"Have you thought about it?" Female mouth asked

"I’ll stay," I replied softly and firmly.
"Decided? No regrets? "
"No regrets"
The woman’s face smiled again, and it was as warm as the warm sunshine. "I hope you can always stick to your own idea. You should remember not to try to rewrite history or you will be punished accordingly."
I suddenly thought of one thing and asked, "Is my current identity the Nuulu family of Ganlong, the mother of the historical filial piety?"
"Is it because you think about it? Now everything is still undecided. You need to remember to keep the original track of history. I’m done here. You should be good to yourself." The female figure once again disappeared into a haze, and the last word "good to yourself" echoed in this white world.
A golden feather slowly falls into my palm.
I won’t regret it. No.
"Jin son? Dear son? "
The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes in a daze was Yin Zhen’s expression.
"I won’t regret it," I murmured.
"What? What did you say, Jiner? " He doubts to help me up.
I woke up and rubbed my eyes and found myself lying in a cave and asked, "How did you find me?"
Yin Zhen looked even more puzzled when I asked him this question. He replied, "Have you been in this cave and I have to find you?"
"I have been in the cave? !” I was surprised, "I went to find you and got lost. I walked for a long time and didn’t go out."
"I’m too tired to sleep in a dream. I caught a pheasant and roasted it. You will eat it." He handed me a chicken leg.
I took it callously.
Did I really dream just now?
I haven’t seen the girl in gold? No Lin lost his way? And not trapped in the fog? Everything is a dream?
But what … So real? I feel my legs are still weak.
Maybe I’m really tired. I’m thinking about it and I feel funny. It’s not a myth that there are no birds, fairies, old people and famous people in this world.
But it’s not impossible. I’ve crossed it … Isn’t it amazing? ……
When I was thinking, I felt a soft touch in my palm-it wouldn’t be a bug, would it?
I am busy spreading my hand-a feather looms in my palm, not a dream!
I stared to one side, Yin Zhen, and he habitually frowned.
In this life, I, a man, have been linked together since then, and his home is my home.
He, I gave up the original world and everything.
I have absolutely no regrets.
Chapter 42 Origin [4]
"What’s the matter?" I hope he can see that God made him unconsciously reach out and touch his face. "But what’s so filthy about my face?"
I smiled. "No, I wanted to see you."
He smiled faintly and said nothing.
I asked curiously, "What are you laughing at?"
"I remember what you said on the night of my wedding," he said, looking at me.