"Mo Er, who are you talking to?" Star Leng Yu Yin suddenly came from the building.

Xing Tianmo’s little face stuttered and responded "No!"
"Come to dinner quickly, but you cooked your favorite custard yourself."
"Boon-hoo" Xingtianmo vaguely replied.
"You! Now get back to your room! Whether you cross the balcony or cross the wall like yesterday, the horse disappears! ! On the moon Xuan Yi, the command of pressing the bass in the sky.
"What do you mean, you have to drive someone away now?"
Oh, my God. Is he being coquetry?
But then again, isn’t he an iceberg? Why does he keep laughing?
"Hey, why do you keep smiling at me? Aren’t you cold and scary at ordinary times?" Xingtianmo is slightly depressed.
"How can I bear to be cold to you? I want to smile at you … "He threw a glad eye at Xingtianmo.
Star day foam leng want to smile at her? A warm heart was slightly absent … But the horse reacted again.
"Hurry up and disappear from my room. It’s really" Xingtianmo couldn’t help but rub her face in Yuexuan Yi …
Hey, it feels good!
Hey, it feels good! =v= two more to send!
Don’t be stingy with the recommended red envelopes. Let Zhuxi touch them ~
54 ambiguous
Month Xuan Yi one leng day foam took this opportunity to push month Xuan Yi ran into the bathroom.
After washing and dressing, she didn’t find Yuexuan Yi until she hit the door and went out.
Everyone else had breakfast, and Xingtianmo greeted them warmly. "Good morning!"
They all looked up to see the stars and foam, but … For a moment, they suddenly turned from smiling and touching to being dull, and they all stood there one by one …
"Is there anything on my face?" Star day foam can’t help but touched the face.
I was thinking of seeing Xing Lengyu come out with a bowl of golden custard, and Xing Lengyu looked at Xing Tianmo with spoil.
Finally, there is a normal tunnel.
But she was wrong, because Xing Lengyu was petrified …
What’s going on? ! Xingtianmo was so depressed that everyone played Woodenhead in the early morning? !
Suddenly, a yawning sound came slowly from behind.
Star day foam Yishan looking back …
Yue Xuanyi is lazy in her pajamas, leaning against the door of Xingtianmo!
"He’s gone, isn’t he …" The reason why those people who are afraid of floor are stupid is because they saw Yue Xuan Yi coming out of her room …
When Xingtianmo stepped back, she suddenly felt that she was leaning back. No way, she was going to fall off the handrail!
Yuexuan Yi hurriedly reached out and grabbed Xingtian Mo, and she fell into Yuexuan Yi’s arms, and her lips touched each other very skillfully …
Starry day foam felt a cold lip, opened his eyes and looked at the moon Xuan Yi to enlarge his face and his face was instantly red.
Everyone’s watching. She’s innocent … It’s completely ruined!
Xingtianmo struggled, but Yuexuan Yi was not prepared to let her go. She turned around and entered Xingtianmo’s room door again. In January, Xuanyi slammed Xingtianmo to the door.
A deep kiss is reluctant to let go.
On Xuan Yi, looking at the starry sky, her red face was spoiled and she scraped her nose.
"Wait for me"
After a while, Yuexuan Yi came from the balcony.
"Across the balcony again …" Star day foam sobbed corners of the mouth.
However, Yue Xuanyi has changed a suit, and the extreme black movement shows his noble temperament.
"MoEr! I am so handsome, are you stupid? " Month Xuan Yi said teasingly
Star day foam discontent stared his one eye.
"Let’s go out, don’t let them wait too long, otherwise what will they do …" Yue Xuanyi said with a relaxed face, but it was ambiguous.
Star day foam language to turn over their eyes.
I knocked on the door and saw that it was still a group of stupefied people.