The people who are followed by them are carefully waiting on the temple these days, and they are in a bad mood.

"What about fish food?" A Taiyi took a good look at the box in the pool and said impatiently, "Go and get Taiyi fish food."
"Yes, yes!" The man behind hurriedly replied with a eunuch retreating to get it.
It’s not enough for someone to take a look at father-in-law Chen. "I’m too hungry. Go and get it for the wife. You, you, you all go …"
"Temple …" Grandfather Chen wanted to say let him stay with the temple, but looking at the small temple, it was like killing people. He was silent after all, and it was not true that he retreated with people. Looking at it from a distance should not happen.
See everyone left XuanYuanChu hum two eyes staring at the pool koi fish he knew she didn’t like him …
A maid-in-waiting jumped forward among the flowers, and finally approached the Taiye pool and looked at the small yellow figure in the pavilion. There was a flash of hatred in her eyes. If it weren’t for him, how could they be sent to Bei Gong?
"Have you heard? Someone has just escaped from Bei Gong. Now the Guards are looking for someone everywhere. "Next to them, several ladies-in-waiting walked through the novel.
"Ah, when I entered Bei Gong, I said I was lonely, but how could the emperor treat people around me badly?"
"But some people are short of hearts."
"Anyway, if this is found, it is estimated that it will be directly dragged to the violent room."
"That there is a way, but it is not easy to escape the identity. The emperor will really …"
"If it’s not as simple as it is, it’s just an official woman who doesn’t look at who she offended."
"Also …"
The man hiding in the flowers suddenly clenched his eyes with his hands. Does he hate to see that there is no way ahead? Well, since she always dies, she always has to pull a cushion to vent her hatred before she dies
Thought of here, she suddenly got up and made a malicious rush.
Why hasn’t something that’s too fidgety been delivered to you yet? I’m just about to turn around and urge you when I hear Chen exclaim, "Temple be careful …"
As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a woman rushing in front of him. He was about to scold when he heard a ferocious sound.
"Go to hell is all because of you. I want you to go to hell." The woman rushed over and pushed Xuanyuanchu towards the pool behind him.
Xuanyuanchu didn’t expect someone to add him to the back. He was four years old and didn’t respond directly, so he was pushed away.
"TaiDian ….." Grandfather Chen came with people to watch TaiDian being pushed to immediately yell "Go and save TaiDian".
"Go and tell Huang Taidian that he has fallen into the water."
"Someone will arrest this woman for the emperor’s mercy."
Too liquid pool instantaneous noise is when they are ready to go to the water to save the Tai Temple, they suddenly see that scene. Everyone’s face suddenly froze and looked at the water. The man looked at his feet again. In April, the water didn’t freeze. Then how did she water it? It’s … It’s not a ghost, is it?
Looking at her arms clutching her clothes tightly, she frowned at the beginning of Xuanyuan, her face was full of displeasure and her tone was a little heavy. "It’s bold to protect yourself but like to play by the water without being followed. Who taught you this?"
"Anyway, you don’t want me. What are you doing back?" A woman looked at her with a face of accusation and said it was wronged. "It’s not like I want to hide from you because of this." At the end of the day, it’s not just because your cooking tastes terrible that you blame me. "With that, your eyes will drop golden beans."
Originally, she still had seven points of blame in her heart, but when she looked at his injustice, her heart was instantly soft and soft, and she coaxed, "Where is it that I don’t want you? I have a few things to do these days and I haven’t come back."
"Then are you still going?" XuanYuanChu before looking at the beautiful face can’t help but reached out and touched the surprised and said "your face …"
"I’ll never leave again after I leave," she said, touching his head with her specialty.
Xuanyuanchu gently snorted, but obviously he was quite satisfied with being touched by his head. These days, he dreamed that she touched his head every night, but when he woke up early, he found that her roots were different. He had some accounts in his heart.