Mo Yan covered his purplish mouth and smiled. "Actually, I’m not interested in men. I like beautiful women. I like beautiful women. Remember that you owe me!"

With that, he carefully bandaged the hay leaves of Ling Mo’s pupil wound into ground cloth, which proved to be effective and the bleeding stopped quickly.
Ling Mo Pupil looked gratefully at the fox Mo Yan "Thank you very much"
Fox mo yan took a look at the shura emperor blinked his one-eyed "how are you going to thank me? How about a commitment? "
Don’t look back. "I advise you to think about his methods. I already have someone you like."
The fox’s face showed a trace of disappointment. He looked up at the sky. "Why don’t you become a woman and then a man when you are with me? I don’t mind sharing you with others when you are with your lover. What do you say?"
Ling mo pupil again spirit again funny "this strange idea kui how do you want to come out? Still don’t think about it! "
The fox laughed too.
Actually, this fox is still a very nice person. Although he is a fox, his heart is not bad. Shura Shenjun regrets whether he was treated too much.
Mo Yan, the fox, helped him take care of the last wound. Ling Mo felt much better. He looked at the fox and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll help you get a good skin when I have the chance."
The fox’s eyes are full of small red hearts. "You said it! Don’t break your word. mink, tiger, leopard skin will do. I don’t want to wear this cat skin. "
Then he turned into a snow-white kitten and started to roll in place.
Shura God squinted at this lovely kitten with a rare smile on her face. There are goblins, and they are not as bad as they thought.
It seems that I really want to find a chance to find a suitable fur for him. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please visit the chapter for more support. I am reading!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Hope to see you every day
Chloe gathered up her magic wings, and a large number of vampires and vampire bats were exhausted after a night of fighting. They quickly found a place to hide before the sun came out.
Chloe arranged a silver armor and cloak and strode into the ice and snow palace.
Who knows that I just saw the feather.
Feather pastor, of course, also saw Chloe, but she didn’t stop to miss Chloe else.
But Chloe’s blood stung her eyes.
Feather Zhen opened his eyes wide in surprise and grabbed Chloe’s arm. "What did you do? Hurt? Still killing people? "
Chloe quickly covered her body with a cloak and said simply "nothing"
"Also said that it’s nothing. Look here." Feather’s sharp eyes have long seen that Chloe’s chest silver armor has been caught and her chest muscles have been caught. Blood has dyed his silver armor red.
"Come on, let me help you with the medicine." Feather pastor grabbed Chloe and pulled her into his room.
"Take off your clothes!" Feather pastor ordered with gold sore medicine.
Chloe hesitated or obediently took off the silver armor to reveal a strong and fit body.
The chest is bloody, but it’s good to have a silver armor to stop it, otherwise this claw heart can be dug out. Who is so powerful? Feather pastor thought to himself that he didn’t stop to help Chloe handle the wound carefully.
Chloe looked down at the feather Zhen hands to help her deal with the wound, and the supple silk kept crossing her arms, and her white ears were as bright as white jade.
Chloe felt an unutterable impulse in her heart. He closed his eyes and severely pressed the body to this restlessness.
"No, it will soon be good." Chloe remembered that she was sitting on her shoulder again.
"No, you still have to deal with this claw. It’s too strong …" Feather suddenly became alert. "Who hurt you?"
Kerr stared at the feather eyes, looked down at his wound and said simply, "Nothing is just a few very fierce tigers are orcs, but now they have been solved."
"Oh," Feather Huan breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you and Feng Luo have to do this? Let all tribes worship you? "
Chloe long give a sigh "feather Zhen don’t blame me, we also have no way to now this world is not what we want? Even if we don’t destroy other races, they will try their best to destroy us. Johnson is the reason. Don’t you see that there are still many monsters coming to us these days? "
Don’t turn away. "I really don’t want to see you fight."
Chloe hand gently twist the feather head "are you worried about me? If you really have my worry, even a little bit, even if I die, it’s worth it. "
Feather bit his lip and didn’t tell the truth. This Kerr was almost a feather. Although he grew up in a short time, he was a mature and powerful vampire, but in his mind, he was still that lovely child.
Although feather Zhen is very contemptuous, there is still a soft place in his heart to love him involuntarily.
If Chloe really lost her life, she would be very sad herself.
But these can’t be told to Chloe.
Feather Qian adjusted his mood and said simply, "I just don’t want to be ruined. Be good to yourself."
She turned to leave, but her hands were grabbed by Chloe.