Xiao Zen was so angry that he threw his fist at him and said, "Thank you, Cousin Xiao Yu, for never complaining after the war in the future!"

He told Xiao Yu there is completely folded!
Even Xianyuan Dan can take it out at will and throw it to himself like garbage. It seems that there is nothing wrong with Xiao Yu behind him.
"Well, you go."
Xiao Yu looked calm and waved.
Shaw war fire fuels respectfully out of the hall.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and whispered, "The ancient classics that belong to me must be the ones that kill people. What can I do if I live a long life?"
His room closed silently and consolidated his own realm.
He has just reached the third stage of instability, and he didn’t want to leave immediately. Instead, he wanted to stay for a while and wait until the state was completely stable before leaving.
"The top ten Wang Ti are all sealed by the bodhi old zu of Xiao clan. Not only have they not been sealed, but they have also cultivated to a higher level. It seems that the role played by the bodhi old zu of Xiao clan in the massacre in those days is really amazing. I don’t know what price he paid at the beginning to let the group of people who kill the sky cut him some slack."
Xiao Yu suddenly heart to himself.
Three days later, a huge breath came and rushed to Xiao Yu’s mansion, shaking his whole mansion like a boat in the sea.
Then Xiao Zhanhuo hurriedly broke into the mouth and said, "Cousin Xiao Yu’s holy blood hall people will come to take your question and say that you are possessed by evil spirits and make a scene in the holy blood hall, which is a capital crime."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Yin elders
A group of people from the Holy Blood Hall came, and their breath swelled, and the blood gas became a terror, and the coercion broke out like a vast sea of rivers and waves shaking here.
"Which one is Xiao Tian? Get out!"
First, an elder shouted at the king’s mouth.
Long hair flying in an indigo robe, cold eyes full of majesty, followed by five third-step strong men and more than a dozen second-step strong men.
His body is limited to the king of god, and he has reached the level of the king of god!
It can be said that the remaining half step is likely to cross over at any time.
"Elder Wang, Xiao Tianmu’s law and discipline must have been possessed by evil spirits and dared to make a scene. I killed and injured more than ten elders in the Holy Blood Hall. Even I was seriously injured by him. I must put him to death!"
Behind him, Xiao Changsheng’s face was full of resentment and murderous look, and he said
"Yes, I, Xiao clan, have committed several rapes for so many years, but I can only kill them!"
"Then Xiao Tian’s bloody pool must be a rape!"
"It’s unbearable that these traitors should betray my Xiao clan because their blood runs through my Xiao clan. His whole blood will be swept away!"
"Xiao Tian gets out and dies!"
His elders echoed the words and resented the poison.
They had been seriously injured by Xiao Yu and almost died. They had already held a grudge against him, but before the injury was completely healed, they reported to the Elder King to arrest Xiao Yu.
Youna, who often grows up, is trying to kill Xiao Yu. He previously asserted that Xiao Yu stopped at the third ladder for decades and his disciples could surpass Xiao Yu.
But what happened a few days ago directly chilled him completely. First, his majesty was greatly damaged. Second, he was injured by Xiao Yu and even had no resistance.
This made him afraid and gave birth to a strong sense of shame.
Everything you say will kill Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu got up and walked out of the door, carrying his hands and scanning many elders and smiling, "You have advice when you come!"
At the sight of Xiao Yu walking out of his usual growing old age, his eyes suddenly flashed, "The Elder King is him. He is the Xiao Tian who disturbed my holy blood hall and was possessed by a demon!"
"Bold Uber pretends to be my brother Xiao’s death sentence. Give him to me!"
The elder king majesty very heavy word directly a wave of his hand to let the people take Xiao Yu.
"Who dare I see?"
At this time, a big drink rang out and Xiao Zhanhuo rushed over and shouted, "Xiao Tian is my cousin, not a Uber. Who dares to take him with me today?"
"Xiao Zhanhuo, do you want to cover up criminals?"
The elder Wang Shuangmei stood upright and shouted.
Xiao Zhanhuo snorted, "Don’t say that Cousin Xiao Tian is not a criminal. Even if the criminal is always shielding him today, he can always get away with it!"
"How dare you!"
"Xiao Zhanhuo, if you are a family genius, we can’t stand you. If you are smart, get out of here or you will be dead when you get it together!"
These elders drink a lot.
And at this time!
A yin test smile also suddenly rolled out from the virtual, accompanied by a burst of obscure murderous look, like a huge cloud brewing and laughing. "What a big sigh of relief! You want to compete with the elders at a young age. Can Xiao people really endure you?" Or is it that your father Xiao Tianshan secretly conspired to teach you to do this! "
He put on a big hat when his tone was gloomy.
"Yin Elder"
Shaw war fire face slightly changed.
This is an elder behind the Holy Blood Hall who practiced terror and has already achieved the position of the King of God. He has lived in seclusion for years and rarely sent out.
I didn’t expect this time to be directly shocked. What did Xiao Yusheng’s blood hall do?
Xiao Zen’s anger changes rapidly, and suddenly he grunted coldly, "Elder Yin, how did my father do it? Can you guess and do you want to bully the small when you come here today? I’m a family genius and have been baptized by the bodhi old zu. My blood is not what it used to be. Don’t you dare touch my bodhi old zu? You can’t pass it."