At this moment, all the soldiers were angry, and everyone felt that it was difficult to vent their passion, and the only way was to kill Gao Chen and kill this demon. At that time, everyone rushed at Gao Chen crazily.

"Humming" Gao Chen’s cold hum disappeared in an instant, and at the same time, Gao Chen’s cold voice was left in the forest, "Quit the Thousand Apes Forest or all the general officials will die at the regimental level and then at the regimental level."
Gao Chen’s cold voice seems to reverberate all around the forest, and Gao Chen suddenly disappears, so that everyone can’t vent their anger. At the same time, all the generals of the Tianen Empire are scared, and the Jiangling fifth-order fighters can be instantly destroyed. What about themselves? There is also a scene where Gao Chen appears and disappears. It is too strange to leave all officials with fear. How can I not wave it? Isn’t it that he wants to die whoever he wants? What’s this against him? …
"General, please enter the forest of thousands of apes to kill Gao Jianfeng. This is the commandment of the commander in chief." A regimental official pleaded with the highest official, Jun Blade Armor, on his knees.
"Now your official position is the biggest, please obey the commandment of Commander Jiang to kill Gao Jianfeng." Your eyes turned and your righteousness came out.
"This, this, I think we need to take a long-term view. Wait for us to discuss it first." Jun Blade wiped his forehead and sweated carefully. Now he feels that he is in a high position, which is not a good thing.
"Please obey the commandment of Commander Jiang."
"Please obey the commandment of Commander Jiang."
"Please obey the orders of Commander Jiang to kill Gao Jianfeng." The regimental official knelt down and said, at the same time, the soldiers behind him were half kneeling, and Lang pleaded for help. This is the effect of Jiangling. If this group of people can really do what Jiangling thinks, Gao Jianfeng can’t escape from the forest of apes.
"This, this," your blade armor didn’t know how to speak at the moment, and his forehead kept sweating. He didn’t want to make it, but he didn’t know if he could survive after he made it.
"General, do you need to make it? Are you afraid? Do you want commander Jiang to be put on his neck with a knife?" Jun Renyi was busy fanning the flames.
"That’s good, that’s good. I ordered the army to start killing Gao Jianfeng." Finally, I couldn’t stand the sight. Everyone looked forward to watching their soldiers. Finally, Jun Blade Armor summoned up the courage to password.
"Hum, it’s good. Now you can follow Jiangling." Just after Jun Blade Armor made Gao Chen’s hoarse voice suddenly sounded, and then suddenly appeared in front of Jun Blade Armor. The weapon in his hand stabbed Jun Blade Armor’s neck with anger, and Gao Chen felt more and more like it.
"Protect the general and kill him" is a moment when the head of your blade armor also falls to react. Many soldiers are busy raising their weapons and cutting at Gao Chen.
"You have to kill the colonel, too. It’s okay to stay." Hiding aside, Gao Chen saw their every move clearly and appeared to kill your blade armor. At the same time, the well-documented colonel in his heart also made a death list.
After killing Jun Blade Armor, Gao Chen’s weapon swung at the regimental official. Now Gao Chen’s defense can’t be regarded as the third-order fighters’ attack, but the damage caused by these third-order fighters is limited, depending on their attack on the weapons in their hands and killing them directly at the target.
The colonel is a third-order seven-star fighter. Although he is a strong soldier, this Gao Chen’s ultra-high attack is a far cry from it. It is a moment when Gao Chen suddenly appears to the head of your blade armor and falls to the ground. At this moment, the colonel hasn’t made any kind of defense yet, and he is shocked and stunned. Gao Chen’s weapon has been cut down. He is holding this weight and has a 30-point war blade (general). Gao Chen wields a knife at a speed of seven to seven times per second. With the dragon songs attacking and killing swordsmanship, the speed is even higher than the knife.
Half-moon machete started to push back several people in front of Gao Chen and instantly disappeared. In situ, Gao Chen appeared and killed two people and then disappeared. It took less than three seconds. It was said that a person was brave and took the head of the enemy in thousands of troops, but if it was compared with Gao Chen, it would be dwarfed.
Gao Chen disappeared and made the chaotic scene quiet. At this time, no one came out to plead for your righteousness, fear and look around, and then said in a low voice, "This kind of person is not our ability. With his help, we want to kill Gao Jianfeng. This suspicion is insane. If someone pleads for war, then I am willing to give my head and hat to each other."
"…" At that time, the population spoke in the face of Gao Chen’s haunting. They didn’t have the slightest momentum. Gao Chen sneered in the dark and appeared in front of Gao Jianfeng.
"When the problem is solved, you can go back to the beacon smoke city after dark," Gao Chen said calmly.
"What’s the problem solved? What do you mean?" Gao Jianfeng suddenly heard Gao Chen’s words and didn’t seem to respond at the moment.
"Jiangling’s death shows that the momentum of the soldiers of the whole Tianen Empire is the first time for a group of dragons. Can it be difficult to get you?" Gaochen light mouth
"Jiangling is dead, your hand is dead, even if you kill Jiangling, you won’t let them become United." This sentence is not true, but it is better than the truth. Gao Jianfeng, the old rival of Tianen Empire, is one of the people who know Tianen Imperial Army best.
"It’s really impossible to die in Jiangling, but what if everyone dares to make people die?"
"Everyone will die." Gao Jianfeng looked at Gao Chen with a kind of surprised eyes. Of course, what did Bai Gaochen mean? How is this possible? If killing Jiangling can be regarded as a sneak attack, it can be used once or occasionally, but it seems that it is not as simple as a sneak attack.
"Just get ready to go back to the beacon smoke city late." Gao Chen ignored Gao Jianfeng’s surprised and shocked expression, and his voice was still hoarse.
"It’s good to listen to you" Gao Jianfeng finally chose to believe that Gao Chen, after all, if it weren’t for Gao Chen, they would have seen it destroyed.
"Now it’s time to find the spy." Suddenly Gao Chen’s hoarse voice was full of pitfalls!
Chapter 50 Death of spies
"It’s time for the spy to find this man. These three thousand brothers have been with me for many years. Everyone has a life to trust. How can I find this?" Gao Jianfeng frowned. The most powerful place for elite troops is to leave their backs to their brothers. This is not something that ordinary troops can do, but to this point, the combat effectiveness of this army will be greatly improved. It is not necessarily elite but elite can do this.
"If you believe me, I can find this person for you, but I don’t know what General Gao means." Gao Chen said with certainty that it may be difficult for others, but Gao Chen has a map system, and the color of this person has turned red. It is easy for Gao Chen to find such a person. Gao Chen now finds that the function of the map is very great, and the situation has already surpassed the value of the map.
"Can you find this person? Well, I believe you "as a general, it is incredible to trust a person so easily. It is really too great for Gao Chen to help him these two days. First of all, it is difficult to estimate the value of that package of healing drugs. Today, if it weren’t for Gao Chen, it can be said that even if it weren’t for the annihilation, there would be a few left. Finally, Gao Chen’s assured expression gave him confidence. He also wanted to see how Gao Chen would find this person.
"Believe me, I’m afraid you don’t believe me. I’ll give you your military orders. I’ll bring this man to you." Gao Chen didn’t expect Gao Jianfeng to believe in himself easily. After all, it’s a little unbelievable. He’s going to kill this man directly. Of course, that’s the last resort. Now that there is a better way, why not?
"your legend gave it to you?" Gao Jianfeng hesitated for a moment, then your legend took it out and handed it to Gao Chenshi. For Gao Jianfeng, his your legend was far less than his general your legend’s. That’s because he often had no roots in your legend, and others were the greatest generals. His orders were your legend!
Gao Chen took the military orders and walked to the red dot with the only color in the map. Of course, it is impossible for everyone in the 3,000 Qinbing to know each other. Although some people once doubted it, they forgot their hesitation when they saw the token in Gao Chen’s hand.
Soon Gao Chen came to the front of the red dot. The man looked younger than 30. From the reconnaissance, Gao Chen knew that this man had a level of 35 and was younger than 30. He could practice to the third-order five-star. This is definitely a genius.
General "elevation well please welcome" from reconnaissance Gao Chen know the name and walked up to him directly mouth way
"The general wants to see me?" Elevation well hesitate to ask a way
"Good is to go now" Gao Chen hoarse voice way
"Brother, who are you? I don’t seem to have seen you before." I don’t know what to face this masked man. Well, there is a feeling of disgust from the bottom of my heart, and the tone is naturally not so good
"Yeah, who are you? I haven’t seen you either." Well, a person next to you also asked the truth. At this time, their biggest question was what Gao Chen wanted to cover his face. There was Gao Chen in the whole army with a mask!
"Don’t talk so much nonsense." Lift Gao Jianfeng’s military orders to Gao Chen without any emotion.
"General your legend, please" is very reluctant in my heart, but when I don’t see your legend, I can say anything at once. Seeing him like Gao Chen, he no longer turned around and walked in the same direction …
"Brother, do you know what the general is looking for?" Road elevation please mouth asked.