"Artifact? Mastering God’s towel artifact is the real artifact. "The flame sound is very dull. The little red-violet has been light as if it had hit the flood of ten colors released by the top ten dark artifacts without any force.

Ten mouths of blood gushed out from the mouths of ten dark saints almost at the same time. The dark artifact in their hands was harsh and damaged. Cracks have appeared in the artifact, and each of them has been severely hit by ndzw.
But even so, that little red lotus still hasn’t disappeared. In it, a string of red lotus petals fluttered in the wind and chased after the dark cat that was fleeing rapidly.
At this moment, a huge thunder ball with a diameter of more than 100 meters suddenly violently shocked the prison robbery world in the sky to replace Lei Guang.
The calm look of the flame suddenly became dignified. The left hand that originally pointed to the dark cat was taken back, and the right hand on the top of the head also put his arms at the same time, raising his palms from both sides of his body. Suddenly, a layer of red luster stirred up from her red-violet name. When this red luster appeared for a moment, the whole earth seemed to have turned red. It was strange that this should be the strongest fire attribute. Red did not have half a scorching heat and brought them warmth to Ji Dong.
"Ah" a scream came from afar, and the dark red blood was scattered and stirred. Four colors of light flashed wildly and converged, and a strong layer of colored light swept and rolled up. Ten dark saints quickly fled away.
After all, the dark cat didn’t die. After all, he combined the magic of the four sacred beasts and made a fire to resist Wan Lei’s prison robbery. Finally, the madness also temporarily freed up his hand to deal with him.
However, the dark secret has been frightened by the flames. He didn’t even have the courage to look back again. He took ten dark saints and went to Wanlei to rescue the prison. He has continued to control the ultimate killing skill. What he wants now is to return to the dark five-element mainland and find a most secret place to hide. He never wants to see the woman in red again. He has an idea in his heart that this beauty is Vulcan.
The red glow makes the perfect flame look more sacred and inviolable. Everyone looks up at her figure except Ji Dong. They look at the flame with reverence.
In the crowd, even Ji Dong and Ajin have never seen the power of flame. They have imagined the power of flame, but their imagination is far from enough.
Is the flame really holy? If she is as holy as a dog flower pig, what kind of chrysanthemum pig also resists the ultimate killing skill, but it will never be rampant in front of her?
Booming the warm earth in an instant is like becoming a flame, and the body is extended, and the red glow rises from the whole earth in an instant, but it doesn’t bring light to all the people in the five elements of the mainland. At the same time, it rushes into the sky, and the black robbery cloud in the prison world is completely illuminated.
The thunderballs that fell from the sky were purified in this red brilliance. When the dense red light robbed the clouds together, the whole prison robbery world finally melted.
The red flame is surrounded by the flame body, and it looks so transparent. The red flame is beating one after another, just like a living elf, it gradually presents a red-violet shape and flies quietly around her body.
Looking at this magical scene in front of us, everyone has a feeling that the enemy has been repelled, and even the rising red light of Wanlei’s prison robbery has gradually dispersed, which has not shone on the land of Shengxie Island for thousands of years, and the sunshine has gradually appeared.
A wisp of golden sunshine penetrates through the dark clouds and quietly scatters the warmth and light of the earth, bringing new life to this land.
Suddenly, Frey seemed to think of something, and his face changed greatly. "No, I’ll go first." Before his injury, he was cured by a dog and a pig, turned around and boiled, and there were already a lot of sweat on his forehead.
Violet Leiyao Tianlong crooned and glanced timidly at the floating flames, then he rose and chased Fury.
Watching Frey move Ji Dong’s heart sank. They were protected by chrysanthemum pigs and flames here, and finally they were out of danger. But what about the magic division of Tiangan Legion? And that sacred island, searching for the enemy’s tracks, is it like night? None of them knew that he could fully understand the feelings in Frey’s heart at this time, just like the panic and trembling in his heart when the flame just appeared and they were bombarded by the thunder robbery in the prison robbery world.
The sunshine has become more and more abundant, and finally the dark clouds that have covered the island for thousands of years have finally dispersed, and everyone can’t help but squint.
There are no plants in the sacred island, and Warcraft is a bare island. Although it can directly see the sea because of its breadth, there is no real barrier between the east and the west, just like a thousand years ago, but it is different from a thousand years ago. This sacred island is like adding a bridge to the two continents, and both sides can land on each other’s territory.
"Flame" Ji Dong looked at the flame in the sky just like a goddess a few steps ago, and he didn’t even know how he was feeling now.
The flame looked down at Fang Ji Dong’s eyes and the sadness seemed to become deeper, but she still sent him a gentle smile.
Ji Dong’s heart suddenly shook. He suddenly found the sad color in the eyes of the flame. He seems to have seen it somewhere! He remembered the sadness in his eyes before the flame. Isn’t it exactly the same as the last look in his eyes when the cat died? A strong sense of foreboding spread in his heart.
The flame looked up at the sky again, looked at the sun hanging in the sky like a golden disc, and looked at the dark secret. They retreated from the oriental eye and showed a trace of hesitation.
"I’m afraid I can’t come to Ji Dong. I can’t help you wipe out all the enemies in the dark continent. All I can do is to get ready for five years. I think you should be able to cope with all changes in the future."
Go on, um, mistress found it convenient to canvass the plot! Everyone will definitely be satisfied when they smash it. Although it should not be spoiled, many readers in the comment area question Xiaosan. Let’s say a little bit. No matter how the plot is arranged, it will never be a tragedy. If you continue to look at it, you will understand that this paragraph will not repeat the pattern of fighting in the middle of the Tang Dynasty and dancing in the small dance. You will know that the back will be more exciting. This is less than half of the writing. Chapter 315 The ultimate skill of flame will be killed.
As she spoke, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had no human tears, but now she really wanted to cry. She had saved Ji Dong’s life, but she also wanted to …
"Ah-"A venting cry sounded from the mouth of the flame, shaking the fields. Her voice was full of unwillingness and sadness. At the moment, the sun suddenly darkened in the sky, followed by the instantaneous solidification of the sea waves around the holy evil island, which could no longer fluctuate for a moment. All the waves rose at the same time, and the waves exploded, and several bodies of Warcraft were blown up in the sea, but the impure water was a doubt. The sea could not be pure, and the world was not completely pure. Wan Lei robbed the prison world, not taking away the lives of all creatures in the sea, but also devouring the Warcraft Department,
It’s a pity that at this time, no one can see the wonders of the East China Sea on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Light. Only the millions of heroes on the mainland side of the Five Elements of Darkness can see that there is no Wan Lei’s prison robbery, and the island in their sight suddenly turns into a ruby in the sea.
The golden color of the sun has changed into a deep red, and there is also a red moon, blood day, blood moon.
"Flame you this is …" Ji Dong gawk at the flame.
The flame didn’t answer. His face showed a trace of sadness. His hands and feet rose on both sides of his body. Red-violet quietly flew straight to the central direction of the original Five Holy Mountains, which is also the core position of the whole sacred island.
At the same time, the flame turned around and gently circled his hands. A thick warm red light caught Ji Dong and others in the chrysanthemum holy pig and floated to the middle.
Red light swept through Ji Dong’s body and was swept out by a single red light and flew to the front of the flame. Four eyes looked at Ji Dong’s flame and suddenly felt something slipping from her eyes. She was surprised to see that it turned out to be two drops of glittering and translucent pink.
Is this a tear? Are they human tears? Her hands trembled and caught the two tears, and even when she faced the ultimate trick, her expression did not change. When a generation of queens saw these two tears, her eyes were full of wonder.
"Flame …….." Ji Dong raised his hand to hug her, but his hand stopped. Once again, he deeply felt his own flame and saw the insurmountable gap.
Are you really qualified to hug her?
But Ji Dong didn’t receive it. In front of so many people, the flame just leaned into the Tao. He hugged her waist tightly and buried her face in his arms. The flame body was very hot and comforted her. Ji Dong could feel her body trembling.
"Flame, are you in poor health?" Ji Dong asked with concern.
"No, no, no ….." The flame sobbed and shook her head. She looked up and there was tenderness and deep love in her eyes.