to get close to this monster when they were trapped here.
Generally speaking, this monster is still a humanoid form. At first, Rosie and Sonia will suspect that it is a special aberrant body, but soon they have to give up this idea. At present, the most powerful emperor aberrant body in the record is not like this, and the aberrant body is not the same as this monster.