I don’t know why he said, "You are human!" Although the surprise can be heard in the voice, it is still incredibly beautiful. Chapter 9 He can’t move.

Ziyun proudly managed to hold herself steady for a moment, remembering how she practiced swimming in the 21st century but didn’t dare to be thrown away by Emperor Shao, who scared her half to death and let Chilie catch her …
The other party was so stupid at that time that she didn’t move at all, which made her choke to death and cast a shadow over the water!
Forgetting the change of time is like going back to the time when Ziyun proudly accused, "Are you a pig? Didn’t I ask you to catch me? The girl is killing me-"
What? How dare you call him a pig? ! It’s really-interesting! ! The evil man suppressed his anger and his eyebrows jumped. "Don’t leave me soon!"
When he said this, he was even more surprised at her. He stayed too long and how could he still be safe and sick! ?
Leaving? Ziyun ao found himself sitting on a man’s shoulder with his hands around his neck to keep balance.
"Swim over" Ziyun proudly gives orders. She is not afraid of water! Now I cann’t believe I’m sitting on a naked man’s shoulder. It’s thundering
Dare to command others, so far, she is really alone.
Uber man consciously sobbed at the corner of his mouth and slowly and gently spit out a few words, "It’s better for you to go away, girl." He said it was very gentle like singing, but it was extremely cold as if it were born with inexplicable oppression.
This kind of oppressive feeling made Ziyun proud. She never wants to get wind, rain and rain. Who dares to talk to her like this? How many people can really make her look?
The person who provoked her has just seen a lot, but saying these three words in such an understatement gives people a sense of shock, which is the first time she has seen it in her life.
I was curious to see his face, but I could see his long black hair in a bun. Ziyun proudly remembered himself. If a boat was hacked to death with one hand at the moment, he would drown himself in the water.
Water waves slightly moved ziyun proud suddenly suo suo body hug him more tightly.
No one has ever been so close to his strange touch that men feel a little depressed. "Girl, I’m afraid it’s not good for you to hold a man you don’t know, right?" But I told you to go away ~ ~ "
He said this sentence so beautifully as if he were a gentleman, but the feeling of dying came out of him inexplicably.
Ziyun proudly said that if she hadn’t read that he was a stepping stone at the moment, she would have torn him up so arrogantly that she dared to tell her!
Wait so angry and still don’t move. Can’t you move?
Thought of this, her mind flashed.
"Hey hey you are a man don’t hate women take the initiative? Since you hate it so much, why don’t you push me when I wait around? "
Uber male eyebrows slightly picked an effort to contain their emotions and teased "throwing herself at women has seen a lot of throwing herself at each other, and each has its own advantages. Your posture is chic and tight, but it’s a pity that I don’t have a good mood today."
"Are you sure it’s lack of interest rather than inability?"
This sentence is so cheap! The man’s body has really become hotter, and although he is still so understated, he doesn’t feel a trace of life.
"You’ll know if you have the ability, girl." His voice seemed to drop to the dust.
Whoo-hoo! You can’t move! Ziyun proudly hooked his lips and thought that this sentence is self-evident to men. He can still be so calm. If it is not for him, it is definitely impossible to move. Chapter 1 does not understand water.
Since she let him swim over, he couldn’t move or swim, and his wish to let her go was not so easy to come true.
Uber man knows that she intends to sound out that she can’t move now. If she really wants to be Hu Fei at the moment, will he still give in easily?
It’s a storm coming-
Listening to the wind whistling in the ear, the hot springs surged uneasily. The Uber male body actually floated with the hot spring water, and Ziyun proudly frowned slightly and hugged each other tightly.
This time Uber man finally confirmed his guess.
She doesn’t understand water, does she?
Good, good, very good. The woman who dares to ride him is the only one so far, and there will be no one from now on.
A proud Ziyun deliberately diverted attention. "Oh? The ability to try is still not moving? " She raised her eyebrows. "So it seems that the delay in understanding my clothes must be for the girl?"
Ziyun Ao didn’t want to be defeated, so he swept him. At the sight of his wonderful bones and excellent figure, Ziyun Ao really praised that he was a very good practitioner. If he had followed her since childhood, he would have been in charge all day.
"You think it’s a good idea. Grandpa hasn’t tried it today. Why don’t you wait on Grandpa when I give you half a cup of tea? I’ll let you beg for death later."
Oh, it’s not always * * * * * * He actually begged for his life. Can’t he play when he needs half a cup of tea?
This person has an inexplicable shock, and he is definitely not an idle person. If he can really move after half a cup of tea, can he let go of the man who humiliated his male dignity at the moment? Although my martial arts skills are more than enough to deal with those famous pawns in the government school, Bauhinia mainland is, after all, a magical city of Wu Zun. There are many people who are stronger than her, and it is hard to get back a life. She doesn’t want to die.
You are very good, very good, you can’t move, and you dare to be arrogant. You look like a cow today. Maybe you really want a taller girl who is not your opponent. You may want to win. Just now, you let the girl go. If you don’t bully you when there is still half a cup of tea, it’s not a great opportunity for nothing.
But if you’re really that good, I’m not asking for trouble if I bully you harder, are I? Hey, hey, look at you, laughing and having a good temper. It shouldn’t be bad. A little revenge-hello, I’m good, everyone.
Thought of this, Ziyun proudly narrowed his eyes and said that he didn’t sit still. Isn’t it time to have a good experiment when he meets one this time?
Peeking at each other, I don’t feel some ripples in my heart. It’s really handsome and unreasonable! She deliberately rubbed his face and tickled him, and he would react. The other party said, "Do you want me to teach you?"
Humiliate! Ziyun Ao wanted to slap him when he was angry, but the water shook him and floated around. She was really afraid that she would accidentally plant herself in the water and be so arrogant when she couldn’t move.
"Like you, I am afraid of water and dare to spend ai flowers in the water. The female thief also feels very appetizing."
Ziyun is so angry! This guy can’t move and still dare to "attack" her with language. He used to sit on his shoulder and calf around his waist, and at this moment he pushed a calf. This push doesn’t matter, but it happened to touch the other person’s body slightly.
Swish a ziyun proud blush with shame!
Bah, bah, what’s her red face? Sure enough, there is no man in this world who sits still and looks good. He doesn’t go into flames. Chapter 11 Breaking through acupuncture points.
Poof, a Uber man suddenly vomited an one mouthful blood.