For a long time, the phantom stood silently.

"What happened just now? I hardly have much strength. How did he fly so far? " Phantom son doubt looked at his hands.
"That’s … that’s amazing. Why didn’t I know you were so amazing?" Little dragon looked at the phantom in surprise.
"I … I don’t know"
"Come on, you do our boss? We are not afraid of being bullied by those people if we have you. "
"To be our boss …"
"Be our boss" partners have said.
"All right" Phantom said a name silently, and then he left silently.
"What happened to him?" A man asked Xiaolong 3.
"I don’t know"
Chapter 9 The Truth
In the evening, Huaner sat alone in his room. He thought about the scenes that happened in the past few days. Suddenly, he pointed a finger at the table, the teacup and the teacup flew up. He felt a huge energy in his body and his hand shone brightly.
"Peng ….." A loud noise exploded in the teacup, and the magic son himself was shocked.
"What’s the matter?" Aimei plays the fantasy room.
"Mom …"
"What’s the matter?"
"Mom … tell me who I really am?"
"Say it."
"Why do you ask this suddenly?"
"I find myself different from others."
"What’s the difference?"
"My eyes will glow green … so will my hands …"
"Why don’t you talk?"
"There is one thing … I don’t know should tell you …"
"What is it?" Phantom son stare big eyes.
"Er … you have different genes from ordinary people … maybe your roots are not human …"
"Impossible … impossible …" Phantom son cried.
"Your root is not my child …"
"How?" Phantom’s face is full of surprise, and there are glittering and translucent tears on her face.
"You are no longer young. I should tell you that you are Yonghua, who accidentally discovered during an archaeological trip. I don’t know who abandoned you. Yonghua brought you back and raised you. I always regarded you as my own child," Aimei cried. "Until a few days ago, a man in black told me that you weren’t human. You shouldn’t belong here. I didn’t believe it, but your eyes could emit terrible green light, which forced me to believe that Yonghua hugged you. If you were a human child, you couldn’t live that long .."
Phantom son was in tears. "No … you lied to me … this can’t be true …" Then Phantom son ran out.
"Phantom son … Phantom son …"
Although it is already dark, the lights in the city illuminate the whole day.
"How can this be … who am I … who am I …" Phantom son screamed at the sky, and he naively sounded all over the city. "Mom … she must know who I am." Phantom son said and ran home.
"Poof ….." Phantom son didn’t know what his heart was pounding. He was shocked. Because this is the first time he appeared, it must indicate that Phantom son has also accelerated his pace at this time.
When he got to the door, he found the door open and he also found … blood.
"Mom … mom … you …" He suddenly stopped in the middle of shouting because he saw something he didn’t want to see.
My mother is pale when she lies down, and there are two obvious "holes" in her neck. This symptom is obviously caused by excessive blood loss.
"Mom … don’t scare me. I’m a phantom … wake up … mom." Phantom cried and cried with tears flowing from his immature face.
"Phantom … Phantom son, my good boy …" Aimei slowly stroked Phantom son’s hair.