Yanchen’s whole physical strength will overwhelm Lin Zixiao.

"Ah ~ ~!" There was a pain behind Lin Zixiao, and she let out a cry, but it attracted several people’s attention.
Just when Yanchen wanted to be rude to her, several sharp arrows flew behind Yanchen, and Yanchen’s shirt was cut and his white skin was cut …
Lin Zixiao’s eyes suddenly enlarged, but she looked up and saw smiling Yanchen.
"Didn’t fall on you?" Yanchen stretched out his hand over Lin Zixiao’s ear and asked softly.
"No …" Lin Zixiao responded indifferently. She frowned and looked at Yanchen and locked her eyebrows. She knew Yanchen should endure the pain! !
It hurts to be crossed by a sharp arrow. If it flies at high speed, the pain and aggression will be greatly increased. A warm current flows through Lin Zixiao’s mind.
Now she knows what a friend in need is. The person who just looked at her angrily and wanted to be rude to her now actually protects her.
Yanchen was relieved because Lin Zixiao wasn’t injured, and he didn’t know that anyone was shooting again. His vigilance relaxed too fast …
Just as he was about to get up, Lin Zixiao pressed his powerful calf with his legs and tried his best to turn him over. Although he mastered the techniques in Aikido, he made great efforts …
Lin Zixiao just pinned him down, and five or six arrows flew by so fast that people couldn’t see the number of arrows coming! ! Have crossed Lin Zixiao’s school white skin and shed bright red blood! ! ……
It’s even later today.
God, I can explode more and more uncertain 3
Par153 needs beating, right?
Lin Zixiao just pinned him down, and five or six arrows flew by so fast that people couldn’t see the number of arrows coming! ! Have crossed Lin Zixiao school white temporarily shed bright red blood in the skin …
"Idiot you! !” Yanchen looked at her anxiously and cursed her. His harsh sound penetrated the whole game hall. All eyes were on Lin Zixiao and Yanchen! !
The original everyone was whispering and looking at the 112 people strangely.
But it didn’t take long for everyone to find that the land was covered with sharp arrows, and that dazzling red blood behind Lin Zixiao had become the focus of everyone.
"Classmate! ! !” Lin Yifei, a gamer, paused and looked at Lin Zixiao with concern.
"You give me a good game! !” Lin Zixiao ordered! !
However, Lin Zixiao’s voice just fell and the sound of’ Gaever’ changed.
"You lost!" Xia Youran glanced at Lin Zixiao with a smug smile and said, "The battlefield can’t consider what to be immersed in love! !”
"You! ! !” Lin Yifei looked at him with anger and then ran to Lin Zixiao and said, "Are you okay?"
"It’s okay! !” Lin Zixiao glared at him angrily and then wanted to cry. "Didn’t you see that I was alive?" Tell me, how do we finish this? "
"That …" Lin Yifei panic to help Lin Zixiao let her lean on his leg "I take you to the hospital! ! !”
"no! !” Before Lin Zixiao’s mouth extended, he refused coldly.
"Of course you don’t get hurt and it’s not you! !” Lin Yifei didn’t know where he got the courage to resent her eyes and glanced at Yanchen mercilessly.
Of course, he regretted it after he left it …
Yanchen looked at Lin Yifei calmly, but his calm eyes were as turbulent as waves. He said coldly, "Do you want to fight?"
"I’m not a martial artist …" Lin Yifei was embarrassed to tell this fact. Although he practiced it when he was a child, how can these three-legged cats be better than this school overlord?
"Don’t lie down, young master, will you?" Xia Yourannai looked at Yanchen and then bent down to help him. After seeing the blood behind him, he glanced at Lin Zixiao’s gaunt face and said, "Is this injury to save you?"
"Well …" Lin Zixiao’s soft talk is not that she wants to pretend to be half dead to gain sympathy, but that she really feels that she is losing her strength gradually …
She raised her eyes and gently swept Yan Chen’s handsome face, only to find that his face was covered with a few drops of cold sweat, and his blood color was just smooth.
And Lin Zixiao can hear her weak breathing and gradually confused consciousness when she looks at herself again.
"But you are to blame her! This arrow is aimed at me, and even worse, she just saved me.
"I am white! !” Xia youran sounded calm, but his eyes were already surging.
"Ha ~ a big man should have a little girl to save you. You are really nice! !” Lin Yifei’s teasing eyes are full of disdain and light picking.
"Need a beating?" Xia youran suddenly seized Lin Yifei’s collar and his eyes flowed with danger.
Par154 fate of two people [word]
"Need a beating?" Xia youran suddenly seized Lin Yifei’s collar and his eyes flowed with danger.
"Let go! !” Lin Yifei some angry left his hand a face of stubborn! ! He is really afraid of these two bullies, and he can’t beat these two men, but a boy shouldn’t let a girl get hurt! !
"Very drag ~ ~! !” Xia youran chuckles. The beautiful face is a touching smile.
"Shut up, both of you! !” Yanchen ordered you two to be bored! ! so noisy
"It’s a young master!" Xia Youran convergence smile respectfully answer.
"Cut!" Lin Yifei still looked down at Lin Zixiao’s haggard face and said, "I’ll take you to the hospital!" "
"Good ~ ~" Lin Zixiao’s reply sounds like silk thread. She forced herself to open her eyes, only to find that her pain was getting weaker and weaker, but gradually weakened.
Lin Zixiao’s dark call is not good! !
It is definitely not a good thing that the pain is reduced. This does not mean that the wound is really healed! ! But her consciousness faded a little! !