"I want to get married and like to spoil!" Elizabeth * the smiled and said "dopted mother ~ ~ ~" tower you raised his head and cried a little embarrassed.

"Ha ha ~ ~ Yi Yi, when are you going to marry our little princess!" See tower you like that Elizabeth * the world also don’t bully her, good transfer.
"What, she is the little English princess?" Mian Yun and others were a little surprised when they heard Elizabeth X say that, but the porcelain Xuan was surprised not by any little princess but by the man called Yi Yun.
"I don’t know," Sakura Lin shook her head in some confusion. "The Queen of England seems to love Tayou very much! There should be nothing wrong with it, "Xi said firmly." I think so. "Weiyi nodded." Let’s have a look again! " Caiyu said and then the line of sight and look at the tower you and others.
Maybe it’s because Sakura Forest was so absorbed that no one noticed the abnormality of porcelain Xuan. Seeing porcelain Xuan’s eyes staring at Yi Wei tightly, it seemed that he was afraid of leaving his sight.
"I also want to marry to the tower early! That also depends on her promise! " Yi Yi spoiled and looked at Tayou and said, "Hum!" The tower gave Yi Yi a white look and then looked away, but her face turned red unconsciously, causing everyone to laugh again.
"What are you talking about! Just when everyone was laughing, a voice came from them. "Why did you come so late!" Elizabeth * looked at the bearer and said
"menstruation, I was late to see Shar just now," said Gou, sitting beside Elizabeth X.
By the way, Shar is the title of Ice Pupil! Integrity is-Helena, Victoria, Elizabeth, Ink, Atasha.
"Is Shar okay!" Elizabeth * looked at the dog and asked.
"Shar is fine. She will come later," said the dog.
As soon as the voice fell, the palace gate was hit, and everyone’s sight was immediately attracted. In the past, there were a row of attendants on each side of the palace gate. They were all kneeling on one knee and their heads were deeply lowered, and there was a girl in front of them.
Seeing the girl dressed in a white gauze lace powder with light silver embroidered edges, rhinestones embellishing the crisp neck to reveal the collarbone, and an exquisite angel wing chain embroidered with several rosa multiflora flowers on the girl’s chest makes the girl more mysterious and elegant. She wears a crown to show her nobility, while the girl’s face wears a veil to block her appearance, giving people a mysterious feeling.
"See the Princess Hall" shouted the attendants on both sides.
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Chapter one hundred and fourteen The royal banquet (4)
"See the Princess Hall" shouted the attendants on both sides.
Ice pupil indifferent eyes swept the field, of course, they also saw people not far away, but there was no emotion in her eyes except cold, and she nodded slightly and walked towards the most side with elegant steps.
"See the Princess Palace". The people attending the banquet shouted together, and then bent down to show their respect. Yun and others are no exception. The ice pupil nodded slightly and then walked to the most square position. When she walked to the front of Yun and others, she stopped and turned to look at them. The most square Yun and others couldn’t understand what Bai Bing was doing.
The ice pupil took a faint look at those people and then walked to the side. When people saw the ice pupil coming, the big stones finally fell in their hearts. What are they going to do with the ice pupil? Now they don’t want the ice pupil to get hurt again.
"menstruation" Bing Tong went to Elizabeth II and bent down to call Elizabeth II. She smiled at the girl in front of her and said softly, "Shar, get up quickly!" Ice pupil nodded slightly and then got up and walked beside Elizabeth *.
"Shar heard that you are sick, are you okay!" Elizabeth looked at Bing Tong lovingly and asked, "menstruation, I’m fine. Don’t worry. What about my father?" The ice pupil looked at Elizabeth * and replied that at this time, the ice pupil’s eyes were no longer cold, but full of tenderness.
"Your father said he couldn’t go back to his palace on such an occasion," said Elizabeth II gently. "I see!" The ice pupil nodded thoughtfully, and then looked into the distance, and all the people didn’t talk, and quietly looked at the little princess who had suffered a lot.
————— 8386331 plus group number! ————
"Is she the most favored princess in the British royal family?" You looked at Fang and said, "Well, this should be right." You replied, "I didn’t expect the British royal princess to be a queen’s daughter." Weiyi sighed with emotion.
"She and Gui Dian should be brothers and sisters!" Xi Xi said, "Well," Sakura nodded and said, but she kept staring at Fang and didn’t know anything. She always felt that the Princess Hall was very familiar.
Jin Yu thinks the same way as Sakura Forest. He also thinks that the Princess Hall is familiar, but he just can’t remember who it is at the moment. No way. How can Bing Pupil and Gui Dian be brother and sister? Definitely not, but who could it be?
"Hey, what’s wrong with you?" You turned around and saw that you were in a daze. Yu asked involuntarily, "Ah? Oh! I’m all right. "Yu Yu was frightened by this sudden sound. He calmed down and said" Oh ".Xi nodded and then looked at Fang Yinglin and others. Everyone at the party looked at their favorite little princess.
Everyone was staring intently, but no one noticed that the porcelain Xuan was moving. She kept staring at the most square, and her steps moved involuntarily. By the time everyone reacted, it was too late, and the porcelain Xuan had reached the steps.
The banquet people also saw the porcelain Xuan, and their hearts couldn’t help but pick it up. The porcelain Xuan and others also saw what she was going to do, but it was definitely not a good thing. So the banquet gave Yi Yi and others a look and Yi Yi nodded knowingly, and then together with Tianyi and others, she went to the ice pupil to prevent the porcelain Xuan from doing anything to hurt the ice pupil.
Ice pupil turned her head and looked at the coming person coldly, but she didn’t say anything or do anything. What did she want to do with porcelain Jue?
"Are you Yi Yi?" Unexpectedly, porcelain Xuan was not looking for an ice pupil. She went straight to Yi Yi and raised her head and asked, perhaps she didn’t expect porcelain Xuan to come to find herself. Yi Yi was startled by this sudden question.
No, Yi Yi was scared. Everyone was scared.
"Are you Yi Yi?" Porcelain Xuan was not bored and asked, "I am what can I do for you?" To react easily this nodded and said
"I have something for you" said Porcelain Xuan and took out a delicate box from her arms.