So the traveler emperor actually wants to get a lively night market out of the plane, right? Change the way to add entertainment to the evening?

Dong Fengling nodded and felt that he had realized that the nightlife is very rich now.
I’m thinking of adding a touch of light to a lively night of beating gongs and drums in the street.
"Come on, come on, come on, come on. Yunpiaofang Yingying girl is competing for the number one street performance. Dear guest officials, you have the heart to bid! "
Beating gongs and drums, the page is not slow, running all the way and shouting that voice really carries some weight.
When the page ran away and the sound was low, Dong Yuling recovered from the stupefied expression "Ying Ying? Top card? Still bidding? "
This is a brothel girl. It’s priced for sale? I cann’t believe it’s so full of publicity The ancient night was indeed full of flavor.
See Dong Yuling’s amazing expression. Lotus Yan Jiing’s mouth reminds me that "Yun Piao Fang is one of the three famous brothels in Shengjing. It is not easy to compete for the top spot."
Brothel, it’s perfect to see it after crossing.
"The world knows so well!" Dong Yuling lamented that a word made Lian Yan Jing choke. Is this a good word? Or derogatory? Even if he doesn’t go to this place, if men have heard of this topic, they naturally know a lot.
Lian Yan Jing secretly struggled with this to explain? Or explain?
But Dong Yuling didn’t trust her in an instant, but a sigh didn’t mean anything to him.
Soon there was a street commotion, and a group of people came slowly with a woman in their arms. The top of the woman made people see the score at a glance.
Well, the women’s place is actually a celebration float. There are four girls squatting at the four corners of the float, and they are constantly throwing petals. A woman in red is full of makeup, and the whole city is full of beauty and charm.
It’s really a beautiful picture. It’s more impressive than intoxicating.
When the float came closer to Dong Yuling to enjoy the girl’s dance, suddenly her eyes flashed. It was really interesting tonight!
"Ha ha!" Dong Fengling generally stirred up a freshly baked cake in front of him when he went to the theatre, tasting his eyes and scanning the Yingying girl.
Lian Yan Jing also knows Dong Yuling. When she looks at her expression, she finds a secret that others don’t know. "What do you see?"
"Beauty!" Dong Yuling still has a mind to tease.
Lotus Yan jiing black eyes glanced at the float or else.
See lotus Yan jiing grim-faced. Dong Ling smiled and consciously just spoke. It seems a bit inappropriate. "Yingying is the girl? Still ying ying? "
Dong Yuling said while gesticulating at the table so that Lian Yan Jing could know what she meant. After all, these two words sound exactly the same. It’s hard to tell the difference just by telling the truth.
Lian Yan raised her eyebrows. "It should be the latter one. What do you think?" Brothel girls often don’t just have those words.
"See an interesting also don’t know what to say this girl is too bold? Still too intentional to even change the name, the pronunciation is the same. Is she safer like this? " Dong Yuling’s stand hand shows that he is not too white in this way of thinking.
What are all these places? However, the capital of Shenglian Dynasty, Shengjingtian, where talents gather, is it stupid to treat others?
Lian Yan Jing carefully looked at the beautiful dance and shook her head after a long time. "Do you know her?" I really don’t see anything wrong!
Dong Yuling’s eyes narrowed. "But if we meet once, we should be more familiar with it."
"Don’t seem to have seen" Lian Yan jiing eyes that woman face paused and said honestly.
"Ordinary people will pay attention to faces when they look at people, especially men when they look at women." Dong Yuling raised his eyebrows and said that he had never found out that the world was black. Chapter 155 Someone came back.
Lotus Yan jiing feel wronged him where pay attention to face? Isn’t this about identifying people?
Although it doesn’t mean anything to be able to hear Dong Yuling’s words, it’s not something to hear.
Dong Fengling continued, "But the doctor pays more attention to the spirit and eyes, as well as the temperament and habits of the whole person. Even if this person’s face is completely changed, he can’t escape the doctor’s eyes."